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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

She lowered her head after he heard him speak. "It's over." he said just a while ago. His voice was stern, with no hint of emotions in it. Slowly, she looked up and stared into his eyes. Those black orbs seems so cold, when it was once filled with love... for her. She was trying to fight the tears starting to fall from her eyes, but it was too late. Before she knew it, her cheeks were already wet.

He took the necklace off his neck, and handed it to her. Not looking into her eyes, he turn his back to leave. He could still hear her soft sobs... and her low voice asking him to come back. Fighting the urge to turn around and embrace her, he began to walk away. It's better this way.. it's better before he hurt her more...


She saw him. He walked through the halls with his arm around another girl. She stared at the girl walking beside him, and she must admit, she was more than her. She's way prettier, way smarter and way more popular than her. He, the school's heartthrob, only deserves the school's princess, not an ordinary girl like her. That moment, she finally understood the reason why he left – he found another love. He realized she s not worthy of him, that she is not enough for him. She will never enough for him.

He caught her staring at them. As they passed bay her, he turned to her, smirking. Then, she turned to the girl beside him, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He could see her heart breaking in front of him. He knew at that moment, he won. He finally made her realize why he left her in the first place. Everything's finally over between them. As he turned to see her, she turned her eyes away from them, but at the corner of his eyes, he saw the tears that she was trying to hide...


It rained that afternoon, but the rain didn't stop her from running. She ran until she reached the empty field. Finally feeling tired, she stopped, and slowly fell down on her knees. And as the skies pour down the rain, tears started to cascade from her eyes. She said to herself that she will not cry for him anymore, but the pain is still fresh in her heart. The more she tried to forget him, the more it's harder for her to move on. She may act brave and strong in front of everyone, but the truth is, she's weak inside. Nobody hears her heart breaking except for her. Nobody understood the pain she is feeling right now.

He is her first love.

Who would've thought that someone like him could love her. Of all the girls that's around him, he chose her to be his girl. They were happy, and she thought their relationship is going well... until the day he broke up with him.

And he is her first heartache.

The day he said goodbye, she felt her heart shattered into a million pieces. He was her everything, her world, her life. He promised her forever. He promised she will be his last love... but his promises were later broken.

She just needed him now to wipe the tears away from her eyes... she wished this is just a nightmare and that he will wake her up from this bad dream, tell her everything is all right... that he won't leave her ever...

But everything that's happening now... it's a reality.


He watched her as she fell on her knees. He watched as she cried in the rain. He watched as her heart breaks into pieces. All the pain he is feeling right now, it's all because of him.

He leaned on the glass window, he closed his eyes as he let a silent tear fell from it. He could not bear seeing her like this... Since the day he left her, he have never seen her smile. That's what made him fall in love with her in the first place. She have this smile that brightens up everyone's day. She was always happy and sunny... her laughter is like music to his ears. She always sees the bright side in everything. She is selfless, always thinks of others before herself. She may not be the prettiest girl, but in his eyes, she will always be one. His world revolves around her... everything he does is for her. Even breaking her heart... he thought it's the best thing for her.

He felt guilty for hurting her... but it's better this way. It's better that he hurt her now, and for her to hate him now. She will find another love, he knows. Someday, she will find someone who could be with her forever... he wished he could be that person, but that would be impossible now.


She held the the necklace up in the air, and stared at it for a long time. It has been month since he left her, and she's tired of getting hurt. She decided, it's time to move on. She just to forget her love for him... it was the best thing that happened to her, but their love story have already ended.

With all her might, she threw the necklace. Now, it's her turn to say goodbye. She turned her back, to leave the past behind.


He saw as she threw his necklace away. Now, he felt his heart shatter into pieces. That necklace is very precious to him, as she gave it to him the day she said yes to him, promising that he will always wear it close to his heart. When she gave him that necklace, she gave him her heart.

He understood, she have decided to forget everything between them... but for him, he will never forget the memories. He will never forget her, even if he's gone. He walked out on the rain. He did his best to find the necklace. Once he found it, he held it up, and then he wore it around his neck. As he turn to leave, he found her standing in front of him. She slowly walked up to him, still crying.

She thought he have forgotten everything about them, but when she watched him looked for the necklace, she knew at that moment that he still loved her. Tears began to fall from his eyes as well as she watched her move closer to her. Then, she embraced her tight, and kissed her dearly on the forehead. He didn't want to let her go... but he suddenly felt weak. He was unable to breathe... he collapsed on the ground, and the last thing he saw before eveything turned black was her lovely face.


He slowly opened her eyes, his consciousness drifting back to him. He heard the beeping of the machine beside him, and then he found her staring at him, her eyes filled with worry. He reached up for her, and cupped her cheeks. “I'm sorry...” he whispered. She tried her best to smile, as she nodded her head. She understood now why he decided to leave him that day – he didn't want her to see that he's slowly dying. He didn't want her to know that he wouldn't be able to keep his promise of forever to her, for he will be leaving her soon. If she only knew what he has been going through, then maybe, she would've asked him to stay. She just want to be with him as long as God would allow her to be with him.

She reached for his face, and caressed his pale cheek. He took her hand, and kissed it. If this will be the day the angels will take him, he want to be with her for the last time. He stared into her, memorizing her gentle face. He needed this when hell be gone. He wanted to remember the face of the angel that he loved so much.

He closed his eyes, and memories of them together flashed back before his eyes. He remembered the day he first saw her, the day they first dated, the time he hugged her under the stars. He remembered her sweet kisses, her laugh, her smile. He remembered the hurt look on her face the day he broke up with her, the pain in her eyes when he saw him with another girl. He remembered her crying in the rain because of him, the time she threw the necklace away, the time she caught him with the necklace, the time she walked towards him, and their last kiss before everything blacked out.

He smiled faintly. He had enough memories to leave her... though it's against his will to leave her like this, his body keeps on getting weaker every second. Maybe God gave him another chance so that he could say goodbye to her for the last time. She leaned closer to him, and kissed him on the lips for a long time. Then, he whispered words of love in her ears. His heart just breaks upon hearing her sob.

He closed his eyes. The last thing he saw is her beautiful face smiling at him. He will love her for always, and if he will be given another chance to live, he will spend the next time finding her and loving her. Maybe in the next lifetime, he could keep his promise of forever. His hand slowly let go of hers... as he drift into a deep slumber... forever...


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