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Saturday, December 26, 2009
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 12

Round 12 – The Evil Plans From the Rejected Ones

It was late in the evening. Right after having dinner at a fancy restaurant in town, Sphinx was walking Bianca back to her hotel. He looked at her, and then he held her hand. Bianca looked at her, and smiled. “Why is it that you always like holding my hand?” she asked. “Can't I hold your hand?” he asked. Bianca giggled and shook her head. “I didn't say that. I'm just asking why you always want to hold my hand...” she said. “Simple.” he said. Sphinx paused, and then walked in front of her. “Because a girl like you is hard to find, so I'm holding your hand so that you won't get away from me.” he said. Bianca giggled again. She felt herself blushing at what he said. “Aiyo, don't be too sweet, Sphinx... I might fall for you...” she said. “Then, I'll catch you.” he said. Bianca laughed at him again. “You're such a sweet guy. Any girl would be lucky to be with you...” she said.

Sphinx looked at her, gazing into her eyes. “Then, you consider yourself lucky?” he asked. Bianca looked away from him, and smiled to herself. “What are you doing, Sphinx?” she asked. “We've known each other for a month now, Bianca...” he said. Bianca gave him a confused look. “And?”
“You'll be leaving soon...”
“i want to take this chance...”
“Chance for what?”
“Bianca, I love you.”

Bianca was surprised at what he said, too surprised that she became speechless. “I don't want you to leave Taipei without me telling you how I really feel. I love you. Do you feel the same way for me?” he asked. Bianca sighed, and folded her arms. “Why are you asking me that? And you said it yourself, I'm leaving soon. I don't believe in long-distance relationships.” she said. Sphinx lowered his head, and let out a sigh of dismay. “Oh...” he muttered sadly. “But I think I would like to believe in that now... now that I met you. You seem to be a faithful guy anyway.” she said. With that, Sphinx looked up at her, surprised. “Does this mean that...” he asked. Bianca let out a mysterious smile. “But before I finally give you my final answer, you have to meet someone first. You have to please him, and he have to approve of you.” she said. Sphinx smiled and nodded his head. “Then I'll do everything to be on that guy's good side.” he said. Bianca laughed and shook her head. “Wait till you meet Chunnie. You'll find out how hard it is to be on his good side.” she said, winking at him.


Ella lay on her bed. She took a tissue from the tissue box, and wiped the tear from her eyes. For the nth time this week, she have been watching “My Best Friend's Wedding”. Yes, she loves Julia Roberts, but watching the movie have nothing to do with Julia Roberts. She felt like she is in the same shoes as her character, that's why. “One day, Sphinx will get married and I will not have a chance with him just because I was waiting for him to keep our promise.” she thought.

Just then, Hebe stormed inside her room, and turned the TV off. “What?” she asked angrily at her best friend. Hebe turned to her, and folded her arms. “Turn it back on! I'm watching it!” she said. “Ella Chen, stop sulking at this instant will you!” she shouted at him. Ella sat up, taking another tissue from the box and wiped the tears from her cheeks. “Do you think watching that goddamn movie will make the ending different? Do you think that by crying yourself out loud would make Sphinx know that you love him? And will sulking make him love you?” Hebe said. Ella looked up at her. She just stared at her angry best friend. “What do you have to do with my life? Don't tell me what to do about it, or about my feelings for Sphinx, Hebe!” she shouted at her. “I have the right to, Ella! Look at yourself. Look at how messy you are. Ella, I'm disappointed at you. You go on air, and preach people about what to do with their love problems, and here you are... you can't even fix your own problem!”

Ella stared at her for a long time, and then the tears streamed down her face. Although she didn't want it to happen, she just broke down in front of her friend. Hebe sighed, and then she sat beside her and comforted her. “Ssshhhh... hush now, Ellie... I know everything will be fine...” Hebe said. “Why is Sphinx like that? Why does it seem that he always reject him? Am I not enough for him? God, this have happened a lot of times before, and just when I had my hopes high... oh shit, I hate this, Hebe! I hate this damn thing! I hate it when this happens to me...” she said. She lay her head on Hebe's shoulder, and let her friend comfort her. “Ellie, maybe it's about time that you give up Sphinx. You can't have your world revolve him, because as you said, he just kept on hurting you. Maybe it's about time that you give up your love for him...” Hebe said. Ella shook her head as she sobbed. “I can't... Hebe you know that I have loved Sphinx for so long... and I don't think I can love someone else aside from him...” she said. “Yes you can, Ellie. You just have to open up your heart learn to love again. You always say this yourself, right? Even if you are hurt, you have to stand up and face the thing that hurts you, because it's the only way to ease the pain...” Hebe said.

Hebe held Ella by her chin, and then she looked at her and smiled. “Ella, I know you are a strong girl. I know one day you can move on. It's Sphinx loss that he let go of a girl like you, because he could never find someone who could love him unconditionally like you do. So, you have to prove to him that you can live without him. You can do this, Ellie.” she said. “You think I can?” she asked. Hebe just nodded her head.


“Ethan Ruan! How the hell did you get the orders mixed up AGAIN?!” Chun shouted as he walked out of his lair. Ethan and Nicholas gave him a confused look. “I did not!” Ethan said. “I just had a call from the hotel and they said Nicholas delivered THE WRONG KIND OF PASTRIES! What the hell is going on with you?!” Chun shouted angrily at him. Ethan could only shake his head in dismay. These past few days, Chun have always been hot-headed just because he got rejected by Bianca. And Ethan had enough of it. He knows patience is a virtue, but it's one thing that he is slowly losing now.

“Look, Wu Chun. I did not get the orders mixed up, all right?! And if you're mad just because of what Bianca did to you, don't lash it out on us!” Ethan shouted angrily at him. “I am not mad because of Bianca! I am mad because of your inefficiency! If you don't want to take this business seriously then you can go now!” Chun said, pointing at the door. Nicholas, being cool as he is, decided to step between the two before the two could beat each other up. “Guys, guys, let's not fight about this matter, OK? How about this, Ethan will call the hotel, and then confirm their orders against what we have on our records. And if we are wrong, then let me deliver the correct order.” Nicholas said. “Well, that idea will still only prove that we are so insufficient, and what will happen next? The hotel will stop taking orders from us! Do you know how much this deal means to me, Ethan, huh? This is the biggest deal we had, and you're messing it up!” Chun said.

Ethan could not take his friend anymore. “If you think I'm just messing around, then you can have this shop all by yourself! You must have forgotten, we built this shop together. You can't do this without my help. And if you want me to leave this business, then I'll be glad to! I don't like working for a monster chicken face who lashes out his frustrations to his best friend!” Ethan shouted at him. With that, Ethan stormed out of the shop. At the moment Ethan left Chun realized just what he have done. He know he was wrong for being too temperamental. He knows he shouldn't have lashed out all of his frustration at him.

He decided to follow Ethan. “Ethan!” he called as he rushed up to him. Ethan did not dare to stop and heed his call. “Ethan, wait!” he said. He was able to reach him. Ethan stopped the moment Chun held his arm. “What?” Ethan snapped at him. “Look, I'm sorry...” Chun said apologetically. Ethan just folded his arm, and smirked at him. “It's just that, I've been on a lot of pressure today. I don't know... the hotel has been bugging us with lots of orders, then there's this pressure from the cake competition, and then there's Bianca...” he said. He let out a sigh, and lowered his head. “I'm sorry, Ethan... I need you, all right? Don't walk on my just like that.” he said. Ethan put his hand on his shoulder and tapped it. He looked up at Ethan, and saw him smiling at him. “As long as you say sorry, how can I stay mad at you. At least you admit that you need my help.” he said. Chun let out a faint laugh, and so did Ethan. “i know that a lot of things have been going inside you mind, Chun. How about this, let's go back to the shop, let me clarify some things with the hotel then you can go home and relax. Leave everything up to me and Nic. What do you say?” Ethan said. “You sure you're OK without me around?” Chun asked. Ethan nodded his head. “You can't be Superman, Chun. You need to relax.” Ethan said. Chun smiled at his friend, and then he gave Ethan a hug. “Thanks, Ethan!” he said.

Just then, there was a guy who passed by them. “Eeewww... gays! Go get a room!” he said. Chun and Ethan looked at the guy, and then they realized that they were still locked in a hug. With that, the immediately broke away from each other. “Of course we're not gay, you stupid guy!” Ethan shouted. Then, he looked at Chun, and laughed. “Come on, let's go back to the shop, all right?” Ethan said. Chun smiled and nodded his head.


Ella opened the door, and the person she saw was not person she least expected to come – it was Sphinx. She let out a sigh, and turned her back on him. “Ellie, are you still mad at me?” Sphinx said as he followed her inside. “I'm not mad...” she said monotonously. “Not mad? You're not answering my calls or my messages. You always avoid me whenever we bump into each other. Was there something I said or done that made you mad at me? Sphinx asked. Ella paused, and then she folded her arms. “You rejected me, that's why I'm avoiding you...” she wanted to say. “Ellie, please... you know I don't like it when you're mad at me for a long time. Whatever it is that I've done in the past, I'm sorry...” Sphinx said. “So, you're sorry for breaking my heart?” she thought.

Sphinx walked up to her. As she turned around, she saw the sadness on her best friend's face. “Ellie, please don't be mad at me anymore... please...” he said. Ella sighed, and looked away from him. “I... I'm not mad at you...” she lied. Sphinx gave her a confused look. “You're not mad?” he asked. “I'm... thinking of a lot of things. Work-related to be exact.” she said. “Is there something wrong with your program? I thought you're doing well?” Sphinx said. “Yeah... yeah... and since the program is doing well, I'm under a lot of pressure, OK? So... I hope you understand. And besides, it's just one of those days... I'm a girl and PMSing OK? So stop bugging me about it.” she said.

Then, Sphinx smiled at her, and hugged her. At that moment, Ella felt like crying. Just as she thought that she was strong enough to face Spihnx now, his hug only proves to her that she is still weak. He still makes her feel weak. “I'm glad. You don't know how worried I am about you, Ellie.” he said. Then, he looked at her and smiled. “You know what, I've been meaning to ask you something.” he asked. Ella let out another sigh. “Let me guess... you want me to meet your new lady love? You want me to get to know her even better and then you'll ask what I think about her?” she asked. Sphinx nodded his head. “As if my opinion with that girl matters to you. Remember what I said about Larissa? I told you she's no good for you, and that she will only hurt you, but you didn't listen to me...” she said. “Your opinion does matter to me, Ella. I promise, this time I'll listen to you.” he said. Ella sighed again and shook her head. “Fine, you won...” she said. “When do you want me to meet her?”


“Chun, can we talk?” Bianca said as she peeked inside Chun's room. Chun just sighed and nodded her head. Bianca went inside his room, and sat on his bed. “Are you still mad at me?” she asked. Chun looked away from her, avoiding her gaze. “Do I have the right to be mad?” he asked. Bianca felt even more guilty. She reached out her hand, and held his hand. “Chunnie... you know how much you mean to me. I'm scared that if we got together, our friendship will be ruined if it didn't work out. Your friendship means to me more than anything else in this world.” she said. Chun let out a sigh, and then he faced her. “I guess I have to accept my fate... that for you, I will only be your little brother. That for you, I will only be a friend. And though it hurts me, I have to face this like a man...” he said.

Bianca smiled at him, and then she touched her cheek. “You did became mature, Chun. Thank you for understanding me...” she said. “I guess there's nothing I can do to change your mind, right? You seem to like this guy a lot. What else can I do but support you...” he said. “You know what, Chun... any girl would be lucky to have you as their boyfriend. You're nice, sweet, and a real gentleman. I know one day you will find someone whom you can love, and who can love you back...” she said. Chun let out a bitter smile as he looked away from her. “You make it sound like I'm a perfect guy. If I am a perfect guy, then why can't you love me?” he asked. Bianca looked away from him, not answering him. “Maybe it's because I am not your ideal guy at all... You know what, if being imperfect would be the reason for you to love me, then I wouldn't want to be the perfect guy at all...” he said. “Chun please don't say that... you're making me feel more guilty...” she said. Chun sighed again, and smiled at her. “Sorry... you can't blame me. You've hurt me...” he said.

Bianca turned away from him. “Who is he?” he asked. “Who is this guy who swept you off your feet? He must be really special because you love him in an instant...” he asked. Bianca looked back at him, and smile. “He is a special guy, Chun. He is as handsome as you are. He's witty, smart, funny, sweet and gentleman... exactly like you.” she said. Chun flinched as he clutched into his chest. “Ouch, you hurt me, Bianca...” he teased. Bianca let out a laugh. “Don't worry, Chunnie, you will meet him really soon...” she said.


Sphinx opened the door of the cafe, and let Bianca in first. “Are you sure I'm OK? Do you think your best friend will like me?” she asked nervously. Sphinx smiled at her, and nodded his head. “Of course, she will like you. Do you think your little brother will approve of me?” he asked. Bianca smiled at him, and nodded his head. “Chun will like you.” he said. Upon hearing that name, Sphinx paused. “Chun? Isn't he...” he thought. Then, he shook his head. There are a lot of guys named Chun in Taiwan, and the Chun he knows couldn't possibly be the Chun Bianca is talking about. The two looked for Ella, and at one corner, Sphinx saw her sitting alone. “There she is.” he said. He pointed her at Bianca. He put his arms around her as they walked up to Ella.

“Ellie!” Ella heard someone call her. She looked back, and saw her best friend walking up to her. She smiled at him, but that smile turned into a sad smile as she saw the girl beside Sphinx. “I'm glad you came.” he said as he gave her on the cheek. “I promised you, didn't I?” he said. Sphinx just nodded his head. Then, he lead Bianca on the chair in front of Ella. Ella could only watch her as her best friend help the girl to her seat. She looked at her closely, and smiled sadly to herself. “I guess I could understand now why Sphinx fell for this girl. She looked gentle and fragile... and she's much prettier compared to me...” she thought. Her thoughts were interrupted when Sphinx called her attention. “Ellie, I want you to meet Bianca. She's the girl I've been telling you about. Bianca, this is Ella, my best friend since middle school.” Sphinx said. Bianca smiled at her and took her hand to shake. “I'm glad to finally meet you, Ella. Sphinx have been talking about you non-stop!” she said. Ella smiled back at her. “I hope Sphinx didn't say anything bad about me.” she said. Bianca shook her head. “No. Actually, he's all praises for you.” he said. Sphinx looked at her, and smiled, then he wrapped his arms around her protectively.

Ella could feel her heart breaking again at the sight of the two of them being sweet. Deep inside her, she was wishing Sphinx would hold her the way he held Bianca. She was wishing he would look at her the way he looked at Bianca. She wished he would smile at her the way the he smiles at Bianca. She wished she is in Bianca's place at this moment. For her, Bianca is a lucky girl to have the love of the man she have loved secretly ever since. “Oh, by the way...” she heard Bianca said. “My friend is also coming. He wants to meet Sphinx.” she said. “Oh, that's great. At least I'm not the third wheel.” she said. Sphinx and Bianca just laughed at her.

Chun went inside the cafe, and the first thing he did was to look for Bianca. Then, his eyes caught her. She was sitting beside a guy with glasses, whose arms is wrapped around her protectively. He suddenly felt weak upon seeing the girl he loves in the arms of another man. “I can't do this. I can't face Bianca and that guy...” he thought. He turned his back to leave, but as he held his knob, he remembered what DJ Angel said to him a few days ago. “Maybe there is a bigger reason why she rejected you.” she said. Then, he realized he shouldn't back out. DJ Angel is right. There is a reason why Bianca rejected him. There is a reason why Bianca fell in love that guy. If he leaves now, then he will never find out that reason.

He took a deep breath, then he turned around and walked up to them. “Bianca...” he called. Bianca looked up at him, and smiled. “Oh, Chun! You're here!” Bianca said. Upon hearing that name, both Sphinx and Ella looked up, and was surprised to see Chun. “You?!” Sphinx and Ella blurted out. Chun looked at the two, and was surprised as well to see the two of them. “You two again?! What are you doing here?” he asked. Then, he looked at Bianca, who seemed confused with what's going on. “Hey, Bianx, you know this four-eyed guy, and this fat and ugly girl?” he asked. With that, Ella stood up and faced him angrily. “Who are you calling fat and ugly?!” she shouted at him. Chun glared at her you. “Who else, but you, Ms. Piggy!” he said. Ella glared at him as she put her hands on her waist. “Why you chicken face...” she said

“Wait, wait, stop fighting will you...” Sphinx said. He stood up and stepped in between the two. “What are you doing here, four-eyed guy?” Chun asked. “Hey! Don't call my best friend like that!” Ella said. Bianca stood up from her seat, and held on to Sphinx's arms. “Chun, calm down, all right? Sphinx is the guy I'm telling you about.” Bianca said. Chun's eyes widened with surprise with Bianca's revelation. “This four-eyed guy is the special guy you're talking about?!” he asked. Bianca smiled and nodded her head. Chun looked at Sphinx from head to toe, and then smirked. “What's so special about him? He looked puny. I don't think he could protect you from harm....” he said. This made Ell even more angry. “Take that back, you stupid chicken face! Didn't you know, Sphinx is a black belter in judo!” she said.

Chun sighed and shook his head. Then, he looked at Bianca. “I'm sorry, Bianca. But, this guy is the best friend of my sworn enemy. I don't think I can approve of him.” he said. Bianca was surprised at what he said. She felt hurt with what he just said. With that, Chun stormed out of the cafe, leaving Biance behind, devastated. Ella then turned to Sphinx and folded her arms. “Look, Sphinx. I'm sorry, but I won't approve of any girl that's related to this chicken face.” she said. She then took her bag, and stormed out of the cafe. Bianca looked up at Sphinx sadly, and Sphinx just consoled her. “Don't worry, they'll come around... they will be able to accept us...” he said. Bianca let out a faint smile and just nodded her head.


Ella was walking through the street, when she felt Chun following her. She paused, and then turned to face Chun. “You chicken face, why are you following me?” she asked angrily. Chun rolled his eyes at her, and folded his arms. “Duh?! Like I have a choice? This is the only way back to my apartment! Have you forgotten? We're neighbors!” he said. “Then go and find another way home! I want to be alone!” Ella shouted at him. Chun looked at her angrily, and put his hands on his waist. “Why ugly Ms. Piggy? Do you own this street?!”
“No, I don't. But I don't want to see your ugly face! It frustrates me even more!”
“Do you think I want to see your ugly face? It frustrates me more! And you know what frustrates me even more? It's the thought that your puny little four-eyed best friend is the one whom Bianca falls in love with!”
“And it frustrates me even more that it's your little friend whom the love of my life fell in love with!”

With that, Chun folded his arms and smirked evilly at her. “Oh, so you're in love with your best friend, huh?” he asked. Ella was shocked that Chun found out her little secret. She folded her arms, and turned her back on him. “I knew it! I knew even before that you are in love with him. The way you acted when you're with him at the reunion gave it away. You are in love with Sphinx.” he said. Then, Ella turned to him and looked at him angrily. “Why do you care? At least everyone loves him! Especially Bianca, your little friend.” she said. Chun let out a frustrated sigh. “That's why I hate that friend of yours as much as I hate you! He took away the girl I love!” he said. Ella was even more shocked at what he said. Then, she gave him a evil smirk. “So, you're in love with Bianca, huh?” she said. Chun glared at him. “I told her I love her.” he said. “And you got rejected, right? Because she is in love with Sphinx?” she said. Ella guessed it right, and because of that, Chun couldn't answer her. “I knew it! The great chicken face was rejected by the only girl he loves!” she said triumphantly. “And how about you? You are in love with your best friend, and yet he can't love you back because he is in love with someone else!” she said. Ella fell silent at what he said. She turned away from him again, not daring to speak a word.

Chun let out another frustrated sigh. “Aren't you even tired of all this childishness? Why do we always fight, especially at moments like this?” he said. “Who started it?” Ella asked. Chun held Ella by her shoulder and then turned her to face him. “Look, Ella. Let's make a truce, OK?” Chun said in an weary tone. Ella looked away from him, and folded her arms. “Listen to me. Let's stop fighting already. We've been getting back at each other since kindergarten, and this is so tiring!” he said. Ella looked at him, and raised her eyebrow. “And who started it first?” she said. Chun let out a frustrated sigh, and shook his head. “Aiyo! You're still not over it? Come on...” he said. “Who's fault is it anyway? Who started calling me ugly and fat and Ms. Piggy, you chicken face!” she said.

“Look, I need your help. You need mine. Can we, for once, be friends?” he asked. “I don't need your help, chicken face! And I don't make friends wth jerks.”
“You will need my help. You DO need my help. I need you, you need me. We both need each other. Unless...”
Chun paused, and gave her a smirk. Ella was confused at him. “Unless what?” she asked. “Unless you want Sphinx to end up with Bianca.” he said. Ella gave Chun a shocked look. “No way!” she shouted at him. “See? That's why we need to team up. Let's work together so that Sphinx and Bianca won't end up together, OK?” he said. He extended his hand to her, and smiled. “Deal?” he asked. Ella looked at him, and then she took his hand. “Deal.” she said.


They found themselves by the park, talking peacefully like normal, mature adults. Finally.

“So, what's the plan now, chicken face?” she asked. “First of all, if you want us to work, let's be friends who doesn't call each others names. Don't call me chicken face, and I won't call you Ms. Piggy. You got that, Ella?” he said, stressing on her name. “Fine, chi- I mean Chun...” she said. Chun smiled at her. “Good, you're getting the hang of it. Now, the next plan is that we'll go back and tell them that we're OK with them being together...” Chun said. Ella gave him a confused look. “Wait a minute, chick- I mean Chun... I thought we are going to break them apart? Not bring them together?” she said. Chun laughed at her as he shook his head. “Of course, we are Ella. We'll make them think that we are OK with them being together. But, you have to help me... you have to tell me all the bad things about Sphinx so that I can tell that to Bianca, and in return, I will tell you all the things about Bianca that will make Sphinx turned off by her.” Chun said. Ella rubbed her arms as she smiled evilly at Chun's plan. “Oooohhh I like what you're thinking Chun. It's so evil and I'm loving it!” she said. “Of course you will love it. You're evil yourself.” he said. Ella glared at him again. “But of course, I'm more evil than you.” he added. Ella's expression toned down, and she just nodded her head.

“But what if it doesn't work out? I mean, after all the things we did... what if they still decided to be together?” she asked. “Then, we'll set-up Sphinx with some girl so that Bianca would think that he is cheating on her.” Chun said. “I don't like that idea, but I'll go with it...” she said. Chun smiled and nodded his head. “I'm glad we agreed on something, finally...” he said. Ella let out a sigh, and gave Chun a confused look. “So what id despite all the things we've done, they still are together, what should we do next?” she asked. “We have no other choice but to do a drastic move. We'll give them a big blow that will make the two of them realize what they are missing out...” he said. Ella gave him another confused look. “What do you mean?” she asked. Chun let out a playful smile before answering her. “We have to pretend that we fell in love with each other, and pretend to be a couple.”

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