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Monday, March 22, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 36

Round 36 – Wrong Move

Chun rushed down the stairs as soon as he heard the phone rang. “Hello...” he answered. He heard a sniffing sound on the other line. “C-chunnie?” a familiar voice called. He wrinkled his brow as he sat on the couch. “Bianca?” he called. The only answer from the other line is a sniffing sound. “Bianca? Is that you?”
“It... it's me...”
“Why are you crying? What happened?”

There was an abrupt silence. Then, he heard her began to breakdown. “I... I'm so stupid, Chunnie... Matt... he... he left me again...” Bianca managed to say in between sob. Chun was shocked at what she said. “He did? Again?” he asked. Her cries could only answer his question. “Is he with Joanne again?” he asked. “N-no... no... it's... it's another... girl...” she said. Chun could only listen as she cries on the phone. He wished he could do something to help her out, or comfort her, but he's a thousand miles away from her. “I... I don't know what to do, Chun... I broke up with Sphinx because of him... because I still love him... he... he said he'll change... that he won't hurt me again... but he lied... I felt like a fool for believing him...” Bianca said. “Biancx... now you know better. I've been telling you that before, but you won't believe me. Next time, if he asks you back again, turn him down.”
“I will. I sure will. Anyway... it's just one of the reasons why I called you...”

Chun made a confused look on his face at what Bianca said. “What do you mean?” he asked. “I... well... I got this application for Le Cordon Bleu... I sent one to you through email. I was wondering if you're still interested...” she said. “Yeah, I got that. But... I'm not so sure, Biancx...”
“Come on, Chunnie, this is our dream, remember? Give it a shot.”
“What if my skills are not enough for me to enter that school?”
“It's more than enough, Chun. You're one of the best pastry chefs around. And besides, didn't you win that cake designing contest?”
“Do you think I will qualify?”
“Never doubted that you will not qualify.”

Chun let out a sigh. He sure wanted to go, but his heart was telling him to stay. He just got together with Ella, and he can't leave her alone, especially with his love rival around. “I'll give it a try... but I'm not promising that I can go with you, Bianca.” he said. “Why? Didn't you always wanted to go there?” she asked. “I... I can't leave Ella behind...”
“What do you mean?”
“Ella and I... well... we just got together and... I mean we're together, right? And besides, Sphinx just got back...”
“Are you still insecure with Sphinx? They're best friends, all right? And Sphinx once told me that he only sees Ella as a sister...

Chun let out a sigh. “I wish that's the case...” he thought. Even though he is with Ella now, he still have fears whenever Sphinx is around. He could tell he is feeling something for Ella. And he's just waiting for him to mess up, so that he could be with Ella. “It... it's a long story, Biancx... I'll tell it to next time.” he said. “OK... I guess I'm taking much of your time. I... I just called to tell you about the Le Cordon Bleu thing... I'm sorry if I cried to you about Matt...” Bianca said. Chun let out a laugh at what she said. “It's OK, really. I'm used to it.” she said. “Bye, Chun... send my regard to Ella... and to Sphinx...” Chun could hear her voice breaking upon saying Sphinx's name. “Please... tell him... I'm sorry for everything... or better yet, don't tell that. Just say my regards to him.” she said. “I will.” Chun said. Then he ended the call. He stared at the phone for a long time, and then let out a sigh. “Could it be that Bianca still loves Sphinx?” he thought.


“I know I overreacted the previous day... and I want to make amends for it... to let you know that I'm happy for your decision...” Sphinx told Ella that afternoon. Ella looked up at him, and smiled. “Are you willing to accept now that Chun is my boyfriend, and that he is the man that I love?” she asked. Sphinx let out a smile, and nodded his head. “If you're happy with him, then who am I to get between you guys.” he said. Ella reached for his hand, and held it. “Thank you, Sphinx. Thank you for accepting Chun as my boyfriend.” she said.

Just then, Chun came inside her house, and saw the two together. Ella looked up at him, and smiled. “Chunnie!” she said. She stood up from her seat, and then walked up to him to give him a kiss. Chun eyed Sphinx, and he acknowledged him by nodded his head. “Sphinx and I were talking about you...” she said. “Talk about what?” he asked, eying on his girlfriend. “He said that he want to make up for how he reacted the other day.” she said. Then, Chun looked at him. “Really?” he asked. Sphinx nodded his head. He stood up from his seat, then joined the two lovers. “To show you my sincerity, and to let you know that I approve you for Ella, I would like to invite you for a boys' night out this Friday. Just you and me.” Sphinx said.

With Sphinx being too nice on him, he started to get suspicious. He's not trying to pull some dirty trick on him, is he? But Sphinx is a nice guy, that's what he knows. He's trustworthy, and he knew he won't do anything that will harm him. “This Friday?” he asked. Sphinx nodded his head. “Come on, Chun... it will be fun. Besides, Sphinx haven't been out since he went back to work at the station. Why don't you go out with my best friend?” she said. Chun let out a sigh as he looked at Ella. “If you say so...” she said. With that, Ella clapped his hand. “Great! Don't worry, Chunnie, I trust you. You won't look at other girls, while I'm not around... right?” she said. Chun smiled at her, as he put his arms around her. “Why would I? I already have the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on. And besides, your best friend will be there.” he said. Then, he looked at Sphinx. “I'm with him, Ella. If he flirts with other girls, I'll report it to you.” he said. Ella let out a laugh, then she hugged Chun.

Sphinx watched as the two became cozy with each other. He could feel the green-eyed monster creeping up on him again. “It won't be too long, Sphinx Ting... once this plan is in place, you'll be in Chun's place...” he thought. “Hey, I've got to get going. Need to do a lot of things.” he said to Ella. “OK. Take care, Sphinx.” she said. As he was walking through the door, Chun looked back at him. “By the way, Sphinx... Bianca called.” he said. Sphinx held on the door knob, and then paused. “Bianca?” he asked. The name of his ex-girlfriend suddenly made his heart beat fast. “Yeah... she wants to send her regards to you.” Chun said. Sphinx looked back at him, and smiled. “If she calls you again, send her my regards as well.” he said. Chun smiled, and nodded his head. As Sphinx turned around to leave, the smile on his face slowly disappear. Somehow, he could still the pain whenever someone mentions Bianca's name.


Friday came.

Chun and Sphinx entered the club, and the former looked around the place. “I never thought you like going to these kinds of places...” Chun said. Sphinx let out a laugh as he folded his arms. “Just because I were eyeglasses, and looks so square, it doesn't mean that I don't go out and have fun.” Sphinx said. With that, Chun let out a laugh. “I'm sorry... it's just that it's been a long time since I last set foot on this kind of place.” he said.

They both went up to the bar, and ordered their drinks. They turned their eyes on the dance floor, as the people danced with the techno music. “Sphinx!” Chun heard someone call him. He looked at the direction where Sphinx is looked. He saw a girl walking their way, wearing sexy party dresses. He recognized her – the one who called Sphinx was Larissa, a.k.a. the girl at the beah, a.k.a. Sphinx's ex, a.k.a. Ella's most hated girl. Larissa walked up to Sphinx, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I never thought you would be here.” she said. “I needed a break. And besides, I'm here with a friend.” Sphinx said, pointing at Chun. Larissa looked at him, and gave him a surprised look. “Oh my God! It's you, Chun! I never thought I'd see you again!” she said. Chun just smiled at him as he nodded his head. “Never thought I'd see you here as well.” he said. Larissa looked at Sphinx. “I never thought you two knew each other. Oh, I forgot... he's supposed to be your BFF's boyfriend, right?” Larissa said. Sphinx and Chun nodded their head. Larissa walked up to Chun, and then sat beside him. “So, how's Ella?” she asked. “She's allrght...”
“Why isn't she with you?”
“She doesn't want to go out with me and Sphinx.”
“That's too bad. Anyway, she's such a bore. Oooopppsss... I didn't mean to say that.”

Chun let out a laugh at what she said. Sphinx looked closely at the two as they talked, and a smirk came out of his lips. As Larissa eyed him, he gave her a wink. Larissa let out an evil smile at him. “So, do you want to dance, Chun?” she asked. Chun looked at Sphinx, and he saw him nodded his head. “Go ahead, Chun. Don't worry, I won't tell Ella.” he said. Then, he looked at Larissa confusedly. “Aren't you supposed to ask Sphinx to dance, since he is your ex?” he asked. “Aiyo... it's just a dance, all right? I won't rape you.” she said. Chun let out a sigh. He held Larissa's hand, then they both went to the dance floor.

While they are gone, Sphinx took a sleeping pill from his pocket, and poured it's content on Chun's glass. He stirred it a little, and then waited for them to come back. Then, he looked back the dance floor, and saw Larissa dancing sexily with Chun, and gyrating at him. He took his mobile phone, and began to take pictures of them dancing. “Let's see if Ella could still forgive you after this...” he thought. He let out another smirk as he took his glass for a drink.

While they were dancing, Chun was feeling awkward with the way Larissa dances with him. She was so close, almost rubbing her bare body with his. “Errr... Larissa, should we go back first?” he asked. “Why? Aren't you having fun?” she asked. Chun shook his head. “I need to drink.” he said. The two of them headed back to the bar, and saw Sphinx sitting alone. “Why don't you two dance?” Chun asked. Sphinx let out a laugh, and shook his head. “I'm not a good dancer, and Larissa knows that.” he said. Chun let out a laugh as he took his drink. “OK...” he said.

Sphinx and Larissa anticipated as Chun took his drink, but before he take a sip, he took his glass down, and looked at them. “Hey, are you sure you guys don't want to dance? I'll be OK if you leave the two of me here.” he said, smiling at the two. Larissa let out a sigh, and Sphinx could only laugh. “It's OK, Chun... really.” he said. Chun took his glass again. As his mouth came in contact with it, the two held their breath as he took a sip. But, before he could sip again, he put his glass down. “Hey, did Ella call you?” he asked. Sphinx pounded his fist on the bar in frustration. “Because, you know, she might be worried about us. What time are we leaving this place, anyway?” Chun said. Sphinx took a deep breath, and smiled at him. “She haven't called yet. Anyway, I told her not to disturb us on our night out.” he said. Chun nodded his head as he listened to him. He took his glass again, and put it on his mouth. Before the alcohol could touch his lips, he put the glass down again. “Are you sure you two don't want to dance?” Chun asked.

Larissa groaned in frustration. “Drink that damn drink!” she thought. She let out a sigh, and gave him a smile. “In a while. Why don't you finish your drink up?” she asked. Chun gave her a confused look. “Why? What's the hurry?” he asked. “Because I'll be buying you and Sphinx another round after you finished that.” she said. Chun nodded his head. He took his glass, and this time, he finished his drink till the last drop. Sphinx and Larissa sighed with relief as he finished his drink. “So, another round? I can take one more. Ella won't get mad at me if I have another drink, right?” Chun said. Larissa could only shake her head. “For the love of God, stop saying that bitch's name!” she thought. “I think it's forgivable if you have another drink, Chun.” Sphinx said. Chun smiled at him. “OK.” he said. Then, he leaned on the counter, and ordered another drink. Larissa looked at her watch, it was past 5 minutes since Chun finished his drink, and it should already have an effect on him. She walked towards Sphinx, and leaned on him. “Did you put the sleeping pill on his drink?” she whispered at him. Sphinx nodded his head. He looked at Chun, who seems to be more alive than ever. “He should be knocked down right now!” she hissed at her ex-girlfriend. “Relax, all right? It will work on him.” he said.

Larissa walked by Chun's side, and smiled at him. “So, want another drink? My treat.” she said, smiling sweetly at him. Chun smiled at her, and shook his head. “No, I'm OK.” he said. Then, after a second, his head fell on the counter.


“Why isn't he answering...” Ella said as she looked at the phone. “A bar is a place with loud music, my dear cousin. So, don't bother trying to call your boyfriend.” Selina said. “But, I just want to find out if he's having fun!” Ella said. Selina rolled her eyes at her cousin, then she folded her arms. “Dear, if your boyfriend is not having fun with your best friend, then he would have called you.” she said. Ella just let out a sigh. “All right, I guess he and Sphinx are having fun. I won't bother them for a while.” she said.

Then, she put her phone on her side table. As she lay down on her bed to sleep, a message came in. And that message contained a picture of Chun with Larissa.


Larissa opened the door of her pad, and then helped Sphinx as they dragged the sleeping Chun inside. They threw him on the bed, and then both of them catch their breath. “He sure is heavy!” Sphinx complained. He folded his arms, and he smiled evilly at the still unconscious guy on bed. Larissa threw herself beside Chun, and then looked at him. “So, do you think I look good with him?” she asked. Sphinx nodded his head. “Well, you can have him by yourself. Enjoy being in the arms of Wu Ji Chun.” Sphinx said.

He turned around to leave, but before he could make that step, Larissa called him. “Wait... what if he didn't wake up?” she asked. Sphinx looked back at her. “He will. Don't worry.” he said. Larissa tried to kiss Chun, but he was not responding to his kiss. “He's so knocked down, Sphinx....” she told him. “Don't worry about a thing. He's a man, all right. For sure by now he's having wet dreams.” Sphinx said. Larissa looked down on Chun's pants, then he looked up at Sphinx, and shook her head. “Do you think this will work out?” Larissa asked. “It will. Just strip him naked... get naked... let nature take it's course. You know. As if you've never done that before!” Sphinx said.

She let out a sigh. Then, she smiled at him. “All right, thanks for the help, Sphinx. Now, get out and let me enjoy by myself.” she said. “Thanks for the help as well, Larissa. Enjoy!” Sphinx said. As Sphinx leaves her place, Larissa began to strip Chun while raping him.


The next morning...

Ella heard a loud knock on the door. She rushed down the stairs, and opened it. She saw Sphinx standing outside. “Oh, hey Sphinx!” she said. “Hey, Ellie.” Sphinx said. “So, what happened last night? Was it fun hanging out with my boyfriend?” she asked. Sphinx nodded his head. “Yeah. He's a big drinker, I must say, but fun to be with.” he said.

Ella let out a smile, and then let him in. “So, have you seen Chun yet? He must have a big hangover...” Sphinx said worriedly. Ella shook her head, much to his content. “I tried calling him, but his phone is off. Maybe he does have a big hangover, that's why he's not answering.” she said. Just then, Ethan came inside their house. “Sphinx, thank God you're here. Where's Chun?” Ethan asked. Sphinx and Ella gave him a confused look. “Why are you asking Sphinx where he is?” Ella asked. “Because he have not been back since last night. I'm getting worried. I tried calling him, but he's not answering my call. His phone is off.” Ethan said worriedly.

Ella took the phone from her pocket, and noticed that she have an unread message. Curious, Ella opened the message, and her face fell upon seeing what's inside it. It was a picture of Chun and Larissa dirty dancing at the bar. Ella looked at Sphinx, and showed him the picture. “Have you met Larissa at the bar?” she asked. Sphinx nodded his head. “Yeah, we did. Chun asked her to dance with him, so she did.” he said. Then, he looked at the picture. “I already warned him about dirty dancing with Larissa, but he was too drunk... he doesn't know what he's doing...” Sphinx added.

Ethan walked up to them, and then took a look at the picture at Ella's phone. Then, he looked at Ella. “Well... he could be crazy at times, especially when he's drunk. You say he is with a girl?” he asked. Sphinx nodded his head. Ethan looked closely at the picture. “Hmmm... he doesn't look drunk to me...” he said. “But he is.” Sphinx insisted.

Suddenly, Ella felt her heart beating fast because of nervous. She felt something wrong might have happened. She suddenly remembered Larissa's threat that she will steal Chun from her. And last night was her chance. “Where... where could Chun be?” she asked worriedly. “I remember, before we parted ways, he said he will drop off Larissa at her pad...” Sphinx said. With that, she became sure of her haunch. She felt her own heart beating fast, and the faster it beats, the more that it shatters. “Oh my God...” she whispered. Ethan and Sphinx could see the hurt on her face. “Oh my God... please... don't let it... please...” she said. Her eyes were almost wet from the tears forming from her eyes. “What do you mean?” Sphinx asked. Ella looked at Sphinx, with a scared expression on her face. “Larissa... wants to steal Chun from me...” she said to him.

“Ella, as Chun's best friend and representative here, I would have to tell you that you are being paranoid. Knowing him, when he gets into a serious relationship, he never cheats on his girlfriend. And look, he have been single before and in love with Bianca... even though he could have a lot of girlfriends, he chose not to because of Bianca. If he was able to keep faithful to her before, with the fact that Bianca was never his girlfriend, why would he cheat on you?” Ethan said. Ella turned to Ethan. “It's not that, Ethan. I trust Chun... it's Larissa that I don't trust... what if she seduced him? What if he wasn't strong enough to resist her?” she said. “Ella, Chun would never do that...” Ethan said. “Then, there's one way to find out...” Sphinx said. Both Ella and Ethan looked at him. “Ellie, let's go to Larissa's pad...” he said.


They reached Larissa's pad. As Ella was about to knock, she felt the hesitation filling her in again. She was scared of what she will see as soon as that door opens. “Ella... you can do it. You want to find out, right?” Sphinx said. Ella looked at him, and slowly nodded his head. “I... I suppose...” she said in a low voice. As she made a soft knock, the door opened, much to her surprise. They entered her pad, and then Sphinx lead her to Larissa's bedroom door.

“I... I'm not ready. Can we turn back now?” Ella asked in a scared tone. “You just have to find out...” Sphinx. “What if my intuition failed me this time? Maybe I am being paranoid. Maybe by now, Chun's back in his apartment. Let's go back...” she said. As she turned around, Sphinx blocked her way. “I trust your intuition, Ella...” he said. Ella looked at him helplessly. She is scared to find out that her haunch is right after all. She's scared to see Larissa and Chun together. She's scared to have her heart broken upon seeing them together. Sphinx put his hands on her shoulder, and looked into her eyes, assuring her that it will be all right. “No matter what happens, Ella... I'm just here.” he said. Ella slowly nodded her head, and then turned to face the door.

Ella reached for the door knob, and then slowly opened the door. As the door finally opened, the sight before her was enough to make her weak because of heartache. On the bed were naked bodies of a man and a woman. Right before her, he saw her beloved man sleeping peacefully on her bed, with the woman she despised the most, in his arms.

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