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Sunday, November 22, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – If I Was The One

If I could have just one wish,
I'd wish that you were mine,
I would hold you near,
Kiss away those tears.
I'd be so good to you baby.
You're the one I want next to me,
But I guess that's just not meant to be.
He's there in your life,
And he's sharing your nights,
It'll never be, never be right.


After they had dinner, Ariel and Chun went outside the garden to take a stroll. Ariel have been telling him a funny story that happened to her while she was abroad, but Chun doesn't seem to listen to her. The truth is, his mind is drifting to the happy times he had with Ella. The Wu mansion's garden will always remind him of Ella, for they would always take a stroll here whenever Ella visits their house. The garden is like the witness of their love, and everywhere he looked, he could only see Ella.

“Chun, are you listening?” he heard Ariel, asked. He looked at her, and smiled. “S-sorry, princess. It's just that there's a lot of things in my mind right now...” he said. He saw Ariel frown at him. “It's not work, isn't it? Can't you forget work for a while and give your full attention to me?” she said. Chun just nodded his head. “I'm sorry, Ariel. You have my attention now...” he said. Ariel went in front of him, and then held his hands. “Honey, aren't you wondering why I came home?” she asked. “It's for vacation, right?” Chun asked. Ariel let out a giggle as she shook her head. “No, silly! I'm staying for good!” she said. Chun was stunned with what she said. “Oh.... t-that's... that's great.” he said, forcing and enthusiastic tone in his voice. “B-but... but what about your work? I thought you loved working for the Smithsonian Institute?” Chun asked again. “Work can wait, Chun. And besides, I've been putting off our marriage for so long...” she said.

Ariel took something in her pocket, and showed it to Chun – it was the engagement ring Chun gave to her a few years back. “Here you, go.” She said, placing the ring on his palm. “Three years ago, you asked me a question when you gave me that ring. Now, I'm going to give you an answer, Chun Yan-Wu. Yes, I'm ready to marry you now.” she said. Chun was surprised at what she said. He never thought that Ariel would officially agree to marry him. “Y-you do?” he asked. She nodded her head. He wanted to back out at that moment. He wanted to tell her that he can't marry her, because even if Ella have broken up with him, it's still Ella that he wants to be with forever. He thought that he could make things right while they are apart, and when things have settled between him and Ariel, he could go back to Ella. But then, he was wrong. Ariel have agreed to marry him. And he guessed this is the end for him and Ella. He have no other choice but to accept his fate, for this is what should happen after all.

His lips curved into a smile. He took her hand, and slipped the ring in her finger. He looked at her, and saw a smile on her face as she looked at her finger. “It's very pretty...” she mused. Chun nodded in agreement. “It looks lovely in your hand, Ariel...” he said. Ariel looked up at him. Then, she put her arms around her, and kissed him lovingly on the lips. “I love you, Chun...” she said as she rested her head on his shoulder. Chun hugged her back, his smile slowly fading from his face. He knew he's lying to himself, for this is not what he wanted. “I love you too, Ariel...” he whispered. Then, he planted a kiss on her cheek.


Ella broke Arron's kiss by turning her head away from him. Arron opened his eyes, and realized what he have done to his friend. “Ella...” he whispered. Ella stood up from her seat, and walked away from Arron. He was scared that his friend is mad at him for kissing her. He stood up from his seat to follow her, but then he paused when Ella faced him again. “I... I'm sorry, Arron...” she said softly. Arron was confused at what he said. “I... I should be the one who should say sorry to you, Ella. I let my emotions fill me, and I couldn't help but kiss you...” he said. She lowered her head, and shook her head gently. “No... no... you don't understand...” she said.

The next thing she knew, tears were filling up her eyes again. Arron walked up to her. He lifted her head, and looked into her eyes. As he saw the tear on her cheek, he wiped it with his finger. “Ella... I love you. Will you give me a chance to love you?” he asked. Ella stared at him for a long time, and then finally, she shook her head. “I... I can't. I'm sorry...” she said. She looked away from him, not wanting to see his reaction. With what Ella said, Arron suddenly felt weak. He thought it would be easy to woo her, but he was wrong. And he doesn't know what made Ella change her mind. “Why can't you accept my love?” he asked. Ella faced him again. She gazed at him as she decides whether she would tell him about her relationship with his elder brother. “Is there someone else that you love?” Arron asked again. She closed his eyes, and slowly nodded her head.

Arron closed his eyes, not wanting the tear to fall from his eyes. He was rejected, and he was too late. He never thought that in the span of one year, someone will replace him in Ella's heart. “I am too late...” he whispered. “He was there for me while you're not around. He made me smile. He made me laugh. He loved me, I know that... it's just that both of us can't be together because he have someone else... both of us knew that the relationship wouldn't work out but we were so blindly in love with each other...” Then, he opened his eyes, and let out a smile at Ella. “Does... does that man loves you too, Ella?” he asked. “I know he does... but... we... we're not just meant to be... we already broke up... I broke up with him so that he could be with the girl who truly owns his heart.” she said. Arron held her hand, and then she pulled her to him for an embrace. “I won't ask you who he is. I won't ask you what happened between the two of you. If you can't accept my love, can you accept my shoulder for you to cry on? Will you depend on me, like what you did in the past? Will you let me help you mend your heart?” he asked as he brushed her hair with his finger. Ella looked up at him. “Arron... I... I can't let you....” she said. “I am still your best friend, right? And as your friend, it is my duty to help you. Please, Ella?” he asked. She let out a faint smile, and nodded her head.


“Ge, can we talk?”

Chun turned around, and saw his brother by the door of his room. “Sure, come in Arron.” he said. Arron went inside his room, and sat on his bed. Chun walked up to him, and saw the gloomy expression in his face. “What happened to you, Arron? You looked like someone rejected you.” he said. Arron sighed, and then he nodded his head. Chun paused, and then he sat beside his brother. “What happened?” he asked. “I went to see Ella today...” Arron said. Chun fell silent upon hearing Ella's name again. He looked away from his brother. “W-what about Ella?” he asked. “I finally had the courage to tell her how I feel. I thought it's as easy as that, because I know she likes me too, but I was wrong. She... she said she couldn't accept my love... because... because she's in love with someone else...” Arron said.

Call him selfish, but Chun couldn't help but smile at what he said. The thought that Ella still loves him made his heart flutter. But as he looked at his brother's sad face, that happiness abruptly disappeared. “You must really love her, huh?” he asked. Arron nodded his head. “But she doesn't love me anymore. Someone else have taken my place. I never thought she would meet someone new, and fall in love with him. I guess she really couldn't wait for me...” Arron said sadly. Chun sighed, and then put his arms around his shoulder. “Do you really love Ella?” he asked. Arron nodded his head. “Then prove it to her. Prove to her that you are much better than that man who broke her heart. Prove to her that you can give her the happiness that she never had with that man. Ella deserves something more, and I know you can give it to her. If you love her, you won't give up on her.” Chun said. “I don't know, ge... it's just that somehow this is tiring. I always end up liking girls who can't even like me back...” Arron said. Chun gave him a confused look. “I thought it's only Ella that you like?” he asked. Arron looked at him, and then he realized what he just said. He almost gave his brother a clue about his feelings for Ariel. “Y-yeah... I mean... i-it's so bad that I end up liking a girl who doesn't like me anymore...” he rephrased.

Both of them were silent for a while.

“Ge, do you have an idea who the guy Ella was dating before?” Arron asked. Chun looked at his brother, and he could not speak. He doesn't know if he would tell him the truth or not. He knew his brother would be heartbroken if he found out that it was him whom Ella have fallen in love with him, and that he is the reason why Ella could not accept Arron's love. “I... I don't know...” he lied. “I'm not always with her 24/7, and she... she didn't tell me anything about dating someone...” Chun continued. He looked at his brother, and saw him sigh. “Well, whoever he is, he have to pray that our paths would cross again...” Arron said. Then, he looked at Chun. “Because for sure, if I met him, I might hurt him for breaking Ella's heart.” he said furiously.

Chun looked at him, and saw him clench his fist. For the first time, he got scared of his own little brother. He loved Ella so much, and he's willing to hurt the man who broke her heart. Arron is willing to hurt him for the sake of Ella.


“Chun...” Ariel called as she opened the door to Chun's office. Chun put the papers on his hand, and looked at Ariel. “Yes, Ariel?” he asked. She smiled at him, and walked towards her. “We're supposed to have lunch today, remember?” she asked. Chun looked at the clock on his table, and saw that it was already half past twelve. “I'm sorry, I forgot all about it... I'm busy right now, Ariel, can we reset it some other time?” he asked. Ariel's smile was instantly replaced by a frown. “But we can't reset this, Chun. We're supposed to meet with the wedding planner, remember?” she said.

Chun paused, and then looked up at Ariel. “I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I forgot all about it...” he said. Honestly, Chun is not really excited with all the wedding preparations that's why he have forgotten all about it. “Ariel, dear, can we reset it for some other time?” he asked. Ariel shook her head. “You know Tiffany is one of the most popular wedding planner here in Taiwan, and her schedule is fully booked. I begged for her to see us and to do the wedding.” Ariel said. “It's not that we're going to get married right away... I think we should wait another year...”
“Chun, we have been putting this off for a long time. I want us to get married this year.”
“And what about your plans of exploring the world?”
“I've done a lot of exploring already, Chun. It's about time we settle down....”

Chun let out a sigh as leaned back on his chair. Ariel folded her arms, and gave him a suspicious look. “What's wrong, Chun? This is so not like you...” she said. Chun gave her a confused look. “What do you mean?”
“You're not a bit excited about our wedding.”
“I am, Ariel. It's just that I'm quite busy right now...”
“And this is so not like you, Chun. Even if you're busy, you would take some time off just to be with me...”

He heard the hurt in the tone of her voice. “Since I came back, you've been neglecting me, Chun. It's like you made me feel like you don't love me anymore...” she continued. Chun stood up from his seat, and walked towards her. “Ariel, it's not like that...” he said in a low voice. He held her, and closed his eyes. At that moment, he felt like telling Ariel everything, but he couldn't bear seeing her hurt. “I love you, you know that Ariel...” he said, lying through his nose again. “It's just that I can't accompany you right now... I have a meeting this afternoon with the board, and I have to ready myself for it. Ariel, please understand. This is for the two of us...” he said. Ariel lowered her head in defeat. There's nothing she can do to change her mind. “I think it would be awkward if I would be alone in meeting up with Tiffany. I want you to be there so that you can have a say with how the wedding should be...” she said softly. “I leave everything up to you, princess. You know better than me. If you want someone to accompany you, I'll call Arron to go with you.” he said.

Ariel became speechless at what her boyfriend said. She opened her mouth to protest, but no word came out of her mouth. The last thing she needed is to be with Arron alone. Chun took the phone and dialed Arron's number. After a while, someone answered his call. “Hello, Arron? Yeah... are you busy right now? I have a big favor to ask you...”


“OK, I understand.” Arron said. He ended the call, and then turned to Ella. “I have to go, Ella...” he said. She smiled at him, and nodded her head. “Thanks for dropping by.” she said. “You know I would do everything to prove to you that I love you, Ella... I'll be back as soon as Ariel is done meeting with the wedding planner.” he said. With what Arron said, Ella became silent again. She looked away from him, so that he would not see the change in her expression. “So, they are getting married...” she thought. She wanted to be envious of Ariel, but she know she have no right to envy her. She had her chance, she stole moments with Chun. It's only right that the two of them get married soon. “And you're OK with it, being your brother's substitute while he's busy with his work?” she asked. Arron just nodded his head. “I want to help them...”
“Aren't you a little bit hurt with what's happening?”
“Why should I be hurt?”
“Because your brother is marrying the girl you really love...”

Arron fell silent at what she said. Ella turned to face him, but his eyes avoided hers. “Arron, be honest for once. You've spent the whole year with Ariel in some foreign country, how could it be possible that all the time you're with her, you're falling in love with me?” she asked him. “It just happened.” he said, still not looking at her. “It can't be like that, Arron. You had all the chance in the world to be closer with the girl you love. It's more likely that you'll fall in love with her even more, than fall in love with someone who's a thousand of miles away from you.” Ella stated. Arron let out a sigh, and finally turned to face her. “You're right. During the times I was with her, I have fallen more in love with her. But the thing is, she is getting married to my brother. I don't want to betray my brother because of what I feel for her... so...”
“So you decided that you'll love me instead?”

Arron was expecting to see anger in her face, but instead, her saw her smiling at him. She was smiling sadly. “Ella, I don't want you to think that I'm using you. It's just that, I wanted to give the two of us a chance...” he said. “I know, Arron. But you will have to forgive me for not giving you that chance. Like you, I still hurting. I don't think I can ever forget about him...” she said. She walked up to him, and then held his hand. “I know exactly how you feel, Arron. I can't get through this without your help, and I know at this moment you also need a friend too... just always remember that I'm always here for you. Who knows, maybe one day my feelings for you will come back. But for now, just be there for me, and I'll be there for you. As long as we have each other, I know the two of us can make it through.” she said. Arron smiled at her, and nodded his head. Then, he pulled her to an embrace, and then he kissed her on her forehead. “Thank you for always understanding me, Ella...” he said. Ella looked up at him, and smiled back at him. “Thank you for being here with me...” she said.


Arron entered the restaurant, and at one corner, he saw Ariel and another girl happily talking. He walked up to the. “Ariel...” he called. Ariel looked at him, and let out a faint smile. “Hi, Arron.” she said. She stood up from her seat, and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then, Arron sat beside her. “So, this must be the lucky groom.” they heard Tiffany said. The two of them had a shocked look on their face at what he said. “No, you got it all wrong!” the said in unison. When they realized they said the same thing at the same time, the two of them looked at each other. Meanwhile, Tiffany is just laughing at them. “I got it right, I think. Look at the two of you. You say the same thing at the same time. And most of all, with the way you looked at each other, I could feel the love. I can feel love between the two of you... and trust me. I've been doing this business for so long, I don't go wrong with my observations.” she said. Ariel and Arron looked away from each other. It is really a bad idea for Chun to let Arron accompany Ariel to meet up with their wedding planner.

“I'm the groom's brother, by the way.” Arron said, extending his hand to Tiffany. Tiffany just gave him a skeptical look. “Are you sure you're not really the groom? You can be the groom anytime, especially if your brother wouldn't want to accompany her bride for their wedding preparations.” Tiffany said. Arron could feel himself blushing at what she said. If he could, he would want to take Chun's place and marry Ariel instead, but that can never be. “O-of course... I'm sure... and besides... my b-brother really loves Ariel... it's just that he's busy right now that's why he can't accompany her.” he said. Tiffany let out another laugh at him. “OK, OK... I believe you... but honestly, the two of you really look together. You two have some kind of spark, a chemistry, I don't know, something I really can't explain. It's like the two of you are meant for each other...” Tiffany said. “Uhmmm, Tiff, do you think we should get down to business and discuss about my wedding?” Ariel said, diverting the topic Tiffany have opened. “I know, I know. Let's discuss your wedding now. Arron, you better help us with this, OK?” she said. Arron smiled at her and nodded his head. “That's what I'm here for.” he said.


Ella was busy watching TV at the living room, when she heard a phone ring. She stood up from her seat to take the call. “Hello?” she said. “Hello, Ella dear? This is your mommy dearest...” the voice on the other line said. Ella smiled upon hearing her mother's voice on the other line. “Mom! I'm glad you finally called!”
“Of course, sweety. I missed you a lot...”
“I missed you too, mom...”
“Anyway, there's a particular reason why I called. Have you received our mail?”
Ella wrinkled her brow with confusion. “Mail? I haven't -” before she could continue, someone knocked on the door. She excused herself from her mom, and then opened the door. It was their local mailman, and he handed her a letter. She went back to the phone. “OK, I got it now.” she said to her mom. “Open it.” he mom said. She opened the letter, and inside, she saw a plane ticket. “Ella, dear...” her mother said. “Do you want to live here in Canada with us... for good?”

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