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Saturday, January 2, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 17

Round 17 – It's A Love Story Baby Just Say Yes

Ella was in a daze as she sat down on the couch. “Groovy. Grandpa. Is. Coming. Home. Next. Week.” she said. Selina handed her a glass of water, and Ella finished that down. “Groovy grandpa? He's cool! What are you worried now that he's coming home?” Hebe asked. Ella looked at her and shook her head. “I'm 25.” she said. “Sure we all know that. What's the worst thing that could happen now that your 25?” Ethan asked. “And what does your being 25 have to do with groovy grandpa?” Hebe asked. “A lot.” Selina answered for the still dazed Ella. She settled beside Ella, while Hebe and Ethan looked at each other with confusion. “Care to enlighten us? Chen and Ren cousins?” Ethan asked.

Selina took a deep breath, and began to explain everything to the two. “Well you know that Ella and I are the only granddaughters, right?” she said. Hebe and Ethan nodded their heads. “And because of that, groovy grandpa made us his favorite grandchildren.” she said. Hebe and Ethan nodded their heads again. “And of course, groovy grandpa is our favorite grandpa. He is the coolest grandpa alive.” Selina said. Ethan wrinkled his brow, still confused at Selina's explanation. “OK... I get that part... what does it have to do with Ella and her being 25?” he asked. “When Ella and I are still kids, he always tells us that when we turns 25, he would like us to marry the grandson of his ex-girlfriend. Unless, we find ourselves a boyfriend before that time comes. And since Ella is elder than me, and since I have a lot of boyfriends, Ella is left with no choice but to marry that guy.” Selina said. “Oh, so it's an arranged marriage!” Hebe said. Selina nodded her head. “So, have you met this guy?” Ethan asked. Selina shook her head. “Turns out that his ex-girlfriend is living at the south, and her grandson migrated abroad when he was young. We have no idea who he is.” Selina said.

“This is Sphinx's fault...” Ella muttered. “If only he kept his promise, then I wouldn't have to suffer this way...” she added. “Hey, it couldn't be that bad. Maybe that that guy is a nice guy after all.” Hebe said. Ella looked at her and glared. “Hebe Tian, tell me... who, I mean WHO in their right mind would arrange a marriage for their granddaughter? That is too traditional!” she said. Selina nodded in agreement. “And all the while, we thought grandpa is not very traditional.” she said. “I guess your grandpa and his ex-girlfriend just want their love story to continue through Ella and his grandson.” Hebe said. Then, after saying that, an idea hit her head. All of them could see the lightbulb lighting up her head. “Love story, eh...” she said as she smiled evilly. Ella rolled her eyes at Hebe. “Oh, I know that look. Hebe got another idea for a story to write. Good for you. And good for you for making a story out of my situation.” Ella said sarcastically. “Don't worry, Ellie. I know that with this story, my novel will sell like pancakes again. I'll treat you out when that happens” she said. Ella could only rolls her eyes at her friend.

“So, Selina. Which of your boyfriends would you introduce to grandpa?” Hebe asked. Ethan looked at Selina, and then smiled to himself. “Of course, who else...” he thought. Selina just shrugged her shoulder. “I don't know... maybe Show or Lee Hom...” Selina said. Ethan flinched after hearing what she said. “What?! I am the one she is constantly dating, and she's going to introduce another guy to her grandpa!” he thought. He looked at her and gave her a glare, but Selina ignored him and rolled her eyes at him. “That's weird... I didn't know you are still dating those guys... aren't you seeing someone constantly?” Hebe asked. “Constantly? Are you kidding me, Hebe? I am not dating someone exclusively. It's not my thing.” she said. Ethan could feel his rage burning inside him. “How dare you deny me, Selina Ren! And I thought we already have an understanding?!” he thought.

Ella let out a sigh as she she leaned her chin on her hand. “What to do now? I don't want to do what grandpa wants me to do...” she said sadly. “How about this? I ask some guy I know to pretend to be your boyfriend?” Selina said. After saying that, Chun and Nicholas came inside their house. “Cookies everyone!” Nicholas said as he placed the cookie on the table. Chun looked at Ella, and saw her sad face again. “Wei, what's wrong? I thought you're feeling better now? Don't tell me it's Sphinx again?” he scolded her. “It's not him, all right. I've got a big problem right now...” she said. Chun sat beside Ella, and then took a piece of cookie from the plate, and gave it to her. “Whatever that is, you can't solve that problem by sulking. Here, eat some and you'll get to think straight.” he said. Ella absent-mindedly took the cookie from his hand and ate it. “This one really tastes familiar...” Ella said as she chewed on the cookie. Nicholas and Chun exchanged meaningful glances, and Nicholas could only smile at his step brother. “Of course it is! You've eaten that a lot of times.” he said. Then, he realized just what he said. It gave way to his deep and dark secret. “It tastes like the one Ethan makes... but I don't know it tastes like the one we always buy in school.” Ella said. Chun sighed with relief with what she said. “I thought she would realize that -” he paused and then shook his head. “Of course, she wouldn't find out that...” he said.

Ella looked at Chun, and then an idea hit her head. It's an idea that will end her problem, if and only if Chun agrees with her. “Eh, Chun, can I talk to you in private?” she asked. Chun gave her a confused “What is it all about?” he asked. Ella stood up from her seat, and then dragged Chun outside the house, leaving all of their friends in confusion. “What are they going to talk about?” Nicholas asked. Selina just gave him a meaningful smile. “Oh, I think I know what it's all about.” she said.


“Are you out of your freaking mind?” Chun exclaimed at Ella. Ella could only give him puppy eyes. “Please, Chun... please?” she begged him. Chun looked at her, and then he shook his head. “The answer is no.” he said. He turn his back on her and folded his arms. “Besides, Plan Z is only in effect for Sphinx and Bianca. Why do you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend?” he asked. Ella looked down and pouted. “It's because my grandpa is coming home next week, and he wants to meet my boyfriend...” she said. Chun looked at Ella, surprised at what she said. “You told your grandpa that you have a boyfriend?!” he asked. Ella slowly nodded her head. “Why did you have to lie to your grandpa about having a boyfriend?!” Chun shouted at her. “Wei, don't shout at me. I have my reasons, OK?” she said. Chun put his hands on his waist and looked sternly at her. “Then what is your reason?” he asked. “If I didn't introduce a boyfriend to grandpa, I'll be forced to marry the guy he chooses for me...” she said sadly.

Chun's expression softened upon hearing what she said. “Y-you're arranged to marry someone?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “And the only way I can avoid it is if I introduce a boyfriend to grandpa. I was supposed to introduce Sphinx as my boyfriend, but you know very well what happened, right?” she said. Ella held his hand, and looked at him with pleading eyes. “Please, Chun. Please help me out. Please...” she said. Chun took a deep breath and looked at her. Part of him wanted to say yes, but part of him wanted to say no. Their Plan Z didn't work. It only complicated the situation more, because Sphinx believed that he is in love with Ella. Instead that it helped Ella get Sphinx, it backfired on them. And if they are going to lie to everyone about their relationship, it would take a long time for them to convince people that they are not really together.

“No.” he said firmly. “I won't go with your plan. I don't want to lie to people and tell them that you are my girlfriend.” he said. Ella lowered her head sadly, and pouted. “I thought you are my friend? Why can't you help me?” she asked. “I can't help you. Because if we are going to lie, we have to make another lie to make up for that lie we made. It will more complicated.” he said. Ella folded her arms, and pouted at Chun. “Well, if you don't want to help me, then I'll ask other people to help me!” she said. As she turned around, she saw Nicholas coming out of the door. Then, she smiled at him. “Nic! Can I ask you a favor?” she said. Nicholas smiled at him, and nodded his head. He looked at Chun, and saw him glaring at him. “What is it?' he asked. “Can you pretend to be my boyfriend when my grandpa comes home?” she asked. Nicholas was taken aback by her favor. He saw her smiling at her, and blinking her eyes, as if flirting with him. He looked at Chun, and he could read in his face that he wants him to turn her down. “O-oh... s-sorry, Ella. I can't I mean, why don't you just ask Chun?” he asked, pointing at his step brother. Ella looked at him, and then rolled her eyes at him. “He turned me down.” she said. Nicholas tried to suppress his laughter. “Oh, so my brother turned down Ms. Piggy, huh? I wonder why...” he thought. “You know, Ellie... you can easily convince him. Ask him again.” he said.

“The answer will still be no. And if you dare to ask Ethan, or Arron, or Jae Joong, I will tell them to turn you down. You can't lie to your grandfather just to get away from that arrange marriage. You have to face your fate.” he said. Ella pouted at him again. “Why are you like that? Why can't you help me? If Sphinx is here, I'm sure he will help me out...” she said. “Well, I'm sorry. Sphinx is not here, and no one can help you. You just have to accept your fate.” he said. Ella glared at him one last time, and then she stomped back inside the house.

Nicholas walked up to his brother, confused at what he said. “Why did you do that?” he asked. “Because it's all for a wrong reason. She wants to deceive her grandpa. That isn't right!” Chun said. “So, you mean you will just let her go, and let her marry someone she doesn't know?” Nicholas said. Chun looked up at his brother, unable to answer his question. Is he really willing to let Ella go and be with a random guy for the rest of her life?


“Why can't we tell them about us again?” Ethan asked as soon as Selina and him are alone inside the house. Selina looked up at him, and shook her head. She flipped through the pages of the magazine she's holding, and continued reading. “Why do we have to act as if nothing is going on between us? Obviously, Ella and Chun are OK now, so don't give the crap about them hating each other.” he said. “As long as you keep with your old ways, Ethan, I will not take this relationship seriously.” Selina said. Ethan could not believe what she said. “Me? Not taking this relationship seriously?” he asked. “Who else?” Selina said nonchalantly.

Ethan looked up, and then let out a sigh. “Wow, I can't believe I am the one not taking this relationship seriously...” he said. “Because I know you are still going out with other girls.” Selina said, still not looking at him. “Look, Sel... it''s only a friendly date!” he argued. Selina closed the magazine she's holding, and glared at him. “Friendly date my ass! I saw you that night at the bar, Ethan. You were kissing that ugly-looking girl. So, you can't blame me if I would rather not have this relationship with you.” she said. “How many times to I have to tell you that I did not kiss her, she kissed me!”
“It seems that you are enjoying that kiss.”
“I was drunk!”
“You don't look drunk to me.”
“I just had one mistake, and you can't forgive me. Why?”

Selina just looked at him, not answering his question. “Do you know how jealous I feel whenever I see you with other guys? I want to tell the world you are my girl. You hear that? My girl.” he said. “You don't own me, Ethan. I can be anyone's girl.” she answered. Ethan let out a frustrated sigh, and then stood up from his seat. “Fine. I won't argue with you anymore. If you don't want to tell you friends that I am the guy you are constantly dating, and if you don't want to tell your grandpa that I am your boyfriend, then I don't give a damn thing.” he said. Selina just let out a smirk, seeing how frustrated Ethan is with her. She loves making Ethan this mad, because it gives her the security that he really loves her. “So, you're giving up now, huh?” she asked. “How can I give up something that I never had?” he said. He turned his back on her, and left her. Selina could only watch Ethan as he leaves. “So you are giving up...” she thought sadly. She leaned back on her seat. She could feel the tears about to fall from her eyes, but she wouldn't let it fall. She couldn't let it fall. She doesn't cry over other guys, and Ethan is no exception. “I'm not going to cry over you, Ethan. I'm not. Just wait and see...” she said to herself.


Hebe passed by Arron and Jae Joong's house, when she saw Nicholas coming out of their house. “Just drop by anytime you want, Nicky.” Arron said. Nicholas smiled at Arron. Jae Joong walked up to him, and pinched Nicholas on the cheek. “You're really such a cutie, Nicky!” he said. She saw Nicholas blushed, and he just nodded his head. “Wow, thank you JJ.” he said. “Oh, and don't forget our date next week, all right?” Arron said. “Don't worry, I won't forget that, Arron.” he said. Arron leaned towards Nicholas and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

With that, Hebe immediately turned around. She was shocked, all right. “Oh my God, Nic is really gay! And... and he's Arron's boyfriend?!” she thought. “Hebe?” Nicholas called. Hebe slowly turned her head around, and as she saw him walking towards her, she smiled at him. “Oh, hey Nic! What are you doing here?” she asked. “I came from Arron and JJ's apartment.” he answered. “Why?” she asked. “They asked my to do some stuffs...” Nicholas said. Hebe's eyes widened after hearing his answer. Her wild imagination is running again. “Stuffs? What kind of stuffs?” she asked. “Some personal stuffs...” he said. “Personal? Stuffs?” she asked. Nicholas nodded his head. He looked at her, confused with the way she is acting.

“Oh my God, Arron and doing some dirty stuffs at Nic!” Hebe thought. “Hebe, are you OK?” Nicholas asked. Hebe looked at him, still stunned with what she was thinking about Nic. “Y-yeah. I am OK.” she said. “You looked as if you've seen a ghost...” he said. “G-ghost? No! No way! Are you kidding me? There's no ghost here.” she said as she laughed nervously. Nicholas finds her really weird. He doesn't know what's going on with her. If only he knows that Hebe is thinking that he is gay. “OK, if you say so. I'll go ahead, I need to do something...” he said. Then he let out a sigh, and flinched as he held his hip. “Aiyo, that one really hurts...” he muttered. Hebe heard what he said, and again her eyes widened. And her dirty mind on the loose again. “Oh my God...” she said sadly to herself. “He is gay!”


[Selina's Dream]

Somewhere around 17th century.

“Selina...” Ethan whispered as he walked through the garden. “Selina, where art thou?” he called again. “I am here, my beloved...” Selina said. Ethan turned around and saw Selina walking up to her. He immediately ran towards her, and hugged her tight. “Oh, my beloved!” he exclaimed. He looked at her, and cupped her cheek. “You have no idea how I missed you so much. The days seems to be longer and the nights seem to be much colder without a second of your embrace. And my heart aches with the thought that I could never see you again.” he said. “Oh, my beloved Ethan, my heart bleeds so much for you. There was never a night that I cried because of you. The days of not seeing you could only hurt me even more.” Selina said.

Ethan held her hands, and then gazed into her hands. “How long should we suffer this way, my fair lady? We should not let the wrath of our parents get in our way. I don't care if your dear mother despises my father so much. We shouldn't suffer for their hatred.” Ethan said. Selina nodded her head in agreement. “I know, my dear. We should not be the victim of the hatred they have for their each other. We love each other, and they should understand that.” she said. “Then, come with me.” he said. He pulled Selina close to her, and pointed somewhere far, while Selina looked to where he is pointing. “Let's runaway from this place. Lets go somewhere where they could not find us. And there, my love, we shall live happily ever after.” he said. Selina looked up at him and smiled. “I will go with you, my beloved. I will go with you wherever our hearts take us.

Ethan nodded his head. He took her hand, and as they were about to leave, Selina's parents, Duke Sphinx and Duchess Ella came, finding the two lovers. “Aha! I knew it! I knew it! No matter how many times I told you not to see this insolent man, you would not heed my orders!” Duchess Ella shouted at her. Selina immediately blocked Ethan from her parents. “Mother, father, please understand... Ethan and I are in love...” she pleaded. Duke Sphinx smirked as he shook his head. “In love? Even if you are in love with that bastard, we will not approve of him. Have you forgotten that he is the son of your mother's sworn enemy?” he said. “Please Duke Sphinx, Duchess Ella, please let me be with Selina. I love your daughter so much?” Ethan pleaded. “No way! Bu hui ba! There's no way I will let my only daughter be with the son of that wretched man!” Duchess Ella said.

“And who are you calling wretched, you wicked witch?” Baron Chun, Ethan's father said as he walked up to them. Behind him is his wife, Baroness Bianca. Duchess Ella walked up to him, giving him a death glare. “Who else, but the spineless and puny Baron Chun of this kingdom!” Duchess Ella said. Chun also gave her a glare. “How dare you insult my name, you wicked witch!” he said angrily. Then, he looked at Ethan, and became even more furious to see him with the daughter of his sworn enemy. “And you, how insolent of you! You are my only son, and yet you are with the daughter of this wicked woman!” he said angrily at him. “But father, I am in love with Selina!” Ethan said. “I will not allow my only son to be married to the daughter of my sworn enemy. And besides, my grandchildren might look as ugly as that wicked woman.” Chun said.

What Baron Chun said made Duchess Ella even more angrier. “Why you stupid chicken face! Take back what you said!” she said as she began to attack him. “No way, ugly Ms. Piggy!” Chun shouted. Then, Ella began to hit Chun, and everyone could only try to break them apart before they could kill each other.

[End of Selina's Dream]

“Aaaahhh!” Selina shouted as she sat up on her bed. Ella immediately opened her door, and ran up to her. “Sel! Sel! What happened?” she asked in a panicked tone. Ella shook her to wake her up. Selina slowly opened her eyes, and saw Ella. “Ellie?” she said. Ella gave her a confused look. “It's me? You're having a bad dream...” she said. Selina took a deep breath to calm her down, and then she shook her head. “Yeah... it's a bad dream.” she said. Ella sighed with relieve. “All right... now that you're awake, help me to clean up the place and cook. Groovy grandpa will be here any moment.” she said. Selina nodded her head, and watched Ella as she left her room. “Bad dream, bad dream...” she said to herself. “At least that reminded me why I didn't want to tell everyone that I'm dating Ethan...”


“Ella's grandpa will be coming today, right?” Nic asked as he sat beside his step brother. Chun just nodded his head. He looked outside the window and saw how Ella busily prepares their house for their grandpa's homecoming. “So, you're not really going to help her out?” he asked again. “I don't want to lie, OK? It's enough that she lied to Sphinx and Bianca about us being together.” Chun said. Nicholas smiled playfully as he looked away from his brother. “Well, at least Ella will be married soon. I wonder who that lucky guy is... maybe he is nice as Sphinx. I bet Ella will fall in love with him at first sight. Maybe he is as perfect, as nice, as sweet as gentleman as her best friend.” Nicholas said. Chun could only glare at his step brother. “Stop it, will you?” he said.

Nicholas let out a laugh as he shook his head. “Whoa, did I spoil your mood?” he asked. “Shut up, will you.” Chun said in an irritated tone. “All right... I won't bother with you anymore.” he said. Nicholas stood up from his seat, and left Chun alone. Just then, Ethan came. “Chun, can you answer this goddamn phone.” he said in an irritated tone. Chun looked at Ethan, and saw him handing his mobile phone. He took it, and saw that familiar number flashing on the screen. He rejected the call, and turned his phone off. Ethan gave him a confused look. “Hey what did you do that. Isn't that your -” before he could finish his sentence, Chun glared at him. “Shut up.” he said. “You know,, if you don't want her to bother you anymore, then go an buy a new phone.” Ethan said. “She is too smart. She will eventually find my new number. I didn't even know how she knew I am here in Taipei.” Chun said. “You said it yourself. She is a smart girl.” Ethan said, winking at him.

Chun looked outside the window, and saw Ella went out of the house. By the door, he could see an old man wearing hiphop clothes. “That must be groovy grandpa. He is really groovy.” Ethan said. Then, he looked at Ella. “Poor thing, she will have to marry someone she doesn't really love...” Ethan said again. Chun turned his phone on again, and after a second, that number came flashing on his screen. Then, he looked at Ella. And, an idea hit his head. He just hopes that he is not too late to do what he have to do.


“Ella! Selina!” Gu Bao Ming a.k.a. Groovy grandpa exclaimed as soon as he saw his favorite grandchildren. “Grandpa!” Ella and Selina shouted as they hugged him. “I'm so glad to see the two of you. You looked much prettier than before!” he said. “Thanks, groovy grandpa.” Selina said. They all went inside the house. “By the way, I expect to meet your boyfriends today, all right?” grandpa said as he sat on the couch. Selina and Ella looked at each other, then turned to their grandpa. “Eh, grandpa... why don't you take a rest today? I know your flight is really long, and you have a jet lag...” Ella said. Groovy grandpa shook his head. “No, I'm not tired yet. You know that I used to work as a pilot, so I'm used to it. So, when can I meet the men that captivated my granddaughters' hearts?” he said, smiling at the two. “Oh, Anthony will be here in a while. He just need to finish something at their office.” Selina said.

Ella sighed in frustration with what Selina said. Selina is safe now, while she is in big trouble. “And you, Ella?” grandpa asked. Ella paused, and just looked at her grandpa. “Groovy grandpa... about that boyfriend thing...” she said. She saw her grandpa smile meaningfully at her. “Oh no, I'm dead... he is going to make me marry that stranger...” she thought. “Yes, Ellie? About your boyfriend?” grandpa said. She let out a nervous laugh. “Game over, Ella. Admit to your groovy grandpa now that you don't have a boyfriend.” she thought. “'I'm waiting, Ella...” grandpa said. Ella took a deep breath, and began to speak. “About that, grandpa. You see...”

“Ella, honey...”
Ella froze in her place. She slowly turned her head towards the door, and saw Chun smiling at him, and holding a bouquet of flowers. “Honey, I'm back!” Chun said. Ella's eyes widened upon seeing him. Selina just giggled as she nudged Ella. Ella sure is surprised at him. “C-chun? What are you doing here?” she asked. “What else? Didn't you tell me you want me to meet groovy grandpa? So I finished my delivery early so that I could meet your grandpa.” he said. Gu Bao Ming stood up, and looked at Chun. “You are Ellie's boyfriend?” he asked. Chun smiled and nodded his head. “Yes, sir. I am Ellie's boyfriend.” he said. Selina laughed. Groovy grandpa is happy. And Ella could only shake her head in confusion because of what's going on.

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