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Monday, September 14, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – I didn't know I was looking for love

Cause there you stood and I would
Oh I wonder could I say how I felt
And not be misunderstood
A thousand stars came into my system
I never knew how much I had missed them
Slap on the map of my heart you landed
I was coy but you made me candid
And now the planets circle around you
I didn't know I was looking for love
Until I found you


Ella entered Chun's room, and found her boss readying his luggage for their flight that night back to Taipei. “Mr. Wu?” she called. Chun looked uo, and gave her a wondering look. “What are you doing here, Ms. Ella?”
“I want to know if you want to go out today?”
“What for?”
“To see the city of Tokyo, silly! Aren't we suppose to go around or something?”
Chun paused, and look at her. He knows it's Ella's first time in Tokyo. Although he have been to this city several times, he felt he should accompany her and tour her around the place. “So, you want to go around?” he asked. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “Hey, it's my first time here. I should tour around the city, right?” she said. Chun's lips curve into a smile, and then he nodded her head. “OK... you got me. Get ready, we'll tour around Tokyo and do some shopping.” he said. Ella shrieked with glee. She jumped around like a little child who got her present for Christmas, and Chun can only laugh at her with amusemnt. Surely, Ella is like a kid, and he love the feeling of being one whenever he's around her. “Thank you, Mr. Wu!” she said. “You're welcome, Ella.” he said.

Ella turn to leave the room, but Chun called her again. “Ella...” Ella looked back, and waited for him to speak. “In return to this, you owe me a favor.” he said. Ella gave him a confused expression. “What favor?” she asked. Chun folded his arms, and smiled at her. “Stop calling me Mr. Wu. Call me Chun... or Chun ge. Whatever you like. Anyway, we're not inside of the office, and you'll soon be part of the Wu family.” he said. At the last thing he said, Ella felt herself blush. “Seems everyone in the Wu family approves of me, huh... except for Arron...” she said. “Wei... Arron likes you, I can see that. Who knows, maybe after he comes back from the States, he would propose to you. Just be patient.” Chun said. Ella smiled at him, and nodded her head. “I guess I have to believe you... Chun...” she said Chun looked away from her. He felt himself blushing upon hearing her say his name. He never thought it would sound that good when Ella says it. “Err... yeah... I... I really think you should b-believe me...” he stuttered. He looked at her again, and saw her smiling at him. He could feel his heart beating faster upon seeing her smile.

Meanwhile, Ella looked at him, and stared into his eyes. She felt as if she was being hypnotized as she looked into his eyes. “Such beautiful pair of eyes...” she thought. “Ella?” she heard him call. In an instant, Ella was awakened. She didn't know that she was staring at him for a long time. “I... I think I'll go and prepare...” she said, letting out a nervous laugh. Chun smiled and nodded his head. “OK. I... I think I'll wait for you at the lobby.” he said. Ella nodded her head. Chun made his move, but when Ella moves away to give him way, he would go to her direction. “Err... yeah... I'll... I'll wait for you outside...” Chun said shyly. “Yeah... sorry... boss...” Ella said. As Chun closed the door behind him. He smiled to himself. Seems to him that this will be an interesting day for him and Ella.


“So, where do you want to go first?” Chun asked Ella as soon as they got inside the car. Ella looked at him, and gave him a grin. “I want to see Hello Kitty's house!” she said. Chun gave her an are-you-kidding look. “What?!” he said aloud. “I said I want to go to Hello Kitty's house.” Ella said again. Chun leaned back, and let out a sigh. “Fine, Sanrio Puroland it is...” he said. Then, he instructed to bring them to Sanrio Puroland. Along the way, Ella was staring outside the window. Her eyes widened as she watched the scene outside. Although Tokyo is a busy city, she was awed as to how beautiful it is. Chun glanced at Ella, and smiled to himself as she watched outside excitedly, like a kid. “There are a lot of beautiful places to see here...” Chun said. Ella looked at him and smiled. “We only have today to look around, but I promise you, when Arron comes home, I'll ask him to accompany you here for a vacation. The two of you needs vacation anyways...” he said. Ella just smiled at him. “But Arron won't come home for another year or so... it might be a long time before I could come back here...” she said. “Well, if Arron can't accompany you, his ge ge can, right?” Chun said. Ella nodded her head.

“Mr. Wu...” Ella called. Chun looked at her, giving him a glare. “I told you to call me Chun.” he said. “OK, Chun... can I ask you something?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “How many times have you been here in Tokyo?” she asked. “A lot of times, I guess. But it's all for business. I only got to tour around here a few times...”
“And you like this place?”
“Like isn't the right word. I love Tokyo. I love everything about it.”
Ella nodded her head as she smiled. “I guess we're the same. I've always dreamed of going here, but I guess I didn't have the time and the resources.” she said. “Well, you're lucky Joe and Wallace wasn't able to come with me to the conference. At least now, you were able to set foot here.” Chun said. “I'm thankful that you have no other choice but to ring me to the conference.” she said. Chun laughed at what she said. “You're welcome.”

After a while, they were already in Sanrio Puroland. “Wow!” Ella said as she stepped out of the car. She was amazed at how cute the place is. “I can't wait to see Hello Kitty!” she exclaimed. Chun just laughed at her and shook his head. “Silly girl...” he muttered. He bought their tickets, and as soon as Chun handed her her ticket, Ella immediately ran inside Our leading man have no other choice but to follow his assistant. “Hey, Ella! Wait up for me!” Chun shouted at her. Ella stopped, and look backed at him. “Can't you run any faster? I badly wanted to see Hello Kitty already!” she shouted. Chun shook his head, and beganto run after Ella.

Soon after, Chun found himself inside Hello Kitty's house. Ella have already gone inside, her eyes sparkling as she looked around the house in awe. Everything was in pink. There were Hello Kitty stuffs around, much to her envy. “Wow... this is a dream come true...” she mumbled. Chun walked up to her, and smiled. “You looked like a kid. You're too excited to see Hello Kitty's house.” he said. Ella smiled at him. “But I am a kid. At heart.” she said. Then, she made her move and looked around the house. Chun could only smile at himself. He was finding her really amusing as he watched her look around the place with awe in her face. He watched Ella as she took pictures inside the house, and he even helped her take pictures of her.

“Hey, I'm hungry.” Ella told Chun as they got out of the Sanrio Puroland. “Where do you want to eat, and what do you want to eat?” Chun asked him. Ella paused, and think for a while. “I know! I want okonomiyaki!” she said. Chun could only give her a confused look. “What's that? Never heard of that...” he said. Ella gave him a surprised look. “What? You've been here in Tokyo several times, and you haven't heard about that food?” she asked. Chun smiled shyly and shook his head. “Sorry.” he said. Ella took his hand, and pulled him to the car. “Come on, I'll take you to one of those restaurants that serves that.” she said. After a while, they found themselves inside an okonomiyaki restaurant, enjoying the Japanese food. “I never thought this tastes good!” Chun exclaimed as he put the food on his mouth. “See? I told you!” Ella said. Chun smiled, and nodded his head. Then, he took all of the remaining okonomiyaki on the table, leaving nothing to Ella. “Wei! How can you take all of it?” Ella told him. Chun just laughed at her. “If you were able to drink all the wine the last time, then I can eat all of this okonomiyaki by myself!” he said. She felt her vein popping out of her vein at what Chun said. “Give me some!” she shouted at him. She reached for his bowl, but Chun put it away from her. “No way! It's all mine!” Chun said. Ella still tried to get some food from his bowl, but Chun wouldn't give her any.


They went shopping to Ropponggi hills, to the street market, and went to Asakusa street. “Now, my turn. Can we go to the temple?” Chun said. Ella gave him a confused look. “Temple? Why would you want to go to the temple?” she asked. Chun looked at her, and raised an eyebrow at her. “Silly girl! What else should we do to the temple? Of course, I want to pray and make a wish.” he said. Ells raised her eyebrow at him this time. “Chun, you're a guy who already have everything. What else is there to wish for?” she asked. He sighed, and then looked sternly at her. “Wei, why do you care? I want to pray, understand? And as my assistant, you should accompany me or you're fired!” he said. Ella rolled her eyes. “Wow, do you really have to scare me with that line? It's so cliche!” she exclaimed. Chun gave her a playful smile. “Why? Are you going to tell grandpa that I'm threatening to fire you?” he asked. Ella could only give him a smirk. “I sure will.” she said. Chun just laughed at her. Then, he took her hand, and then pulled her. Ella was surprised when Chun held her hand. She felt an electricity flowing through her vein as he held her. She could only look up at Chun, and smile giddily to herself.

Inside the temple, the two began to pray. Ella clasped her hand, and closed her hand as she prayed silently. “Gods, please let me meet my true love. Please let me feel that kind of love that I've always longed for. I hope... I hope that person could be Arron. I know it would be impossible, since he's in love with Ariel... but I do hope he could learn to love me in the end... and gods... please look after Arron. I'm not there with him, so I'm worrying a lot. Please make him more healthy and safe everyday.” she prayed. Chun opened his one eye, and peeked at Ella, who was praying fervently. “I wonder what she's praying about? I bet it's all about Arron.” he thought. “Well, whatever it is, I pray to you, gods, to make Ella's wish come true. I also pray that when Ariel comes back, she would agree to marry me. And for Ella... please make her happy. She deserves it.” he said. Both of them opened their eyes at the same time, then they looked at each other. “Care to tell me what you prayed for?” Chun asked. “Wei, if I tell you, it won't come true.” she said. Chun just laughed at her. “Well, I think whatever it is, I know it's all about Arron.” he said. Ella just laughed at him, then she looked up at the altar. “And please... always look after my boss. I hope he would be happy like this each day.” she prayed silently. “Praying again?” he asked. Ella looked back at him, and raised an eyebrow at him. “None of your business.” she said. Chun laughed at her again. The two of them looked at each other, letting the silence fill them. After a while, the two felt awkward, that they looked away from each other. “I think we should go back to the hotel. I have to pack for our flight home tonight.” he said. Ella smiled and nodded her head in agreement.


That night, they took the plane back to Taiwan. During their flight, Chun saw Ella fell asleep. She was leaning to the window as she sleeps. He smiled to himself as he watched her sleep. “Silly girl... you'll strain your neck if you sleep like that...” he thought. He pulled her head, and let her lean on his shoulder. Then, she stared at her for a long time. He stared at her, until he found himself also falling asleep, his head resting on her head.


“Ella, please visit me again, OK? You know I love having you around.” Chun heard his grandpa said as he entered the mansion. He looked up, and saw his grandpa and Ella heading for the door. He was surprised to see Ella in their house, for he thought Ella was still resting after their flight last night. “Ella...” he said. Ella looked up at him, and smiled at him. “Hi, Chun...” she said. Then, they both looked at the elder man beside her, who was grinning playfully. “...ge. Chun ge. Glad to see you again.” she added. Grandpa tried his best to suppress his laughter at Ella's reaction. He gazed at his grandson, and he could see he was so happy to see Ella again. “What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be resting at home?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “I came to bring my gift to grandpa. How about you? Aren't you suppose to be resting?” she asked. Chun smiled, and nodded his head. “I played golf with some old friends.” he said.

Grandpa looked at the two, and smiled to himself. He could sense something between them, and he could only watch at them as they get closer. “That's great. Did you enjoy your game?” Grandpa asked. Chun nodded his head. “I won.” he said. Then, grandpa faked a yawn. “Oh... I'm so tired. I tell you, when you reach my age, you get tired so easily...” he said. Then, he turned to Ella and smiled. “Ella, thank you for the wonderful porcelain doll you gave me. I wish you could stay longer so that we could catch up... but I need to rest first.” he said. Ella smiled at the elder man. “It's OK, grandpa. Take a rest first, I'll make my move.” she said. Then, grandpa turned to Chun. “Chun, why don't you drive Ella home. I need to go up and nap.” he said. Chun did not speak a word as his father turned to leave them alone.

“Do you really have to go home?” he asked Ella as soon as grandpa left. “Not really. Hey, are you hungry? I brought a cake, by the way.”
“What cake?”
“Chocolate cake.”
“Good. It's my favorite. Can you accompany me while I eat?”
Ella smiled, and nodded her head. “No problem, boss.” she said.

They went to the kitchen, and Ella served Chun the cake. As soon as she placed the plate of cake in front of Chun, he began to devour it. Ella could only laugh as she watched him finish the cake. As Chun lifted his head up, she could see the crumbs of cake on his face. She reached for his face, and wiped those crumbs from his face. “Thanks.” he said. “You must be really hungry. Is playing golf that tiring that you're so hungry?” she asked. Chum laughed, and shook his head. “Actually, chocolate cake is my favorite, and this one tastes like the chocolate cake mom used to make. Which store did you bought this cake?” he asked. Ella felt herself blush with his question (which is more of a compliment for her). “Actually, I baked this cake.” she said. Chun's eyes widened at what she said. “Really? You baked this? It's really delicious, I tell you.” he said. “Thanks, Chun.” she said. Chun lowered his head, staring at his empty plate. “Guess, there's a lot of things I still didn't know about you...” he said in a low voice. “Then why don't you get to know me? After all, In think you're already considering me as your friend, and as part of your family.” she said. Chun looked at her, and smiled. “I would love that, Ella. You're going to be Arron's girlfriend soon, so I guess I have to get to know my little brother's girl.”

Ella blushed again at what he said. “Aiyo... stop it Chun... besides... it's not me that Arron really likes...” she said as she turned her gaze away from him. “Arron doesn't like you? That's impossible! I've never seen Arron ever so happy when he's around you. In fact, I've never seen him get this close to any girl that you. You see, Arron's really shy when it comes to girls... you get what I mean, right?” Chun said. Ella just sighed. If only Chun know that Arron really liked Ariel, and not her. “And didn't he tell you before he left that he like you? Maybe after he comes back from the States, he would confess his love for you.” Ella looked at him, and smiled. “Well, if you say so. You know your brother more than I know him. I'll trust you with that, Chun.” she said.

Then, Ella stood up from her seat, making Chun panic. “Wei.. you're not gonna leave yet, aren't you?” he asked. Ella just gave him a confused look. “Why, can't I go home?” she asked. Chun paused, and then he shook his head. “Well, I was wondering if you could stay for a while... we could talk, play video games or something...” he said. Ella gave him a meaningful look. “You're asking me to stay? I thought you're tired of my face since we've been together in Japan for five days?” she asked. Chun just smiled at her. “I can always have a change of heart, can't I?” he said. Ella raised an eyebrow as she looked at him. “What made you have a change of heart?” she asked. Chun just looked at her, and smiled. He did not answer her question. He doesn't know why, but since they got back from Japan, he was starting to miss her, and he never wanted her out of sight. “Aiyo, I'm just kidding you. Don't worry, I'm not going home yet. So, should we play video games?” Ella asked. Chun's face lightened up at what she said. “S-s-s-sure. L-let's play.” he said.

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