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Monday, February 23, 2009
All For You - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Invisible

January came, and the classes started. Again.

Nina got out of the hospital a week before their Christmas break. Since it's their Christmas break the following week, she decided to come back to school by January. She spent her Christmas vacation at their province. Her has been supportive, and they fill her in what she have missed in school. Brent tried to talk to her friends, but since Nina's accident, they've avoided him. He tried to ask them how Nina was, but they didn't gave him an answer.

It was the first day of their classes that January. Nina and her friends were heading to the canteen to get some food, when Brent spotted her. He thought it's a good chance for him to talk to Nina and explained what really happened on her birthday. They passed in front of him, and Nina bumped into him. "Sorry..." she said in a low voice. He thought Nina would stop and look at him, but she continued walking after she bumped into him. It's as if Nina didn't know him. "Hey, dork!" he shouted at her. Nina stopped and looked back at him, giving him a confused look.
"Is there something wrong? I already apologized..." she said as he walked towards her. "What's got into you? You're acting as if you don't know me!" Brent said in a loud voice. Nina just gave him a blank look. Nina smiled at him and shook her head. "I'm sorry, I don't know who you are..." she said. Both her friends and Brent got shocked. "I had an accident last year, and my doctor told me I might have lost some of my memories... I'm sorry for not remembering you..." she explained.

Brent panicked. Now that Nina doesn't remember him, how could he explain everything to her? "Nina!" he said in a loud voice. He held her by her shoulders and shook her. "Stop kidding around! You know me! I'm Brent! You should try to remember who I am!" he said, forcing Nina to remember her. Nina resisted him, and tried to break free from his tight grip. "I... no... I really don't know you! Stop it! You're hurting me!" she shouted at him. Brent stopped shaking her, and looked into her eyes. She could see the rage in her eyes, the one that he saw on her eyes when she confronted him before the accident. "Nina..." he said in a low voice. "I don't really know you. And even if I do, I don't think I'll ever be friends with a jerk like you!" she shouted at him.
After that, Nina and her friends walked away from him. He just watched her as she leaves him alone, and thinking how he could make her remember him.


They were at the library that afternoon, doing a research for their report. Nina's friends still can't believe that she couldn't remember Brent. They knew that it's possible for her to lose some of her memories, and it happened that morning at their English class - she forgot the name of the their English teacher.

Since the day of her birthday, they swore not to let Brent come near her. Fortunately, she didn't have any recollections of him so their job would be easier. But it seems that Brent's persistent about making Nina remember him. "But why?" Lainey thought as she stared at Nina. She was in the middle of he thoughts when Nina called her. "Lainey... who is that Brent guy?" she asked. CJ, Millie and Lainey exchanged glances before answering her. "Brent? Uh... he's..." Lainey began. She looked at CJ, who was giving her the Don't-tell-her look. "Uh.. he's a college student... he's a varsity player and a school heart throb..." Lainey continued. "I see... but why does he want me to remember who he is?"

"Maybe because you're the only girl who doesn't know who he is..." CJ explained. Nina nodded, as a signt that she now understood why Brent acted that way. Then, she continued flipping through the books, ans read it.

What bothers Lainey is Bren't reaction when he found out about Nina's amnesia. It's as if he want to tell he something, but he amnesia won't let Nina understand what he's about to say. "What else do you need from our friend, Brent?" Lainey thought. She decided to find Brent and ask him her questions. She stood up her chair and gathered her things. She told her friends she have to meet her boyfriend so that she could go.


"She what?" Leon and Jasper both shouted at Brent at the same time. Brent have told the two about Nina's amnesia, and how she couldn't remember who he is. "I said she forgot who I am!" he said. They were in the middle of their chat, when Brent noticed Lainey approaching them.
"Tell me, Brent..." Lainey started the moment she's in front of Brent. "Why are you forcing Nina to remember who you are?" Brent took a deep before answering her question. "There are a lot of things that I have to explain to her..." he started. "Before she got hit by a car, we had an argument. She told me that she hates me and that I'm a jerk... and I told her that I hate her too and I wish that she would just disappear...he explained. Lainey was silent as she listened to Brent. "I didn't mean everything I said to her that day. I was hurt and mad that's why I said those things... I decided to talk to her after her anger has appeased, but when she ran away from me, she got hit by a car..." Brent continued.

Lainey could see the sincerity in his eyes. She could also see the sadness because of the fact that Nina couldn't remember who he is. She promised herself before that she won't ever let him near Nina, but Nina has to know what Brent's about to say. "Lainey... I want her to remember me..." Brent said. He put his hand over her shoulder, and looked into her eyes. "Help me make her remember me... I want to explain eveything, and correct my mistakes..." he pleaded.

She knows CJ and Millie would be mad at her, but he wanted to help Brent. Whatever it is that he wants to say, he have to say it soon or he will never have a chance to see Nina again. Lainey smiled at Brent and nodded her head. Brent's serious face changed the moment he smiled. "Thank you, Lainey..." he said. He knows he will be forever in debt to Lainey for helping him with Nina.

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