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Friday, December 4, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Love You More and More

Oh my God, I love you more and more
I accept this arrangement of fate
Seeing you dream of persistence
Moving the mountain and sea
Cry for you, smile for you
feeling down for you, feeling high for you
No resistance, no shame, no change
The more I try to slow down, the more I lose control
Instead, I love you more and more


Every happy ending
Starts with a dramatic beginning...


“I can't marry you.” they said in unison. Both of them were surprised at what they said. “You can't marry me?” they both asked again in unison. Then, the two of them let out a sigh of relief.

Chun let out a smile, but still he's curious what made Ariel realize that she can't marry him. “Look, Chun... I'm sorry...” Ariel began. As she was speaking, they didn't know that Arron was standing by the staircase, and could hear their conversation. “It's just that I have fallen out of love. I thought I am still in love with you... but I'm not anymore. Well, I thought I am in love with you, but there is someone else that I am in love with. I realized that I've been in love with him all this time, but I'm too blind to see that. I know he loves me too, he told me that... he confessed his feelings to me... but I was too surprised and too scared to tell him that I really love him that I could only watch him walk away. I see my life with him... I see myself marrying him. I see myself growing old with him. I see myself with him by my side as I chase my dreams. It's him... just him... only him...” she said. She paused, and took a deep breath. Then, she looked up at Chun. “I'm sorry that I have to do this... that I have to break your heart, Chun. I can't lie to myself. I've been having second thoughts about this marriage... I really wanted to back out... but I'm scared. Too scared... I'm scared to bring shame to our families... and I'm scared that I'll be alone all my life if I marry you. I thought he is in love with someone else, but I was wrong. He is madly in love with me, and I am madly in love with him. I know it's not yet too late for the two of us, and before I make the biggest mistake of my life, I'm going to do this. I'm going to take the risk. I have to ask him to stay with me, and if not, then I would understand. I just have to let him now that I love him, and demand him to be in my life forever.”

Arron found himself smiling happily upon hearing what Ariel said. His heart was beating fast with excitement, with the thought that Ariel also loves him. He just couldn't contain the happiness he's feeling. Meanwhile, Chun was all confused as Ariel speaks. “Wait, wait, wait... you are in love with someone else?” he asked. Ariel nodded her head. “I am. I'm sorry. I am in love with your brother, Chun. I love him. But... I think he chose to be with Ella and start a new life with her... and before he could go, I have to tell him what's inside my heart.” she said. Chun looked back at the stairs, and saw his brother standing. He was smiling – a smile that he have never seen in his brother since they were kids. Chun smiled to himself, and faced Ariel again. “Does Arron loves you too?” Chun asked. Ariel nodded her head. “He told me he love me...” she said. She lowered her head to hide the sadness in her eyes.

Chun folded his arms, and then, looked at Arron. “Arron, I want to hear you tell Ariel that you love her. I want to know that it's real.” he said. Arron was surprised at what his brother said. And so was Ariel. She looked up to where Chun is looking, and she saw Arron walking down the stairs. She was so shocked to see him, and she assumed that Arron heard the things she told Arron. “Oh, shoot!” she said as she smacked herself in the head. “Ge, before I repeat what I said to Ariel yesterday, I want to hear those words she said a while ago to you...” he said eying Ariel. He walked towards her, until he was already standing too close to her. Ariel looked up at him, and saw him smiling.

Chun stepped back, and let Arron be with Ariel. He watched them as the two of them confessed their love for each other. He may not have his own happy ending, but he's glad to know that his brother did. He is more than happy to know that his brother finally found his happiness with the girl he truly loves. “What part do you want me to say again?” Ariel asked in a shy tone. “The part about you falling in love with me?” Arron said. Ariel's lips curve into a smile. “I am truly, madly, deeply and crazily in love with you, Arron Yan-Wu... I love you with with all I have... with all that I can give, with all that you can take, with all that I can explain. I love you, that despite the bad things that have happened and that will happen, I know I can make through it because of my love for you.” she said. Arron looked down, and held her two hands. “And I love you too, Ariel. I love you till there are no more stars in the sky, till there are no more sands in the shore. I will love you till the world shuts down. And I will love you until my very last breath, until the very last life time I will have.” he said

He cupped her cheeks, and looked at her lovingly. Then, he leaned down, and gave Ariel a long and loving kiss on the lips. Chun watched as the two of them kissed. He is happy for his brother, and for Ariel. He was glad that Ariel had the courage to face what she truly feels, unlike him, who sacrificed the girl he truly loves.

And finally, the two of them are together.


“Can you tell me now why you can't marry me?” Ariel asked Chun as he sat on the couch. He looked at his brother, who was sitting close to Ariel, and Arron just nodded his head. “Exact reasons as you had...” he said sadly. Arron let out a sigh. He could sense the sadness that his brother is feeling. “You fell in love with another girl?” Ariel asked. “No, he fell in love with another man.” Arron joked. Ariel gave him dagger looks, and then she took a pillow and hit Arron. “Wei! Your brother is not gay!” she said. Arron let out a laugh, then he hugged Ariel and kissed her on the cheek. “I'm just kidding. Look at him. He's so sad...” Arron said.

Chun smiled at his brother. “Thanks for cheering me up, Arron. But...” The smile on his face slowly disappeared upon remembering Ella. “I fell in love with another girl. I never expected that I would. She's the exact opposite of my dream girl, but I did fall in love with her. She can be annoying at times, but I found her cute. She can be feisty, and she would stand up for the one she loves, and for what she thinks is right. She was the one who took away my fear of darkness, and she always encourages me. She's clumsy, and she would always get herself in trouble, and when she does, I have no choice but to save her. She made me realize what it felt like to be a kid again. She made me realize that there's more to life than work. I accidentally met her one night, and I didn't realize that that accident would be the reason I will fall in love with her.” he said.

Then, he looked at Ariel and Arron. “I fell in love with Ella Chen.” he said. Ariel was surprised with what he said. “Ella? Isn't she in love with Arron?” she asked. Arron shook her head. “Eventually, Ella fell in love with Chun. Because of the little things he does. It's just too bad that they can't be together...” Arron said. Ariel turned to Chun, still confused with his revelation. “I told Ella that I love her. And she said she fell in love with me too. The time that you and Arron where in the US, we had an affair... but we ended it as soon as the two of you came back home... because she doesn't want to break your heart...” Chun said.

With that, Ariel punched Chun in the face. Chun was shocked at what Ariel did. “What was that all about?” he asked. “That's for cheating on me.” she said. “I'll make a mental note not to cheat on Ariel...” Arron muttered on his breath. Ariel let out a sigh, and then looked at Chun. “Do you love Ella?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “But both of us became coward. We were both scared to be hurt, that's why we chose to end everything. I want her back, I really do, but what can I do if she doesn't want to be with me?” Chun said. With that, Ariel gave him another punch, much to the shock of our leading man. “What's that for again?!” Chun said angrily. “That's for you being such a coward, Chun Yan-Wu! You didn't want to break my heart that's why you went ahead with this wedding. If you love her, if you really love her... then you should go after her!” she said. Chun just shook his head. “I guess it's too late now. I already made a mistake of letting her go. I hope you guys won't do what I did.” he said.

He stood up from his seat, and then let out a sad smile. “Well, I do have some work to do. Arron, can you help me and Ariel call our guests and explain to them that the wedding is off tomorrow? I'll go talk to dad and grandpa about it.” he said. Arron nodded his head. “I'll talk to uncle Francis first. I'll explain to him I'm the reason why her daughter can't marry the great Chun Yan-Wu.” Arron said. Arron held Ariel's hand, and looked at her. “Don't worry, we'll make them understand. I'm also a Wu, remember?” he said. Ariel smiled at him, and nodded her head. “I love you, Arron.” she said. “I love you too, Ariel...” he said. Then, he gave Ariel a kiss on the lips.


Grandpa Wu looked sternly at Arron, Ariel, and Chun. He leaned back to his leather chair, then let out a smile. “Finally!” he said. The three of them looked at each other with confusion. “Grandpa, aren't you going to be mad?” Ariel asked. “Mad? Why the hell am I going to be mad, when you're supposed to marry Arron all this time?” he said. This made the three of them even more shocked. “What?!” They said in unison. “You heard it right. Arron is the one supposed to marry Ariel, not Chun. But since Chun already made Ariel his girl, then we had no other choice but to go with it...” he said. “But, grandpa... I thought it's supposed to be me... because I'm the one you've been training since young to take over the company.” he said. Grandpa Wu shook his head his smile. “I trained you to be take over the company, not to marry Ariel. And the reason why I said one of you will marry Ariel one day is because I know Arron is in love with Ariel since they were young! Chun, you and Ariel isn't even compatible!” he said.

The two guys just shook their head, and Ariel couldn't help but laugh. “Silly, grandpa!” she said. “And Ella?” Arron asked. “Well, I knew eventually Ella will be part of this family, because she is already part of this family. She is the granddaughter I never had. Reminds me of your grandmother when she was still alive – so sassy and streetsmart.” he said. “I guess that settles your problem, Arron. All you guys have to do is call the guests and tell them the wedding is canceled.” Chun said. “And how about you, Chun?” Grandpa asked. Chun paused, and looked at his grandfather. “I... I need some time alone...” he said.

As Chun turned to leave, he heard his grandfather call him again. “Chun....” he looked back, and saw his grandfather smiling at him. “Remember this – if it's not happy, then it's not yet the end. And every happy ending starts with a tragic beginning.” he said. Chun smiled at him, and nodded his head. Then, he headed out of the door and left.


Calvin heard his phone ringing. He swiveled his chair, and took the call. “Hello?” he said. “Calvin! This is Joe!” he heard his girlfriend say on the other line. “Oh, hey, baby! I'll pick you up later -”
“Silly! I didn't call about our date. I know you're more excited about it than me.”
“Then why did you call?”
“Chun and Ariel canceled their wedding.”

Calvin was surprised at what his girlfriend said. “They did?” he asked. “Yes. Ariel called me to confirm that it's canceled.” Joe said. “Well... what can I say... that' a bad news?” he asked. “No! It is a good news, Calvin. Ariel is now with Arron. And Chun, well, Ariel already broke up with him. Isn't that great? At least Ella and Chun can finally be together...” Joe said. Calvin's lips curved into a smile at what Joe said. “Yes, it is a good news...” he said. “So, you're going to tell Ella, right? It will stop her from leaving, right?” Joe said. Calvin let out an evil smirk, and shook his head. “Let's just say I'm going to do something to prove that Chun is worthy of Ella's love...”


The supposed-to-be-wedding-day.

Ella walked outside their house. Jiro tailed behind her, with her luggage on his hand. “I guess this is it...” Ella said as she turned to her friends. Jiro put her arms around Angela, while Angel smiled sadly at her friend. “I'm going to miss you, El...” Angela said. “We'll see you in Canada, OK? You know Anj and I have to go there so that I could formally ask for her hand in marriage from her parents.” Jiro said. Ella smiled, and nodded her head. “I will miss you too, guys. Just tell me when you guys will be there.” she said. Then, she looked at Joe, and could see her friend in tears. “Hey, this is not yet the end... I'll e-mail you everyday, I promise you that.” she said. Joe came up to her, and gave Ella a hug. “I sure will miss you, El...” she said. “I'll miss you too, Joe. Take care of Calvin for me.” she said.

Then, she looked at Calvin, and saw him smiling at him. “Well, I guess it's time for you to go. I'll drive you to the airport.” he said. Ella smiled, and nodded her head. She waved goodbye to her friends before she got inside the car. As soon as they were inside the car, Ella turned to Calvin. “Cal, I have one last request from you...” she said. Calvin looked at Ella, and without her saying a word, he understood what she means. He started the engine of his car, and drove Ella to her last destination.


“Ge...” Arron opened the door of his brother's room, and saw him sitting on his bed, looking at Ella's picture. Arron sighed, and shook his head. “Ge, don't be like this, please? Ariel and I are both happy. You should be happy.” he said. Chun looked at him, and shook his head. “I tried calling Ella, but she's not picking up. I guess she really wanted me out of her life...” he said sadly. Then, he turned his eyes away from his brother, and looked at Ella's picture again.

Arron let out another sigh. He have to tell his brother the truth now about Ella, or he will end up like this for the rest of his life. He is happy now, and his elder brother also deserves to be happy, and be with the woman he truly loves. “Ge, there's something I haven't told you about Ella...” he said. At that instant, Chun looked up at him, curious at what Arron was about to tell him. “Ella is leaving for Canada today.” he said. Chun was shocked at what his brother said. “She what?! Why didn't you tell me before?” he shouted angrily at him. Arron flinched as his brother shouts at him. He knows it's his fault, but he promised Ella he would not tell Chun a thing about her leaving. “Sorry ge... I... I promised her. She said it would be harder for her part if you knew that she's leaving today.” he said. Chun stood up from his bed, and faced his brother. “But still, you should have told me! I could have made my move right away!” he said.

Chun brushed his hair with his hand, and then let out a frustrated sigh. “You still have time to follow her, ge... if you really love her.” Arron said. Chun paused, and looked at his brother. “Flight B-109 Eva Airs. The plane will leave in an hour. 10:51 to be exact.” Arron said. Chun felt his heart racing against his chest. He looked at his watch. He have an hour to stop Ella from boarding the plane. He have to stop her, or he will lose his chance to be with her. “Can I make it? I have an hour...” Chun said. “If you run to your car right now, and speed up to the airport, yes you can make it, ge. Unless you decide to just follow her. I don't know where she would be staying in Canada. She told me she will just give me the details as soon as I've decided to follow her there.” Arron said.

Chun looked at his watch again. 59 minutes. He've got 59 minutes to stop Ella from leaving. And he have to make his move now. “Then, let's go!” he said. He grabbed his brother, and both of them dashed downstairs. As soon as they reached the stairs, they saw Ariel, and she noticed the two of them running. “What's the rush?” she asked. Arron and Chun have no other choice but to stop. Arron was about to explain, but before he could, Chun grabbed his hand, and Ariel's hand, and dragged them both out of the house.


Chun could feel the cold sweat beads in his forehead. He looked at the stoplight, and it's still on red. “Come on, come on...” he muttered. “Chun... relax, OK? We will get Ella, I swear.” Ariel said. “Yeah, listen to my girlfriend, will you?” Arron said. He gave the two a death glare. “Do you have an idea how many minutes I still have to stop Ella from getting on that plane? Do you?!” he shouted angrily at them. The two looked at their watch. “30 minutes.” Arron said. Chun tapped the steering wheel. He was losing patience at the traffic. “29 minutes and 50 seconds, to be exact.” Chun said. “Chun, just relax will you” Ariel said again. Then, the light turned green, and he immediately stepped on the accelerator to move his car.

After a few minutes, they reached the airport. Chun immediately got out of his car, and dashed inside. Arron and Ariel followed behind him. He looked around for Ella, but there was no sign of her. “Maybe we should ask at the information, Chun.” Ariel suggested. Chun looked at her, and nodded his head. Then, they dashed to the information counter.

“How may I help you?” a young man behind the counter asked. “Hi, I want to know if Flight B-109 Eva Airs going to Canada is still here?” Chun asked. Then man turned to his computer to check on the information. After a while, he turned to Chun. “I'm sorry, but it already left.” the young man said. Chun looked away from him, and sighed with disappointment. “I'm too late...” he said. Then, he looked at his watch, and realized that he still have 10 minutes before the flight. He turned to the information guy again. “Wait, I thought it's supposed to leave at 10:51? It's only 10:41...” he said. The information guy gave him an are-you-kidding-me look. “Sir, it left almost two hours ago.” he said. Chun was shocked at what he said. “What? Are you kidding me?” he asked. The guy shook his head. “I'm so sure of it, sir.”

Then, Chun turned to his brother, confused with what's happening. “I thought her flight is at 10:51? How come that flight left two hours ago?” he asked him. Arron just shrugged his shoulder. Ariel sighed, and folded her arms. “Arron, are you telling the truth? You might be hiding something from your brother....” Ariel said. Arron shook his head. “Ella told me clearly her flight is at 10:51...” he said. “We do have a 10:51 flight.” the information guy said. The three of them looked at him. “10:51 PM, that is. But it's not B-109. It's V-1099” he continued. Chun and Ariel glared at Arron, and Arron could only smile guiltily at them. “I think I misheard what Ella said... sorry...” he said, making a peace sign to them. Chun took a deep breath as he put his hand on his waist. “I guess the next thing to do is go to Ella's house...” Ariel said. Chun looked at her, and nodded his head. Then, the three of them left the airport.


“She what?!” Arron, Chun and Ariel said in unison. “You heard me. I said she's at the airport.” Jiro said. “Her flight is at 10:51. I guess her plane left by now.” Angela said. Chun shook his head. “We just got at the airport, and they told us they have a 10:51 PM flight, not 10:51 AM. And it's not B-109, it's V-1099.” Chun said. Jiro gave him a confused look. “That's weird, Ella told us her flight is B-109.” he said. Arron looked at his brother triumphantly. “Ha! I did not misheard her!” he said. Chun could only sigh. “Then where could Ella be? Where could Calvin take her?” he asked. “Where would she usually go? What would be the last place she would go before she leaves?” Ariel asked.

Angela shrugged her shoulder. “I don't know, but if I remember correctly, when she first left Taipei for Canada, she went to the places where she have lots of memories. She went to the park where we used to play as kids, she went to the old ice cream store where we usually hang out, she even went to our elementary school.” Angela said. With what Angela said, an idea hit Chun. He paused, and looked at Angela, as if she discovered something. “She went to places where she have lots of memories?” he asked. Angela nodded her head.

He looked away from her. He realized that one place where Ella could be. He doesn't know if he's right, but his instincts were telling him he could find Ella there. “I think I know where she is...” he said. All of them gave Chun a curious look. Before anyone of them could ask him a question, he dashed out of the house. Arron followed behind him. “Chun!” he called as soon as they were outside the house. Chun paused, and looked at his brother. Arron smiled at him, and threw something at him. He caught it with his hand, and as he opened his palm, he saw the ring he gave Ella. It's as if it's telling that he could find Ella to that place. “Promise me you won't let Ella go this time. Promise me that you will love her and make her. Go get her, ge. Fulfill your promise to her.” he said. Chun looked at his brother, and smiled. He nodded his head. “I sure will, Arron. I sure will.” he said.


Ella sat up, and looked at the altar. She then closed her eyes, and made a silent prayer. “God, I dont know why this is happening to me... I don't know why I can't be with Chun... I leave everything up to You. I know You would only want what's the best for us, and I know, you don't take something if You won't give us something much better, something that we truly deserve. If Chun and I cant be together, then I would understand. I won't ever doubt Your purpose. I could only pray for his happiness, that he would be loved by the woman he chose to be with for the rest of his life. I pray that You always look after him, now that I've decided to be out of his life... God, will you let her know that I love him so when there’s no one there, that se’s not alone? Just close his eyes and let him know my heart is beating with his...” she prayed. She made a sign of the cross, then she heard the door of the church open. She stood up and looked back, and by the door, she could see Chun standing.

As Chun opened the door, he saw Ella's familiar figure. He saw him stood up from her seat, and looked at him. He smiled to himself. He was right, for he found Ella to the place where he first made his promise to her. He walked towards her. He could not believe that after a long chase, he could finally have his own happy ending with the girl he loves. “What are you doing here?” Ella asked in a confused tone. “You're supposed to be married today. Don't tell me you left Ariel at the altar.” she continued. He smiled at her, and shook his head. “Ariel broke the wedding off. She said she just don't see herself as my wife.” he said. He reached her, and he was standing so close to her. “She said she love my brother, and not me. What else is there to do but let her go and find her happiness with Arron...” he continues. Ella was surprised at what he said, that she became speechless.

He took Ella's hand, and then he looked into her eyes. “Ariel found her happiness. Arron found his. I don't want to suffer anymore... after all, even if I have been a bad brother and a bad boss and a bad boyfriend, I also deserve to be happy. You deserve to be happy. Everyone does. Ella... you are my happiness. You are my everything. When you're with me, I felt like I'm flying a thousand feet above the ground, and without you, I can only fall. I am not a perfect man, and I need you... I need you to complete me...” he said. Ella let out a laugh at what he said. “That's the corniest line I've heard in my entire life...” she said. Chun smiled at her lovingly. He cupped her cheeks with his palm, and gazed into her big brown eyes. Ella felt being lost just by looked at him, and she felt as if she's falling in love with him again, just like the first time.

“Ella, I love you...” he said softly. “I love you, and I'm willing to take the risk just to be with you. I'm willing to do anything and everything just to be with you for the rest of my life, no matter what it takes. I'm willing to give up all that I have just to be with you. You were the one who gave the real meaning of my life, the reason why I wish to wake up each morning and see the new day. You are the reason why I live, and why I keep on living. You are the reason when I just couldn't find any reason at all. If I know what is love, it is because of you...” As Ella listens to him speak, she found her self smiling, and crying at the same time. She was crying because she was filled with joy, because she knew that the man standing before her and holding her loves her more than she loves him. “I'm a lucky girl... to be loved by someone as perfect as you...” she whispered. Chun let out a smile, and shook his head. “No, I'm luckier. And even more luckier if you tell me that you still love me, and that you're willing to be with me forever and ever.” he said.

Ella smiled, and nodded her head. “I love you too, Chun. I know that you are not perfect and nor can I claim to be either, but please believe me, when I say that I want to be by your side,to hold your hand, to treasure you in the morning and in the noon-tide, to be next to you,to be held close to your heart now and for the rest of my living years,to comfort you, dry your tears and calm your most frightening fears, to fight your battles and show no shame to scream my love for you out loud all over the land. There's no other place I would want to be with, than by your side forever and ever....” she said. Chun could feel the tear forming in his eyes. It was tears of joy, because finally, he could be with the woman he truly loves. He took something from his pocket, and then he knelt down in front of her. He took her hand, and held it.

“I'm going to make a promise again to you. A promise before God... and I swear I will never ever break this again, even if you ask me to.” he began. Then, he showed Ella her ring – the ring he gave her when he made his first promise to her. He held on to her hand and slipped the ring on her finger. “With this ring, I give you my heart, my soul, my life, my everything. You will be the only girl I'll love today and tomorrow. I promise to grow old of you, to take care of you when we're old. I promise to be a good husband, to be a good father, to be a good lover. I promise you, that I will be the first person you'll see when you wake up, and the last person you'll see before you drift into slumber. I'll do my best to always make you smile, and not to make you cry. I promise to love you, and only you, in this lifetime and in my next lifetimes.” Then, Chun looked up at Ella, and smiled at her. “If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. Will you give me that chance, Ella?” he asked. He paused and looked at her. He saw her smiling at him, and nodding her head. “Ella Chen, will you marry me?” he asked again. Ella was surprised at what he said. She was too surprised that the only thing she could do is nod her head. “I... I'll marry you Chun. I will!” she managed to say.

Chun stood up, and then, he took her into his embrace. Then, he leaned over her, and gave her a long and loving kiss on the lips.

And finally, the two found their happiness in the arms of their true love... and they will be together for the rest of their lives, for their love for each other is strong that no one can break them apart...


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