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Sunday, June 14, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – I'm In Love

A/N: I think this will be start of the CE Romance...


I like you, my face is starting to turn red
I fell in love with you, stupid me
I fantasized your world was completely insane
The next second, I sing my song.
I like you, I think crazily
I like you, unlimited happiness
I fantasize that you’re always going to be mine
I want the love I rarely get


Ella opened the door of their apartment. She threw her bag on the table, and then slumped on the couch. Angela looked at her, and have seen the sad look on her friend's face. “What's wrong?” Angela asked as she walked over him. “Arron...” Ella said, pouting at her. “What about Arron?” Angela asked. “He wanted to go abroad and study there, he said he wanted to shift majors...” she answered. Angela sat beside her, still giving her a confused look. “So?” she asked. “He asked for my help to convince his evil brother to let him go there...”
“And you are scared that the evil brother will say no?”
“Worse... I'm scared that the evil brother will say yes.”

Angela looked away from her and laughed. “What?” Ella asked, giving her a confused look. “I thought the evil brother wants him to stay and run the company? I thought he didn't want him to shift?” Angela asked. Upon hearing what she said, Ella realized something. “You're right...” Ella said as she smiled. “There is no way that the evil brother will let Arron go. For sure, he would say no!” she said. Her eyes lighted up. Then, she turned to Angela and smile. “You are so smart, Angela!” she said. Angela just laughed at him. “Now that you know that the evil brother will not allow Arron to go, you can still help Arron. You can tell the evil brother about Arron's plan, and you are rest assured that he will not Arron go. In the end, Arron will realize that you did your best to help him, but the evil brother remained with his decision to make Arron stay.” Angela said. Ella smiled evilly and scratched her chin. “Hmmm... why didn't I think of that before?”


Arron heard a know on his door. He immediately stood up and opened the door. He saw his elder brother standing. “Ge...” he said. Chun smiled at him. “Can I come in?” he asked. Arron smiled and nodded his head. He gave way, so that Chun could get inside his room. “I want to talk to you about something, Arron...” he said as he sat on his bed. “What is it, ge?” Arron asked. He's thinking it's about him going to the US with Ariel and study in her school. “Maybe Ariel already told him about it...” he thought. “About work. I was thinking maybe you could help Ella out with the Eon Toys project.” Chun said. Arron just nodded his head. “I will. Don't worry about it...” Arron said. Chun smiled and nodded his head. “And there's another thing I want to talk to you about...” he said. Arron sat beside Chun, and waited for him to speak. “Sorry but I eavesdropped on you and Ella a while ago... when you told her that you want to talk to her about something. I just want to know... did you propose to her already?” Chun asked. Arron was surprised at his brother's question. “P-propose? To Ella?” he asked. Chun nodded his head. Arron laughed nervously. How would he tell his brother that he talked to Ella and asked her a favor? “I... I didn't... not yet...” he said. Chun could see his brother blushing. “Why? I thought you also like Ella?” he asked. Arron just smiled at him. “Ge... I... I got nervous when I was about to tell her that I like her.” he lied. “You shouldn't be shy, Arron. Besides, you are a Wu. Men in our family never gets shy towards girls.” Chun said. Arron smiled at him and nodded his head.

“Well, that's all, Arron. Better get some sleep. You don't want to be late for tomorrow...” Chun said as he stood up from his bed. He headed to the door, and paused, then he looked back at Arron. “Maybe tomorrow you could have some time alone with Ella. Take that chance to tell her what's inside your heart.” he said before leaving his room. As the door of his room closes, Arron sighed. “Ge... I'm sorry if I lied to you...” he thought. “The truth its, it's not Ella that I like... if you found out that I'm in love with your girlfriend, I know you'll get mad at me... but for you, I will try to forget my feelings for Ariel, and pursue Ella.”


The next day at the office, Ella was busy preparing her proposal, when someone walked up to her. She looked up, and saw Ariel smiling at her. “Hi, Ella!” she said. Ella smiled, and then she stood up from her seat. As she stood up, she bowed at her. “It's nice to see you, Ms. Lin.” she said. Ariel smiled a her, and then helped her up. “No need to be formal, Ella. I hope you don't mind if I call you by your first name...” he said. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “Of course, Ms. Lin. You can call me by my first name.” she said. “And one more thing, please don't call me Ms. Lin. It makes me feel old. Please call me Ariel instead.” she said. Ella gave her a confused look. “But Ms. Lin...” Ariel put her hands on her waist, and gave Ella a stern look. “No buts.” she said. Then, she smiled at her. “If you say so, Ms. Lin, I mean Ariel...” Ella said as she laughed nervously.

“By the way, are you busy right now?” Ariel asked. “Not really...” Ella answered. Ariel gave her another smile. “Good. I was hoping you could accompany me at the cafe to have some coffee. Would that be OK with you?” she asked. Ella was surprised at what she said. She never expected that she would ask her out for a coffee. “B-but... are you sure you want to have coffee with me?” she asked. Ariel nodded her head. “I make sure that I befriend all of those who work under Chun, and you are no exception. Especially since you are also Arron's friend. I want to get to know you better.” she said. “Oh... OK... Actually it's an honor for me to be friends with you.” she said. Ariel nodded her head. “I know one day we're going to not just but friends but sisters-in-law, so I guess we should start bonding now while I'm still here in Taiwan.” Ariel said. Ella felt herself blush at what Ariel said. “Actually, me and Arron, we're really just friends...” she said. “Well, I don't think that's the case. Let's talk it over coffee, OK?” Ariel said. Ella smiled and nodded her head.


The waiter put their coffee and cakes on their table. The two ladies said their thanks to the waiter, and then the waiter left them for their own privacy. “How is it going between you and Arron?” Ariel began. Ella just smiled at her. “We're OK... I'm glad that we were able to work together.” she said. Ariel nodded her head. Then, she took her fork, and took a piece of her cake. “Did Arron told you anything yet?” she asked as she ate the cake. Ella nodded her head. “Is there something that he is supposed to tell me?” she asked. Ariel let out a faint laugh as she looked at her. “I'm really sorry about Arron. You see, he maybe good-looking, handsome, and it may also seem that all the girls like him, but the truth is he is really shy when it comes to girls.” Ariel explained. Ella nodded her head in agreement. “Mr. Wu told me the same thing.” she said. Ariel laughed at her again. “I think you should start calling Chun ge ge... after all, you and Arron...”
“Uhmmm... we're not together, really We're only close, but we're friends. Just friends.”
“Are you really sure about that?”

Ella nodded her head. “I know that he only sees me as a friend.” she said. “How sure are you that he only sees you as a friend?” Ariel asked. “Because I know...”
“Did he tell you that he only sees you as a friend?”
“He always says that he's thankful that I am his girl best friend.”
“Did it ever occurred to you that maybe he means another thing when he said that?”
Ella fell silent at what Ariel said. She doesn't know where their conversation is heading. “I don't think he could ever see me as more than a friend...” Ella said. This time, Ariel gave her a warm smile and shook her head. “Ella, I told you Arron's a shy guy. I know him too well. I know that if he likes someone, he'll do everything to keep that person by his side. Did you ever wonder why he did his best to get you to their company?” Ariel asked. Ella slowly nodded her head. “It's because he values you so much. He knows that if you work for them, he could get to keep you beside him... he would be able to see you everyday, and he would be much closer to him.” she said. Ariel leaned over the table and took Ella's hands. “I want to tell you a secret, Ella. I'm going to tell you this, because I know that you feel the same way as Arron. Ella... Arron is in love with you. He told me that. It's just that he's too shy to confess to you... maybe he's scared that you would reject him. I trust that you wouldn't reject him and break his heart, right?” Ariel said. Ella was surprised at what she said. Did Arron really liked her all this time? “H-he's shy? T-that's why all this time... h-he never courted me or anything?” she asked. Ariel nodded her head. “Tell me, Ella... during those years of your friendship, have you seen him got interested in another girl?” Ariel asked. Ella shook her head. During those times, Arron always hangs out with her. If there were girls that would approach him and ask him out for a date, Arron would turn them down, telling them that he already have a date, and then he would pull her close to him. She knows all the girls in the university already hates her for always sticking with Arron.

“I... I did not see him date any other girl back in college...” she said. Ariel smiled triumphantly at her, as she was able to make her see her point. “See? It's because he likes you a lot. Tell me, Ella... do you also feel the same way for Arron?” she asked. Ella lowered her head, and stared at her coffee. Then, she slowly nodded her head. “I have always loved Arron since the very first day I laid my eyes on him... and the more that I get to know him, the more that I'm falling in love with him...” she said in a low voice. Ariel felt happy upon hearing her answer. Although she only got close to this girl at this moment, she could feel her sincerity. She could feel that she really loves Arron more than beyond the reason why. “I know you've seen something in Arron that the other girls have not seen before. I know that when you befriend him, it's not because he is a Wu, or because he is handsome. I know that your intentions are real. And that's why our family was glad that he was able to find a real friend like you. And I know, grandpa and uncle Jonas would be very much honored if one day, you'll also become a part of the Wu family.” Ariel said. Ella looked up at her, giving her a confused stare. “But why isn't making a move on me if he really likes me?” she asked. Ariel just shrugged her shoulder. “Maybe because he's shy, or because if he courts you now, and you two become a couple, the two of you will get stuck in a long distance relationship, like me and Chun. Have he told you about his plans of studying abroad?” Ariel asked. Ella's face became sad when Ariel brought that up. She nodded her head to answer her. “He badly wanted to go with you in the US. I know I have no right to ask him to stay, because it's his dream. It's just that I'm sad that he'll be leaving...” Ella said. “I know how you feel, Ella. I know Chun was like that before. What we have to do now is, for the two of you to confess your feelings for each other.” she said. Then, she let out a playful smile. “And I know just how to do that.” After saying that, Ariel winked at her.


Ella was busy typing at the computer, when Chun walked towards the table and put an invitation on her table. Ella paused, and looked at the invitation. Then, she gave Chun a confused look. “Mr. Wu?” she asked. Chun just gave her an evil smile. “Birthday party of Mrs. Fang. How could you forget...” he said. “B-but... why are you giving me this invitation?”
“She specifically asked for you to attend the party.”
“But... why me?”
“Mrs. Fang is so fond of you, so she's expecting you to be there.”
Ella opened her mouth again to protest, but before she could, Chun put up his pointer finger and shook it. “No buts, Ms. Ella.” he said.

She leaned on her chair as she watched her boss disappear into his office. She sighed, and then took the invitation from her table. “This is a formal party...” she thought. She sighed again, She leaned towards her table, buried her face on her hands. “How can I go to that party if I don't even have a gown or a formal dress to wear?” she said aloud. Then, she heard someone clear his throat. She looked up, and saw Chun standing beside her. “I have thought it would be one of your problems, Ms. Ella...” he said. Ella shot him another confused look. Then, Chun took her hand, and pulled her up to her chair. He then pulled her towards the office's exit. “Wait! Mr. Wu! Where are we going?” she asked. Chun paused, and the looked at him. “I have arranged something for you, Ms.Ella. For this party. It's important that you attend this, and I don't want to see you make a fool of yourself. This is a formal party.” he said. Then, he began to pull her again until they reached the parking lot. “Mr. Wu! Wait! Don't pull me!” Ella shouted at him.


Ariel entered Chun's office, and found Arron alone in his desk, who was busily typing on his computer. “Arron?” she called as she approached him. Arron looked up, and as he saw her, he smiled. “Hey, Ariel! What are you doing here?” he asked. Ariel smiled, and took a seat in front of him. “I came here for Chun. He's supposed to pick me up today, and we're supposed to go to Genie's shop to pick up my dress.” she said. “I think he's in a meeting. I saw him a while ago, dragging Ella outside the building...” Arron said. Ariel's eyes widened upon hearing what Arron said. “He was dragging Ella?” she asked. Arron nodded his head. “I don't know what happened. It's like Chun was mad at her or something... and he was just pulling her. Ella was pleading him to stop pulling her arm, but he won't listen. I was about to go and stop him from hurting Ella, but before I could, they have already disappeared.” Arron said. Ariel sighed, and leaned back to her chair. She wondered what got into her boyfriend's mind, that he was treating Ella like that. “Have you called Ella?” she asked. Arron nodded his head. “Apparently, she left her phone in her desk. I think the two were in a hurry that she even forgot her phone.”
“And Chun?”
“I tried calling him, but he won't answer my calls...”
“Then where could those two be? Is their meeting really that urgent that Chun have to drag her out of the building?”

Arron sighed and shrugged his shoulder. He have been worrying about Ella. He have never seen his brother be this violent, especially towards girls. “I'm a little worried about Ella, though. I... I don't want ge to hurt her...” he said. Ariel smiled at him, and then she held his hand. “Don't worry about Ella, Arron. I don't think your brother is capable of hurting her, even if she made a mistake. Trust your brother.” she said. Arron smiled and nodded his head. “So, you going to Genie's shop alone?” he asked. “Well, not alone. I want you to come with me... that is if you want to accompany me...” she said. Arron let out a nervous laugh as he nodded his head. It was an honor for him to accompany the girl she loves. “O-of course... I... I wouldn't mind. I guess Chun ge will understand, after all, he seems to have forgotten all about this.” he said. Ariel laughed at what he said. “Thanks, Arron.” she said. “Thanks for being the best little brother in the world!”


Chun stopped his car in front of Genie Zhou's shop. Ella's eyes widened as she looked up at the sigh of the shop. She could not believe that her boss would bring her to the shop of Taiwan's number one fashion designer. Then, she looked at Chun, who just got out of his car. “Mr. Wu?” she called. Chun walked to her side, and opened the door for her. “Come on, she's waiting for us.” he ordered. Ella immediately got out of his car. Ella tailed behind him as they entered the shop. “Genie...” she heard him call. The petite lady, who was busy stitching some ornaments in a wedding gown, paused and looked at him. “Chun!” the lady said. Chun smiled at her, and gave the lady a hug. “Good to see you again, Genie.” he said. Then, Genie released herself from his hug, and noticed Ella, who was standing behind him. Genie walked towards her. She folded her arms, and circled her. “So...” she said as she looked up at Chun. “This must be your little protégé, am I right?” she asked. Chun smiled and nodded his. Genie turned to face Ella, and smiled at her. “You are pretty, although you seem a little boyish. Would you mind if I give you a little make over?” she asked. Ella was surprised at she said. She could not believe that the famous Genie Zhou would want to dress up an ordinary girl like her. “O-of course... I wouldn't mind... “ she said nervously as she smiled at her. Genie nodded her head, and then she took Ella's hand. Then, Genie turned to face Chun. “Don't worry, Chunnie. I'll make sure that Ella here will become the belle of the ball.” she said, winking at him.

Chun patiently waited for Genie and Ella at the shop's den. It has been almost an hour since Genie and Ella have gone inside. He looked at his watch, as he is getting impatient with the two girls. “What's taking them so long?” he thought. He sighed, and then he turned his attention to the magazine he was reading. Just then, he heard the door open. “Hi, is Genie there?” he heard a familiar voice said. “Ms. Genie is doing something inside, but she will be out in a while...” Genie's assistant said the the new visitors. The assistant led the newcomers to the den, and as Chun looked up, he was surprised to see Ariel and Arron together. “Princess?” he said as he stood up from his seat. Both Ariel and Arron was surprised to see Chun in Genie's shop. “Chun? What are you doing here?” Ariel asked as he come up to him. “Ge, where's Ella?” Arron asked. “Ella's inside, with Genie. What are you guys doing here?” Chun asked. “I was supposed to get the gown Ill be wearing for tonight's party. You were supposed to accompany me here, but Arron said you dragged Ella out f the building. I never thought that the two of you would go here...” Ariel said. Upon hearing what Ariel said, Chun smacked his head. He have forgotten that he was suppose to come with Ariel in this shop today. “Princess, I'm sorry, I forgot. I was too caught up with how Ella would be at the party tonight, that I totally forgot about you...” he said.

Ariel and Arron looked at each other, confused at what Chun said. Then, they looked back at him. “Ella would be at the party tonight?” the two of them asked. Chun smiled and nodded his head. “Mrs. Fang asked her to come, so I dragged her here to get her all dressed up for the party.” he said. Then, he looked at Arron. “Would it be OK if you become Ella's date tonight? I know Ella would be happy if you'll be her date tonight.” he said. Arron smiled at his brother and nodded his head. “No problem, ge.” he said.

Just then, Genie came out of the room. The three looked at her, and saw her smiling at them. “Oh, everyone is here! At least everyone can see what I have done to Ella.” she said. Arron gave her a skeptical look. “You didn't toyed with Ella or anything, right?” he asked. Genie let out a laugh, and then shook her head. “Of course not, silly! I'm proud of my work, I think she is my masterpiece!” she said. Then, she stepped aside from the door, and opened it. “Presenting, the new Ms. Ella Chen!” she said.

Ella came out of the door, looking more prettier than usual. She was wearing a black tube dress that comes up to her knees. Her short haired was pulled back, but letting a few strands of her hair fall on her face. She wore a pearl necklace around her neck, and on her face, Genie put on a light evening make up that made her even more prettier. Upon seeing her, Arron could not take his eyes off Ella. It was the first time that he have seen his friend as pretty as this, and this was something new to him. He was happy that Genie made a good job in dressing Ella up. “You're so pretty...” Arron said in awe. Ella smiled shyly as she blushed. “Thank you, Arron...” she said. Then, she looked at Ariel, and she was smiling at her. “Very pretty!” Ariel said as she clapped her hands. Ella let out a faint laugh and nodded her head at her. As she looked at Chun, she saw him staring at her in disbelief.

Chun's jaw literally dropped when he saw Ella came out. Just like Arron, he never expected that Ella could be this pretty. Ever since he learned that he is arranged to be married to Ariel, he only had his eyes on her and never bothered to look at other girls, no matter how pretty they are. But with Ella, it was different. He could not take his eyes off of her. It's as if he have seen a beautiful angel, something that he only imagined in his dreams. He felt his heart beating faster as Ella walked up to them. “Mr. Wu... what do you think?” she said. She looked at her with hope, hoping he would compliment her in the way Ariel and Arron did. She wanted him to approve of how she looks tonight, for she didn't want him to be embarrassed at the party because of the way she looks. Still not taking his eyes off of her, Chun smiled at her. He smiled at her lovingly, something that he have never done before with Ella. “You are beautiful...” he said in a low voice. “Very beautiful...”

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