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Saturday, October 10, 2009
Songs And Stories - By Heart

Note: Actually, this is my birthday gift to a good friend who loves Arron Yan. Since I already let her read this story first, I'm going to post it here. Anyways... Daphne, Happy Birthday!


She looked outside the glass window, admiring the night view from below her hotel room. She folded her arms, as she leaned on the glass. It was been two years since that fateful day, and she could still remember. She wished she could have forgotten all about it, but she couldn't. She closed her eyes and let a tear fall as she reminisced what happened that day. It was the day her heart was broken. She could still feel that familiar pain, and it was like killing her slowly, suffocating her.

She gave her heart to one man whom she thought would love her forever. She gave half of her life to a man whom she thought would give her the love she needed. She thought he was worthy of all the sacrifices she was making, but she was wrong. In the end, he chose a different direction. He chose to ruin everything. He chose to break her heart. He chose to leave her all alone. Arron broke her heart. Moving on would have been simple for her, if only she have not seen a glimpse of his boyish face. Suddenly, at the sight of him, all the walls she have built around her crumbled in an instant, making her even more vulnerable to heartache. Suddenly, her heart was in confusion. She hated him for breaking her heart. She hated him for ruining her life. But at the same time, she realized that she still love him, that she couldn't live without him.

She wanted so much to let go, but something was holding her back. It was her heart.


He looked outside the glass window of his condo unit. He looked up, and saw the stars shining brightly, complimenting that bright lights of the city. He hugged himself as he let out a sigh. It sure is cold tonight. And he felt even more colder, now that she's out of his life. “Daphne...” he thought. He could still remember her smiling face. He could still remember her small arms around him. He could still hear her boisterous laughter as he tickles her. He missed her, that's for sure... but it's too late for the two of them.

He ruined everything for them. He knew for a fact that when they started their relationship, he was already ruining Daphne's life, but she chose to stick up with him. Her family was against him, but she chose him over her own family. They lived together like husband and wife. They were happy. Their life was perfect together. Although money was always an issue for them, it was something that they have dealt with together. It was breaking his heart to see her working so hard for him, as he continued with his studies. Finally, she gave up on her own education in order to support him. Daphne have sacrificed everything for them to be together, but somehow her sacrifice is not worth it. In the end, he chose to leave her, so that she could have a better life.

He closed his eyes, and let a tear roll down his cheek. He knows Daphne is happy wherever she is. He knows he made the right decision when he pushed her back to her family. He wanted so much to give everything to her, but he doesn't have the power to do so. “I'm sorry, Daphne...” he whispered. “I'm sorry for what I've done in the past... it's the only choice I got... I'm sorry for leaving you that way...”


Ten Years Ago...

“See you later!” His classmate told him as they got out of the classroom. He walked through the lobby, and then he paused to look at his watch. It's already 4 PM. He still have enough time to prepare his surprise for Daphne. If he could get home before Daphne could get off from work, then it would be perfect.

“Arron!” he heard someone call him. He looked back, and saw Chun coming up to him. “Hey, man.” he said. “Dude, do you want to go out with the guys tonight?” Chun asked. Arron smiled and shook his head. “I can't, Chun. It's our anniversary tonight. I'm planning a surprise for Daphne.” he said. “Oh, I forgot. Today is the big day, isn't it? Do you think Daphne will say yes to you?” Chun asked him. “I hope so. I'll be graduating soon... I really hope she would agree to marry me this time.” he said. Chun nudged him, and then put his arm around him. “Aiyo! You don't have to worry about a thing. I know Daphne loves you very much, she will say yes to you. Hey, don't forget to invite me on your wedding, OK?” he said. Arron smiled, and nodded his head.

Chun said goodbye to him and left him alone. He was walking towards the school's exit, when his phone rang. He took it from his pocket, and saw an unfamiliar number flashing on the screen. “Hello?” he said. “Hello, is this Mr. Arron Yan?” the girl on the other line said. “Yes, it's me.” he said. “Mr. Yan, we have some bad news for you, regarding your girlfriend, Ms. Daphne Lin...”


“She's in critical condition...” the doctor told him. Arron became pale at what he said. He felt that his remaining strength were drained at what the doctor said. “She have a rheumatic heart disease, and she needs to undergo a surgery soon. If not, we couldn't assure you that she'll survive.” the doctor continued Arron looked away from him, and gazed at Daphne, who was sleeping peacefully on her bed. “How long will she survive without the operation?” he asked. “Three months at the most.” the doctor said. He closed his eyes, fighting the urge to cry. The thought of losing Daphne was breaking his own heart. If he had thee will, he would ask the doctor to do the surgery on her now, but he doesn't have the money for Daphne's heart surgery.”If... If I get enough money in three months time, will... will she live?” he asked. “It might be too late by that time, Mr. Yan...” the doctor said.

He bit his lips, and then he forced a smile at the doctor. After thanking him, the doctor left him alone with Daphne. He walked towards her bed, and sat beside her. He gazed at her for a long time as he brushed away the strands of her hair. “What should I do? I don't know what to do... God... please help me. I... I don't want Daphne to die...” he thought. Just then, Daphne slowly opened her smile, and as she saw him, she smiled at him. “Hey...” she said weakly. “Hey, baby...” he said, forcing a smile on his face. “Sorry, I got you worried. Maybe I overworked myself...” she said. Arron nodded his head. “You... you did make me worry, baby...” he said in a low voice. “Everything will be OK, right? I'm going to be fine, baby...” she said. Arron just nodded his head. Then, he leaned to her, and kissed her on her forehead. As soon as he saw her close her eyes to sleep, he let the tears fall from his eyes.


Arron entered the restaurant, and at one corner, he saw a lone elder man sitting. He took a deep breath, and walked up to him. “Sir...” he said. The elder man looked at him, and gestured him to seat in front of him. “I am surprised that you called me, Arron.” the elder man said. “I know that you wouldn't want to see me, Mr. Lin... and I'm glad that you agreed to meet me today.” he said. The elder man glared at him, as he leaned back on his chair. “What do you want? You said over the phone that this is important. This should be really important, young man. I don't want to waste my time on you.” he said. Arron lowered his head before he could speak again. “It... it's about Daphne...” he said.

Then, there was silence.
“Honestly...” Mr. Lin finally said. “I don't give a damn about her anymore. When she chose you over us, I have assumed that my only daughter is dead.” he said. Arron could feel the tears forming at the corner of his eyes again. He have no other choice but to do this, to give up his pride. “I'm sorry... I'm sorry if... if Daphne have disobeyed you because of me. Sir, I do love your daughter. I love her with all my heart. I am willing to give up everything for her...” he said. He heard Mr. Lin sigh in dismay. He looked up at him, and saw him standing up from his seat. “You sure know how to waste my time.” he said.

He turned his back on him, and began to step away from him. Before he could get out of his sight, Arron stood up from his seat, and followed him.. “Mr. Lin, Daphne is dying.” he blurted out. This made the old man stop. After a while, he turned to face him again. “She... she need your help now. Please, Mr. Lin. Please help your daughter. She... she needs to get an operation soon.”he said. The elder man looked at him for a long time. Arron bit his lips, trying his best not to cry in front of him. This is his last resort to save Daphne, and he have to convince him to help her. He swallowed his pride wholly, as he begged for his mercy. “Please, Mr. Lin...” he said in a low voice. He knelt down in front of him, begging him for his help. “Please help Daphne. Please... I... I don't want her to die...” he said. Tears were falling down his cheeks uncontrollably. “Please...”

The elder man just looked at him as he pleaded. “How much do you love my daughter?” he asked. “I love Daphne very much. I.. I would do everything for her... everything... I... I just can't lose her...” he said in between sobs, “If you love my daughter, then you would do this favor for me. I will pay for all her medical bills, and bring her to specialist abroad. But, there is one thing I want you to do.” the elder man said. Arron looked up at him. He waited for him to speak. “I'll do anything...” Arron whispered. “I want you to get out of my daughter's life after her operation. I want you to leave her, and give her back to us.” Mr. Lin said. Arron closed his eyes, and bit his lip. He has no other choice but to accept his condition, if he wants Daphne to survive. He realized it would be for her best. Daphne only suffers when he's with him. He wanted her to have a good life, and it's something he can't give to her right now. He knew Daphne would live a better life if he returns her back to her parents. He finally made a decision for her. With his eyes closed, he slowly nodded his head, accepting her father's condition.


Daphne slowly opened her eyes, and the first person she saw is Arron, who was sleeping peacefully beside her. She reached up to him, and brushed his hair. She smiled to herself as she watched him sleep. Then, she could feel him moving. He opened his eyes, and then looked at her. “You're awake now...” he said, smiling sadly. “I am. Arron... thank you...” she said. Arron sat up, and then stroked her hair. “Thank you for what?” he asked. Daphne smiled sweetly, yet wearily at him. “Thank you for keeping your promise... that you will be the first person I'll see after I wake up from the surgery...” she said.

Arron felt a lump in his throat as he opened his mouth to speak. Now that Daphne is well, he have to keep his word to her father. He pursed his lips, trying to hold back the tears. He leaned over her, and then gave her a long kiss on the lips. As he stared into her face, he could feel his heart being broken into a million pieces. He only wanted to be with this girl for the rest of his life, to take care of her until they grow old. But he have to keep his word, his promise, to that one person who saved Daphne's life. He have to leave Daphne soon, and give her back to the people who loved her the most, and the people who could give her everything that she needed and wanted.


“Young man...” Arron heard Mr. Lin call as soon as he got out of the hospital room. Arron paused, and then turned to face him. “Sir...” he said. “We have a deal. And you should keep your part of the bargain.” he said. Arron lowered his head. “Give me more time... to be with her... please...” he pleaded. “I have given you enough time!” Mr.. Lin shouted at him. Arron lifted his head to face him. His eyes were begging him. “Please, sir. I love your daughter. And... and if I leave her just like that, then she would question you... us... please sir... give me more time to be with her. I... I promise you... I assure you she will return to you.” he pleaded. He walked up to the elder man, and held his hand. “Please, sir... please...” he said again. Mr. Lin looked down at him sternly. Then, he put his hands off of him. “I'm giving you a month.” he said. “A month, and you should break up with my daughter.”


Arron held Daphne's hand, as she led her down the stairs. She had her blindfolds on so that she wouldn't be able to see his surprise for her. “Arron, baby... you know I hate surprises...” she said. “Aiyo, baby... you will like it. I promise you.” he said. They went outside their apartment, and as soon as they were on their spot, Arron walked behind him. “Ready?” he asked. Daphne smiled, and nodded her her. He untied her blindfold, and from the grassy ground, she saw that Arron have prepared a picnic for the two of them. “Arron... you shouldn't have...” she said as she looked at him. Arron just smiled at him. He knelt down on the picnic blanket, and took a bouquet of roses. “This is for you, my princess...” he said. Daphne took the roses from his hand, and buried her nose in it, inhaling its smell. “I love it, baby, I really do.” she said. Arron pulled Daphne into a hug. He embraced her tight, as if he will never let her go. “I love you, Daphne... always remember that. I love you so much, and I would do everything to make you happy.” he whispered to her. Daphne looked at him, and smiled sweetly. “I love you too, Arron. As long as you're with me, nothing else matters. You're all I ever needed in this life.” she said.

He gazed into her face for a long time, memorizing everything about her. He closed his eyes, and gently caressed her cheeks. He moved closer to her, and then their noses touched. He took a deep breath, and inhaled her sweet scent. “I love you...” he whispered again. Then, he reached for her lips, and kissed her lovingly on her lips.

As they broke away from that kiss, both of them look up at the night sky and saw a meteor shower. “Look baby! There's a lot of shooting stars. Let's make a wish, all right?” Daphne said. Arron smiled, and nodded his head. He watched her as she closed her eyes and clasp her hands to make her wish. He was fighting back the tears as he saw her smile as she make her wish. “Daphne... I will miss you... I know I will forever regret this decision, but I would rather be away from you because I know, one day we will meet again... I would rather have it this way than lose you forever...” he thought. “Arron, aren't you going to make your wish?” she asked. Arron forced a smile, and nodded his head. He clasped his hand, and closed his eyes to make his wish. “God, I wish... I wish someday I will get to see Daphne again... and I wish... the next time we meet, we will together forever...” he prayed.


“Arron, baby! I'm home!” she said. She turned the lights on, and found the house empty. “Weird...” she thought as she placed the grocery bags on the table. “Arron should've been here a few hours ago...” She walked towards the stairs, and she noticed a girl's shoe lying on it. Anxiously, Daphne took it, and looked at it closely. “This. This isn't mine...” she thought. She felt her heat beating faster as she made her way up to their room. She wished her instincts isn't right, and that she was just being paranoid. She knows Arron loves her so much, and that he would not cheat on her.

She made a careful step as she walked to their room. As she reached for the knob, she heard some moaning sound inside the room. “Arron, it tickles!” she heard a girl say. “You're so ticklish, Gui Gui...” Arron said. She heard the girl giggle behind the door. She closed her eyes, and with her remaining strength, she opened the room. There was a shock on her face as she saw Arron naked. He was on top of a girl, whom she recognized as one of his classmates at the uni. All kinds of emoitions filled her – she was furious, she was heartbroken. She was betrayed by the only man whom she trusts with her eyes closed. She could not believe that Arron would do this to her, would cheat on her, right inside their house.

“How... why? Why did you do this?” she asked him. Arron got up from the bed, and immediately covered himself. “Daphne, let's talk about this.” he said. Daphne shook her head. She wiped the tears from her cheek, and ran away from that scene. “Daphne!” Arron called. Before he could make a move, Gui Gui held his hand to stop him. “Arron, you said it's over between you. You planned this to break her heart, and now that she left you, why would still want to follow her?” Gui Gui asked him. Arron looked at her sadly. “Because, although I want her to leave me, I can't let her leave me just like this...” he said. He pulled his arm, and then put on his clothes to follow Daphne.


“Daph...” he called. He found her seating at the swing in a nearby park. Daphne looked up at him, and wiped the tears from her eyes. It was hurting him to see Daphne like this. He never want to break her heart, but he have no other choice. He have to give her up. “I'm sorry...” he said as he walked towards her. “All this time.. you and Gui Gui...” Daphne managed to ask in between tears. Arron closed his eyes to what seems like forever. “Don't you love me anymore?” she asked. Arron took a deep breath, and slowly he nodded his head to lie to her. “Yes. I have fallen out of love with you.” he lied. He opened his eyes, and saw Daphne in tears again. “I'm so sorry...” he said.

Then, she stood up, and slapped him.

“Why?” she shouted at him. “I love you, Arron! I've given you everything! Everything! I left my family just for you. I sacrificed my life for you. I did everything for you. Why? Why do you have to fall out of love with me?” she asked. He tried to look at her bravely. He tried his best to look so emotionless. He tried his best not to break down in front of her. He have to. He had to. “I woke up one day and realized that this relationship is going nowhere, Daphne. I'm getting tired of this. I just realized I don't love you in the same way that I loved you before. I'm sorry...” he said. She slapped him again. “I hope one day... I hope one day you will regret breaking my heart.” she said.

He watched her as she turned her back, and leave him alone. It's all over between them. He have kept his part of the deal, just to keep Daphne alive. “I know I will...” he whispered. “I regret letting you go now...”


Arron stood before a day care center. He doesn't know why, but his feet have dragged him here. He watched the kids as they happily played at the playground. He smiled to himself as he saw the children enjoying themselves. If only he have not let Daphne go, maybe by now they already have a kid of their own, but he did what he had to do. Knowing that Daphne is alive is living a good life is more important to him. It''s more than enough for him.

“Children! It's time for class!”

Arron heard a familiar voice. He turned around, and saw Daphne standing outside, leading the children inside. He felt his heart begin to beat fast at the glimpse of her lovely face. Ten years have passed, and she was as beautiful as the last time he could remember. He felt as if he is falling in love with her again, just like the very first time they met. He have never stopped loving her. All this time that they were apart, he kept on loving her even more. He was longing for her, and he was wishing that someday, he would be able to see her again. And God answered his prayers today. After the long wait, here he is, standing before the girl he loves the most.


She heard a familiar voice calling her. She felt a thug in her heart as she realized whose voice is it. “Arron...” she thought. Slowly, she looked back, and caught a glimpse of his boyish face again. It's been ten years since she last saw him, and seeing him again made her more confused. How many times have she told herself that she have learned to move on? How many times have she convinced herself that she doesn't love her anymore. Now that she saw him again, it only proves that she was wrong. There was still a little love for him left inside her heart.

She turned her back again to run inside, but Arron ran after her. He held her arms to stop her from running away from him. “Daphne...” he called in a soft voice She turned to face him, her eyes were red with tears. “Why did you have to come back to my life?” she asked. “You left me ten years ago. You said you don't love me anymore... and now, you're standing here in front of me. Do you know what I've gone through after you left me? I've tried so hard to forget you, Arron. I've tried my best to convince myself that I don't love you anymore. How can I continue loving a man who never loves me anymore?” she said. Arron held her by her shoulder, and looked into her eyes. It's about time for him to tell her the truth. He promised himself before that if he found her again, he will correct his mistakes, and that he will never let her slip away again this time. “I never fell out of love with you, Daphne...” he said. Daphne fell silent at what he said. She was surprised by his revelation. “You... you said...” she said, shaking her head. She lowered her head so that she could not meet his eyes. “I lied, Daphne. I lied.” he said.

Daphne looked up at him again. “You.. lied? Then...” Arron stared into her eyes. He reached for cheeks, and caressed it gently. “I lied. When I left you, I am still in love with you...” he started. “I... I had to leave you... because I was too scared to lose you. It's a deal between me and your dad... that time, when you got sick, I've got no other choice but to seek help from him. He agreed to help you, in the condition that you will return to them, and that I will be out of your life completely. I agreed to that condition, because I was too scared that you will die. I would rather lose you, knowing that you're still alive. At least there is still hope that one day, I will be able to find you again. I don't want you to be gone like that in an instant, because if you die, I die as well. Daphne, you are my life. You are the very reason why I keep on striving to live. It's you... it has always been you...” he said. By the time he was finished, his eyes were filled with tears as well. “Will you forgive me? I know what I did in the past is selfish and stupid. I regret what I did, Daphne. I regret breaking your heart. It's the only thing I thought that would make you leave me... but I don't regret giving you back to your parents because you're here... you're alive. I know I could never give you all the luxury in the world. I know I only made you suffer while you're with me... that's why I made that decision for you, Daphne...”

With that, Daphne gave him a hug. She never thought that Arron loved her so much, that he chose to give her up so that she could stay alive. They have wasted too much time, and now that he's back here in her life, she will never let him go. “Why? Why didn't you tell me, Arron? “ she asked. “Because I know it would be much harder on your part, Daphne. If I ask you to go, will you go?” he asked. He felt her shook his head. “It doesn't matter if I suffer... as long as I'm with you, I'll be very contented...” she said. Then, she pulled away from his hug, and smiled at him. “I never lost hope in you. I knew one day, I will be able to see you again, Daphne. I know... even if we're worlds apart, you'll find the way back to my heart. I love you, Daphne...” he said. She reached up to him, and caressed his cheek. “I love you too, Arron. I will love you for the rest of my life...” she said. Then, he kissed her on the lips, promising her the this time, it's for keeps.

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i saved this story in my computer. :)
i love this. alam mo naman fan ako ng mga works mo kahit hindi ako kumo-comment masyado.

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