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Saturday, December 12, 2009
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 3

Round 3 – Oh My God! You Can't Be My Next-Door Neighbor!

It's Saturday morning, and as Ella walked down the stairs, she saw Selina peeking by their window. “What's for breakfast, Sel?” she asked. Selina didn't bother to look at her, as she was busy peeking outside the window. “Just look at the table...” she said. Curious with what Selina was looking at, she walked up to her. “What are you looking at?” Ella asked. Selina looked at her, and smiled. “We have new neighbors. Two guys.” she said. Ella peeked outside the window, and saw a moving truck, and a tall guy moving things inside the house next to them. “Let me guess... gay couple?” Ella asked. Selina just shrugged her shoulder. “I don't know. I don't think they are gay like Arron and Jae Joong. I guess they're related or they're friends...” Selina said. Ella folded her arms. “How come Hebe didn't tell us someone is moving in in front of us...” she said as she pouted. Selina looked at her cousin, and smiled. “Maybe our best friend forgot to tell us since we're all busy. You know how she is, in between writing a new novel and managing this apartment, her hand is really full of work.” Selina said.

Ella could only sigh. She walked to the table, and just decided to have her breakfast. “I really hope our new neighbor is not weird, just like the last one.” she said. “I don't think they're weird. I think both of them are cute.” Selina said, still looking outside the window. Ella gave Selina a confused look, and just shook her head. “Whatever!” Ella said.

Meanwhile, Chun and Ethan were busy moving their things inside the new house. “Sir, please put that one upstairs.” Chun said to the mover, who was holding a love seat. Then, Chun turned to Ethan. “I'm getting tired of going up and down the house... can you tell the movers which furniture would go upstairs? I need to setup our rooms there.” Chun said. “Sure, man. No prob.” Ethan said. Chun went back inside the house to move the furnitures in place, while Ethan was outside, giving instructions to the movers.

“Hmmm, that guy looks familiar...” Selina said. Curious, Ella stood up from her seat, and then looked outside the window. “That guy really is familiar...” Ella said. Then, they looked at each other. “It's not one of your flings, right?” Ella asked her. Selina shook her head. “Of course not!” she said. Then, she looked outside with a smile on her face “but he could pass as my new boyfriend!” she continued. Ella sighed with dismay. Well, that's her cousin Selina – the ultimate playgirl and heart breaker. “You want to find out who that guy is?” Selina asked. Ella just shrugged her shoulder. “Go ahead introduce yourself to that guy. I'm not interested in him.” she said. Selina rolled her eyes at her cousin. “Ellie, you're not interested in any guy, except for Sphinx!” she said. “Because unlike you, I am faithful to the love of my life!” she said. Selina rolled her eyes at her again. “Whatever. Come on, let's see who that hot neighbor is!” she said. She pulled Ella outside their house, and though our leading lady is protesting, there's nothing she could do but go with her cousin to meet the guy.

“Please put it at the kitchen. And that one will go to the den.” Ethan said to the movers. As he turned back, he saw Selina and Ella walking up to him. “Whoa, pretty girl!” he said to himself. He was even more surprised to see DJ Angel behind her. “Hey, I didn't know DJ Angel is our new neighbor! Chun will be thrilled!”' he thought. “Hi!” Selina greeted. She smiled sweetly at him. “Oh, it's you! I remember you!” Ethan said. Selina blushed at what he said. She couldn't believe that he would actually remember her. “Oh, you still remember me. How sweet of you...” she said, slightly hitting him. Ethan took her hand, and held it. “Since that day you passed by our shop, you didn't came back...” he said, caressing her hand. “I'm sorry, I didn't know you were expecting me...” Selina said sweetly. “Of course, I'm always looking forward to meet you again... and I didn't catch your name...” Ethan took her hand, and kissed it. “Ethan is my name, my lovely princess. And you are...” Selina batted her eyelashes at him. “I'm Selina.” she said.

All the while, Ella was just watching them with disgust on her face. She can't believe Ethan would actually flirt with her cousin. And she can't believe that her own cousin would flirt with the new guy. Well, actually she kinda expected it, but she never expected that they could be this disgustingly sweet and flirty. “Ehem...” she cleared her throat. The two looked at her, and smiled. “Oh, by the way, this is my cousin -”
“DJ Angel.”
Selina gave him a surprised look. “You know it's her? Oh my God! Did you know no one ever knew who she really is?” she said. “She came by the shop a couple of times.” Ethan said. Then, he walked up to her, and held her hand. “And we met again, DJ Angel...” he said. He was about to kiss her hand, when Ella took it away from him. “Don't think about it, lover boy.” she snapped at him. With that, Ethan gave Selina a confused look. Selina was laughing at hard with him all confused. “Oh, Ethan, dearie, Ella maybe angelic on-air, but in real she's so feisty.” she said. Ethan could not believe that the angel on the radio is a mean girl in real life. “OK... I'll make a note not to flirt with DJ Angel...” he said. Ella folded her arms, and smirked at him. “Good.” she said. Then, she smiled at him. “And since we're next-door neighbors, stop calling me DJ Angel. Ella is my real name, so call me that.” she said. Ethan smiled back at him. “I'll bear that in mind DJ – I mean, Ella.” he said. Then, he looked at Selina. “I'm glad we're neighbors.” he said. “Same here. There's not enough cute guys around this neighborhood.” Selina said. Then, he turned to face Ella again. “And my friend would be thrilled to know that he's neighbors with his radio idol.” he said.

“Well, I know you're really busy right now, Ethan. We'll leave you for now to fix your things. Sel and I will catch you some other time, OK?” Ella said. She said goodbye to Ethan, and then pulled (more likely, dragged) Selina inside the house. As soon as they got inside the house, Chun came out of their new house. “Ethan Ruan! I told you to give instructions to the movers, and now they have to ask me where to put our things! What the hell are you doing?!” he said angrily to him. Ethan looked at him, and smiled. “Oh, sorry. I chatted with some pretty girl...” he said. This made Chun even more angry. “Ethan Ruan Jing Tian! I am losing my patience with you. Do you know how hard it is to move and set things in place? Instead of helping me, all you do is flirt!” he said angrily. “Hey, hey hey... calm down, Master Chun! You know what I found out?” Ethan said. Chun folded his arms, and glared at him. “I don't want to know what you found out. Just help me, will you?” he said. As he turned his back to head inside their house, he heard Ethan speak again. “Your idol, DJ Angel, just lives next to our house. And she sure got a pretty cousin.” Ethan said. With that, Chun paused, and smiled at him. “DJ Angel?” he asked excitedly. Ethan could only laugh at his change of expression. “Yeah, the DJ Angel whom you always listen to everyday. The one whom you want to write your letter to. The one whose views in love and life you always agree to. The one who's voice made you fall for her. DJ Angel.” Ethan said. “Ethan, I told you to call me if she's around!” Chun said. “Too bad, she got some things to do, I guess. She dragged her cute cousin inside. Anyway, she said she'll catch us some other time. Maybe after we've settled in.” he said. Chun looked at the house next to them, and smiled to himself. “DJ Angel...” he thought. “Finally, I could meet you in person!”


“Ellie! Stop dragging me!” Selina said as soon as they got inside the house. As Selina closed the door behind her, Ella let her go. Then, Ella turned to face her, and she could see the anxiety look on her face. “What's wrong?” she asked. “I don't know, Sel... it's just that I feel something bad...” she said. Selina gave her a confused look. “About Ethan?” she asked. Ella shook her head. “I don't know... but I felt something, you know. It's like something is about to go wrong... that there's something about our new neighbor that I won't ever like...” she said. She then sat on the couch. “You're paranoid, Ella Chen...” Selina said. She folded her arms, and sat beside her. “Yes, I guess I am. I never felt this way since... since that time I found out that chicken face is in my class!” she said.

Selina looked at her, and raised an eyebrow at her. “Ellie, you have not forgiven Chun?” she asked. Ella looked angrily at her. “How can I forgive that chicken face when he made my entire childhood unhappy, miserable and so regretful! I could never ever ever ever forgive that stupid chicken face for always teasing me, for bullying me, and worse, for stealing my first kiss!” she shouted. Selina could only sigh, and shook her head in dismay. “Come on, Ellie! It's been, what? Twelve years since you last saw Chun. Move on, OK?”


Chun paused. Suddenly, he felt his heart beating fast. He was suddenly getting scared. “Chunnie, what's wrong?” Ethan asked. Chun shook his head. “I don't know... I just felt scared all of a sudden. It's like someone is going after me or something...” he said. “Like a stalker or something?” Ethan asked again. Chun shook his head. “No... no... you now what's weird... I never felt this way since that last time I saw that Ms. Piggy.” he said. Then, Ethan burst out laughing, much to his annoyance. “What?” he asked in an irritated tone. “You're scared you'll see that Ms. Piggy and beat you till you're black and blue again? Man, you deserve it after all the things you've done to her when you were still kids!” Ethan said between laugh. “Not funny, Ethan!”
“What will you do if you see that Ms. Piggy again?”

Chun looked away from him, not answering his question. “I think you're scared of your own ghost, Chun. It's all your fault anyway.” Ethan said. “I don't regret a thing I did to her in the past. It's her fault anyway... and although I bully her, she always gets back at me. She made my childhood so unhappy. Because of her, our teacher always have to call my parents and I always have to be grounded. And just because she's a girl, the teachers always sides to her when she always hurt me!” Chun said.. “So you're scared of seeing Ms. Piggy again?” Ethan said, folding his arms. “Again, I am not, and will never be, scared of Ms. Piggy!” Chun said. Then, he stormed inside the house, leaving Ethan alone.


“I heard the two of them are chefs...” Selina said as she but some of her famous beef casserole on a lunch box. “Pastry chef, to be exact...” she continued. Ella, who was sitting on the couch, let out a sigh. “So, they are chefs. They can cook for themselves. Why do you have to bother cooking for them?” Ella said. “Ellie... did you know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? And that's why I cooked for them.” Selina said. “You cooked for Ethan, and not for him and for his friend. Selina, sometimes I can't figure out your taste! He's not that handsome!”
“The problem with you is that you only see Sphinx, and you don't appreciate the other guys around you.”
“That Ethan guy is a charmer. I bet he's a playboy.”
“So what? Then I'll play along with him.”
“And I bet he have a lot girlfriend.”
“It's OK, I have a lot of boyfriends.”

Ella sighed again, and shook her head. She knows her cousin too well. If she likes a guy, nothing can stop her from charming him. “Fine. You won. Go and flirt with Ethan... just don't come crying to me when you get hurt.” she said. Selina let out a smirk at her. “And since when did I cry to you? You know what my motto is – collect then select. No one can make me cry, not even Ethan. And besides, you are the one who always cries to me when it comes to Sphinx. And to think you give love advises on air.” she said.

Then, Selina took the lunch box, and headed to the door. “You're really going to them?” Ella asked. Selina paused, and looked at her. “Yes, why not? How can I give them this if I won't go there.” she said. Ella sighed again. “Why don't you come with me, Ellie. Then maybe you can meet Ethan's cousin. I heard he's your biggest fan.” she said. Ella stood up from her seat, and followed Selina outside the house.

They walked towards Ethan's house, and Selina knocked. After a while, Ethan opened the door. “Oh, hey girls...” he said as he went out. “Hi, Ethan!” Selina said, smiling sweetly at him. “Sorry, my friend and I are still setting the place up. It's a real mess, so I hope you understand if we can't let you in?”
“No problem, Ethan. I just came to give you this.”
Selina handed him the lunch box. He opened it, and saw the food Selina have prepared. “Wow! This looks delicious. Did you cook this?” Ethan asked. Selina nodded her head. “I know it's nothing compared to what you guys cook, since I heard you and your friend are chefs.” she said. Ethan smiled, and shook his head. “Of course, even if we are chefs, that doesn't mean everything we cook are really good. Hey, I'll just put this one inside, and then I'll call on Chun to meet you guys.” he said. Then, he went inside the house. Upon hearing the name of his friend, Selina and Ella looked at each other. “Chun?” they asked at the same time. “I guess there are a lot of Chun's in this world...” Selina said. Ella folded her arms and sigh. “Yeah, I guess so. I don't think it's that chicken face.” she said.

Meanwhile, Ethan went inside the house, and placed the lunch box inside. “Food!” Chun shouted with glee. He took his spoon, and then opened the lunch box, and took a bite. “Gosh, this is good. I'm really famished.” he said. Ethan took the spoon from Chun, and also took a bite. “Yeah, really good.” Ethan said. Chun took the spoon from him, and began to devour the casserole. “Hey, hey... before you finish that up, you might want to meet DJ Angel in person.” Ethan said. Chun stopped eating, and looked at him. “DJ Angel?” he said between mouthful Ethan nodded his head. “She's outside. With her cute cousin.” Ethan said. Chun swallowed everything inside his mouth, and then put the lunch box down. “OK, how do I look like now?” he asked as he composed himself. “You're OK. Ella will like you.” he said, winking at him. Ethan headed outside the house, and Chun was surprised at the name Ethan said. “Ella? DJ Angel's name is Ella? She's the namesake of Ms. Piggy...” he thought. Then, he shook his head to erase that thought, and followed Ethan outside the house.

“Girls, sorry to keep you waiting. Chun will be here any minute.” Chun heard Ethan said to the girls. “It's OK...” Selina said. “Ethan?” Chun called. Ethan looked at him, and stepped back. As Ethan stepped back, he saw a familiar face, the one whom he have not seen for a long time, and does not wish to see anymore. Ella looked closely at Chun, and remembered him from her past. How could she forget that face, for it's the face that tortured her everyday of her life during elementary? Chun looked closely at her, and suddenly remembered who she is – Ms. Piggy.

“It's you?!” Both of them said in surprised tone. Ethan was even more surprised at the two. “You two knew each other?” Ethan asked. Then, he looked at Selina, and saw her nervous. She was biting her lower lip, and she looked as if she have seen a monster. “What's wrong?” Ethan asked. Just then, Hebe came in. “Hey, Selina...” she said. Then she looked at Ella and the new neighbor. The two of them were glaring at each other, and if looks could kill, both of them should have been dead by now. “What is... wrong?” Hebe asked in a scared tone. She went to Selina's side, and looked at Chun and Ella.

“Ella Chen Jia Hua...” Chun hissed. “Wu Ji Chun...” Ella hissed. Everyone around them could feel the tension between them. It's like the two of them were inside the boxing ring, ready to attack anytime. “How can you be my new neighbor, you chicken face!” Ella shouted angrily at him. Ethan and Hebe looked at Selina with disbelief. “Chicken face?” they asked. Selina just nodded her head. “And how can you be my new neighbor, you Ms. Piggy?!” Chun said angrily. Again, Ethan and Hebe looked at Selina with disbelief. “Ms. Piggy?!” they said in unison. Again, Selina just nodded her head. Chun smakced his head, and looked away from Ella. “How can I be so unfortunate!” he said. Then, he turned to face Ella. Ella folded her arms, and looked furiously at him. “Oh, the pleasure is not mine, you stupid chicken face!” she snapped at him. “Well, I guess I have no choice but to be neighbors with a stupid Ms. Piggy!”
“Like I have a choice but to be neighbors with a stupid chicken face!”
“Oh, really now? If I know, you badly wanted to be neighbors with me!”
“Duh?! I was the first one who lived in this neighborhood, you stupid chicken face!”
“Ha! If I know you're so looking forward to see me again!”
“Yeah! So I can torture you each and everyday of my life!”
“Well then, I won't let you torture me. I will be the one who will torture you!”
“Oh, you can do that? Do you know that we have what we call harassment? And I can sue you for that if I want to!”
“Well if you can sue me, then I'll sue you for being stupid and ugly!”
“Yeah, right ! The great Wu Ji Chun who knows everything! Did you know you can't sue someone just because she's stupid and ugly?!”
“Well I can!”

“Wait!” Hebe shouted at the two. The two of them stopped bickering as soon as Hebe stepped back. “Wait! Stop it! Hold it right there, for you guys are disturbing everyone in this apartment!” she shouted at the two. Ella and Chun looked at each other “He started it!” Ella shouted. “No, she started it!” Chun said. “Wait, you knew each other?” Ethan asked. Selina nodded her head. “They do know each other very well....” she said nervously. Then, Ethan looked at Ella. “You are the Ms. Piggy that Chun is talking about?” he asked. Ella glared at him. “Do I look that fat, huh?!” she snapped at him. Then, Hebe looked at Chun. “And you are the chicken face Ella has been talking about? The one who always bullies her?” Hebe asked. Chun put his and on his waist, and glared at Hebe. “Do I look like a chicken to you?” he snapped at her.

This time, Selina stepped in between them, and pushed Ella away from Chun. She knows exactly what will happen next, and before the two could kill each other, she have to pull her away from him. “OK, guys... relax, OK...” she said, letting out a nervous laugh. “Come on, you guys haven't seen each other for 12 years. Why don't you just bury the hatchet and be friends for once?” Selina suggested. “No!” the two shouted in unison. Then, Ella looked angrily at Chun. “I can never be friends with a stupid chicken face whose only goal in life is to torture me and make my life a hell!” she shouted. “And I could never be friends with an ugly and fat girl who always makes my everyday life a living nightmare!” Chun shouted. Hebe and Ethan could only shake their heads as they watched the two bicker again.

“A stupid chicken face like you does not deserve to live.”
“And a stupid, ugly and fat girl like you does not deserve to live either!”
“You monster!”
“Big fat meanie!”
“Gay guy!”

“Stop it!” Ethan, Selina and Hebe shouted at the two. Ella folded her arms, and glared at him. “I will stop this right now, because it's no use fighting with a stupid chicken face.” she said. She turned her back on him, and stormed inside the house. “Yeah! I'll stop this too, because I am mature enough not to pick a fight with a very ugly girl!” he shouted at Ella. Then, he stormed inside his own house. Selina could only flinch as she shook her head. “Oh my God... here we go again...” she said. “Sel, you OK?” Hebe asked Selina shook her head again. “You just don't know how hard it will be for me...” she said. Then, she looked at Ethan, and let out a smile. “I think I'll catch you some other time. If Chun is in a good mood.” she said. Ethan just nodded his head, and watched Selina and Hebe as they went inside Ella's house. Then, he sighed and shook his head. “Just as I'm about to make my move on Selina, it turns out that she's the cousin of my best friend's childhood enemy. And my friend's radio idol turns out to be his enemy... I guess I wont tell Chun about who DJ Angel really is...” he said to himself. Then, he followed Chun inside their house.


Selina opened the door, and saw Sphinx standing outside the house. “What's wrong? I came as soon as you called.” he said, entering their house. Hebe looked at Sphinx, and folded her arms. “Your best friend is in real trouble...” Hebe said. Sphinx gave the two girls a confused look. “What trouble?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Chun and Ethan were peeking by the window, and saw Sphinx as he went inside Ella's house. “Do you think it's Ella's boyfriend?” Ethan asked Chun. Chun just let out a mocking laugh. “Ella? Boyfriend? Please. Anyone as ugly as her wouldn't even get a boyfriend!” Chun said. “It can't be Selina's!” Ethan said. “I'm guessing it's Selina's boyfriend.” Chun said. “And I'm still guessing it's Ella's boyfriend.” Ethan said. Chun just glared at him, then turned his eyes at Ella's house. He's still wondering if the guy who came is really Ella's boyfriend.

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