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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Meet Mr. Perfectionist

You're a God
And I am not
And I just thought that you would know


It's 6 AM in the morning. As soon as his alarm went on, he immediately got up his bed despite the fact that it was almost 1 in the morning that he came home from work. He took a quick shower, and then readied himself for work. For this day, he wore his newest Armani suit. Seems he's ready for another corporate battle, and he sure is going to win the battle again.

Meet Chun Wu. At the age of 25, he is the youngest CEO in the business world. He got his position in Wu Corporation as soon as his grandfather, Wu Jian Ling, retired from his post. He studied in the most prestigious business school in Europe, and right out of college, he began to work in their company as General Manager. Everything he does is planned out – from the clothes he wear, to the route he will take, even his activities for the next weekend, and he hates it when something is out of the plan.

He went down the grand staircase of the Wu mansion, and headed to the kitchen, where he found his grandfather, his father Jonas Wu, and his brother, Arron, having their breakfast. “Good morning everyone.” he said in a formal tone. His grandfather and his father looked at each other, then they looked up at Chun. “We're not in a meeting, Chun. This is family breakfast. No need to be too formal.” his father said. Chun took his usual seat, which is beside his grandfather. The first thing he took as soon as he sat is the business section of the newspaper. “Chun... take your breakfast first. You can read the paper on your way to work.” his grandfather said. Chun looked up to his grandfather and smiled. “I just need to see about the stocks before going to work.” he said as he put the newspaper down

They had their breakfast silently, then his grandfather began to talk. “Arron, why don't you tell Chun about the school play you're in?” he said. Arron looked up to his grandfather, then shifted his eyes to Chun. “Well... I'm part of the school play, 'Grease' in our school... it's going to be in three weeks time. I wish all of you could watch, especially you, Chun....” he said. “I sure will watch that. How about you, dad?” their father said. “Count me in.” their grandpa said. The two elders then looked at Chun, waiting for his answer if he'll come or not. Instead, he looked at Arron sternly. “Arron, instead of wasting your times on those kind of things, why don't you come and help me run the company. I need you to help me, especially at these times.” he said to his younger brother. Arron lowered his head as he speaks. He already knew that his brother would not approve of his extra-curricular activities in school. If only his brother knew the real reason why he participated in the school play, but then again if Chun knew, he'll be really mad.

“Will you watch your brother in their school play or not?” their father asked him. Chun gulped his coffee before he answered. “I'll check with my schedule.” Then he stood up from his seat. “I need to go. I still have a board meeting today.”


As soon as he got off the elevator, the employees greeted him. All he answered to them was a nod. By his office door, his assistant, Wallace, waited for him. “Good morning, Mr. Wu.” Wallace greeted. “Good morning, Wallace. Do you have the financial reports?” he asked. Wallace nodded. Then they went inside his office.

Wallace put the folders on his table, and as soon as Chun is settled on his table, he began to review the report. “By the way, Mr. Wu, you have a meeting with Mr. Zhou at 10 AM regarding the Yu Fei towers project, then a meeting with the board of directors at 2 PM regarding the expansion.” Wallace told him. Chun looked up at Wallace. “Thanks for reminding me that. Can you ready the proposal by 12 noon? I need to present that to the board of directors for today's meeting.”
“Don't worry, I have readied that last night. All you have to do is attend those meetings, and make sure that the board will approve ofthe expansion.”
“Excellent, Wallace. Good thing you're I disagreeistant.”

Wallace smiled at Chun. He know he already have a lot of things in his hand. He watched as Chun reviewed the financial report. “By the way, Uncle Jonas told me it's going to be Arron's school play in three weeks. I checked with your schedule and -”
“No need, Wallace. I'm not coming.”
Chun closed the folder he was reading and leaned on his leather chair. “But Chun, it's your brother...”
“I know. I don't know with that kid... he prefers to do other things than help me run the company. I'd rather not go.”

Wallace let out a sigh. He's not just Chun's assistant, but a friend as well. He knew from the start that there's a gap between him and his younger brother, and it started when their mother died. Chun have always wanted Arron to do all the things he says, but being younger, the latter never listens to Chun.

“If that what you want... I won't change your schedule...” he said. “Let me know if you changed your mind. You know Arron needs your support at this time.”


From the stage, Ella could see Arron at the back row seat in the auditorium. He was busy reading his script, but she could tell he's spacing out. He was staring at the first page of the script, and he never saw him change the page. “What could be wrong with him?” she thought. She decided to come up to him, but as she was about to go down the stage, she saw Gui Gui approach him. She saw as she hand him a drink.

“If you really want to come up to him, then do so! Don't let Gui Gui stop you from approaching your prince charming.” she heard someone said. She turned to her side, to find her other best friend, Jiro, beside her. “What are you doing here?” she asked him. “Don't you want to see me? I'm starting to think there's something going on between you and Calvin... till I saw how you looked at Arron Yan-Wu!”
“And I thought you have a soccer practice...”
“I'm here, right?”
“Or a date with Vivian.”
“Don't you want to see me?”

She just shook her head, then she walked away from Jiro. “OK, OK... I'm here because I need the extra credits for English. Coach said I won't be able to play for the next season if I fail English... so I'm here now...” Jiro explained to her. “Good. We need another pair of hand for the production. Just don't mess up or else we'll all fail English.” Ella warned her. Jiro smiled at his best friend. “Aye aye, captain!”

While she was painting one of the wall props for the stage, Ella glances at Arron once in a while. She watched him as he happily chatted with Gui Gui. She watched as he smiled at Gui Gui. She just shook her head. She can't be jealous of Gui Gui, after all she's Arron's girlfriend. Then, she saw Gui Gui leave with her friends. She stood up from her place, and began to take a step, but she paused. She wanted to go near him, but she was too shy to approach him. “If you want to talk to him, just talk to him, OK? He's not Prince William or something...” she heard Jiro telling her. She gave him a glare. “Mind your own business, Jiro Wang!” she hissed at him. “Yeah, I think Jiro's right. Why don't you go to him...” Calvin said. Ella glared at him. “Hey, you can thank him for saving you the other day...” Calvin continued.

She remembered the day she fell from the ladder and Arron caught her. She was too overwhelmed by him that she was unable to thank him. “Is that the ladder incident Ella was talking about the other day? Wherein she was too happy that Arron knows her name?” Jiro asked Calvin. Calvin nodded his head. Then Jiro gave Ella a bewildered look. “You were not able to thank him? Oh my God, Ella Chen! What happened to your manners?!” Jiro told her. “But I... I...”

Before Ella could answer Jiro back, Jiro held her hand and dragged her off the stage. “Aiyo! Jiro what are you doing?” she asked as Jiro dragged her towards Arron. “It's your opportunity, Ella. Your chance to talk to him!” Jiro said. Then, he continued to drag Ella towards Arron. With Jiro calling Arron's name at the top of his lungs, it doesn't help to keep her from being too embarrassed with what her best friend is doing. “I'll get you, Jiro!” she thought, reminding herself to make him pay for what he's doing.


“Thank you, Mr. Zhou.” Chun said to the elder executive in front of him. “It's nice doing business with you, Mr. Wu.” Mr. Zhou said as he shook Chun's hand. “I'm looking forward for your the final draft of the proposal next week.” he continued. “No problem. I'll hand it to you by Thursday next week.” Chun assured him. Then, his car stopped in front of the hotel. As soon as the driver opened the door to the back seat, he said his goodbye to Mr. Zhou.

They were driving back to his office, when his mobile phone rang. He took it from his pocket, and looked at the caller ID. He smiled as he saw the familiar number flashing on the screen – it was his fiance, Ariel Lin, the daughter of his father's long time friend. “Missed me?” she said sweetly to him. For the first time that day, he smiled upon hearing her voice. “You know that I always do...” he answered. She have been away for months because of her studies. She's a year older than Arron, and is taking up Fine Arts as her major in one of the universities in Switzerland. “So how's school?” he asked her. “Oh, please Chun... let's not talk about school for the mean time...”
“OK, if that's what you want. Did you miss me, honey?”
“Of course I do. Hey I have some good news for you...”
“What is it?”
“I'll be coming home in three weeks' time for a vacation.”

Chun was happy to hear that Ariel will be coming home. His smile widened upon hearing that. He's excited to see his lady love again. “Really? That's a great news, honey!”
“Yeah! Will you promise to pick me up at the airport?”
“Of course I will. I'll fix my schedule so that we could spend more time together while you're here in Taiwan...”
“Great! I'll let you know the details as soon as our finals are over, OK?”
“OK, my princess... can't wait to see you...”
“I love you, Chun...”
“I love you too, Ariel...”

After he ended the call, he smiled to himself. Life has always been perfect for him, thank God. He got the deal with Mr. Zhou, and Ariel is coming home. What else could possibly go wrong in his perfect life?

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