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Saturday, October 30, 2010
Red Eye

Red Eyes

It was midnight.

The wind blew violently. The branches of a tree nearby was swaying with the strong wind, making a knocking sound by the window. With those said, Aaron covered himself with a blanket, trying his best not to be scared.

It was the night before the Halloween, and here he is, lying on his bed, scaring the hell out of himself because of those scary thoughts. Stupid Chun for making him watch those gory movies the night before. Stupid Calvin for making him watch those horror flicks that afternoon. Stupid Jiro and Danson for telling him those scary ghosts stories before he went to bed. And stupid him for being such a scaredy cat.
He could hear footsteps by the hall. He chose to ignore it, knowing that it might be Chessie, their assistant. Chessie had this habit of going out of her room at midnight to check on them. But then, he realized that Chessie is out on vacation.

“Shit!” he thought. It couldn’t be Chun, he thought. Chun flew back to Brunei that afternoon. Danson and Jiro were partying again at a bar somewhere. Calvin had a date with Hebe, whom he finally convinced to go out with him. He closed his eyes tightly, and forced himself to sleep so that he could ignore the footsteps. But then, the footsteps became louder. The wind became much stronger. And the branch from the tree is knocking down his window. “Damn it! Don’t scare me, whichever supernatural being you are!” he thought.

He sat up on his bed, and looked at his door. He could see the knob being turned, as if someone is opening it. “Damn you, ghost! I should have gone home tonight instead of being home alone in this apartment!” he thought. The door slowly creaked open. “No… don’t hurt me! Take everything you want, just don’t hurt me!” he said in a scared voice. The door finally opened. A girl whose face is covered with her long hair, came in. She is clad in white dress. Then, she walked up to him. “No… don’t take me… I’m a good boy…” he said as if he was crying. But the girl did not heed his plea. He certainly heard about the ghost in this house. Jiro told him about the girl whom he sees roaming the house at this time (he had a third eye). “No… don’t… please…” Aaron pleaded again. Still, no reply from the girl.

The girl came up to her really close. He moved back from his bed, till he fell from it. He crawled back, till there was nowhere else to hide. “No!” He shouted, shielding himself from her. The girl moved her face close to her, and he saw how red her eyes are. “Sadako, no! I still have six days left since I watched your video!” Aaron shouted. He closed his eyes, and made a cross position of his arms.
“Aaron?” a scary voice said. “No! Please!” he cried. “Aaron…” she said in yet another scary voice. “Take all that you want, just don’t kill me!” Aaron said. “Aaron… can I borrow your eye drop?” she asked. Aaron got confused. He opened his eyes, and saw Chessie laughing at him.

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