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Sunday, April 4, 2010
The Man-Hater - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Defeated By You

“Uhm... hi...”

A tall guy said as he walked up the stage. On his right hand, he was holding a guitar. “I'm Calvin Chen. Most of you should know that already.” the crowd laughed. He scratched his head as he eyed at the one taking the video. “Well... I... uh... I'm going to sing... as you can all see...” he said, letting out a shy smile. Everyone laughed again. “I'm going to sing a song for a very special girl. Jia Hua, this is for you.” he said.

He took his guitar, and began to strum it.

Don't be afraid
I can meet you half way
We cant always know
Where the road ends up
But with some luck
I know we can go
Where-ever we imagine

Ella curled up to her bed. Her eyes focused on the TV screen, showing Ah Ru's boyish face. As he sang her favorite song, a tear fell down her eyes involuntarily. She watched him as he smiled, singing her favorite song to her during one of their annual talent shows back in college.

And I imagine you and me
Just taking shots at what we see
And if we falter
Take away the dust
And just outlast them all
You ought to see
All your heroes in me
But if we get wise
We can break the walls we make
And you can see in my eyes
Whatever we imagine...

A loud clap was heard as soon as he finished his song. The video move, she remember it's because Rainie and Hebe were nudging her. She moved the camera to focus on Ah Ru as he walked down the stage. He came near her, and smiled at the camera. “Do you love it?” he asked. “Love it!” she answered. “I love you too!” he said, kissing her through the camera.

She took the remote control, and ended the video. She buried her face on her palm, and let out a cry. “Ah Ru...” she whispered. It's been seven years, and though she tried to forget the pain, she just couldn't She doesn't know why he left, why he suddenly disappeared in her life. She doesn't know why suddenly, he have stopped loving her. She doesn't know why he had to leave her on their wedding day.

After Ah Ru left her, she have changed a lot. Since he left, she became numb, not caring a bit about people around her. She have learned not to trust anyone. She have learned to keep her distance from people. Guess it's true that when the love of your life left you for no apparent reason, it will bring out the worst in you.

Finally, she stopped crying. She stood up from her bed, and headed to the bathroom. She splashed some cold water on her face, and the looked at herself in the mirror. Somehow, she is getting tired of all of this – of seeking answers to questions, of being all alone, of waiting for that one person that will never come back.


“Why are you guys taking me here?” Ella said as Hebe and Rainie pulled her inside the bar. “It's all Rainie's idea!” Hebe shouted, so that Ella could hear her amidst the loud music. “We noticed that you were so sad nowadays. You're probably stressed out, so let's party, all right!” Rainie told her. She had nothing against them bringing her to a club, but this is the same club where she met that despicable man named Wu Ji Chun. “And if you see your bastard of an ex again?” Ella asked Rainie. “To hell with him! I found a guy a hundred times better than him!” Rainie said. Ella just shook her head. Yep, that's her best friend, all right. Easily falls in love, easily moves on after crying, ans easily finds a new guy. Somehow, she wished she could be just like her.

“I need to find a way to get her thought my fingers... aside from her past..” Chun said to Show as they drank at the bar. “Well, you got all the information about her that you needed. The only thing left is to be close to her. And the question is, how?” Show said. “I will get close to that man-hater, don't worry. I will.” he said. “OK. But the next time you try to be close to her, make sure to have the number of the hospital ready, all right?” Show joked. Chun just glared at him.

As Show leaned back on the bar, he saw Ella and her friends at one of the tables. “Chun....” he said as he nudged him. Chun looked at him, and saw him pointing at something. He looked back, and saw Ella and her friends at one of the table. “Although she is too serious, she do know how to party, huh?” Show said. Chun looked at her, watching her every move. He watched her as she took a sip from her drink. He watched her as she danced with her friends. Then, a smirk was formed on his lips. “I will corner you tonight, Ella Chen... I won't stop till I have you on my bed tonight.” he said to himself.

“Hebe, can we go to the powder room?” Ella asked her friend. Hebe nodded her head, and went with her to the powder room. Rainie left the two of them a few minutes ago upon seeing her new boyfriend. What the two didn't know is that Chun was watching their every move, and he followed them. He waited for the two to get out of the powder, and as soon as they did, he blocked their way. “Excuse me, but you're blocking our way.” Ella said in annoyed tone. “Can we talk?” Chun asked her. Ella folded her arms as she smirked. “We have nothing to talk about.” she said. Chun let out a groan. “Oh, come on, Ella. All I want is to get close to you. Why can't you give me that chance?”
“I told you, I don't like wasting my time on guys like you.”
“Guys like me? So if I weren't me, you will give me a chance to talk to you?”
“Then, why is it that you don't want to be around me? I just want us to talk, all right?”

Ella looked at Hebe meaningfully, and with that, Hebe understood what she meant – that she wants to fool him and make him believe that she is a lesbian. “Wei, can you get out of our way now, mister?” Hebe told him. “Look, just a talk. Five minutes of your time.” Chun insisted. “Can't you see, mister, Ella and I are on a date? Why would I let my girlfriend talk to you?” Hebe said. Then, she put her arms around her. Chun was surprised at what Hebe said. “Girlfriend?” he asked. The two nodded their heads. Chun knew that they were just fooling him. He let out a smirk, and folded his arms. “Oh really?” he asked. They nodded their heads again. “Then prove to me that you are really together. Kiss her.” Chun told Ella as he pointed at Hebe. Ella let out a smirk at him. “All right, if that's what you want.” she said. Then, she turned to Hebe. She held her by the cheek, and gave her a smack on the lips. Chun was shocked at what she did. He never thought that she would accept his dare. Furious, Chun took her by the hand, and grabbed her out of the bar.

“Let me go!” Ella said as he struggled free from him. As soon as they got out at the back of the bar, Chun let her hand go. She thought she could get away from him, but Chun held her by her shoulders, and pinned her on the wall. “What the fuck was that all about?!” he said angrily at him. “You want to know why I don't like you? It's simple I'm a lesbian, all right?” she shouted at him. Chun could only glare at her. “And you think I will fall for that?!”

Ella was shocked at his reaction. “For Pete's sake, I knew you were supposed to marry some jerk who left you at the altar. Do you think you can fool me? No way! I don't believe that you're a lesbian!”
“I am, all right!”
“No, you're not!”
“Maybe I was the one who backed out because I can't love a man!”
“You loved a man, and nothing could change that. You are not a lesbian.”
“I am!”

Chun let out a groan as he hit his hand on the wall. “Are you sure that you are, Ella Chen?” he asked. She nodded her head. “Then, if you are... I have no other choice but to turn you into a woman.” he said. He cupped her cheek, and then leaned on her to give her a passionate long kiss on the lips.

Ella struggled to get away from his as he kissed her, but he was holding her tight, and there's no way she can get away from him. She hated the fact that he is kissing her, and she hated the fact that as his kisses get deeper and deeper, she felt wanting more of it. She hit him with her hands, but no matter how hard she hit, Chun didn't let her go. Just then, he released her and broke her kiss. He stared at her for a long time, and saw the fear on her eyes. They, they heard sirens. Ella looked up, and saw a police car. Now, she knew what to do to get back at him for kissing him.

“Help! I'm being raped! Help!


She cried on her best friend's shoulder.
He sat on the chair as the police glared at him.
He felt so helpless as he sat on that chair.

“Mr. Wu... I never thought you would force a woman to be with you... not to mention, attempting to rape her.” the police officer said. Chun looked up at him, and tried to reason out, but with the position he was with Ella the moment they came to rescue her, he knew that they will not accept his alibi. “But... officer... you don't understand....” he said. The police officer just shook his head in dismay. “And I thought you are a gentleman, Mr. Wu.... Aiyo... you let our hopes down. You are a shame to our gender.” the officer said.

Ella continued to cry on Hebe's shoulder. She peeked at Chun (who looked really helpless), let out a smirk to herself, and cried again. “Ms. Chen... if you say the word...” the police officer told her. Ella looked at him with tears on her eyes. “Sir, I... I want him to be imprisoned just for tonight. Let him learn his lesson, please?” she said. The police nodded his head. Then, he turned to Chun, and carried him by his collar. Then, he put Chun in a cell, together with two tough looking men. “Oh, we have a newbie here...” one of the men said. “And he does look cute. What's your name, honey?” another man said. He put his arm around his neck, and Chun could only give them a scared look. “Please... don't touch me...” he pleaded. But they didn't hear him. Instead, the man who was holding him was giving him a kiss on the neck. “Please don't... I don't like you... please...” he pleaded.

Ella saw what was happening inside the cell, and couldn't help but laugh at him. “Serve you right.” she thought. As the two men were making their moves on Chun, she heard him let out a shout. “Waaaaahhhh! Help me! Anyone! Please!”

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