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Saturday, February 27, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 30

Round 30 – Lovely Day For A Date

Ella and Chun decided to leave the couple (Nic and Hebe) alone, to enjoy their time together. She noticed that after she spoke of Bianca's name a few moments ago, Chun became quiet. She hates it when Chun become quiet. She always suspects that she did something that made Chun pissed off that's why he's quiet. Not that it mattered, but it did matter to her. Before she knew it, he had stopped the car in front of their respective apartment. “Here we go...” he said monotonously. She looked worriedly at Chun. He wasn't like this a while ago. He was too playful a while ago with her, throwing flour at her and putting icing on her face. She even wondered a while ago if they can finish the dinner before Hebe or Nicholas would get in. “Chun...” she called softly. “I'll see you tomorrow.” he said. She let out a sigh, and took off her seatbelt. As she reached for the door to open it, she felt Chun's hand stop her. She looked up at him, and saw him staring at her. “Chun...” she said softly. “Ella...” he whispered.

He got nearer to her face. He was too close that she could inhale his scent. She saw him close his eyes as the tipped of their nose touched. She felt a jolt of electricity as Chun touched her chin. She closed her eyes and waited for him to come much more closer. She felt their lips began to touch. She waited for him to move. She waited so long for this kiss. She wanted badly to be kissed by him. Him, and only him.

But then, the thought of him still being in love with Bianca made her hesitate. What if he's only doing this because he misses Bianca? What is he is seeing Bianca in her? She doesn't want to be the second best in his heart. She's tired of being the second best. If Chun will kiss her, she wants him to kiss him because it was her that he loves, and not some other girl. Before Chun could finally kiss her, she opened her eyes, and turned away from him.

Chun opened his eyes, and saw her looking away from him. He lowered his head, and let out a sigh. For the second time that night, Ella broke his heart. Why doesn't she want to kiss him? Why can't she learn to love him? He's have enough of them pretending to be together. The more that they pretend, the more that he is wanting this whole thing to be real. But then, he knew that Ella could only love Sphinx. She will only have her eyes on him. And that fact hurts him the most.

“I'm sorry...” he muttered. He let her go, and looked away from him. Ella looked up at Chun sadly. “Chun...” she whispered. “You have the right to hate me now, Ella...” he said as he let out a sad smile. “I... I can't be mad at you...” she said. “I almost kissed you. Remember when I stole your first kiss back in sixth grade? You were so mad at me, you punched me in the face...” he said. Then, he looked at Ella sadly. “If... if you're mad because I almost kissed you...” Before he could continue what he was about to say, Ella reached up for him, and kissed him on the lips.

As Ella kissed her, he heard a loud ring.,

Chun slowly opened his eyes, and then saw himself on his bed. He looked around for any sign of Ella, but he is all alone in his room. As he sat up, he let out a loud groan. He looked at the side table, and saw his alarm clock. It was 7 AM. The ring he heard was from this clock, and it just ruined his beautiful dream. “Just as I'm about to kiss Ella in my dreams...” he thought. He let out a sigh, and then lied on his bed again. It was just a dream, and that dream seems so real.

Just then, the door of his room opened. He looked at it, and saw Ella entering his room with a tray in her hand. “So the dream is real, after all...” he thought happily. “Finally, you're awake. You scared me to death last night, did you know that?” Ella said as she walked up to him. She put the tray on his side table, and then she sat beside him on his bed, and put the back of his palm on his forehead. “You're not as hot as last night...” she said. Chun's eyes widened at what she said. “Not... hot?” he asked in a surprised tone. Ella wrinkled her brow as she glared at him. “It's not what you're thinking, perverted chicken face!” she shouted at him. Chun could only flinch at her. Ella shook her head as she took the bowl of soup and and stirred it with a spoon. “You got me really scared last night, did you know that? You were awfully quiet on our way back here... Then, when you stopped in front of your apartment, you leaned to me....” she said.

Chun looked at her with a shock on his face. “So... it was real? My dream is real? We kissed?” he thought. “I thought you were trying to kiss me or something, but then you passed out on me. You were mumbling a lot of things that I could not understand. You were telling me about that kiss and how I punched your face. Then you were mumbling about the cookie and about a crush. I can't understand anything you were saying. When I checked on you, I found that you were running a fever. You could have told me that you're not feeling well, did you know that? You got me all worried about you...” Ella said. Chun was all confused about what she is saying. The only thing he remembered about last night is driving Ella home. He doesn't know why, but he leaned over Ella. That's all. “Fever?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “Your fever was so high last night. Ethan and I were already thinking of bringing you to the hospital if it didn't subside. We had to use all the blankets and sheets around this house because you were feeling cold. And when that still didn't work -”

Ella paused, and remembered what she did last night to Chun. He, on the other hand, waited for the further information Ella will give him. “What did you do?” he asked. Ella looked away from him shyly. She doesn't know if it's a good idea to tell him what she did to him last night.


Ethan and Ella carried Chun into his room. As soon as they laid him down, Ella put a blanket on him. “Cold... cold...” Chun mumbled. As Ella touched his forehead, she could feel that his fever is high. She looked at Ethan worriedly. “Ethan, can you get a basin filled with ice and a sponge? We need to sponge-bathe him to make the fever subside.” she side. Ethan nodded his head, and then immediately headed downstairs to get what Ella is asking for. She put on another blanket on him, but Chun is still shivering. “Cold...” he mumbled. She is already panicking. She have no idea what to do with him. She wanted to bring him to the hospital immediately, but Ethan told him a while ago that they should try to let his fever go down, and if his fever is still high, then they'll bring him to the hospital.

After a while, Ethan came back with a basin filled with ice and water. “How is he?” Ethan asked. “He's still shivering...” she said. Ethan gave her a basin, and then got out of the room. After a while, he came back with a thermometer in hand. He put the thermometer in his armpit, and after a few minutes, he took it out and read it. “39 degrees. Man, his fever is really high!” he said. “Then, let's send him to the hospital!” Ella said in a panicked tone. “Try the ice bath first.” he said. He took the sponge, and dipped it into the basin. He wiped Chun's body with the sponge, but it could only make Chun shiver more “Cold...” he mumbled. “Should we get more blanket?” Ella asked worriedly. Ethan nodded his head. “There's an extra blanket at Nic's room. It's right across this room.” Ethan said.

Ella rushed to Nicholas' room, and then came back with the blanket on her hand. She immediately put it on Chun, but that didn't stop him from shivering. “He's still shivering! Should we bring him to the hospital?” she asked worriedly. Ethan stopped wiping him, and looked at Ella. “Relax. This will work, all right?” he said. After his ice-cold sponge bath, Ethan checked on his temperature again. “37.5 degrees. At least it's lower now...” he said. He took a towel and put some ice on it. Then, he placed it on Chun's forehead. “Cold... cold...” Chun mumbled. Ella panicked again. “He's still feels cold.” she said. “Relax, all right? At least his fever went down. And it can't be helped, see?” he said, pointing at the ice-filled towel on Chun's head. Ella looked down at Chun's face. She is worried about him. “Anyway, I'll leave you here. Take care of your boyfriend. I need my beauty sleep.” Ethan said. He stood up, and yawned and went out of Chun's room. “Ethan! Wait! You can't leave me here!” she shouted at him. Ethan ignored her call and just waved goodbye. “Ethan Ruan! You stupid guy!” she shouted again.

Ella was left with no choice but to stay with Chun and take care of him. “This isn't my job. I'm not even you're real girlfriend!” she told him. She stared at him for a long time, and then smiled to herself. “But then again, I wouldn't mind...” she said. She leaned over him, and watched him as he sleeps peacefully. She have never seen Chun this up close when he sleeps. There were no signs of stress on his face, and he looked much younger when he sleeps. Then, she looked at his thin, pink lips. As she stared on it, she felt as if she wants to kiss those lips. She shook her head to erase that thought. She heard Chun starting to mumble again. “Xua... those... choco... Xua... left... I... Xua... they... kiss...” he mumbled. Ella gave him a dumbfound look. “Xua? Who's Xua? What choco?” she asked. Then it hit her – maybe Chun is dreaming about his first love. “Xua? Who is Xua? I don't remember a classmate named Xua...” she thought. “Who... is Xua?” she asked the feverish Chun. “Chia... Xua...” he said. “Jia Xuan? Ren Jia Xuan?” she asked. “Xua... gy... girl...” he answered. Ella could only give him a confused look. “Not Selina?” she asked. “Selina... near... Xua...” he said.

Ell thought again. “Who is Xua that's near Selina? I don't remember anyone being near Selina named Xua? Are you playing games with me?” she said angrily at him. Then, Chun held onto her hand. “Don't... leave... Xua...” he said. She could feel her heart breaking because of what Chun is saying. “Now you thought I am that Xua. Whoever she is... I guess you could never love me if you are already loving two girls...” she thought sadly. She took her hand away from him, and then stood up. She was ready to leave, when Chun called her name. “Ella... Ella... cold...” he mumbled. Seeing him in that state, Ella couldn't bear to leave him alone. Ethan couldn't take care of him, and she can't let him just die here with a fever, not that he is going to die anyway. She sat beside him again. “I may not be Bianca or Xua... but just let me take care of you for a while, OK?” she said. The only answer the very feverish Chun could give her is that he is cold. Ella laid beside him, and then wrapped her arms around him, hoping that it would at least ease the coldness Chun is feeling. With that, Chun stopped mumbling how cold he feels. He began to slumber peacefully with Ella beside her. Meanwhile, Ella continued to stare at Chun's face. And she did that until she fell asleep.

[End of Flashback]

Ella sighed, and shook her head. “Never mind...” she said. Chun gave her another confused look. “You didn't rape me, did you?” he asked. Ella shot a deathly look at him. “Why would I rape you, you chicken face!” she hissed at him. Chun just laughed, and shook his head. He just loves it when Ella gets annoyed by him. “Well, I had to go. Since you're OK now, go and eat this soup by yourself, all right? I need to get some nice sleep.” she said. “Don't tell me you slept here?” Chun asked. “How the hell will I make sure youre OK if I don't.” she shot back at him. As Ella left, Chun could only smile to himself. “Chun, three points!” he thought. Then, he took the bowl of soup and ate it.


Friday the following week.

Chun stood from his window, watching as Ella comes in. He immediately took his phone, and dialed her number. After a few rings, Ella answered it. “Hey...” he said. Ella looked outside her window, and saw Chun waving at her. “Have you drank your medicine? Do I have to remind it to you again?” she asked worriedly. Chun could only chuckle at her. “I'm OK now, Dr. Chen. Thank you for always reminding me to drink my medicine.” he said. Ella gave him a satisfied smile. “Good.”
“Hey, I'm wondering if you're free tomorrow?”
“For what?”
“I want to treat you out...”
“Treat me out?”
“Yeah. It's my way of saying thanks for taking care of me. You see, whenever I'm sick, no one would take care of me. Well, there's mom, but since I'm back here in Taipei, no one ever took care of me. I can't rely on Ethan, you see...”

Ella let out a laugh, which made Chun's heat flutter. Ella could understand what Chun is trying to say. Ethan could have left Chun in his room, dying, and all he cared about is his beauty sleep. “All right, I got it. But, is this a date?” she asked. Chun's mouth fell open at what she said. Of course, he realized that he is asking Ella out for a date. Smooth move. “Y-y-you can say that. Date. But not date date. Friendly date. Thank you date. All right?” he said. Ella let out another laugh as she shook her head. “OK. A date. I'll see you tomorrow, all right?” she said.

Ella ended the call, and left her room. Meanwhile, Chun smiled to himself as he looked at his phone. “A date. With Ella! Four points!” he said to himself. “Oh, I'm hearing someone's got a date...” he heard someone said. He looked by his door, and saw Nicholas entering his room. “I've got a date with Ella tomorrow.” he said. Nicholas smiled at him as he folded his arms. “Let me guess... will you confess to her this time?” he asked. Chun just shrugged his shoulder. “I don't know... I don't think this is the right time, Nic. Her grandpa is still around, and we're still pretending to be together. If I tell her what I really feel for her, she might not believe me... so I guess I'll have to postpone it till her grandpa leaves.” he said. Nicholas sighed as he shook his head. “That is wrong, Chun. What if something happens after her grandpa leaves? You'll never know. And besides, you two have been circling around for quite sometime. Don't you have to be happy with the girl you love, just like me and Hebe?” he asked.

Chun fell silent at what he said. He trust that nothing will come between the two of them after all of this is over, but then he felt suddenly scared at what Nicholas said. What if someone came into Ella's life and take her away from him? What if Hiro or Sphinx comes back for her. “Don't say that, will you?” he said in an annoyed tone. “I'm just telling this to you so that you'll make your move. Did you know that you're wasting so much time by not telling her that you love her? The times that you are pretending could've been the times that you could be together for real. I know you're hesitating because you know that Ella still loves her best friend. But, have it ever occurred to you... what if Ella does not love him anymore? What if the guy she is in love with right now, is the guy that is pretending to be her boyfriend?” Nicholas said. Chun looked away from him, and stared into Ella's room.

What could be the possibility that Ella have fallen for him as well? He would be the happiest man in the whole milky way if that happens. He have loved Ella for so long, and being with her is what he wanted the most. But then, how could that happen if he knew right from the start that Ella loved her best friend, and up till now, she could not forget about him and wanted to be with him. “Impossible.” he told Nicholas. “How can Ella love me when it's too obvious that she is still in love with Sphinx?” he said. “You'll never know till you try to find out.” Nicholas said.


The next day.

“Ella! Grandpa and I are going!” Selina shouted. Ella rushed down the stairs, and found her cousin and her grandpa ready to go. “Take care, all right?” she said. Selina nodded her head. “We'll be gone till tomorrow to visit some of our relatives. You and Chun can have the house by yourself and do 'that'.” grandpa said, giving her a wink. Ella was shocked at what her grandpa said. “Grandpa! You're so gross!” she shouted at him. The old man just laughed at his granddaughter. She said goodbye to Selina and groovy grandpa and went back upstairs.

After a while, Ella heard a knock on the door. “Coming!” she shouted as she rushed down. She opened the door, and saw Mrs. Takashi, and her granddaughter, Tammy by the door. “Hello, Ella-san.” the elder lady said. “Good morning Takashi-san...” she said. The looked at Tammy, and smiled at her. “Hello, Tammy.” she said. The little girl gave her a toothy smile. “Ella, I have a big favor to ask you...” Mrs. Takashi said. Ella looked up at her, and waited for her to speak. “I have some emergency... a friend is brought to the hospital today and I need to see how she is doing. I can't bring Tammy with me... would it be OK if you look after her for a while?”

Ella looked hesitatingly at the elder woman. She have plans today with Chun, and she was really looking forward to it. “Mrs. Takashi, to be honest, I do have plans today...” she said. As she looked down at Tammy, she saw him giving her puppy eyes. She have always been fond of this little girl. And seeing her look like that makes her heart wrench. She bit her lips, and let out a sigh. “But I guess I can cancel it for Tammy.” she said. With that, the little girls face lightened up. “Thank you, Ella-san. I know I can count on you.” Mrs. Takashi said.

After Mrs. Takashi left, Ella let Tammy settle down for a while. She gave her a bowl of ice cream, and then called Chun to cancel their date. “What do you mean you can't go today? You promised me!” Ella heard Chun said angirly on the other line. “I know I promised you, Chun... but you see, Mrs. Takashi left Tammy with me, and I have to look after her.” she explained. She heard Chun let out a frustrated groan at the other line. “When will Mrs. Takashi come back?” he asked. “I'm not so sure...” Ella said. “Wait for me, I'm coming over.” he said. Then, Chun ended the call. A few seconds later, Ella heard a knock on the door.

She opened it, and saw Chun standing. He smiled at her. There was no trace of anger in his face as his smiled. At that, she felt her heart began to race inside her chest. She clutched on to her chest, as if taming her heart to stop beating so fast. “Where's Tammy?” he asked. She opened her mouth to speak. She was too mesmerized with Chun's handsome smile that she could not even speak. “Do you mind if I come in?” he asked. She shook her head, and stepped back to make way for him. She watched him as he approached Tammy. “Hello, Tammy!” Chun said. The little girl looked back at him, and smiled. “Chun ge!” she shouted in glee. Chun hugged the little girl, and then they began to talk. Ella could only smile to herself as she watched Chun and Tammy together. The two really get along well. It's like Chun is Tammy's dad or something. “i guess he'll be a good dad one day...” she thought.

“So, Tammy... would you like to go to the amusement park with me and Ella jie?” Chun asked. The little girl smiled and nodded her head. He could see her beam with excitement with the thought of going out with her two favorite neighbor. “I would love to, Chun ge!” she said. Chun smiled at her, and nodded his head. Then, he turned to Ella. “Why don't you go and dress up, Ellie... we're going to the amusement park.” he said. Ella could only give him a confused look. “What? And since when did you decided -”
“You have to look after Tammy, right? I really want to go out with you... so I decided that we should bring Tammy along.”
With that, Chun gave her a wink. Ella finally smiled upon hearing what he said. “OK, if you say so... I-I'll go upstairs and change. Wait for me here.” she said. She rushed up to her room, leaving Chun and Tammy alone at the kitchen.

As Ella left, Chun and Tammy giggled. “Chun ge... you are going out on a date with Ella jie?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “Sorry that I had to ruin it for you...” she said, pouting at him. Chun just smiled at the little girl. “No, you're not. Its good that you're coming with us.” he said. Tammy let out another toothy smile at him. “Chun ge, do you like Ella jie?” she asked. Chun simply gave her a smile as an answer.


The three of them entered the amusement park. Ella looked at the little girl she is holding by the hand, and she could see the excitement in her eyes. Then, she looked up at Chun, and smiled. Silently, she was thanking Chun for bringing Tammy with them on their supposed-to-be-date today. Tammy looked up at Ella and Chun with a pleading look on her face. “Can we go for the bump car?” she asked. Chun let out a laugh, and nodded his head. “Of course, sweet pea...” he said. He then took Tammy and carried her in his shoulders. “Shall we go?” he asked. Tammy smiled at him, and nodded his head. The two walked happily towards the bump car ride. Ella could only smile as she watched the two.

They rode the bump car first. Tammy and Chun were on one car, while Ella was at the other one. All throughout, Chun keeps on bumping into Ella's car. Although she wanted to be annoyed by the two, she couldn't help it especially when she sees the smile on the two. Next, they rode the anchor's away. They sat at the very last row, and though Tammy was scared at first, seeing that Ella and Chun were enjoying the ride made her forget that fear. After the ride, they strolled around the park. Tammy saw a shooting booth, with a big pink teddy bear as a prize. She looked up at Chun, and tugged his shirt. “Chun ge! Chun ge!” she called. Chun looked down at her. “I want that.” she said, pointing at the big teddy bear at the shooting booth. He looked hesitatingly at the little girl, then to Ella. “Come on, go get that teddy bear for Tammy.” Ella said. Chun looked at Tammy again, and smiled at him. “But I'm not good at it...” he said. “Then let's try until we get that bear.” Ella said. Chun looked up at her, and smiled. Then, he nodded his head. “All right...” he said. He took Tammy's hand, and then smiled at him. “I'll win it for you, Tammy-chan!” he said.

It took Chun several time before he could finally succeed and win the teddy bear for Tammy. Tammy was very happy when Chun handed her her teddy bear. “Thank you!” Tammy said smiling brightly at him. “Wow, this little girl is lucky to have a daddy like you.” the store owber said, winking at Chun. Chun was surprised at what he said. Tammy and Ella couldn't help but laugh at what the store owner said. “You don't understand...” Chun said. “I am really lucky to have my daddy!” Tammy butted in. Chun gave Tammy a surprised look, and Tammy gave him a wink.

“I'm hungry...” Tammy said as they were walking towards their next ride. Ella and Chun looked at each other, and then laughed. Ella knelt down to her. “What do you want to eat?” she asked. Tammy scratched her chin, thinking what she would like to eat. “Hamburger?” she asked. “Then, hamburger it is!” Ella said. They bought themselves some snack, and then sat on the bench to eat. Ella was helping Tammy with her snack, and she noticed that the people passing by them were looking at them. Confused, Ella looked up at the people passing by them. “Look at that little girl... he mom is really pretty...”
“Her dad is handsome and her mom is pretty!”
“The little girl is lucky to have parents like them.”
“What a perfect family! So loving and warm!”

Ella looked at Chun, and he could tell that he heard what the people were talking about them. She could swear she could see Chun blush at what he heard. “Look at that loving couple and their little girl... they really look good together.” Another passerby said. Chun let out a laugh as he looked at Ella. “Isn't it weird... people thought we're a family?” Chun told Ella. Tammy looked up, giving him a confused look. “Why not? Aren't we a family?” she asked. Ella couldn't help but laugh at her. “Are you my mommy for the day,” Tammy said, pointing at Ella. Then she looked at Chun and pointed at him. “And you're my daddy for the day!” she said. Chun smiled at her, and nodded his head. “That's right. I'm your daddy for the day, and Ella jie is your mommy for the day.” he said. Tammy smiled at him, and went back to eat her hamburger. Ella and Chun just smiled at each other as they watched Tammy eat.

After a few more rides, they were strolling again around the park. Tammy paused, and smiled happily as she saw the magician performing magic tricks for some kids. “Can I go and see the magician?” she asked. Ella nodded her head. Ella let go of Tammy's hand, and then ran up to the magician to watch his tricks. This gave Chun an opportunity to be with Ella alone. “So...” he said as he put his arm around her shoulder. “Are you enjoying this date?” he asked. Ella looked at him, and smiled. “I am. Thank you... thank you for letting Tammy join us.” she said. “I know how much you love Tammy to bits.” he said. Ella gave him a smile, and then turned her eyes at Tammy, who seems to be enjoying the magician's tricks. “Isn't it great to be kid? When you're young, you have nothing to worry about. You believe in everything you see. Skinned knees doesn't hurt as much as a broken heart...” she said. “But it's good to be a grown up too. At least you know the difference between a magic and an illusion, and between an illusion from reality.” he said. “Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again...” Ella said. Then, she looked at Chun, and found him staring at her. “I wish too...” he said. “If we were kids again, I will not do anything that will make you hate me...” he added silently.

Chun moved closer and closer to her face. He was too close that she could almost inhale his scent. “Please, don't let him kiss me again... please... don't let him kiss me...” she thought. Yes, they did kiss that night he drove her back from Nicholas and Hebe's date, that night that he had a fever. But she knew Chun have not remembered a thing about it, for he is feverish. She couldn't bear kissing him, when she know that he is in love with someone else. Then, she heard Tammy calling them. Ella immediately turned away from Chun, and then looked at Tammy. “You're back too soon?” she asked. Tammy smiled at her, and nodded her head. Then, she looked up at Chun, and tugged his shirt. “Daddy Chun, give this to Mommy Ella.” Tammy said, giving him a stem of sunflower. Chun was surprised at what Tammy have given her. Ella could only giggle at his reaction. He took a deep breath, and then turned to Ella. “For you.” he said, giving her the sunflower. Ella felt giddy as she took the sunflower from him. “Thank you.” she said. “Mommy Ella, you should kiss Daddy Chun in return!” Tammy said.

Ella was shocked at what she asked. “Tammy!” she exclaimed. “Please?” Tammy clasped her hand and gave her puppy-eye look. Ella let out a sigh, and then gave in to what Tammy wanted. “OK...” she said. As she turned to Chun, Chun immediately kissed her on the lips, which made Tammy happy. It made her happy as well.


It was already 8 PM when Chun and Ella reached home. Tammy was too tired that she fell asleep on their way back home. As they got out of the car, Mrs. Takashi came out of her house to greet them. “Ah, you're back...” the elder woman said. Chun carried the sleeping girl, and then went up to her room. “She is dead tired from our trip to the amusement park today...” Ella said to Mrs. Takashi. “Thank you so much for looking after my granddaughter. I'm sorry if you have to cancel your plans for today because of her...” Mrs. Takashi said. Chun looked up at her, and shook his head. “Don't worry, Mrs. Takashi... we didn't cancel our plans tonight.” he said. Then, he looked down at the sleeping girl and smiled to himself. He sure did enjoy this day. Now he knows what it fells like to be a dad, thanks to Tammy. “Sweet dreams, Tammy.” he whispered to her as he kissed her on the forehead. Ella walked up to Tammy, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. As the two left, Tammy smiled as she dreamed. “Mommy Ella... Daddy Chun...” she muttered.

Chun walked Ella back to her apartment. “Thanks for the date today, Chun...” Ella said. “Don't mention it. As long as you and Tammy enjoyed it, then I'm happy.” he said. They stopped at Ella's door. Ella turned to him, and smiled. “I think you enjoyed being the dad for the day, huh?” she asked. Chun let out a chuckle, and nodded her head. “Yeah, I guess I did. Now I know what it's like to have a daughter.” he said. Ella let out a laugh as well. “Me too. I enjoyed being a mom for the day. Would it be great if one day, we'll have a cute daughter like Tammy?” she asked. With that, Chun gave her a meaningful smile. “We? Cute daughter?” he asked. Ella was taken aback by what she said. “I mean, if you have a daughter like her, and I have a daughter like her too... not necessarily that both of us are the parents.” she said. Chun smiled, and nodded her head. “I bet you'll be a great dad, Chun.” she said. Chun just nodded his head. “And you'll be a great mom too, someday.” he said. “I guess I have to go inside now. Hope to see you tomorrow, Chun.” she said. Then, she opened the door, and went inside her apartment.

Chun smiled to himself as he watched Ella as she went inside her house. “You will be a great mom one day, Ella...” he said. “A great mom to my kids.”

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