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Saturday, October 31, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Five Dates

He's fought and he's fallen
He's on his knees before he's on his feet
A glittery romantic
Oh, he's about to be and she's about to see
His bounty's boundless like the sea
His love is endless, just as deep
The more he gives the more he has
`Cause both of them are truly infinite


“So... are you ready for our date?” Chun asked as he put his arms around Ella. Ella looked up at him, and smiled. “I sure am ready!” she said. Chun smiled at her, and then planted a kiss on her lips.


Date 1: Fishing by the lake


It was a sunny morning and they were at the lake by Chun's villa.

Both of them were sitting by the lakeside, holding a fishing pole in their hands. Chun was rather getting bored with what they were doing. “Why did I ever agree to go fishing with this girl...” he thought. He let out a loud sigh, and Ella heard it. “You're bored, aren't you?” she asked. Chun smiled and shook his head. “Liar!” she shouted at him. She looked away from him, and Chun could see her pouting. “Wei... baobei... don't be mad at me.” he said as he put his arm around her. Ella tried to shrug him off, but Chun would insist on putting his arm around her. “I wonder why you choose that we go fishing? There are a lot of things that we can do here in my villa...” he said. “I wanted to go fishing because I want to catch a fish. I want to catch a fish because I want you to cook me that fish. I want you to cook me a fish because I want to eat fish. Now, do you understand why I asked you to go fishing with me?” she said. Chun could only scratch his head in confusion. “But... there's one problem...” he said. It was Ella's turn to give him a confused look. “I don't know how to cook...” he said in a low voice.

Ella looked at him for a while, and then she burst out laughing at him. “What?” he asked in annoyed tone. “Wei, Chun Yan-Wu... I thought you could cook! You lived for 4 years in London, so how did you survive without learning how to cook?” she asked. “Fast food.” he said proudly. Ella laughed again, and shook her head. “What's going to happen to you if there's no fast food and you're left all by your left? You can't always expect the maids to cook for you! And also, you can't expect Ariel to cook for you all the time. Don't you know that some girls prefer guys who knows how to cook?” she said. “So, are you one of the girls who likes guys who knows how to cook?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “And since you don't know how to cook, I think I'll dump you.” she said, letting out a playful smile at him. Chun was shocked at what she just said. He can't believe that Ella will dump him just because he doesn't know how to cook. And he was too scared to lose her.

“But... but will you reconsider?” he asked nervously. Ella looked at him again, and she could see the anxiety written on his face. She was trying her best not to laugh at him. Ella looked away from him, smiling to herself and trying her best not to laugh. Our heroine just realized how cute our leading man is when he's so scared. “Please, Ella... please? If I learn how to cook? Will you not dump me?” he asked. Ella looked at him again, and smiled. “Get me the fish. I'll reconsider.” she said, winking at him.


Date 2: Hiking at the hills


“Can you get a little faster, Chun Yan-Wu?!” Ella shouted at him. She then continued on her way up on the hill. Meanwhile, Chun stopped walking to catch his breath. “Wei... can you wait for me, Ella Chen?” he said in an annoyed tone. Somehow, our leading man thinks that our leading lady is torturing him in their date today. He shouldn't have gone with Ella's idea to hike at the nearby hill in his villa. “I'm waiting Chun Yan-Wu! You're so slow as a snail!” he heard Ella shout at him. Chun took a deep breath, and shook his head. “Let me tell you this, Ella Chen... I was on the track and field team when I was in college, and a champion runner!” he shouted at her. “Then prove it to me and run up as fast as you can!” Ella shouted at him. Chun paused again, and shook his head. He couldn't believe his girlfriend would torture him like this. “Did I do something wrong to her?” he thought. Even though Ella seems to be torturing, he have no choice but to follow her.

Before they new it, they have reached to top of the hill. He saw Ella jumping in joy as soon as they reached the top. “Woohoo! It's cool up here! I made it! I made it! I made it!” she shouted. Chun put his hand on his waist, and sighed. “You do have a lot of energy, Ms. Chen.” he said. Ella looked at him, and let out a smile. She walked up to him, and put her arms around his neck. “Why are you being grumpy, Mr. Wu?” she asked. Chun looked away from her, letting out a mock angry expression on his face. “I don't know why you're torturing me...” he said. Ella just smiled at him. “I am not torturing you...”
“Oh really? You made me climb this hill. You want me to rush after you. Do you have any idea how hard it is to hike?”
“Wei, you told me you're a very athletic guy. We just climbed up here, and now you're complaining?”
“Because you were so fast... I can't follow you!”
“That's because you didn't have much exercise. All you do is sit on your desk and order us around.”

Chun looked at her, and smirked at her. “We're not fighting, aren't we?” he said. Ella smiled, and shook her head. “No. I'm just insulting you.” she said. Chun pouted at her, and looked away from her again. “How can you insult the great Chun Yan-Wu?” he said. “I can insult the great Chun Yan-Wu whenever I want.” she said boastfully. Chun shook his head. Ella could tell her boyfriend is getting mad at her for what she was saying. “Can't you take a little joke?” she asked. Chun shook his head, trying his best not to look at her. Then, Ella reached up to him to give him a kiss on the cheek, but as he was about to give him a kiss, Chun turned to her, and she kissed his lips. Both of them were surprised at what happened. “Oh my God! Ella Chen stole a kiss from me! What a perv!” Chun exclaimed. Ella was about to his his arm, but before he could, Chun ran from her. Ella, then, chased after him for a while, and when she caught him, she pinched his arm. “You are the perverted one, Chun! You purposed turned your face towards me so that you can kiss my virgin lips!” she said. Chun just laughed at her.

He put her arms around her, and then they gazed through the scenery before them. “It's beautiful up here... you can really see the whole town!” she said. Chun nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah... it is... but not as beautiful as you are...” he said, looking at her. Ella looked at him, and smiled. “You're such a sweet talker, aren't you?” she said. “Oh, anything to do to kiss those sweet lips again...” he said. Then, he leaned towards her, and kiss her on the lips. “Oh my God...” Ella said after they broke their kiss. “Chun Yan-Wu stole a kiss from me! What a perv!”


Date 3: Carnival


Ella pulled Chun inside the carnival. Chun, on the other hand, was trying to pull himself from his girlfriend. “Come on! Don't try to get away now!” Ella said as she pulled him harder. Chun was pulling himself at the other direction. “No way! I want to go there!” He said, pointing at one of the rides inside the carnival. “No, I want to try that ride!” Ella said, pointing at a different direction. Chun pulled her, but Ella pulled him back. Then, he released himself from Ella's grip. “Look... let's just settle this the old way...” Chun said. Then, he took a coin out of his pocket, and showed it to Ella. “Heads or tails?” he asked. Ella put her hands on her waist, and smirked at him. “Heads, and I tell you, Chun... I'm going to win. I always do.” she said. Chun smirked at him, and then flipped the coin. Then, it landed at the back of his hand, and he immediately covered it. “Get ready to lose, Ella Chen.” he said. Then, he slowly uncovered the coin, and both of them were surprised that the tail was facing up. “Ha!” Chun said as he looked at Ella. “I won this time! You have no choice but to go with me at the roller coaster.” he said. Then, he pulled Ella towards the roller coaster. A few minutes later, he found himself being dragged by Ella to the Anchor's away. “Waaah! No fair! I won!” Chun shouted. “You love me, don't you?” Ella said as he gave her a flirtatious look. Well, our leading man couldn't resist our leading lady, so her have no choice but to let her drag him wherever she wants to go.

They first rode anchor's away. Then they rode the roller coaster. Then, they went inside the horror house. Our leading man thought that he could take advantage of our leading lady, but since he's scared of the dark and scared of the scary things inside the horror house, that he ended up clinging up to her, instead of it being the other way around. “Aiyo! Chun! I can't move!” Ella shouted at him as they got out of the horror house. Still, the scared leading man was hugging onto her. “But, it's so scary inside!” he said. Ella paused, and whacked him in the head. “Wei, we're already outside. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You're a big boy and you're scared. And I think you're only pretending to be scared so that you can take advantage of me!” she said. Chun let her go, and gave her a shocked look. “Ella Chen, how can you think of me that way? I am not a perv!” he said. Ella smirked at him, and folded her arms. “Oh really? If I know, you dragged me inside the horror house so that you can take advantage of me. Sorry, but I am not a scaredy cat like you. And I am not the one who's scared of the dark!” she said. Chun folded his arms as he looked at her. “Who's scared of the dark?” he asked. “You are...” Ella answered. Chun let out a laugh as he looked away from him. “Ha! If I know, you're the one who wants to take advantage of my weakness, Ella Chen. You're the perv here, not me!” he said. Ella walked in front of him, and smiled. “So, you noticed it all this time...” she said. She winked at him as she went on her way, and Chun could only smile as he watched his girlfriend.

Next, they rode the bump cars, and Chun was always bumping onto Ella the whole time. They rode the octopus, log ride and ferris wheel. They were on their way to the carousel when Chun saw a lady selling flowers at one of the stalls. Upon seeing her, an idea hist Chun's head. “Ella, wait for me here.” he said. Ella just nodded his head. Chun immediately ran to the flower stall, making sure that Ella wasn't watching him. He bought a red rose, and then ran up to Ella. “Hey, baonei!” he called. Ella looked up to him. “Where have you been?” she asked. Chun just smiled at him, and then he showed him her two closed fists. “Choose.” he said. Ella gave him a confused look. “Why should I choose?” she asked. “Just choose. Which hand has something in it?” he asked. Ella sighed, and then she pointed at his left hand. Chun smiled, then he slowly opened it. “Nothing inside!” he said. Ella let out another sigh, and pointed at his right hand. Chun opened his hand, and it was empty. “Nothing.” he said, guiving her an amused smile. Ella folded her arms, and raised an eyebrow at him. “Is this supposed to be a magic trick or something?” she asked. Chun laughed, and shook his head. “Actually, it's more of a surprise.” he said. He reached for his back pocket, and then showed Ella the red rose he bought for her. Ella felt herself blushing as she took to rose from his hand. “It is a nice surprise...” she said. She smiled at him, then she kissed Chun on the lips. This stunned our leading man.

Chun blushed as he looked at her. Then, Ella took his hand. “Come on, let's go to the carousel, baobei.” she said. Chun smiled at her, and nodded his head. Holding hands, the two went to the carousel for a ride.


Date 4: Candlelight dinner under the stars


“Chun... I can't see a thing!” Ella said as Chun lead her outside the ville while covering her eyes. “Then good. No peeking.” he said. Then, the two of them stopped walking. “Are you ready?” he asked. Ella smiled, and nodded her head. Chun slowly took his hands off her eyes. “Open your eyes now...” he said. Ella opened her eyes, and saw a table filled with her favorite food. At the center of the table, there was a candlelight and roses. She looked up, and saw the stars and the moon shining brightly. It was a perfect evening. It was exactly a perfect date. She turned to Chun, and smiled at him. “Chun, you shouldn't have...” she said. Chun shook his head. “You know I would do everything to make you happy, my angel.” he said.

Chun helped onto her seat, then he walked towards his seat. “By the way, I cooked everything.” he said proudly. Ella gave him a suspicious look. “And I thought you don't know how to cook?” she said. “Well, I secretly took cooking lessons from our chef. And so, I was able to cook all of your favorite foods. Try it.” he said. Ella took the fork, and took a piece of the food on her plate to taste it. Chun watched her carefully as she chewed on her food. “What do you think?” he asked. Ella just nodded her head as she started to eat on her food. “It's OK.” she answered. “OK? It's OK? That's all you've got to say?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “Well, despite the fact that it's a little salty and the meat seems undercooked a little, It's OK.” she said. She continued eating, ignoring the stunned Chun totally. “Salty? Undercooked? That's all you have to say?” he muttered under his breath. “It's still edible though.” Ella said. Then, she smiled at him. “You can't be too perfect, Chun. Besides, it's your first time to cook, and it's understandable.” she said. “But you do like it, right baobei?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “I can live with it. At least this one's better than Jiro's cooking.” she said. Chun smiled at her, then he began to eat his food. As he tasted the food he cooked, he flinched. It's not just a little salty, it's too salty. Not only that, it was too spicy. Ella could see the change in Chun's reaction, and couldn't help but laugh at him.

“What's wrong?” she asked. “I never thought this would taste awful... it's too salty and too spicy...” he said. He shook his head in disappointment. “Sorry, Ella...” he said. “It's OK, Chun.” she said. He looked up at her, and saw her smiling at him. “I told you this one's better than Jiro's cooking. Besides, I like salty and spicy food.” she said, winking at him. Chun's lips curve into a smile at what she said. “Then, let's dig in.” he said.

They happily had their dinner that night. As soon as they finished dinner, suddenly, it began to rain. “Ugh! It's raining!” Ella said as she looked up at the sky. From a drizzle, it began to pour hard. “Oh my! I think we should get inside...” Chun said. He stood up from his seat, and was about to run inside the villa, but Ella stopped her. “Hey, wait...” she said. Chun paused, and looked at her. “What is it?” he asked. Ella smiled at him. “Let's stay out a while...” she said. Chun gave her a confused look. “Are you kidding me?” he asked. Ella shook her head. “The truth is, I've always dreamed of a date like this. A candlelight dinner under the stars, then it would rain...” she said. Chun gave her a surprised look, and then smiled at her. “You are a weird girl, Ella Chen... but your weirdness is what made me fall in love with you at the first place...” he said. Ella put his arms around him, and then Chun leaned down to her and kissed her on the lips. “I love you, Ella Chen.” he said to her softly. “I love you too, Chun Yan-Wu. Thanks for making my dream date come true.” she said. Chun smiled at her again, and planted a kiss on her lips.

Then, they began to dance in the rain...


Date 5: A promise before God


The sun's ray entered her window, and it made Ella slowly open her eyes. It's another morning, and she'll be spending another day with the man she loves. She smiled to herself as she imagine what surprise Chun had prepared for the two of them this day. She sat on her bed and stretched out her arm. Then, she noticed a white dress which was hanging outside the cabinet. She walked up to him, and saw a note on it.

My angel,

Wear this dress on our date today. Outside the villa, a car will be waiting for you, and will take you to where I am. Take your time... I'll wait for you...

Your prince charming

She smiled to herself as she read his note. “I wonder where he'll take me today...” she thought. She felt giddy upon imagining the romantic things that Chun will do for her today. “God, I'm so excited...” she thought. Then, she took the dress, and then went inside the bathroom to prepare for their date. Once she's all dressed up, she got outside of the villa, and saw Chun's driver waiting for her by the car. “Good morning, Ms. Ella.” the driver said. “Good morning, Xiu ge. Do you know where Chun will take me today?” she asked. The driver could only smile at her. “That would remain to be a secret, Ms. Ella. But all I can say is that Young Master Wu have especially prepared for your date today.” he said. He opened the door of the car, and Ella got inside.

It was a short drive, and before she knew it, they were already in front of an old church. Xiu opened the door for Ella, and Ella got out of the car, confused as to why she was brought to a church. “Is Chun here?” she asked the driver. “You have to find out, Ms. Ella...” Xiu said. Ella smiled at him, and nodded her head. She walked up the stairs leading to the grand door of the church. She opened it, and at the altar, she could see Chun waiting for her.


Chun stood before the altar, and looked up at the cross before him. He smiled to himself as he patiently waits for the girl he loves. He could remember the very first time they met. He could remember the first time he felt that he have fallen in love with her. As each day passes that he is with her, he is loving her more and more, and the only wish he have in his heart right now is to be that man that could love her for the rest of her life. She's the girl whom he could imagine being with till he's old, the one he wanted to take care of. She's the girl whom he imagines to be the mother of his children, the one who would wait up for him by the front door at the end of the day. He wants to be the first man she'll first see in the morning, and the last one she'll see at night.

But the fact still remains that he couldn't be with Ella. He'll be marrying Ariel soon, and he will be breaking Ella's heart.

He knows inside his heart that he was just being obliged to marry Ariel, since it's expected of him. But for once, he have to be true to himself. He wanted to be happy. He have never been this happy before, and he only found it when Ella came into his life. He have to make the right decision for himself. And he have decided to do it now.

Just then, he heard the door open. He looked back, and saw Ella enter the church. She is beautiful in her white summer dress, and as she walked down the empty aisle, he felt as if he was a groom, waiting for his bride to come up to him. “And I bet she'll make a beautiful bride someday...” he thought as he watched her. “Chun?” Ella called as soon as she was near him. She looked around the empty church, still wondering why Chun asked her to meet him here. “I'm sorry...” Chun began. He smiled shyly at her, and then he scratched his head. “Unfortunately, I ran out of romantic ideas for our date, and this is the only thing I have thought up...” he said. Ella smiled at him, and nodded her head. “It's OK, Chun. Any date is perfect as long as I'm with you...” she said. Then, he reached for her hands, and held it. He looked into her eyes lovingly.

“I am here to make a promise to you before God...” he said. Then, he smiled at her. “Were not getting married, aren't we?” Ella asked nervously. Chun laughed, and shook his head. “Not yet. I know you're not yet ready for that...” he said. Ella smiled, and nodded her head. He gazed into her eyes for a long time, then he opened his mouth to speak again. “Ella, being with you for the past year have been the happiest moment of my life. I don't regret a thing about it. I never thought I could feel this happy when I'm with you. I felt like a free man whenever you're beside me. It's like you brought out this other Chun that I have never known before, and it was surprising me so much that I could do silly yet romantic things for you. You have seen me at my worst. You've seen me during my weakest. And you have always been there for me during the lowest point of my life. You've taught me to live a carefree life, and that it's OK to make a mistake once in a while. With you, I feel like a different person. A better one. You're the on who could bring out the best and the worst in me...” he said.

Chun paused, and then he gently caressed her cheek. “I love who I am right, and I'm loving who I am when I'm with you. You are the reason I want to be a better man, so that I can be worthy of your love. If there's one thing that I'm sorry about... it's that I couldn't be with you because of Ariel...” he said. Ella smiled at him. “I understand that, Chun. All I want is this short moment with you. I want to spend each day with you because I know one day...” Ella bit her lips. She couldn't continue speaking as she could feel the tears about to fall from her eyes. “Ella... I know what I did is wrong. I know I'm not supposed to cheat on Ariel, or even break your heart. But all I want is to be happy... and as my mom used to say, you can never go wrong if you'll be deciding for your happiness...” he said.

He reached for his pocket, and took out a gold ring. He took Ella's right hand, and slipped the ring on her finger. “This is my mom's engagement ring. She told me that I should give this to the girl that I truly love. I love you, Ella... I really do. I'm giving you this ring as my promise to you... that no matter what happens, my heart will always belong to you. It will always be yours. Just give me time to correct the things I've done... to break it off with Ariel, and I promise to be with you for the rest of my life...” he said. Ella looked at the ring on her hand, then she looked up at Chun. She was surprised at what he said. “Chun... you know that this is too much... I have nothing to ask more from you than your love, and this stolen time we have together. If only I came into your life at the right time, then maybe everything won't be complicated as it seems to be. I don't want to ask for any promises from you, because I know it would be hard for your part to keep it...” she said. Chun shook his head. “I've decided now, Ella. It's you that I love, and it's you that I'm choosing. Grandpa can disown me, for all I care. I may lose all the wealth in the world, and become a poor man, but I don't care. As long as you're with me, that's all that matters...” he said. Ella reached up for his face, and cupped his cheek. “And even if you become a poor man, you can always depend on me. You will always have me...” she said.

Chun leaned his forehead against hers, and stared into her eyes. “Ella, will you promise to wait for me. Will you promise to wait till I fix everything between us?” he asked. Ella smiled and nodded his head. “And will you promise... will you promise that after all of this end, you will be with me for the rest of your life?” he asked. “I promise.” she said. Chun smiled at her lovingly, then he leaned down to her, and gave her a long and loving kiss on the lips...


Ella took a picture of him and Chun together, and then pressed it on the scrap book she was making. She couldn't believe that a year have passed, and they're still together. Although their relationship is still a secret, they're still standing strong. She flipped through the pages of the scrap book, and realized that it's almost full. “Hmmm... I think I'll buy a new one tomorrow...” she thought. She stood up from her bed, and then the phone rang. She took the phone, and answered it. “Hello...” she said. “Hi, Ella!” she heard a familiar voice say. She was surprised to hear that voice again. “It's been a long time! Finally I caught you. I've been calling you, but you're not always there... you're not even sending me an e-mail... I'm starting to worry about you...” the voice on the other line said.

“A... Arron?” she asked. She heard him laugh at the other line. “Of course it's me! You have forgotten my voice? I think my brother's slaving you too much. Don't worry, I'll tell him to give you a week off, especially when I'm back.” he said. Ella paused again as he listened to him. “W-what do you mean? You're going home soon?” she asked. “Yeah. I'll be coming home, Ella.” Arron said. “And it's gonna be soon...”

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