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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bitter tears kept falling from her face as she lies down on her messy bed. Pictures of him were all over the place - some were torn apart, and some were just thrown away. His letters crumpled and torn as well, and their picture on the frame lay on the floor with broken glasses all over it. In a flash, everything ended just like that. No explanations, no apologies, no words of comfort as she cried in front of him. He have made his choice, and sadly, his choice is not her.

She wondered where she could have gone wrong. Is her love not enough to keep him? Is her love too much that it kills him? Or is it because she's just not enough? Questions... a lot of questions in her mind. But the questions will remain unanswered forever. The silence was deafening. It's as if her eardrum has been destroyed by a sound worth thousands of decibels. She can't even hear herself sob, or the lonely music that plays in an old music box.

They used to be happy. He used to love her so much, too much that it's too good to be true. But then one day, another girl came into his life and snatched him away from her. He was hers before she came. She should be the one he should be with, not her. She should be the one he chose, and not some slut. She should have know when he started to became too secretive. When he started to try seeing bad things about her. When he always starts a fight with her. She tried to understand him, but he wouldn't let her understand him. Then that day came, the day when she saw him making love with her... when she tried to fight for him, but then he shut her out of her life for she chose the other girl. Her world crumbled at the sound of his voice, asking her to leave. Her life shattered when she heard him say that he didn't love her anymore. When she walked through the paved road, it was like she was walking towards the path of hell. All of a sudden, everything just didn't matter anymore if she continued living without him.

She lay onto the red silk sheet of her bed. She closed her eyes, and remembered his smile, and how good-looking he was as he smiled at her. Now, that smile no longer belongs to her. He no longer belongs to her. They said that the ultimate catastrophes are as quiet as feather falling on the floor of a Zen monastery, and that no one else can really hear your heart breaking except you. As she opened her eyes, a sharpened knife slowly caressed her skin. She was trying to feel numb as she started to feel the pain. As the last teardrop fell from her eye, the last thing she felt was the silky red liquid flowing from her veins. She whispered his name as she took her last breath, and slumbered forever with the love that will remain unrequited...



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