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Saturday, April 4, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Close to you

With you by my side
Girl it feels all right
And now that I'm close to you
I could stay all night
No matter where I go
No matter what I do
In the end your smile
Will bring me back to you


“She's my best friend.” Arron said to them. Ella blushed upon hearing what he said. Well, it's close to him telling them that she's his girlfriend, right? “Oh...” both his grandpa and dad said. And they both thought that she is the girlfriend. His father extended his hand to her, and smiled. “I'm Arron's father, Jonas Wu.” he said.. Ella shook his hand. “Hi, Mr. Wu, I'm Ella Chen...” she said. “Oh, please call me Uncle Jonas. I'm glad to meet one of Arron's friend here in school.” he said. Then, the elderly man smiled at her, and shook her hand as well. “I'm Wu Jian Ling, I'm Arron's younger brother, but you can call me grandpa.” he said. Ella couldn't help but laugh at the old man's joke. “Nice meeting you, grandpa.” Ariel looked at her, and smiled. “Hi, Ella. I'm Ariel, Arron's future sister-in-law.” she said Ella smiled at her and shook her hand. “It's nice meeting you as well, Ariel.” she said. She felt giddy meeting Arron's family. She never thought Arron would introduce him to them, and she wondered if Gui Gui was able to meet his family as well.

“So, is she also going to be my daughter-in-law?” She heard Arron's father asked. He looked at uncle Jonas, and saw him winking at his son. She looked at Arron, and saw him blushing. “Dad... stop it...” he muttered. He looked embarrassed in front of him, but she felt more giddy. “Maybe Arron likes me after all...” she thought. “Yes, Jonas... stop teasing your son. I bet he haven't proposed to Ella yet...” grandpa said. “Actually, Arron and I are really good friends.” Ella said. She felt happy that his family would accept her, and would consider her being part of their family in the future. Ella looked at Arron, and saw him nodding his head. “That's right. Ella here helped me with my subjects. She's a dean's lister, I forgot to mention.” he said. “Wow, not only is your best friend pretty, she's a smart girl too!” Uncle Jonas said. Ella just blushed at what his father said. “Ella,” she heard Ariel call. She looked up at her, and saw her smiling at her. “We're going to have a small dinner party at our house to celebrate Arron's performance. Would you like to join us?” Ariel asked. Ella looked at Arron, and he saw him giving her puppy eyes. “Please?” he asked. “OK...” she answered. Anyway, she can't say no to the guy he loves, right?


“Come, I'll show you my room...” Arron said as he opened the door. Ella followed Arron inside his room, and found its walled filled with his drawings and paintings. “Wow... you made all of these?” she asked in an awed tone. Arron looked at her and nodded his head. “I made them during my free time.” he said. “Wow! You're really talented, Arron! One day, you'll be a great painter, Arron. Just do your best. Jia You!” she said to him. Arron just laughed at her shaking his head. “I really wish I would become a painter, Ella...” he said. Ella saw the smile slowly fading in his lips. Arron sat on his bed, and Ella sat beside him. “I really wanted to paint. That's my greatest dream. But...”
“I don't think it would happen...”
“But why? You're really good. If you'll just put your heart in it, you'll make it.”
Arron just smiled at her. Her encouragement means a lot to him, Guess he have tell her the reason why he couldn't fulfill his dream as a painter, after all, they're friends. “I know dad would like me to do whatever it is I want to do. He's not a strict dad, Ella... but there are just things that I can't do because I am one of the heirs of the Wu...” he began. “I have my obligations and responsibilities in our family. And one of them is to help run our company in the future. They may not say it, but they expect a lot from me, especially Chun Ge... well, Chun Ge expects me to help him in the future. I understand, since I've seen him sacrifice a lot for the company ever since dad quit and grandpa retired...” he said. Ella wrinkled her forehead, she could understand what Arron is trying to say, but she could not understand why he have to forget his dream just because of his future responsibilities. “You can still become a painter, if you really want, Arron. Besides, there are people out there who chases their dreams while doing an 8 to 5 job. Some of them really become famous. So, just do whatever it is that your heart says, and one day you'll achieve great things.” she said. Then, she winked at him. “You know Hana Kimi, right? Sano Izumi said that hard work will definitely be rewarded, and the rest is to believe in yourself. Just believe in yourself, Arron. Do your best, and always believe that you can do it.” she said.

Arron smiled at his best friend. She always tells him the right things, making him feel much better. He's glad that Ella's here, and that he could confide in her. If not, then maybe he would go crazy being lonely. Most of all, he was glad that she's here to listen to him. There's a lot of things that he wanted to tell her, but he'll just save it for another day. Arron held her hand, and squeezed it, much to Ella's surprise. “Ella... thank you for listening to me. I really owe you a lot...” he said. “Hey, what are friends for?” she said. Then, she realized just what she said. Friends... she was glad that Arron's her friend now. But despite that fact, her heart is wishing that Arron would someday see her as more than that.


After a while, the two went downstairs to have dinner with Arron's family. They were happily chatting about Arron and Ella's activities in school, as well as about the school play. “Really? I almost forgot my line?” Arron asked his dad, who was teasing him about his small goof at the play a while ago. “Yes, you did. I saw you looked backstage, and then you were able to deliver your ad lib.” Uncle Jonas said. Arron suddenly remembered that incident. Yes, he did forgot his line, so he looked at the prompter. Instead of reading the idiot board the prompter was holding, he looked at Ella who was mouthing his line that time. “Oh, I remember...” he said, smiling. Then, he looked at Ella. “It was Ella who reminded me my lines that time.” he said. Ella smiled back at him. “Good thing I was holding your script. Wei, why aren't you looking at Jiro, who was holding the idiot card?” she asked. Arron just luahged. “I don't know, but whenever I look at Jiro, I want to laugh out loud. He looked funny with his golden highlights. He looked like a monkey!” he said. Everyone laughed at what he said. Arron glanced at Ariel, and saw her laughing hard. He felt his heart skip a beat at her sight. He have always wanted to see her smile and have her attention, and today, he did all that. He was glad that Ariel came to his school play to watch him. “But really, Arron...” he heard Ariel said. Arron looked up at her. “You were great out there.” she said. Arron blushed at what she said. “Thanks, Ariel...” he said.

Just then, everybody paused, as they saw someone walk downstairs. “Chun is finally here...” Ella heard Arron's dad say. She looked back, and she was surprised to see him – that same man who stole a kiss from her. “Uh-oh...” she thought. She froze in her place, not knowing what to do next. All she can do is watch Arron's brother as he kissed Ariel on the cheeks and sit beside her. Chun threw a glance at her, and noticed the way he looked at her. “What's wrong with this girl?” he thought. “Oh, by the way. Chun, this is Ella, Arron's classmate at the Uni. Ella, this is Chun, Arron's older brother.” Ariel said. Chun looked at her and smiled, extending his hand to her. Ella hesitantly took it, and shook his hand. “N-n-nice meeting you...” she stuttered. Chun raised an eyebrow at her, she looked she have seen a ghost when she saw him. “Why can't Arron have normal friends?” he thought. Arron looked at Ella and noticed a change of expression on her face. She looked pale upon seeing his brother. “Wei, are you OK, Ella?” he whispered to her. Ella looked at him and nodded her head slowly. “Y-y-yeah... I think...” she said.

She became silent all throughout the dinner. She would just stare at her plate, and would sometime glance at Chun when he's not look. “Oh my God... why are you playing a trick on me?” she thought. This is more complicated than she thought. She swore to herself that when she sees that man at the bar again, she will have no mercy at him, and would make him pay for kissing her, but he never thought that he is related to Arron. “Why does it have to be my future brother-in-law?”


Ella was still shocked when she got home. As she opened the door, she saw Jiro happily chatting with someone on the phone, while Calvin is busy preparing their dinner. “Wei, Ella, what's wrong?” Calvin asked as soon as he saw her by the door. Ella did not notice him, and instead, she sat on the couch. Jiro also noticed the shock in Ella's face, she really looked pale as if she have seen a ghost. “I'll call you later, Angela...” he whispered on the phone. He stood up from his seat and went near Ella. “El, are you OK?” he asked. Both of them were wondering what happened to their best friend. She looked up at the two, and then she shouted. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” The two flinched as she shouted in their face. Calvin glared at her. “Wei, if you're mad at us, don't just shout at us, OK?” he said. Ella shook her head in disbelief. She seemed like she discovered something she shouldn't have. “Oh my God... oh my God, oh my God, oh my God...” she muttered. Jiro looked at Calvin, confused with what's happening. “What's wrong?” Jiro asked. Ella looked up at Jiro. “I saw the man who stole my kiss...” she said.

It was Jiro's turn to be shocked. “Oh my God! Ella killed someone!” he said. Then, he looked at Calvin, and held him by his shoulder. “Calvin, let's hide Ella. What if the police is now looking for her? What if there's witnesses?” he panicked. He sat beside Ella and hugged her. “Don't worry, El. We'll help you. Get your passport ready, I'll call Angela and tell her we'll send you to Canada because of the crime you've done....” he said to her. Calvin just raised an eyebrow at his crazy friend. Ella, on the other hand, broke free from Jiro's hug. “Aiyo! What are you talking about?” she asked. Jiro gave her a confused look. “You killed the guy who stole a kiss from you, right?” he asked. Calvin just laughed. “Wei, you're jumping to conclusions, Jiro. Let Ella explain first...” he said. Ella leaned on the couch, pouting at the two. “How I wished I hit him till he's black and blue... but I didn't and I can't...” she said. Calvin sat beside her and put his arm around her. “Why?” he asked. “He just so happened to be Arron's older brother, that's why.” she explained. Jiro and Calvin looked at each other. “Oh...” the said in unison while nodding their head. “At least you got close with the older brother now...” Jiro joked. “But it was so embarassing! You should've seen me when I saw him, it's like I've seen a really scary monster. He is such a pervert, despite that he looked respectable. He looked really mean!” Ella said. “Just consider that kiss as Arron's kiss, anyway he's his brother, right?” Calvin said. Ella glared at him, and then punched him in his arm. “It's not funny...” she said, rolling her eyes at him.


Arron heard a knock on his door. He stood up from his bed, to open the door. He was surprised to see his brother. “Chun...” he said. Chun smiled at him. “May I come in?” he asked. Arron nodded his head, and let his brother enter his room. He looked around the room, and saw that his room was filled with his paintings. Arron can tell that his brother is not happy seeing his works. “So, is this what's keeping you occupied that's why you can't study your lessons?” he asked. Arron lowered his head. “I'm only painting when I have free time...” he said in a low voice. “I'm just concerned about you. Better focus on your studies. I heard from one of your professors that you might fail several subjects this semester.” Chun said. Arron just nodded his head. “I will, Chun Ge...” he said. Chun smiled at him. “Good. You know that you have to graduate soon so that you can help me run the company. I have planned everything for you, so don't fail me...” he said. “I understand, ge...” Arron answered. “And by the way, about that girl... is she your girlfriend?”Chun asked. Arron looked up at him and shook his head. “He's just my friend, ge. A really good friend. She helped me a lot in school.” he explained. “I have nothing against her, but I just find her really weird. Don't you have other friends beside her?” Chun asked. Arron nodded his head. He does have a lot of friends in school, and most of them are the children of Chun's business partners. But he can't explain to his brother that he prefers hanging out with Ella and her friends because he considers them as his real friends. “D-don't you like Ella, Chun ge?” he asked. “Well, from what I heard from Ariel, she seems to be a nice girl. Plus the fact that she's a dean's lister. I have no qualms about her.” he said. Arron just smiled at his brother. “Thank you, ge... I'm glad you approve of Ella as my friend.” he said.

Chun reached for him and ruffled his hair. “You better go to sleep now. You still have classes tomorrow.” he said. Arron nodded his head, and watched Chun as he reached the door. Chun paused, and then looked back at him. “By the way,” he said. “Congratulations. I heard you did great on your school play. I wish I was there to watch you.” he said before leaving his room. Arron smiled to himself, happy at what his brother told him. It's not always that Chun recognizes his achievement, and to him, this means a lot to him. He just hope this would be a start of a good relationship between them.


“So, you finally did it...” Chun heard someone say as he reached for the door. He looked back, and saw Ariel walking up to him. Chun smiled at her as she got closer to him. “Well, it's a start. I just wish Arron would start listening to me now.” he said. “Arron is an obedient boy. You just have to see that, Chun. He really doesn't want to fail you that's why he's trying his best. Give Arron a chance, OK?” Ariel said. Chun nodded his head. “I will.” he said. “And one more thing...” Ariel said. “Let him do what he wants to do...” Chun knew where their conversation is heading - it's the scholarship that Ariel's school is offering his brother. “Ariel, sweetheart... you know that I need Arron's help with the company. He can still paint while working for me. And besides, it's just a waste of time...”
“But sweetheart, Arron's really god at painting. I know that the only reason why he turned down the scholarship is because of you. Talk to him, it would be much of a waste if he won't hone his talent.”

Chun gave Ariel a confused look. “Arron turned down the scholarship?” he asked. Ariel nodded her head. “So, talk to Arron about it, OK?” she said. Then, she reached up to him and kissed him on the cheek. “Good night, my prince...” Ariel said, then she retreated to her room. Meanwhile, Chun ;eaned on the wall, reflecting on what Ariel said. “Arron turned down the scholarship... but why?” he thought. He knew his younger brother is excited about it. He could still remember the day when Arron told him about his art scholarship. Instead of congratulating him, he told him that he will just be wasting his time if he would accept it, and that he should help him run the company after he graduate from college. He have already planned everything for his younger brother, and if he took that scholarship, he would ruin everything he have set for him. He could still see the hurt in his eyes that day, but Arron agreed o everything he said. “Maybe I'm too strict at him...” he thought.


He found himself in a garden filled with daisies. He looked up, and he saw Ariel running away from him. “Ariel!” he called. Ariel stopped, and looked at him, smiling. Ariel smiled back at him, and began to ran again. Chun ran after him, and when he reached her, he held her hand. “Ariel...” he called again. Then, she looked at him, but Chun was surprised to see that it's not Ariel that he was holding anymore. It was another girl. “Who... who are you?” he asked. “Chun...” he heard someone call him. He looked back, and saw Ariel behind him. “Ariel?”
“Chun... I'm sorry...”
“B-but Ariel...”
“She's the one you need... that one that's in your heart. Choose her, Chun... be with her. I want you to be happy...”
Chun looked at the girl he was still holding. “You?” he asked her. He's getting confused with what's happening around him. “Ella...” he heard someone call the girl. He looked back again, and he saw his brother walking up to him. “Choose him, Ella.” he heard Arron say. “I know him too well, and I could feel he loves you more than anything else in this world...” Chun gave his brother a confused look. He looked at the girl, and he can tell she was confused as well. “Who are you?” he asked. “Chun... she is your true love...”

Chun slowly opened his eyes. He looked at his clock, and saw that it's only 3 AM. He sat up, wondering what his dream is all about. This is the second night he have this dream. “Ella...” he thought. Then it hit him. Ella was the name of Arron's friend that he introduced a while ago, and she was the same girl in his dream. “But... why her?”


Three weeks later...

Arron took a deep breath before knocking on the door. Before he could, Ariel already opened the door. “Hey, Arron!” she greeted. Arron smiled at her. “Hi... uhmmm... are you busy?” he asked. Ariel shook her head. “I'm just packing my things. Why do you ask?” she said. “I was hoping we could... uhmmm...”
“Do you want to go out with me?”
Arron looked up at her and nodded his head. “OK. Just wait for me.” she said, then she entered her room again. Arron leaned on the wall and smiled. “Yes...” he thought. After a while, Ariel came out of her room. “I'm ready!” she told him. Arron smiled at her, “So, where do you want to go?” he asked. “Let's go to the park where we used to hang out as kids.” Ariel said. Arron nodded his head, and then held Ariel's hand as they went down the stairs together.

They were strolling along the park, watching the kids as they play tag. “Remember when we were kids? Chun, you and I would always play tag here at the park...” Ariel said. Arron nodded his head and smiled at her. “Yes, I remember. Remember when Chun was away, we were playing tag and you fell on the ground?” he asked. Ariel laughed as she remembered that. “Ah, yes...”
“And you were crying hard that time because you have a big wound on your knee...”
“And you did everything to make me stop crying. You even bribed me with ice cream!”
“The only way that I made you stop crying was when I did that funny dance.”
Ariel laughed hard as she remembered their childhood. “That dance was really funny... where did you learn that dance?” she asked. “I just saw that on TV... and don't ask me to dance that one as I can't remember it already.” Arron said. Ariel pouted at him. “You really don't remember it anymore?” she asked. Arron shook his head. “OK... I won't ask you to do it again.” she said.

They walked towards the swing, and then sat on it. “Arron, thank you for taking care of me while I'm staying here...” she said to him. “I'm glad that you enjoyed my company, although we didn't get to hang out that much.” he said. “You know what, your girlfriend will be lucky to have you as their boyfriend. You're nice, sweet and a gentleman.” she said. Then, she looked up at him. “Do you like someone already?” she asked again. Arron paused, and then she looked into her eyes “Yes... there is...” he said. He wanted to tell her that he have liked her since they were kids, but he's scared of what will happen if he admits it to her. “So, who's the lucky girl?” Ariel asked. Arron looked up at her again, and smiled. “It's A.... It's Ella...”

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