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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Roses For You - Prologue

The Roses That Started It All

Dear Diary,

You what day is it today, right? It's the day the He took him away from me... from us... Up until now, I'm blaming myself for his loss. It should have been me... but he chose to save me.

Five years have passed. Everyone should have moved on, but not me.
Not us. Dad never looked me in the eye, and never talked to me. I knew he is still blaming me for his only son's death. Mom and Dad are still worse than ever. They still fight. Almost everyday. When he was still alive, I would run to his room, and he would cover my ears, sing me a happy sing so that I won't hear their angry shouts downstairs. Now, all I do is lock myself at my room, listen to my iPod till they stop shouting angry words at each other.

I hate my life now. Especially since Kuya Jansen had died. Life has never been all roses to me since he was gone. Maybe... Maybe I should go to where he is right now...

She closed the diary in her hand, and stretched her arms. The cool breeze from the top of the old abandoned school building have always relaxed her, and made her mind at ease from all the pressure of the world. This is her haven, her sanctuary, the place where she could be who she really is.

Jessica Tantoco.

Outside, she is the tough girl that everyone fears of. The captain of the Karate Club who had the reputation of bringing down 10 men onto their knees in a matter of minutes. She was an independent girl who never relied on anyone else, making her friendless. But inside, she was just someone trying to fight the ghost of her pasts.

She closed her eyes for a while to feel the cool breeze the blew to her direction. As she opened her eyes, she saw a small rose that handed on her lap. Puzzled, she picked it up, and looked at it closely. "What? How come this was blown away here?" she thought. She looked down the building, and saw a girl named Tammy trying to pick up a bunch of roses that fell on the ground. "Still weird." she thought. She took the rose, and then put it inside her diary.

The bell rang, and she knew it was time to go back to her facade.


A strong gust of wind blew him away, and making his weak body fall on the ground. He muttered a sigh as he fell down. "Hay, Gian Robles... why are you so weak?" he scolded himself.

Gian Robles.

He is the school geek. Always bullied by the frat boys. Always the weak one. Always the one whom everyone makes fun of. He wears too formal clothes with odd color combination. The black thick framed glass on his eye is easily a give-away clue of how smart this genius is. And his brain that's ala Jimmy Neutron somehow always managed to endanger him to the cool species of St. Martin University - that is the members of Pi Micro fraternity.

He stood up from the ground, and then felt something fall from his lap. He looked down, and saw a single stemmed rose on his feet. He bent down, and picked it up. "Huh?" he thought in confusion. He looked up, and saw that cheery girl named Tammy picking up the roses that fell on her hand. Just before the strong wind made him fall down, he saw her rushing to the school auditorium with the roses on her hand, then someone bumped into her, making her lose her balance, and the roses literally flew from her hand. He let out a smile and shook his head. He knew her from his Humanities class, aside from the fact that she had a reputation for being too clumsy.

He made a step forward to approach her, and give her the rose, at least help her gather all the roses that was blown away. Suddenly, he felt danger behind him. He heard someone calling his name sharply. "Gian the nerd!"

He looked back, and saw the frat boys walking up to him. They had this angry expression on their face - and the reason is that he was not able to finish their term papers, making them fail English 2. "Er... Kian?" he said with his voice stuttering. "You are dead meat, nerd boy!" The Kian guy said. He began to move his feet in fear, and before he knew it, he was running for his life.

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