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Friday, December 11, 2009
Me And The Boy Next Door - Prologue

Prologue: Believe me, They DO Like Each Other. Really.


“Hey, you big fat ugly girl! Get out of my seat!” Ella looked up at the little boy who was glaring angrily at her. “But teacher told me I can sit here...” she said. The little boy folded his arms and glared at her again. “When I said get out of my seat, then get out my seat, OK?” he said. Ella glared back at the little boy and frowned at him. “I can sit wherever I want, so go find your own seat, will you?” she said. The little boy clenched his fast as they exchanged death glares. Neither of them would want to give up. Just then, the teacher came in, and the boy have no choice but to take the seat in front of the girl.

“OK, children. Today, I would like you to introduce our new student.” The teacher said. With that, Ella immediately stood up from her seat, and went in front of the class. “Children, this is Ella Chen.” the teacher said. Everyone said hello to her, except for the little boy who was bullying her a while ago. Ella smiled at everyone, and nodded her head. “Good morning, I hope all of us can be friends.” she said as she bowed before the class. The teacher told her to go back to her seat. As she walked back, the little boy glared at her again, then he pulled out his feet as soon as she was near him. Ella didn't notice it, and so, she tripped on her way to her seat.

“Wu Ji Chun! What did you do!” The teacher shouted. Ella looked at the boy, and saw him smirking at her. She glared at him, and as the teacher was about to come to her, she let out a fake cry of pain, just to make that boy be in trouble with the teacher. Chun just looked at his teacher with fear. He watched her as she helped Ella up, and sit on her chair. Then, the teacher came up to him and pinched his ears. “You bad little boy!” the teacher said. Chun could only flinch in pain as the teacher pinched his ear. He glanced at Ella, and saw her sticking her tongue out at him.

Ella = 1
Chun = 1


3rd Grade:

Chun and his friends were sitting by the flag pole, when Ella and her cousin, Selina, walked past them. “Selina is really pretty...” one of Chun's friend said. “Yeah, Selina is pretty, however, her cousin isn't.” Chun said in a loud voice. It was loud enough that Ella heard it. She could feel her blood rushing up to her head. She turned to face Chun and his friends, and saw them snickering at him. “Wait! Ella!” Selina said, running after her cousin.

Ella folded her arms as she faced Chun and his friends. She gave them death glares, as if declaring another war with Chun. “What did you just said, chicken face?” she hissed at him. Chun just smirked at her. “Are you deaf? Why do I have to repeat myself to you, when you heard it obviously!” he snapped at her. “Sorry, but you were speaking some alien language, chicken face!” she said to him. Chun let out another laugh at her. “Well, let me say it again, Ms. Piggy. I said, Selina is pretty and you aren't. You're not only fat, but really ugly!” he said. Angry, Ella rolled her sleeves, and took Chun by his collar. “Why you chicken face!” she said angrily to him. “What are you gonna do now, Ms. Piggy? Are you going to punch me in the face?” he asked. Ella smirked at him, and nodded her head. “You got it!” she said. She clenched her fist, and gave Chun a hard punch on the face. Not satisfied with her first punch, she held his collar again, and punched him, making Chun fall on the ground.

“Ella!” Selina exclaimed. Meanwhile, Chun's friends just watched as Ella beat Chun. “Fight!” they shouted. At that instant, all the students gathered around them and enjoyed the wrestling before them. “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” all of them cheered.

Ella = 32
Chun = 31


Elementary Graduation:

“Get your 50 bucks ready. I sure will win this one.” Chun said to his friends. His two friends looked at each other, and smirked. “Are you really sure you can do this, Chun?” one of his friends asked. He looked at him, and smiled. “I can do this. Trust me.” he said, winking at them.

“Ella, I heard Chun will leave for Australia after graduation. I bet you'll miss him...” Ella's friend said. Ella folded her arms, and rolled her eyes. “Please, how can I miss that chicken face?” she said. Her friend couldn't help but giggle. All of her friends thought that the reason why she hates Chun so much is because she have a huge crush on him, but it's the exact opposite. Ella hated Chun since kindergarten because he is such a bully. And he's not even cute enough for her to have a crush on, so she wonders why half of the girls' population in school have a crush on him. For her, Chun will always be a chicken face. “I'm going to miss Chun...” she heard another friend said. “I'm going to rejoice once Chun is gone.” she said. Her friends could only sigh at her.

Just then, Chun came to approach them. “Ella, can we talk?” he said, giving her his signature shy-as-a-puppy look. Ella could see the hearts in her friends' eyes as they saw Chun, to her disgust. “We don't have to talk, chicken face. Good riddance.” she told him. She turned her back on him, and folded her arms. “Please, Ella? I want to to talk to you, or I might never see you again after today...” he pleaded. Ella looked at him, and he was already giving her puppy eyes. Ella sighed, and rolled her eyes at him. “Fine, we'll talk.” she said in an annoyed tone.

Chun led Ella to the school's garden. It was just the two of them. “OK, what do you want to talk about?” she asked as she faced him. Chun did not talk. Instead, he moved closer and closer to her. “What are you doing?” Ella said. She is scared, yes, but she couldn't let Chun said that she is scared. Then, Chun cupped her cheeks, and in an instant, he kissed her lips. Ella was surprised at what he did. After a while, Chun broke his kiss, and gave her a smirk. “Way to go, Chun!” she heard someone said. She looked behind Chun, and saw his friends coming up to them. Chun gave them a high five, and then they handed him his 50 buck. “This is a bet? You kissed me because of a bet?!” Ella shouted angrily at him. Chun looked at her, and smirked. “You should thank me, Ms. Piggy. Someone as fat and ugly as you won't even have a chance to be kissed by the prince charming.” he boasted. This made Ella really angry again. She clenched her fist, and glared deathly at him. “Why you stupid lousy chicken kisser...” she said. She walked up to him, and then with all her strength, she punched Chun in the face, making him fall on the ground again.

Ella = 100
Chun = 101


12 years later...

“Look, Ella. Let's make a truce, OK?” Chun said in an weary tone. Ella looked away from him, and folded her arms. “Listen to me. Let's stop fighting already. We've been getting back at each other since kindergarten, and this is so tiring!” he said. Ella looked at him, and raised her eyebrow. “And who started it first?” she said. Chun let out a frustrated sigh, and shook his head. “Aiyo! You're still not over it? Come on...” he said. “Who's fault is it anyway? Who started calling me ugly and fat and Ms. Piggy, you chicken face!” she said.

“Look, I need your help. You need mine. Can we, for once, be friends?” he asked. “I don't need your help, chicken face! And I don't make friends wth jerks.”
“You will need my help. You DO need my help. I need you, you need me. We both need each other. Unless...”
Chun paused, and gave her a smirk. Ella was confused at him. “Unless what?” she asked. “Unless you want Sphinx to end up with Bianca.” he said. Ella gave Chun a shocked look. “No way!” she shouted at him. “See? That's why we need to team up. Let's work together so that Sphinx and Bianca won't end up together, OK?” he said. He extended his hand to her, and smiled. “Deal?” he asked. Ella looked at him, and then she took his hand. “Deal.”


Ella = 101
Chun = 101

And it's a tie. For now.

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