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Saturday, February 6, 2010
Paper Stars - Forewords and Prologue

What if you found true love only to lose it in the end?
What if you lose everything you have, only to find that one true thing?
What will you risk to be with him once again?
When he means everything to you...
When she changed your world in a glance...
When time's running out for the two of you...
Will you let go in order to hold on?
Or will you hold on in order to let go?


After getting her luggage, Nadine found her way out of the airport. She paused for a while as she looked and observed the people around her. Seeing everything move fast around her, she found that one thing is for sure in this foreign land – Taipei will always be a busy city.

She wanted to turn around and hop to the next flight back to Manila, but she have a mission to fulfill – and that is to find him. She doesn't have much time left, and she knew she have to see him again before her time runs out. “But how can I find him?” she thought as she shifted her head, looking at the busy crows around her.

As she looked up, she saw a big TV screen. She doesn't understand the language, she only knows a few Mandarin words. Good thing that the news on that big screen is in English, and it's all about an announcement of Taiwan's favorite couple from the high society. She saw a petite, Taiwanese girl wearing a white tube dress, and beside her was a tall man who looked handsome in his Armani suit. Both of them smiled in front of the camera, and the man looked down at the girl, and kissed her lovingly on the lips. Nadine's eyes gazed on the man on TV and stared at him for a long time. Then a smile curved into her lips. “I found him...” he thought.

“Yu Jiang Wei's engagement to Fang Li Xue have been announced to the public today.” she heard the reporter say. Nadine closed her eyes, and silently thanked God for making things easier for her. She thank Him for helping her find what she's looking for. “Paolo...” she whispered in a soft voice. Finally, after a year of longing, she have found him. And the next thing she have to do is to be part of Paolo – or Yu Jiang Wei's life, for the very last time.

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