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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 25

Round 25 – Off To The Beach!

Ella stood frozen in her place as Chun suddenly pulled her into a hug. She felt his heart beating fast as he held her close to him. His hug was a protective one, as if he was trying his best to shield her from anyone who would try to take her away from him. Chun have lots his wits for the past few days, thinking that if he lost the competition, he will eventually lose Ella in his life. How many times had he had a nightmare that someone took Ella away from him? How many times have he been bothered with the thought that Ella could fall in love with someone new? As days passes by, his love for her could only grow stronger, and it's scaring him more for he's starting to be more selfish of Ella.

“I thought I'm going to lose you...” he whispered. He hugged her tight, and let a tear fall from his eyes. Ella was nevertheless surprised at what he said, but then her lips curved into a smile. She remembered what Hiro told him a while ago, that he could see how much Chun loves him. She wanted to believe that. She wanted to believe Chun does love her, but she knows there is someone else in his heart. There is Bianca, definitely Chun could never forget about her. She knew how long Chun have loved her. And then, there's his first love, whom according to Danson, whom Chun is still in love with. If these two people have occupied a space in his heart, then she knew there's nothing left on it for her. “You... you can't lose me...” she whispered to him.

She let him go, and stared in his eyes. His eyes were filled with so much that should could never read. Was it jealousy in his eyes? Was it fear? Was it love? She closed her eyes, trying to erase the thought of seeing love in his eyes. Whatever that Chun is feeling for her, maybe it's out of pity. He took pity on her when Sphinx abandoned her. He took pity on her when she had no choice but to ask him to pretend to be her boyfriend in front of her grandpa. She wanted to believe herself that Chun could never love someone like her. She knew she is nothing compared to Bianca.

“I'm sorry...” she heard Chun say. Ella looked up, and saw him turn into smile. “Maybe... maybe I'm just thinking too much... maybe I was too -”
“I know. You were too mad at Hiro, right?”
Ella smiled and let out a forced laugh. “Come on, you won over that jerk. What is there to be scared of?” she said. Chun paused, and looked at her into her eyes. “I'm scared that you will chose Hiro over me...” he wanted to say. Ella smiled at him, and held his hand tight. “He said that he's happy you won. I don't know why... he kept telling me some weird things. I want to laugh my ass off at him, but then he walked away. Anyway, congratulations, Chun! Since you won, I'll keep my part of the bargain and treat you out. What do you say? Shall we go for ice cream, or dinner, or movies? Tell me what you want to do...” she said. Chun smiled and then she held onto Ella's hand. “Well, if you insist and since you promised... I want a vacation. To the beach.” he said, winking at her. Ella could only give him a bewildered look.


“Vacation at the beach? That's a good idea!” Groovy grandpa said to Ella. Ella leaned her chin on her palm, and looked sadly at her grandpa. “I don't have the money to treat Chun for a vacation, grandpa... I haven't even got my bonus this month...” she said. Grandpa smiled at her, and shook his head. “You don't have to worry about a thing. What is your grandpa doing? I have money. I can give you and Chun some money so that you guys can have a grand vacation.” he said.

Ella smiled at him, and shook her head. “You don't understand, groovy grandpa. Maybe Chun wants to be alone on his vacation, that's all.” she said. “Nonsense! Your boyfriend would love to tag you along. If he won't, then I'll scold him! I'll tell Fang Fang that. And besides, are you willing to let your boyfriend go alone for a vacation? You know, there are a lot of sexy girls on the beach... he might find someone new and dump you.” he said. “Chun can't do that. He loves me.” she said. “And how can he dump me if we're never together in the first place... maybe it's about time he find someone new to love...” she thought.

Just then, Chun and his grandma came inside their house. “I heard Ella is treating my son for a vacation?” Fang Fang said. Groovy grandpa looked up at him, and nodded his head. “Yes. Actually, both of them are going on a vacation.” he said, winking at him. Ella was shocked at what her grandpa said. “Groovy grandpa! I told you Chun might want to go alone!” she said. Chun folded his arms, and smiled at him. “Of course, I want to go with my beloved girlfriend.” he said. Ella could only give him a glare. “I don't want to be left alone with you...” she thought. “Who wants to be left alone with you?” he asked in his thoughts. “Well, it's settled then. Ella, take a break fro the radio station. You two will be going on a vacation. My treat.” Groovy grandpa said. Ella looked at her grandpa and smiled. “Eh, grandpa... it would be unfair it it will be only me and Chun that will go. How about you and grandma?” she asked, eying on Chun's grandma. “Yeah, I think it's a good idea for the two of you to relax...” Chun said. “And for the two of you to get more closer. Maybe the two of you will fall in love again while on vacation...” he thought. “Well, I could use a break too...” grandma said. “Yeah, I know Selina and Hebe would also want to join us for this vacation, as well as Ethan and Nic...” Ella said. She looked at Chun, and winked at him. She knew exactly what their grandparents have in mind. They wanted the two of be all alone in this vacation, and there's no way Ella could let that happen.

Groovy let out a sigh, and then stood up from his seat. “All right, then all of us will head to the beach tomorrow!” he said.


The van stopped in front of the hotel resort's entrance. All of them got out of the van, and looked with awe at the place. “Wow! This is like the most expensive resort in the country!” Ethan said in awe. “But of course! I only wanted the best for you kids, especially to my granddaughters.” Groovy grandpa said. “Thank you for inviting us for a vacation, groovy grandpa.” Nicholas said. Groovy grandpa smiled at him, and shook his head. “Don't mention it, son. Just enjoy our stay here, all right?” he said. Nicholas smiled, and nodded his head.

They all went inside the hotel, and approached the reception area. “Hi, we have reservation for five rooms?” Grandma said to the receptionist. The lady behind the counter smiled at him, and nodded his head. Ella and Chun looked at each other with confusion. “Five rooms?” they asked in unison. They were expecting one room for groovy grandpa, one room for grandma, one room for the girls and one room for the boys. “How come there are five rooms?” Chun thought. “My I have your name please?” the receptionist asked. “Jin Fang Fang.” she said. The lady looked at her computer to look for the record of their reservation. Then, she gave grandma a confused look. “I'm sorry, Mrs. Jin, but you only reserved four rooms under your name.” she said. “Ah, yes... how can I forget... one room is reserved under Mr. Wu Ji Chun.” Fang Fang said.

This made Chun even more confused. “Why is there a room reserved under my name?” he thought. The receptionist smiled,and nodded her head. “Ah, yes. Under Mr. Wu Ji Chun's name.” she said. She first gave the room keys to Selina and Hebe, and then to Ethan and Nicholas. “See you upstairs, Chun.” Ethan said before leaving Chun. “Wait for me, Sel!” Ella said as she followed the two girls. Before she could make her move, groovy grandpa stopped her. “Stay here, Ella.” he said. Next, he gave the room keys to groovy grandpa, grandma and to Chun. “Enjoy your stay here, Mrs. Jin.” she said. Then, she turned to Chun and Ella. “Enjoy your stay, Mr. And Mrs. Wu.” she said.

Chun and Ella's eyes widened with what the receptionist said. “Miss, you got it all wrong!” Chun said in protest. The receptionist could only give him a confused look. “Aiyo... come on... don't be like this. Besides, consider this as my pre-wedding gift for you and Ella.” Groovy grandpa said. “So, it means I have to stay in one room with Chun for the whole 3 days?” Ella asked. Groovy grandpa and Fang Fang nodded their heads.


“I can't believe I am sharing a room with Ella! Ella! You hear me?! I'm sharing a room with Ella!” Chun shouted in frustration as he sat on the bed. After he and Ella settled into their room, he immediately went to Ethan and Nicholas' room. As he looked at the two guys, he could see them laughing at him. “What?! There's nothing funny with that! I never sat besides Ella during elementary days, and now I'm forced to share a room with her!” he shouted angrily. “I guess we should start worrying when the two of you start to kill each other after you two annoy each other?” Ethan said. “Wrestling? Man, that's so cool! I want to watch! Can I be the referee instead?” Nicholas said. The two began to laugh again at his misfortune.

Chun took a pillow and threw it at his friends. “Not funny!” he shouted. “Dude, I don't know what you're worrying about...” Ethan said. “She's a girl, I'm a guy! We shouldn't be sharing rooms!” Chun said. “So, what? Are you scared that Ella will do something to you?” Nicholas said.

[Nicholas' imagination]

Chun opened his eyes. He tried to move his arms, but then, he couldn't. He looked up, and saw his two hands tied on the bed post. He looked at his feet, and saw that it was tied to the bed post as well. He tried to struggle free from being tied, but he was tightly tied on the bed, which made him unable to move freely. “Help?!” he shouted. “No one can hear you... it's just you and me...” he heard someone said.

The door before her opened, revealing Ella in a sexy two-piece lingerie. She had a cat ears headdress over her hair. On her hand, she was holding a whip. Chun swallowed hard as she watched moved slowly and sexily towards him. “E-ella?” he stuttered. She let out a sexy smile onto her ruby red lips. “I know you want this, Chun...” she said. She moved her hand, and whipped the floor, making Chun even more scared of her. “Eh... Ella... what are you doing? Can... can you let me go?” he asked nervously. Ella just smiled evilly, and shook her head. “I still want to play with you, Chun.” Then, she began to whip him, and Chun could only shout in pain.

[End of Nicholas' imagination]

Chun flinched, then he shook his head. He took another pillow, and threw it at his perverted brother. “Ella could never be like that!” he shouted at the two. “I'm just telling you the possibilities of you and Ella sharing a room, all right?” Nicholas said in defense. “She's... she's... you know... still innocent. She can never be that aggressive. Besides... she didn't have any boyfriends before. How would she know all about it?” he said. Ethan and Nicholas just looked at each other, and shook their heads in confusion.


“I can't believe I'm sharing a room with him. I never sat beside him during elementary days, and now, I'm going to share a room with him...” Ella said worriedly as she sat on Selina's bed. “I don't think it's going to be that bad, Ellie. Chun's a real gentleman... I guess he won't do anything bad to you.” Hebe said. Selina nodded in agreement. “You can always ask him to sleep on the floor.” Selina said. “But he's a guy. I'm a girl. He's my fake boyfriend. We shouldn't be sleeping on the same room.” Ella said. “I don't think Chun will do anything perverted to you...” Hebe said. “But he's still a guy, and he's friends with the number one pervert I know, whose name is Ethan Ruan.” Selina said. Selina stood up from her bed, and then took her bag. She took a pepper spray from her bag, and gave it to Ella. “What should I do with this?” Ella asked, staring at the pepper spray on her hand. “For your protection, if Chun did something perverted to you.” she said.

[Selina's imagination]

Ella wrapped her bare body with blanket. Tears began to flow from her eyes as she moved to the corner of her bed. If she had the chance, she could run away, but the man standing before the edge of the bed seems much stronger than she is. Chun let out a smirk as she looked at Ella pervertedly. He then took off his robe, revealing his bare chest. “W-what are you going to do?” she asked in a scared tone. “What else? I'm going to play a game, and you're going to play with me...” he said huskily.

Ella moved back from the bed, wanting to get away from Chun as he crawled unto the bed. “N-no...” she whispered helplessly. But it was dead end for her. Chun let out another evil smile at her. She clutched on to her blanket as Chun moved closer to her. “Rawrrr...” he roared. Ella closed her eyes and shrieked.

[End of Selina's Imagination]

Ella shook her head. “No, Chun can't be like that...” she said. “But he is still a guy, Ellie. You don't know what he could do to you...” Selina said. “I know Chun is a real gentleman. I don't think he could ever do that.” she said. “Well, yes, he couldn't do that... unless he's also gay like Nic!” Hebe said. Ella gave Hebe a confused look. “Chun's not gay! And have you confirmed that Nic is really gay?” she asked. Hebe just shrugged her shoulder.

Selina stood up from her seat, and went to the window. “It's a good day today...” she said. Then, she turned to the two girls, and smiled at them. “Let's go for a swim?” she asked. Ella and Hebe smiled, and nodded their heads.


“What are taking those girls so long?” Chun asked as he paced back and forth. The three of them went down to the beach for a swim, and are waiting for the girls so that all of them could swim. “Well, if you ask me, it's better that they are not around yet. Look at the sexy babes we are seeing!” Ethan said. He eyed a group of girls walking at the shore, giggling and looking at them. Ethan nudged Nicholas. Nicholas looked at the girl's direction and smiled at them. The girls looked shyly at them and waved back at him. “Oh, Nic's still a charmer, huh?” Ethan said. “And I wonder what Hebe will say if she found out you're flirting with other girls.” Chun scolded his brother. “It's not flirting, Chun. It's called getting familiar with girls.” Nicholas said. “I wish you had the same guts when that day comes. You know what I mean.” he said. Nicholas just smiled at him, and shrugged his shoulder. Ethan looked at the two with confusion. “You guys still won't tell me all about it?” he asked. Both Nicholas and Chun looked at him. “No.” they said in unison.

After a while, Ethan saw Selina coming. “Oh, here they are.” he said. He saw Selina took off the wrap around her waist, revealing her sexy body in a two-piece bikini. Ethan's eyes were about to pop up as he watched Selina walk sexily towards their way. She looked up at Ethan and she could tell that he was in awe as he watched her. She let out a smirk as she continued to walk towards them. Hebe tailed behind Selina. Unlike her, she was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, but it still showed her sexy body. As Nicholas looked at her, his jaw dropped. He have seen Hebe a lot of times before, but he never thought Hebe could be this pretty and sexy. And behind Hebe is Ella. Just like her cousin, she was wearing a two-piece bikini. When Chun gazed at her, his jaw dropped as well. He's used to seeing Ella in her usual jeans and shirt. She have always been boyish. The only time he have seen her this feminine was during Danson's wedding. He could not believe that Ella have th body. She maybe a little fat, but she is still sexy. Her confidence as she walked make her more sexy. He felt like he want to grab Ella and kiss her that instant.

“What the hell am I doing? Why am I thinking perverted thoughts towards her?” he thought. He looked around, and saw the boys looking at the three girls. He suddenly felt jealous with the thought that the guys were all eying on Ella. He grabbed his towel, and dashed towards Ella, which made her surprised. He immediately covered Ella's body with the towel. “What the hell are you doing?!” Ella shouted angrily at him. “Wei! I'm doing you a favor, all right? All the guys are laughing at you. Why did you wear such a hideous swimsuit!” Chun said. Ella glared at him. “They are not laughing at me! They are staring at me!”
“Yeah, and staring at you! Can see you how those guys look at you, it's as if they want to eat you!”
“And so?”
“And so?! And so?! Don't you care a bit?! What if some pervert do something to you? It will be all your fault!”
“My fault?! How can it be my fault?!”
“Because you encouraged their dirty minds.”
“Well, I don't think I am encouraging them. This is a beach, Wu Ji Chun, and I have the right to wear a bikini!”
“Well, then I have the right the tell you that it doesn't look good on you!”

Ella took a deep breath to calm herself down. “Why you...” she hissed. “You better go back to your room and change into something more decent.” Chun ordered her. “I am not the only one wearing a bikini here on the beach! Look at Selina!” she protested. “Go back to your room, or do I have to drag you back there?” Chun scolded her again. “I can't understand you! Why are you picking on me again! Look, I can wear whatever I want!” she shouted. “OK, that's it! I had enough, young lady!” he shouted at her. He then pulled Ella and carried her (bridal style) back to the hotel for her to change. “Let me go, you chicken face!” Ella shouted at him. “Don't struggle now, Ms. Piggy!” Chun said. “Just wait till I get my hands on you, chicken face!”

The four were left alone, still in awe at what Chun did. “Wow... that was something...” Ethan said. “Well, Ella is lucky. She have some guy to scold her when she's wearing that sexy bikini...” Selina said, eying on Ethan. Ethan could see her look at him, but he chose to ignore her, much to her dismay. “If I were in Chun's place I would also do the same thing...” Nicholas said. Then, she looked at Hebe, and noticed her blush. “Hey, you look pretty today, Hebe.” he said. Hebe looked up at him, and smiled. “Thanks...” she said. “Green really looks good on you. I like the swirly deigns, huh... but you should have picked a lighter shade of green. But you look OK.” he said.

Hebe's eyes widened with surprise at what he said. “Errr... Nic... since when did you became a fashion expert?” Ethan asked. Nicholas just laughed, and shook his head. “That's what you get from hanging out with Arron a lot. Tell me, is Arron your boyfriend now?” Ethan teased. Hebe saw Nicholas tucked his hair on his ear in a girly way. “Aiyo, stop it already, lah!” he said in a girly tone. Hebe looked away from him, and flinched. “I guess he really is gay... there goes my chance!” she thought. Then, she looked at the three, her face showing as if she was sick. “Are you OK, Hebe?” Selina asked worriedly. “No. Err... Selina can you go with me?” she asked. Before Selina could answer, Hebe dragged her away from the two.

As the two girls live, Nicholas just smiled to himself. “Are you aware that with the way Hebe looks, she's thinking you''re gay?” Ethan asked. “I know. And that's what I'm planning to do all this time...” he said, letting out a meaningful smile at him. “But you're not gay.” Ethan said. “Of course. How can I be gay? That will only happen if Hebe's a lesbian.”
“Hebe's not a lesbian...”
“It's all part of my great plan.”
Then, he looked at Ethan, and winked at him.

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