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Sunday, November 29, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Before I Let You Go

Letting love go is never easy
But I love you so that's why I set you free
I know someday, somehow I'll find a way
To leave it all behind me
Guess it wasn't meant to be
But baby, before I let you go
I want to say I love you...


Arron punched his brother hard on the face, making Chun fall on the floor. He opened his eyes, and Chun saw his brother walking up to him. He could see the anger registered on his face. “Arron?” he asked in a confused tone. “Why?” he asked him. “Of all people, why does it have to be you, my own brother?” he continued. Chun stood up from the floor, and faced him. “What do you mean?” he asked again. Arron clenched his fist again, and then punched his brother again. “You had an affair with Ella! How could you do this, Chun? How could you?!” Arron shouted again. Chun was shocked at what he said. He never thought that his brother would eventually found out about his relationship with Ella while he was gone, and he felt guilty. He knew he have hurt his brother with what he did.

“You are the bastard who broke her heart. And you are the same bastard who was cheating on Ariel. How can you hurt them? How can you be selfish, Chun?” Arron shouted angrily at him. Chun took a deep breath, and closed his eyes for a second. Then, as he opened it, he turned to face his brother with an apologetic look. “I'm sorry...” he whispered. This made Arron more furious. “Sorry? You're sorry?! That's all you've got to say, huh?! You're sorry that you broke Ella's heart, and then you're breaking Ariel's heart as well?” Arron shouted again. “I did not mean to do it!” Chun shouted at him. “You didn't? So while me and Ariel were gone, you were flirting with Ella? Are you flirting with other girls besides her? Or maybe, all the time that Ariel is gone, you're cheating on her with some random girls! Maybe you had other girlfriends before aside from her. Maybe -”

Chun couldn't help it anymore, and he punched Arron in his face. He was so angry at his accusations. All this time, he have been faithful with Ariel, and he only made a mistake once. Now, his brother is accusing him of something he have not done. “I never cheated Ariel. I never did. I loved her with all my heart.” he began. Arron remained unmoved, he never dared to face his brother, or listen to what Chun have to say. “I only made a mistake once, and just now... so don't dare accusing me of things I have not done!” he said. Arron let out a mocking laugh, and then faced him this time. “So, does that mean I should not accuse you of having an affair with Ella and breaking her heart? Damn you, Chun! I heard everything! I heard everything that I have to know between you and Ella!”
“I did not mean to hurt her!”
“But you did!”
“She was the one who broke my heart first!”
“You never know what she's gone through!”
“Do you?”
“I know!”
“You don't know the whole story, Arron.”
“Then tell me! Make me understand! Tell me the goddamn truth, Chun! Tell me!”

Chun took another deep breath to calm himself. “it wasn't my intention to fall in love with her. I... I just did. Before I knew it... I was falling helplessly in love with Ella...” he said calmly. He walked slowly towards him as he looked into his eyes. “Arron, I love Ella, and I know having a relationship with her is wrong. But I love her enough to make things right... but she didn't give me that chance. She broke up with me as soon as Ariel and you came home, and you know why? Because she felt guilty for having an affair with me... she doesn't want to hurt Ariel, so she chose to hurt me instead.” Chun said. As he speaks he didn't notice the tears falling from his eyes. “I was more than willing to with her. I was willing to break off my engagement with Ariel, face grandpa's wrath, just to be with her forever... I am willing to give up everything I have just to be with her... but she gave up on us because she knew what we had is wrong, and that she will breaking Ariel's heart and your heart.” he continued.

Arron never took off his glare on his brother as he listened to him speak. “Do you still love Ella?” he asked. Chun closed his eyes and nodded his head. “If loving her is a mistake, then I would rather be wrong for the rest of my life...” he said softly. “Damn you!” Arron shouted at him again. “Damn you, Chun! How can you be selfish? Ariel loves you so much, that she gave up the life she have always wanted just to be your wife! Can't you see how much she have sacrificed just to be with you forever? She had a great job abroad! She was enjoying the time of her life there! But what did she do? She turned her back on it just because of you! You're not even worth even 1% of her love, Chun... because you are selfish. You have always be selfish! You don't deserved to be love by Ariel or Ella!” he shouted at him again. Then, he stormed out of the mansion, leaving his brokenhearted brother behind.


Ella heard a soft knock on the door. She got up from her seat, and opened it. As she opened the door, she saw Arron. His face was emotionless as he looked up at her, it was like he was to tired after a long battle. “Can we talk?” he asked. Ella nodded her head, and let Arron in. “I'm sorry about what happened a while ago...” Ella told him. Arron did not answer her and kept silent. “I... I was feeling unwell, I hope your brother told you why I left you early...” she continued. “Ge never came back for Ariel after the two of you talked. He left Ariel with me again...” he said with a hint of anger in his tone. “Maybe... maybe he had some urgent things to do at the office...” she said softly.

Arron looked up at her, and Ella could clearly see the anger in his face. “I know, Ella... I already know about you and my brother...” he said. Ella turned her back on him, and hugged herself. Now she knows why Arron came for her – he wanted an explanation for what happened between her and Chun. “Why him, Ella? Why did you have to fall in love with my brother?” Arron asked. Ella simply shook her head in confusion. “I don't know, Arron... I don't know...” she whispered. “How can't you know? Ella, you should know! What made you fall for him? What did he do that made you love him so much?” he asked her. Ella turned to face him, and then a tear rolled down her face. She smiled sadly at him. “Little things, Arron... little things...” she said. Arron gave her a confused look.

“I never thought I would fall in love with your brother, because he is the exact opposite of my dream guy. He's the exact opposite of you, Arron... but then as days passes by, I realized that he's not as bad as I thought he was. He is strict, but he is strict because he wanted to bring out the best in me. He can be bossy, but sometimes his bossiness means that he's just playing a prank on me. He loved annoying me, and when I'm really annoyed, he always makes this cute scared expression. He is protective... to protective at times... but it's because he cares for me a lot. He can be top serious at work, but he can also be as playful as a kid. He always keeps his feelings inside, but he showed me that he can be weak sometimes...” she said. As she was speaking, she was smiling sadly and recalling the times she had with Chun. She never thought that reliving their memories again would make her cry once more. “He never smiles, but he had the sweetest smile I have ever seen in my life. He can be such a scaredy-cat at times, especially when it's dark. He is a pervert, especially when he drinks too much, but he is a real gentleman. He was always there beside me, looking after me. Never did he left my side, especially when I needed him the most...” she continued.

As he looked at Ella, he couldn't help but cry as well. Seeing her like this breaks his heart as well, but what broke his heart the most is the fact that his brother fell in love with her, and with the girl he loves the most – Ariel. “You still love my brother, don't you?” he asked. Ella closed her eyes, and nodded her head. “It will always be him... he will always have my heart...” she said. Arron took a deep breath, and closed his eyes, not wanting to cry in front of her anymore. “Why does he always have to take away those that I want? Why can't he let me be happy? Why do you have to love him?” he asked. “Arron, if I had the will, I would have stayed in love with you... but I couldn't help but fall for him.” she whispered. He lowered his head, and shook it. He couldn't handle the things he found out this day. He doesn't want to understand anything anymore. “I'm sorry, Ella...” he said. Ella looked at him, and saw him heading out the door. She immediately followed him, worried about what he might do. “Arron, wait!” she shouted. As she got out of the house, she saw him inside his car, leaving her.


“Can I come in?” Chun heard his father ask. Jonas did not wait for his son's reply, and he entered his room. Chun sat on his bed with his arms hugging his knees. His head was bowed down, and Jonas could tell that his son is crying. “I heard everything, Chun...” he said. Chun looked up at him, and gave him a blank stare. “I won't ask you anything about what happened, Chun. All I want to know is how you are feeling.” he said. Chun looked away from his father. His tears kept on falling from his eyes. Jonas sat beside him, and watched as his son cry. “You have to let it out, Chun. You can't always be strong, remember that.” he said. “I'm wrong, I know that dad... and my mistake made my younger hate me a lot... I hurt Ariel, and I hurt his best friend...” he said in a low voice. “Then, you should correct what you've done... but it seems to me that you're making another mistake, Chun.” Jonas said.

Chun looked up at his father, confused by what he said. “Chun, you are making another mistake in marrying Ariel, if you knew inside your heart that it's Ella that you really love. Break up with her while you still have time, son...” he said. Chun shook his head. “It's too late now, dad... Ella... she's out of my life. She won't come back for me. I have let her go... I know I've been selfish dad... and I can't be selfish by asking Ella to stay and wait for me till I make things right. She deserves to be happy... even if it means I'm not part of her happiness anymore...” he said. “But are you sure this is what Ella wants as well?” Jonas asked. Chun nodded his head. “She wants me to marry Ariel. She wants me to be with her. It made me think at first that she doesn't really love me... but she does, dad. It's just that she can't break our hearts anymore... and she think letting me go would make all things right... I wanted us to have another chance and when I thought she deprived me that chance... she was too late for I couldn't wait for her anymore...” he said.

Jonas put his arm around him to comfort him. “Ella have made her decision, and if you think marrying Ariel will make things right, then go with it.” he said. Chun nodded his head. “But remember this – everything happens for a reason. There is a bigger plan for you and Ella, that's why God let it end this way. We don't know what destiny holds for the two of you. If your love for each other is strong enough, one day your paths will cross again, and the two of you can be together if the wrong became right, and the impossible can be possible. You just have to hold onto Him, because who knows, He's also holding Ella's hand, and when the time is right, He will let the two of you be together once again.” Jonas said. Chun looked up at his father, and nodded his head.


Arron opened the door of the mansion, and gently, he made his way to the stairs. “Finally, you're home...” he heard a voice said. He looked back, and saw his grandpa walking up to him. “You've been home for weeks now, and we haven't had the chance to talk...” grandpa said. Arron looked away from his grandfather. “Grandpa, I'm tired right now...” he said. He made a step up the stairs, but he heard his grandfather speak again. “I know. You've been helping your brother with his wedding, and you're busy courting Ella, am I right?” he asked. Arron looked at him, and saw him smiling at him. “I don't want to help ge anymore. I have nothing to do with his wedding.” he answered. He looked away from him again, and made another step.

“But even if you don't want to help your brother, I know you couldn't resist Ariel, right?” grandpa asked. Arron paused again, and gave his grandpa a confused look. “i know what happened a while ago. There's nothing in this mansion that I didn't know. I am an old man with too much time in his hands, so I know what happened.” grandpa said. “So, you know about Ella and Chun?” he asked. “I know everything from the start. I've seen how the love blooms between them.”
“But why didn't you stop them, grandpa? Why didn't you stop Chun, and save Ella the heartache?”
“Because I am not in the position to stop them from falling in love. Everything is all up to them.”
“You know Chun is going to marry your best friend's granddaughter, and yet you let Chun toy with Ella's feeling?”

Grandpa just smiled at him, and walked behind Arron. “Chun is being true to himself when he told Ella he love her. Ella is just being true to herself when she loved Chun. I think it was for the best when Chun fell in love with her, he wasn't the usual cranky and serious Chun we know. It just so happened that they started their relationship as a mistake. But I know, they didn't mean to hurt the two of you.” he said. He looked up at Arron, and gave him another warm smile. “And I know that Ella love you so much. She loved you, that it seemed her world revolved around you. But a heart also gets tired, Arron. Maybe she grew tired of loving you, of waiting for you, and Chun was there. Chun looked after her and took care of her while you're gone. Then, they found themselves falling for each other. Ella wanted to feel what it's like to be loved back, something that you have not done for her, so she gave Chun the chance to love her.” he continued. “My brother is still selfish, grandpa...” he said. Grandpa nodded his head. “I know. Because at first, he took away your first love, and now, he took away your best friend. Am I right? You're mad at your brother, not because of Ella. You're mad at him because of Ariel.” he said.

Arron was stunned at what he said. He was so surprised that he wasn't able to speak to correct him. “I know from the start that you love Ariel, Arron.” grandpa said. Arron looked away from him again. “I love her as my sister.” he said defensively. “You love her as a woman, Arron. And I know she is the reason why you cant love Ella back.” grandpa said. Arron fell silent at what he said. His grandfather spoke the truth, he spoke of what's inside his heart. “And just like Ella, you secretly loved Ariel, because you're scared your brother will be mad at you... because you've been wanting his attention all this time. You thought he blames you for your mother's death, when everything is my fault why he became like that. If Chun made a mistake with Ella, then learn from it, Arron. Correct his mistake. Be true to yourself, Arron.” grandpa said. Arron just shook his head. “You think too much, grandpa. I'm not in love with Ariel...” he said.

He walked up the stairs, ignoring his grandfather. “You can lie to everyone, Arron, but you can never lie to yourself. You love Ariel. That's the plain truth.” he said. He took a deep breath, and then went up the stairs. Grandpa could only watch him as he runs away from him. “And I thought I can correct this misunderstanding by talking to you... you were the one who's meant to marry Ariel, and not your brother, Arron... I hope one day you'll realize it...” he said. He let out a smile, and went up to his room.


Ariel walked in front of the full-length mirror, and looked at her reflection. “Am I doing the right thing?” she asked herself. In a few months, she will be marrying Chun. This would happen eventually, and this will happen soon. But even if she have anticipated it, she's doubting herself if she should marry him. She knew in her heart it wasn't Chun that she loves, but his brother. She loves Arron, but sadly, he is in love with someone else.

“I'm going to be Mrs. Chun Yan-Wu...” she said, smiling sadly to herself. Then, she paused. There was something in what she said that doesn't feel right. She looked at her reflection again, and stared at it for a long time. “Ariel Yan-Wu, Chun Yan-Wu's wife...” she said. Then, she shook her head. It doesn't feel right. It doesn't sound right. She looked up at her reflection again, and let out a smile. “Hi, I'm Ariel, Chun Yan-Wu's... wife...” she said, her voice faltering. Still, it didn't sound right, nor did it sound good. “I'm Mrs. Chun Yan-Wu...” she said. Then, she paused again. “This isn't going to work out...” she thought sadly.

She closed her eyes, and the first thing that came into her mind is Arron. The image of Arron smiling shyly at her came into her mind. She could remember the way he looked at her, and how he held her close to him. She realized she was smiling as she remembered him. “Arron Yan-Wu...” she whispered. Then, she opened her eyes. With a smile on her face, she practiced her line again. “Hi, I'm Ariel. I'm Arron Yan-Wu's wife.” she said. Somehow, saying that line made it sound and feel right. Like it's meant to be, like the words she said just rhymed. “I'm Arron's wife...” she said again.

As she remembered Chun, the smile on her face slowly faded. She couldn't do this, she thought. She can never be Arron's wife. Ella is the one whom Arron loves. And Chun, he is the man she is meant to marry. As much as she wanted to break off their engagement, she couldn't do it, because the man she really loves doesn't love her back. Or so she thought.


Chun got out of his room, and he saw Arron standing before him. He looked at her, but not with anger. Its as if there's no trace of his fury from yesterday. “Arron...” he said as he smiled at him. “You said you love Ella...” Arron began. Chun slowly nodded his head. “Do you love Ariel?” Arron asked. “I still do.” Chun answered. He heard his brother let out a sigh upon hearing his answer. “You still have a chance with Ella, you know.” Arron said. Chun shook his head. “I thought you heard everything yesterday? We already ended our relationship. We said our goodbyes. It's too late for the two of us to be together.” Chun said. Arron smirked at him, and shook his head. “You're wrong, Chun. It's not yet too late. It will only be too late if you continue with this mistake.” Arron said. “She made a decision. She already made a decision for the two of us.”
“And you'll just go with that? What about you? What's your decision? Will it be Ariel, or will it be Ella?”
“My decision is out of the question here, Arron. I just want to make things right, so I'm sticking with Ella's decision.”

He turned away from his brother, and began to walk away from him. “This will be the first and last time I'll ask of you this, Chun...” he heard Arron say. He paused, and then looked back at him. “You have to make your own decision now. Who's it gonna be? Ariel or Ella? Are you sure you want to marry Ariel? Don't you want to be with Ella anymore?” Arron asked. Chun fell silent at his question. “Answer me, Chun! Is it gonna be Ariel or Ella?” he asked again. He sighed, and then stared into his brother's eyes. “If Ella is here, she would ask me to choose Ariel. I'm choosing Ariel, for her sake.” Chun said. He turned his back on him again, and made a step away from him. “Fine. Now that you made your decision, then remember this. You have to take care of Ariel. You have to promise me that you will not do anything to break her heart anymore. I won't tell her anything, but you have to promise me that you'll love her, and her alone. Do you understand?” Arron said. Chun looked at him, and nodded his head. “I will...” he whispered. “And one more thing...” Arron continued. “now that you chose Ariel... you have to promise me you won't have anything to do with Ella anymore.” he said. Chun looked back at his brother and gave him a confused look. “I will take Ella with me. I will take care of her. I will make her mine, Chun. Not even you can stop me from loving her.” he said. Chun could only give his brother a surprised look.

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