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Tuesday, July 7, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Leaving on a Jetplane

All my bags are packed
And I'm ready to go
I'm standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye...


“Ella! Will you answer the damn phone?” she heard Jiro shout at her. She buried her head under her pillow, trying to ignore her phone. She knows exactly who it is – it's her boss. “Ella! For Christ's sake, we can't always cover for you! Answer the phone!” she heard Angela shout at her. “I don't want to!” she shouted at her. This time, she pulled her blanket over her head. She heard the door of her room open, and felt someone entered and sat on her bed. “El... what's happening to you?” she heard a familiar voice said. Curious, she took off her blanket and pillow for her face, and saw Joe beside her, giving her one of her worried look. “Joe? What are you doing here?” she asked. “Mr. Wu sent me. He told me to tell you to get your butt out of here.” she answered. “Did Mr. Wu told you that, or Calvin did?” she asked. “Both of them.” Joe said. Ella sighed, and went back to bed. As she covered herself with blanket, Joe took it away from her. “Ella!” she shouted at her. Ella sat up on her bed, and she saw her three best friends standing by the door. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” all of them shouted at her in unison.


A week ago at Chun's office...

“That's all for now.” Chun said as he swiveled his chair. His staff stood up from their seats and went outside of his office. It's one of those weekly meetings that they had with Chun regarding their ongoing projects, and of course, Ella and Arron are included in the meeting. Ever since the night of the party, Chun have been ignoring Ella, much to her confusion. Knowing her boss, his day isn't complete without annoying her to death, teasing her to his brother, or even asking her to do a lot of things. She doesn't know if she pissed him off because of what she told him while they were dancing, or because of she did something that made him mad. As soon as everyone's gone, Ella decided to talk to him.

“Mr. Wu...” she said. “Ms. Chen. Meeting is over. Go back to work.” she heard him say. “Mr. Wu, I've got something to say...” she said. Chun swiveled his chair to face her. “Ms. Chen, meeting is over. Go back to your desk, and do what I asked you to do a while ago.” he said. “Mr. Wu, are you mad at me because of what I told you that night at the party?”
“Look, Ms. Chen. I don't like people intruding into my life, especially with my relationship with my brother.”
“I only said that to make you realize-”
“Well, I don't want to realize it.”
“But, Mr. Wu -”
“Go back to work, Ms. Chen. I am not having this conversation with you again.”

Ella sighed and lowered his head. There's no way she could talk to his boss if he's acting this way. “I'm sorry, Mr. Wu. I'll go back to work...” she said in a low voice. She turned her back at him, and went out of his office. As soon as she is gone. Chun sighed. He took his stress ball, and threw it at the door. “Damn it!” he thought. “Why am I feeling this way? Why am I feeling guilty for making her sad? I shouldn't be like this!” he thought. He let out another sigh as he leaned back to his chair. Ella really have this big effect on him, and he doesn't know why. Ever since that night at the party, he couldn't get her out of his mind. Lately, he have been having that same dream he was having about her. “Chun Yan-Wu, you cant possibly lusting over your assistant. Get a grip, OK? You are getting married to Ariel in a few years... so go get a grip.” he said. He was too deep in his thoughts when he heard the door open. He thought that it was Ella, but it was Wallace who went inside his office. “I said, get back to work!” he shouted. Wallace was surprised with the way he acted. For the past few years that he worked with him, he have never seen him throw his temper at his staff, especially him. “Chun, are you OK?” he asked. Chun looked at the door, and saw Wallace. “I just came in to remind you about your meeting today, but I guess I caught you in a bad mood. Just call me if you need me...” he said in a low voice. Chun stood up from his seat. He was about to walk up to Wallace, but Wallace immediately got out of his office. “Oh, great, Wu Chun...” he thought to himself. “Now, you lashed it out to your best bud...”


“Mr. Wu is acting weird today, don't you think?”
“Yeah, I mean at the meeting today, he seems a little pissed off or something...”
“Do you think he and Ms. Lin had a quarrel or something?”
“I think so. Mr. Wu wouldn't act that way without any reason...”

Ella sat back on her chair as she listened to her colleagues talk about the change in their boss's attitude. As she sighed, she looked back at Arron, and their eyes met. She could tell that Arron was also a victim of Chun's temper, as he is more quiet than usual. “What's wrong with him?” she thought. Then, she saw Wallace got out of Chun's office. Like Arron, he have this glum on his face. A while ago, she heard Chun shout at him. “Weird, I've never heard Mr. Wu shout at anyone like that...” she thought. She faced her computer, and then sent a message to Arron.

Chen, Ella: Arron...
Chen, Ella: Is there anything wrong?

Arron looked at her before he typed in his reply.

Wu, Arron: Ge's not talking to me...
Wu, Arron: I tried to talk to him about my plans,
Wu, Arron: but he seems to avoid me...

Ella looked at Arron, and let out a faint smile.

Chen, Ella: I'm sorry, Arron...
Chen, Ella: I think it's my fault why you're brother is acting weird...
Wu, Arron: let's not talk about this over chat.
Wu, Arron: Starbucks? My treat...

Ella glanced at Arron, and he stared at her. Then, she nodded her head.


Ella and Arron sat in front of each other inside the cafe. There was an awkward silence between them. “What's wrong?” Arron finally asked. Ella looked down on her cup of coffee, and stared at it for a long time. “You said a while ago that it's your fault that my brother is not himself these past few days... what happened?” Arron asked again. This time, Ella looked up at him. “Arron, I'm sorry...” she began. “That night, at the party, I tried to talk to your brother about your plans. I tried to enlighten him that it's your dream... but he wouldn't listen to me...” she said. Arron gave her a warm smile, and then he held her hand. “It's OK, Ella. I guess I have to accept the fact that I could never be a painter, and that I have huge responsibility now. And besides, I like working for my brother...” he said. Ella stared at him for a long time, and then she shook her head. “I don't think you're happy...” she said. Arron sighed as he leaned on his chair. “Arron, you have been doing your best to please your brother, even if it means giving up on the things and people you love. You lost Ariel to Chun, are you willing to lose your dream because of him?”
“I love my brother, Ella...”
“But he doesn't...”
“I know he does...”
“If he loves you, he will let you go.”

Then, Ella leaned to him, and held his hand. “This is what you wanted, Arron. Not everyone is given a talent like yours. I know one day, your brother will be proud of you... for once, Arron, follow your heart. You can't always be in your brother's shadow for so long...” she said. “And... and besides... it's... it's a good opportunity for you to... to be with Ariel... before... before she marries your brother. You... you may not have this chance anymore...” she added. “Ella...” Arron said in a low voice. “I... I have long given up on Ariel. I have long accepted that she could never see me in the way I see her.” Ella sighed as she shook her head. “This is not you, Arron. The Arron I know never gives up.” she said. “Arron, please don't give up... because I've been fighting for you. I'll do my best to convince your brother, even if he lashes it out on me, I wouldn't mind.” Ella said. Arron smiled at her, and shook his head. “Ella, don't do this anymore...” he said. “All I wanted is my brother's love. That's all that matters to me now...”


“The number you have dialed cannot be reached.”

Frustrated, Chun ended the call. He stared at his phone, and threw it on his bed. “Ella Chen!” he thought. He sat on his bed, and brushed his hair with his fingers. It was his fault that Ella is not answering his calls. It was his fault that Ella finally decided to resign, after two months of working under him. He have talked to Arron, and upon seeing his brother sad for not being able to talk to Ella, he felt guilty for treating Ella badly during her last few days in the office. He took his phone again, and dialed her number. After several rings, he heard the same voice prompt again. “Ella, don't do this.. answer the phone!” he thought as he attempted to call her again.

“Chun Yan-Wu!” he heard an angry voice calling him. He looked by his door, and he saw Ariel and his grandpa (who was looking at him furiously). “Arron told me.” grandpa said as he walked towards him. As he got near him, grandpa pinched Chun by his ears, and the poor guy flinched in pain. “What did you do to Ella?! What did you do to my future granddaughter-in-law?!” the old man shouted at him. “Awww... grandpa! Stop it!” Chun pleaded. But grandpa continued to pinch him. “You're always like this, making your brother sad, just like before!” grandpa said. Chun looked at his girlfriend, his eyes pleading her to ask his grandpa to stop hurting him. But Ariel just rolled her eyes at him.

After a while, grandpa released Chun. “Grandpa... it wasn't my fault that Ella resigned...” Chun said. “But it will be your fault if Arron and Ella breaks up!” Ariel shouted at him. “Ella is not talking to Arron, and that happened since the day she resigned. Now, if you won't do anything to make her talk to your brother, then I'll call off our wedding!” she added. Before she could see Chun's reaction, Ariel stormed out of his room. “Ariel! Sweetheart!” Chun shouted. Before he knew it, Ariel's already out of sight. He sighed, and then sat back on his bed. Things are getting worse, and it's all his fault.


6 Days ago...

“What do you mean you will not let Arron go?” Ariel asked Chun while he was driving. “You said they are together now! You have to keep your part of the bargain!” she shouted at him. “Ariel, this is not the right time to discuss this...” Chun said calmly. He turned his eyes on the road as he drive. “Not a time to discuss? But you admitted your defeat right after the party, right? You said you saw them that night, kissing! Isn't that enough proof that Arron have confessed to Ella, and Ella accepted his love?” Ariel said. “They are not admitting anything yet, so let's not assume that they are together now.” he said. Ariel sighed in exasperation as she leaned back on her seat. She sure is mad at her boyfriend. They have a deal that night at the party – that if Arron confesses to Ella, he will let Arron come with her abroad. She never thought that Chun would not keep his promise.

“Stop the car.” Ariel told him. Chun ignored her, and continued driving. “I said stop the car!” Ariel shouted. Chun stepped on the brakes. As soon as his car stopped, he saw Ariel getting out. “Ariel!” Chun called as he got out of his car to follow her. But Ariel ignored him. Chun sighed, and shook his head, then he walked as fast as he could to keep up with her. “Honey, what's wrong?” Chun asked as soon as he held his arm. Ariel took her arm away from him. “Let me go.” she said in an annoyed tone. “We're not fighting over Arron.” Chun said. Ariel paused, then she turned to face him. “No, we're not. Because what we're fighting about is you!” she said, pointing at him. “Look, Chun... I don't think I can be with you if you don't know how to respect other people's decision. I can't be with you if you can't do what what you promised.” she said. Then, she turned her back on him, and left Chun all alone.


5 days ago...

Chun entered his office, and his staff could see that he is in a bad mood. Everybody greeted him, but he ignored all of them. Instead of having a small talk with his employees, like he usually do, he went immediately inside his office. As soon as he settled inside, he heard a soft knock on the door. “Come in.” he said in a monotonous tone. He heard the door open, and as he looked up, he saw Ella get inside his office. “What do you want?” he said in an annoyed tone. “Mr. Wu, here are the documents that you need regarding the Eon Toys project...” she said. Chun turned his back on her, not wanting to see her face. “Just put it on the table. I'll take a look at it later.” he said. “I understand, Mr. Wu...” she said. As he looked back at her, he saw her getting out of his office. For the past few days, he have been giving Ella the cold shoulders. He wanted to think that she's missing him, that's why she was doing this, but he knows that she's not, and she's just doing her job. He know she and his brother are now together, and he was just waiting for them to admit to them about their relationship, but days have passed and they have not said anything yet. He doesn't know why, but there was a part in his heart wishing that what he saw that night isn't real, that they are not really together.

“Why do I have to bother with those two?” he thought. “I've had enough problems already to think about Arron and Ella... and why do I care if they are together now? Ariel is still not talking to me... I should give all my attention to her than waste my time on Ella.” he thought. Then, he heard another knock on the door. “Come in.” he said. He looked up at the door, and saw Arron. “Ge, here's the report you asked me to do...” Arron said. Chun took the report from him, and began to read it. After a while, he looked up at Arron. Arron could see the anger in his brother's eyes. “Is this all you can come up with?” he asked. Arron lowered his head. He could tell with the way his brother looked at him and the way he talked that he was not satisfied with the report he have given him. “Arron Yan-Wu, you have been working for me for two months now, and all you can give me is a lousy report?!” Chun shouted at him. He heard Chun sigh in exasperation, and then he saw him throw his report on the floor. “How many times have I told you to rewrite this? How many times have I told you not to overlook at some details. You know that I wanted a detailed report, and you cannot even give it to me! What are you, stupid?!” Chun shouted at him again. Arron did not answer him back. Instead, he looked away from his brother. He thought that he would be able to please him with his work, but he's wrong. “I'm sorry, ge...” he said in a low voice. “Sorry? Sorry?! Is that all that you're going to say?! Sorry?! I don't need your sorry, Arron! I need a better report!” he shouted at him again. Arron knelt down on the floor, and picked up his report. “I... I'm sorry, ge... I... I'll do this again...” he said in a low voice. Chun sighed again, and then glared at him. “Sometimes I think why you became my brother. How can you be so stupid?” he said. Arron chose to ignore his remark, and slowly went out of Chun's office.

Everyone heard what happened inside his office, especially Ella. As Arron got out of his office, their eyes met. She could see the hurt in his eyes, but just like before, he smiled at him, trying to hide the pain he is feeling. Ella watched him as he retreat to his desk. He was silent all through out. She watched he read his report, and retype it in the computer. It was hurting her to see her friend like this, and she could not take it sitting down. She clenched her fist, and stood up from her seat. “This has got to stop.” she thought. Then, she stormed inside Chun's office.

She did not bother to knock as she went inside. She saw Chun looking outside his window, the back of his chair facing her. “Mr. Wu!” she shouted at him. Chun swiveled his chair to face her. “What are you doing here, Ms. Chen? First, did you know that it's rude not to knock on the door? Second, I did not call for you yet.” he said in a stern tone. Ella looked at him angrily. “I don't care what you think, Mr. Wu. What do you think of yourself, all high and mighty?” she said. Chun sighed, and then swiveled back his chair. “I don't care what you think of me.” Chun said. “You know what, I could perfectly understand if you shouted at me, at Wallace, at Joe, or at any employees around. But Arron is your brother, Mr. Wu!” she said. Chun stood up from his seat, and faced Ella. “How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from our family problems, Ms. Chen?” he shouted at him. “How can I keep my silence if I could see that you are hurting your brother!” Ella shouted at him. “My affair with my brother is none of your business. Arron, like you, is my subordinate!”
“Even though he works under you, it doesn't mean that you have to shout at him like that!”
“I am the boss here, and I have every right to criticize my employees' work. And Arron is no exception.”
“Can't you see how you're hurting your brother!”

Chun fell silent at what she said. “Your brother is doing his best to please you! I've seen him work hard everyday, and yet you can't appreciate that! He can live a life he have always wanted and chase his dreams, but in the end, he chose to stay here with you! Why can't you see all of his efforts, and only see his weaknesses!” Ella said. Chun closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. “Ms. Chen, I am not having this conversation with you. I'm saying this for the last time. Stay away from our family matters, OK?” Chun said. Ella took a deep breath and then glared at him. “I won't...” she said. “I thought you said that you love your brother. I thought you said that you want him to be happy. You're planning a life for your brother that he doesn't exactly want. All this time, he have been competing for your attention, but you won't even give him a chance. He's been doing exactly as what you says, even did things on his own to please you, like working for you. If you care for Arron you-”
“I will not him go!” Chun shouted at her. “Studying abroad to be an artist is a total waste of time. He will not go. He will stay here, and if he have to go, that's because I signed him up for some business courses in the top unversities abroad.” Chun said. “But this is not what he wants. Can't you see that? The more that you're insisting what you want, the more you are hurting the people who loves you.” Ella said.

Chun finally lost his temper at her. He glared at Ella, and pointed at the door. “Get out!” he shouted at her. “I don't want to see your face anymore. Get out!” he said. “Why? Because truth hurts, Mr. Wu? Because you cannot accept the fact that you are wrong and I am right?” Ella said in a more calm tone. “You know what you are, Ella Chen, you're a gold-digging bitch who badly wants to be my brother's girlfriend, so that you can become part of the Wu family.” Chun said. Ella was taken aback with what he said. “Oh...” she said in a surprised tone. “I... I never thought you would think of me that way...” she said with a hint of hurt in her voice. “I never really liked you, Ella Chen. I think you're a bad influence to my brother. Aside from that, you're such a nuisance. I never liked a girl like you. You're too loud, too boyish... you wear your heart on your sleeves and you act nice in front of other people, but they never knew that you're such a bitch. You think you're too smart, but the truth is you're not as smart as you think. I'm glad that you're not my girlfriend, because if you are, I would have dumped you a long time ago. Maybe Arron only gave you a chance, but honestly, no guy would ever want you around. I don't know what my brother saw in you that he became friends with you.” he said. Ella felt her tears falling from her eyes as he speaks. His words cut to her like a knife. “I've always thought you're a real gentleman, Mr. Wu, like the men in your family. But I was wrong...” she said. Then, she stormed outside Chun's office. As soon as she left, it hit Chun. He have hurt Ella with his words.

“God, what have I done?” he thought as he slumped on his chair. “I shouldn't have said those things to her...”


Chun came back from a meeting that afternoon, when he noticed an envelope lying on his desk. He took it, and opened it. Inside was Ella's resignation letter. “Shit...” he thought as he dropped the letter on his desk. He immediately went outside of his office to see Ella, but she was not in her desk. “Where's Ella?” he asked his staff. Nobody dared to answer him. “Can someone tell me where the hell Ella Chen is?” he shouted. “Ella's gone...” he heard someone say. He looked back, and saw Arron looking at him. Then, Arron stood up from his seat, and walked towards him. “Are you happy now?” he snapped at him. Then, Arron turned his back on his brother and left the office.

Ella left. Arron left. It seems to him that his brother's mad at him for what he have done to his friend. And for sure, Ella's mad at him as well. He did quite a mess, didn't he?


Ariel slowly opened the door of Arron's room, and saw him sitting on his bed and staring at his sketch pad. “Arron...” she called as she went inside his room. Arron looked back at her. “Ariel...” he said. “Are you OK?” she asked. Arron shook his head. Ariel sat beside him, and took his sketch pad. From there, she saw his drawing of Ella's smiling face. “You miss Ella?” she asked. Arron nodded his head. “She... she won't talk to me. I... I'm scared, Ariel. She's important to me. I... I don't want to lose her...” he said in a low voice. Ariel sighed as she looked at him. If only she could do something for him. If only Chun could fix up the mess he have made...


4 days ago...

“Ella!” she heard someone call her. Ella looked back, and saw Arron rushing up to him. That day, Ella came to get her personal things at the office. She have assumed that Chun got her letter of resignation, and for her, she doesn't have to deal with his ex-boss anymore. “Arron...” she said. Arron paused, and looked at her. “Ella, are... are you OK?” he asked. Ella smiled at him and nodded his head. “You never know how it felt good now that I'm not working for your brother anymore.” she said. Arron walked up to her, and Ella could see how sad he has been. “Ella... I... I got worried about you. You... you shouldn't have done that. I can take all the bad things that my brother tells me, but I couldn't bear it if he hurts you...” he said. The smile on Ella's face slowly disappeared. “Arron...” she said in a low voice. Then, he pulled her closer to him, and hugged her tight.

As Chun got out of the building, he saw Arron and Ella hugging. At that moment, he felt his heart breaking again. He felt jealous. At that moment, he wanted to punch his brother for taking advantage of Ella, but he have no right to do so. Ella is mad at him. He knows she didn't want to see him any,ore, because right after their confrontation, Ella resigned. And besides, Ella is now with Arron. He have no right to interfere in their relationship.


Ella and Arron sat at the park that afternoon. They have been both silent all the time that they're together. “A-aren't you supposed to be at work?” Ella asked him. Arron shook his head. “I don't want to work for ge, anymore...” he said. Then he looked up at her. “I... I heard everything that you said to my brother, Ella. And... I... I think you're right. That's why I have decided...” he said. Ella looked up at him, and gave him a wondering look. “I have decided to go with Ariel... even if my brother won't approve it...” he said. With that, Ella gave him a smile. “I'm glad that you finally made the decision, Arron...” she said. Arron smiled at her and nodded his head. “You know, I'm always after your happiness. Painting is what you love most...” she said. “You made me realize that I can't let other people plan for my life, like what's my brother is doing. Honestly, I'm hurting because of him. I've been doing all of the things he wants me to do, but in the end, I can't even have his attention...” he said sadly.

Ella looked away from him. He have finally made his decision to go with Ariel in the US. She should be happy for him, but somehow she felt sad at the thought that he's going to leave her behind. “Ella, I hope one day you could forgive my brother for what he have said to you...” Arron said. Ella shook her head. “I don't think I could forgive your brother. His words hurt me a lot. He made me feel that I am a low kind of person.”
“We both know that you are not what he thinks he is. I know you more than he knows you...”
“All my life, I have not met a person that would disgrace me in the same that your brother did. I hope you would understand if I would hate your brother for the mean time...”
Arron smiled sadly and nodded his head. “I understand, Ella.” he said.

Ella took her box, and the stood up. “I have to go, Arron...” she said. Arron stood up from his seat as well. “I'll drive you home.” he said. Ella looked at him and shook her head. “I'm OK, Arron. You don't have to.” she said. Then, she smiled sadly at him. “I've done a lot of thinking, and I realized, it's best for both of us if we don't see each other for the mean time...” she said. Arron was surprised at her request. He felt his heart being torn apart at what she said. “B-but... but why?” he asked. “I've done enough damage between you and your brother. I don't want to complicate your relationship with him even further...” she said. “Is this because of what my brother told you yesterday?” he asked. “Nothing I will say or do will make him change his mind about me, Arron. He already perceived me as someone who's a bad influence to his brother...” she answered. Arron walked up to her and held her hand. “Don't do this, Ella...” he pleaded. “I have to, Arron... I'm sorry...” she said. She took her hand away from him, and then turned her back on him to leave. Ending their friendship is difficult for her, but she have to do this. She knows that Arron is trying his best to be on his brother's good side, and with her around, that wouldn't happen as she and Chun always clashes. As she walked away from him, a tear fell from her eyes.


3 days ago...

Arron heard a soft know on the door. Then, he heard the door open. He looked at it, and saw Chun entering his room. “Arron, can we talk?” he asked. Arron looked away from him. “What is there to talk about?” Arron said. “About... about work...” Chun said. “I don't want to work for you anymore, ge. And besides, school's coming up. I think I should focus with my studies first before helping you out. I don't want to disappoint you if I fail this sem again.” he said. Chun sighed. He could sense that Arron's still mad at him. “Arron...”
“What have Ella done to you that you have to hurt her this way, ge? I could accept it if you hurt me, but Ella? She's my best friend! The only real friend I have! And now I lost my best friend because of you!” Arron shouted at him. Chun lowered his head, feeling guilty of what he have done. “I'm sorry...” he said in a low voice. “I... I wasn't in the mood that time... that's why...”
“That's why you have to say those nasty things to her? Ge, do you even know who she really is? Ella is the most kindhearted woman I have met in my entire life. While everyone is befriending me because I am a Wu, she was different. She befriended me despite of my background. She helped during the times I needed helped the most. She never asked anything from me in return, except for my friendship. If you're thinking that no one would love her, you're wrong! I love her for who she is. And there's nothing about her that I wouldn't change.”

Chun looked up at Arron, and he could clearly the anger in his face. He have ruined everything for them when their mom died, and now he's ruining everything again because of those hurtful words he told Ella. “She really means a lot to you...” he said. “Because Ella gave me the love I have always wanted. She gave me the attention you never gave me. She's far more better than you, Ge.” Arron said. “I'm sorry, Arron. I'm sorry for everything....” Chun said. Arron just stared at his brother. Then, a tear fell from his eyes. “Since mom died, since that accident, you never liked me. You never loved me like how you loved me when we were young. You kept on blaming me, because if it wasn't for me, mom wouldn't die. If only she didn't ran after me, she wouldn't have gotten hit by that car. Ge... I've been guilty for that all my life. All I wanted is to bring back our happy past. You used to be my hero. I used to look up at you. I've always wanted your attention but you always push me away. You blame me for that mistake I did. You blame me because of the pressure that was put on your shoulder. But ge... I am not at fault. It was all an accident. And after all these year you still blame me for mom's death.” Arron said bitterly. Chun could also feel the tears flooding his eyes. For the first time in years, he cried again. He cried in front of his brother, making him look weak. “I'm sorry. I'm sorry if you think I am blaming you for mom's death. I'm sorry if you think that me being strict on you is my punishment for what happened in the past. Arron, I only wanted the best for you. I worked hard because of you. When mom died, dad left the company, and I felt that it's my responsibility to take over. If I'm being strict with you, it's because I don't want you to end up like dad...” Chun said. “I'd rather end up like that. At least dad's happy with what's his doing.” Arron said.

Arron looked away from his brother. There was a dead silence between them for a while. “Arron...” he heard him call. “If... if let you do what you want, will you forgive me for all the thing''s I've done?” he asked. This time, Arron looked up at him. “I know I have no right to dictate what you have to do with your life. Ella's right. I love you, my brother, and I only want you to be happy. I never thought of that when I planned for your life. I realized that I could never plan your life, because it's your life. Your happiness depends on you, not on my decisions. That's why I have decided to let you go. If you think studying in Ariel's school to become a painter will make you happy, then I'll let you do it.” he said. Arron softened upon hearing what his brother said. “Ge...” he said in a low voice. “I love you, Arron. You're my only brother, and I don't want to lose you because of my selfishness...” he said. Arron stood up, and walked towards his brother. “Ge, thank you...” he said. Then, Chun hugged him. Both of them were teary-eyed as they hugged.

“That left me one more problem to deal with...” Arron said. Chun gave him a confused look. “Ella... she doesn't want to see me anymore...” he said. Chun looked at Arron in his eyes, and smiled. “Don't worry, I'll do my best to talk to Ella.


Ella took her phone, and the first thing she did is listen to her voice mails. The first voice mail she listened to came from her ex-boss.

“Ella Chen, I hope you're not yet too late when you listen to this. First, I'm sorry for what I've said to you before. I didn't mean it. I actually like you for my brother... really. You're a nice girl, and my brother loves you very much...” she heard him say. Ella rolled her eyes as she listened to it. “Stupid guy...” she thought. “And second, get your butt out of where you are, or you'll regret it for the rest of your life! Arron is leaving today, and if you won't see him now, you will never ever see my brother ever again!” Upon hearing that, Ella panicked. “What?! Arron's leaving today?!”


Chun dialed Ella's number again, but she's still out of reach. Chun ended the call with disappointment. “Ella Chen, where are you?” he thought. “We have to get inside...” he heard Ariel said. Chun looked at his girlfriend, and smiled at her. “Princess, can we wait a little while?” he asked. Then, he looked at Arron. “Let's wait for Ella...” he said. Arron gave his brother a faint smile. “It's OK, ge... I understand if Ella can't come. I'll call her as soon as I arrived there.” he said. Then, Arron looked at Ariel. “Shall we go?” he asked. Ariel smiled at him and nodded his head. As they turned their back to leave, Arron heard someone calling him. “Arron Yan-Wu!”

Arron looked back, and saw Ella running up to him. His face lightened up upon seeing her. His lips curved into a smile at the sight of her. “Ella!” he said. “I thought you didn't get my message...” Chun said as soon as Ella reached Arron. Ella looked at Chun. “I want to see Arron for the last time.” she said. Then, she turned to him. “I want to say goodbye to you. I never thought that you'll leave this soon...” she said. Arron smiled at her and nodded his head. “I want to be there so that I could sign up for the classes.” he said. As Ella looked at Arron's eyes, she began to cry. Although Arron haven't left yet, she's starting to miss him already. “I'm going to miss you...” she said. Arron took her hand, and held it. “Me too...” he said. “Will you promise to email me everyday?”
“I will, Ella. I will call you if I have too.”
“Will you take care of yourself for me?”
“I will.”
“Will you promise that you'll make a lot of friends there, but you will not forget me?”
“I will never ever forget you, Ella...”

Then, Arron gave her a hug. He hugged her for a long time, until he heard the final call for their flight. “This is it... I have to go. I will miss you...” he said. Ella lowered her head, and began to sob. “I will miss you a lot...” she said as she wiped her tears. Then, Arron turned to his brother, and smiled. “Ge, I promise to take care of Ariel for you. Will you promise to look after Ella?” he asked. Chun smiled at his brother. “Leave her to me. I'll look after your girl.” he said. Upon hearing that, Arron nodded his head. He took his bag, and began to walk away from her. Half way through, Arron paused, and faced Ella again. “Ella!” he called. Ella looked up at him. “I like you, Ella. I really do.” he said. Ella smiled at him. She could feel her cheek turn red because of what he said. “I like you too, Arron!” she said. Arron smiled at her, and waved goodbye to her. Chun and Ella watched then until they are no longer in their sight.

“So, Ms. Ella...” Chun said to her. Ella looked at him, and he saw that he was holding her resignation letter. “Since I promised my brother that I will look after you, I guess I need to do this.” Then, he began to tear her resignation letter, much to Ella's confusion. “But, Mr. Wu?”
“How can I look after you if you're not working for me. Besides, Calvin Chen threatened to cancel the Eon Toys project if I accept your resignation.” he said, giving her a vicious smile. Ella could only roll her eyes at her boss. Guess it's inevitable after all. “Arron will take care of my girlfriend. So, in return, I have to take care of his girlfriend.” Chun said. This time, Ella gave him a wondering look. “Girlfriend? Me?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “But Arron did not confessed to me yet! How can I become his girlfriend?” she said. Chun's eyes widened upon hearing what she said. So, if Arron have not confessed to Ella yet, it means that he won in the bet, and Ariel should've stayed in Taiwan. “What?!” he said. Chun shook his head in dismay. “Damn it! I let Arron go, but I should've told Ariel to stay...” he thought. Well, that's what you call fate...

And the fate will now begin to play tricks on our two characters...

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