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Friday, December 11, 2009
Star - Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Kiss that led to a heart's confession

Sunday Afternoon:
"Ready?" Yi Quan asked Kelsi as soon as he opened the car door for her. Kelsi smiled at Yi Quan and nodded her head before she got in. It was a few minutes drive to the carnival. As soon as they got in, Kelsi pulled Yi Quan to her favorite ride - bump car. "Come on!" she said as they ran towards the ticket booth. "You love riding to bump cars?" Yi Quan asked. He was amused at how playful and childish Kelsi seems to be. "Of course! Back home, me and my brother would ride bump cars whenever we could."

Yi Quan smiled as he followed her. They got on the bump car, and as the timer starts, they began to drive those toy cars. Kelsi always bumps into Yi Quan, and Yi Quan would take the opportunity to bump her car. After the bump car, they rode on the carousel. Then, they went to get some cotton candy.

As they were eating cotton candy, they saw the magician's booth at the other side. "Look, Quan! Let's go there!" Kelsi said. Yi Quan looked at her and smiled. There was a glow in Kelsi's eyes. Seeing Kelsi very happy makes him feel contented. Might as well accompany Kelsi at the magician's booth.

As soon as they reached the magician's booth, the magician began to show them his tricks. First, he made a bunny come out from his hat. Then, he changed the color of his handkerchief. Yi Quan was not paying attention to the magician, but instead, he was watching Kelsi as she watched the magician in awe. He loved seeing Kelsi that way...

"Do you love roses, lovely miss?" he heard the magician say. Kelsi nodded her head. "Yes, I love roses..." she answered. Then, the magician waved his wand onto his hat, and pulled out a solitary red rose. He then gave it to Kelsi. "I can do better than that!" Yi Quan said. Kelsi gave him a doubtful look. Yi Quan just smiled at her. "Watch me." Then, he went to the magician's booth. The magician stepped aside and watched Yi Quan as he performed his trick. He waved the wand onto the hat and mumbled a magic word that made Kelsi laugh.

After a while, he pulled out a bouquet of red roses from the hat. Kelsi was surprised. She never knew Yi Quan could do magic. Then, Yi Quan took the roses, and handed it to her. "I believe these roses are for you, lovely miss..." he said. Kelsi blushed as she took the roses. "Thank you..." she said in a low voice.

The two said their thanks to the magician, then headed to their next ride. As they were walking, an old gypsy approached them. "May I have the honor of reading your palms..." the old gypsy said. Kelsi looked at Yi Quan, awaiting his approval. "Why not..." Yi Quan told her. Then, they opened their palms as the old gypsy read it. "You know, I never volunteer to read palms, except when I see that something good would be coming... and I am right all along..." the old gypsy said as she traced her finger onto her hands. She looked up at them and smiled. "The two of you... you are lucky to have found the one God have prepared for you. It is rare for people to find the one meant for them... Once
you have it, never let it go for it will never ever come your way again..."

Kelsi smiled at the old gypsy. Deep inside, she was wishing that the old gypsy is talking about Quan. Quan wished the same. He hoped that this time, it's Kelsi.

"There would be some difficultied ahead... but as long as you believe in love, you'll get through it and you will live a happy life..." The gypsy continued. "Thank you, Ma'am..." Yi Quan said. He was about to pull his wallet to pay her, but the gypsy stopped him. "No need my dear... just promise me you will follow what I have said. That's the payment I would like."

Then, the gypsy left them. "Do you think what she said is true?" Kelsi asked. Yi Quan looked at her. "Maybe... maybe not..." he answered. "But I am wishing it is true..." he thought. Kelsi smiled at him, then began to pull him. "Come on, let's ride at the ferris wheel..."
"Ferris wheel?"
"Yeah, the ferris wheel..."

Yi Quan paused. He can't ride that. He's afraid of riding it. There was a time when he was young that he almost fell from that ride. "I... I'm sorry, I can't, Kelsi..." he said in a low voice. Kelsi gave him a confused look. "Why not?"
"I... I'm scared of riding ferris wheel... I almost fell from one when I was a kid..."

He thought Kelsi would laugh at his confession, but she just smiled at him and held his hand. "Here..." she said. "Let me hold your hand while we're at the ferris wheel so that you won't get scared anymore... I'm scared of heights, but you know what, sometimes we have to take the risk and face our fears. There's nothing to lose if we try right?" Yi Quan nodded his head. Kelsi's right. Maybe it's about time that he face his fear. And he wants to face it together with Kelsi...


They got in to the ferris wheel, and Yi Quan could feel his heart beating fast. He could feel his knees shake and the cold swaet running down his face. He was nervous and scared... after the ferris wheel incident when he was a kid, he swore never to ride in it again. Kelsi could feel his cold palm. She understands how scary this is for Yi Quan, for she was scared as well. She never rode a ferris wheel before for she was scared of heights. Kelsi looked at him and smiled, as she squeezes his hand, which she have been holding since they got it that ride.

"Don't be scared... if you fall then I'll fall with you." she said. Yi Quan just gave her a nervous laugh. Then, the ferriss wheel began to move up. Yi Quan felt as if he can't breath, and Kelsi could sense it. She squeezed his hand again and smiled at him, assuring Yi Quan's everything's going to be all right. "Just enjoy
the ride." she said. Yi Quan smiled back at him, and then he felt at ease.

After a few seconds, Yi Quan started to enjoy the ride. The ferris wheel turned around twice, and then once they were at the top, it stopped. This made Yi Quan uneasy again. "Relax... there's nothing to be scared of..." Kelsi said, sensing his uneasiness again. "B-but... but why did we stopped?" he asked nervously. He closed his eyes, afraid to see what's going to happen next. "Open your eyes Yi Quan, and you'll see..."

Slowly, Yi Quan opened his eyes. From the top, he could see all of Taipei. "Wow..." he blurted. "I... I never thought I could see the whole of Taipei from here!"
"Isn't this beatiful?"
Kelsi looked at her left, gazing at the wonders of the metropolis. Yi Quan looked at her where she is gazing, but his eye caught her lovely, smiling face. He stared at it for a long time, and smiled to himself. "Yes... it's beautiful... you are beautiful..." he said dreamily. His face moved closer to hers, and as she turned to Yi Quan, her lips brushed against his. She gave him a suprised look,
for she did not know how close he is to her. Yi Quan lovingly looked at her. He cupped her cheek, his face moving closer to hers again. He hesitated at first, but then, he closed his eyes, and put his lips against hers. As he kissed her, he let her know how he feels for her. He felt he could go on like this forever... he wanted so much to hold her in his arms, and never let her go.

He love her...

At that moment, he finally knew that he does love her. There's no more hesitations now. He thought after his heartbreak, he would not be capable of loving again, but Kelsi came and in an instant he saw him, he fell for her. He doesn't know what it is with her, but he felt at ease whenever he is with her. It's like all of his worries suddenly goes away whenever he's with her. .And he felt that Kelsi feel the same way for him. He could feel it in her kiss.

Suddenly, the ferris wheel began to move down. Both of them broke away from the kiss. He could see Kelsi's cheeks turn pink. Though the ride ended, he never let go of her hand. He have no plans of letting her go...


He drove Kelsi home, and along the way, both of them were quiet. As he drives, he would steal glances at her. He stopped his car, and then he held her hand again. Kelsi gave him a confused look. "We need to talk..." he began. Suddenly, Kelsi began to feel scared. The time that they almost kissed, he said he was sorry. She didn't want to hear those words from him. There's nothing to regret, and there's nothing to be sorry about. "Please don't say sorry Quan... please..."
"I don't regret kissing you... it's the most beautiful thing that happened to me in my whole life..."
"And I don't regret kissing you, Kelsi... It's just that... I regret kissing you before telling you how I feel..."

He moved close to her, his hand cupped her cheeks. "I love you Kelsi... I do... don't ask my why or how but I really love you... please believe me..." he said. Kelsi smiled, but then, tears began to flow from her cheeks. She can't believe that her fantasy have finally turned to be a reality. Yi Quan... her prince charming... and of all the girls in the world, he chose her. "Did you know that you just made this day the happiest day of my life?" Kelsi said. "And this would be mine too... if you tell me that you love me too..." Yi Quan said. Kelsi just nodded her head. "Yes, I do love you, Yi Quan... I do..."

And with that, Yi Quan kissed her once again...


"Was I right to tell you to follow your heart? Then you wouldn't find the happiness you're feeling now..."
"Yes, you are right... but somehow I am scared... scared that one day... this will all go away...I'm scared that one day, he will realize that I am not wothry of him... and that he deserves better..."
"Trust in him, trust in his love... I know that he is your happiness... and I trust that you are his happiness as well..."


"Then maybe, I can slowly slip away now that I see you're happy... I know you will be together for the rest of your life... I know... I just know..."
"Angel... don't say that..."
A smile formed into her lips. "This is the only reason why I asked God to give me more time... I just want to see you happy before I go... at least it would unburden me with the pain knowing I have hurt you because... because... I'll be leaving you... soon..."

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