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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
All For You - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Just a dream away

"Have I told you that you're the most beautiful girl in the campus?" Nina heard Brent said as they walked down the empty street. Nina looked up at him and gave him a faint smile. "You don't believe me?"
"O-o-of course I do... I believe everything that you say..." she replied, as she looked down her steps. "I'm the luckiest girl because you're my prom date..." she continued as she walked down the street. Just then, she fell flat on her face. "Awww..." she said as she tried to stand up. When she looked up, she saw Brent with the other popular girls in school at the other side of the street. He laughed at her as she approached him. "Brent?" she asked, still confused about what happened.
"You're such a sucker you know..." he said, then he laughed together with the rest of the girls...


Nina immediately rose from her bed. "Oh my god... what a bad dream about Brent..." she thought. She looked at the clock, and she screamed. It was 6:15 AM. "I'm late!" she shouted as she got out of bed. She quickly took a shower and wore her uniform as fast as she could. She took her bag from her table and went down to the kitchen. She was almost running when she heard her dad. "Whoa. You're not yet late, princess." he said. She got confused and looked at his dad, who was reading the newspaper that time. "I knew you're always late every Monday, so I sneaked to your room last night and set your alarm clock 45 minues in advance." he explained.

Nina let out a sigh of relief, and joined his dad on the table. Her dad folded the newspaper and drank his coffee. "Stayed up all night to study?" his dad asked. "Yes, dad..." she answered as she took a bite from her sandwich. "Gee... I don't know why you still have to study hard... with your grades, you could even go to Harvard!" his dad commented. Nina just smiled at his dad. "Well... I'm planning to..." she said.

I guess it would be a little rude not to introduce the main character of this story. She is Nina. Nina Mendoza. She is the top student of their school. She studies at St. Joseph's College, where the only level that's all-girls is the High School Level. She has a huge crush on their college varsity player, Brent Romero, ever since she laid her eyes on him last year. She is in Senior year high, while Brent is sophomore in college. You can say she is a celebrity because of her grades, but just like any other high school girls in any other high school stories, she is the most hated and laughed at student in school. Well, no, she's not rude or anything. Most of the students think she's a teacher's pet and a nerd, and she's the most hated and laughd at person by the popular and trouble-maker girls in the school. She's also a klutz, that's why she always gets into embarassing situations, like the time where... er... never mind.

Now, going back to the story.

As soon as she finished her breakfast, Nina took her things and kissed her dad and mom goodbye. "Be sure to be home by dinner, sweety!" her mom shouted. She took a jeep from her house to their school, and by the moment she got off in front of the school's gate, she saw her three friends waiting for her - Millie, CJ and Lainey. "Nina!" the three of them shouted. Nina smiled at them as she approached them. "I though you're gonna be late again..." Lainey said. "Well, I thought so. Thanks to my ever supportive dad, he set my clock 45 minutes earlier... hehehe." she said. After a small chat, they went inside the school and got themselves ready for their classes.


Since you have a background on Nina, let's take a look at the apple of her eyes - Brent Romero. Have I mentioned that Nina have a huge crush on him since last year? Have I told you that he's a varsity player? Probably yes.

Brent Romero. The school heart throb. Almost all the girls in the school have a crush on him, well, except those girls in kindergarten, nursery, and the nuns who run the school. There not a moment that girls would look back at him when he pass by. During his stay in the school, he managed to have 25 girlfriends, and there are like a hundred more begging him to be their boyfriendHe used to study in an all-boys school, and he's taking up Accounting. . Not only is he handsome and gorgeous, he's also filthy rich. Their family owned one of the biggest advertising company in the country, and as the only son, one day he'll run that company.

Right after Nina and her friends entered the school, Brent arrived, sporting the new car his dad gave him the week before. He went to the back gate of the school to park his car, and then he met his two best buds - Leon and Jasper. "Is that a new car?" Leon asked the moment Brent approached them. "Yeah, from my dad..." he said boastfully. "Yeah, men!" Jasper said as he pat his back. "You'll definitely get a lot of girls with that new car.
"I don't need to... with or without that car, I can have any girl that I want to."

And as expected, while the three walked to their first class, the girls can't take their eyes off Brent.


After a long day, their class was dismissed. "Why don't we hang out at CJ's place before we go home?" Millie said as they walked at the lobby. "Maybe we can also solve the complicated assignment our Math teacher gave us..."
Hearing the word assignment, Nina remembered something. She smacked her forehead when she remembered something - her science report. "Nina?" the three asked. "Guys, I just forgot all about my report next week... I have to go to the library to research..." she said. She said goodbye to her friends then she went up to the High School Library.

Once she's inside the library, she immediately looked for the book she'll be needing to complete her report using the computer. She was able to find it, but the problem is, it's at the College Library. "Geez... do I really have to go to the College Library for this book?" she thought. She scribbled the information regarding the book, then she gathered her things and dashed to the College Library.

As soon as she got into the College Library, she immediately approached the librarian. "Hi, I'm looking for this book. Is it available?" she asked, handing her the piece of paper. As the librarian took the paper, she saw Brent enter the library. "Lucky day for me..." she thought. She was just staring at Brent the whole time. "Isn't he a dreamboat?" the librarian said, who was also looking at Brent. "If I met this guy before I got married, I would've married him instead..."

Nina looked at the librarian, who dreamily stared at Brent. She just smiled, since that's exactly what happened to her whenever she sees him. "What more can you ask for, he's cute, rich and smart..." the librarian said. Nina looked at the librarian, then she stared at the paper she handed her a while ago. "My report!" she thought. She patted the librarian's hand to wake her up. "Ma'am... is my book available? I badly need it..." she said. The librarian looked at her and remembered what she was about to do. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Silly me." she said. She faced the computer and checked if the book is still available. "Yes, it is." she said. "Go to the science section. You'll find this."

Nina thanked the librarian, and went to the science section. She searched for the book, and she found it at the last shelf at the back of the library. "Got it!" she whispered. She was about to leave, when she saw Brent at the other side, also looking for a book. She decided to hide behind the bookshelf, and peek at him. "Sweety!" she heard a girl said. The girl went to Brent and hugged him. Brent smiled at her and hugged her back. "Don't forget our date this Saturday, OK?" the girl said. "Sure don't worry." Brent reply. She saw the girl kiss him on the cheek, then they both left.

She felt jealous when she saw that scene. "How can I make Brent notice me... just like that girl?" she thought. She have always wanted to be near Brent, but with all the girls surrounding him, she know she will never get the chance to. "I guess he will just be a dream..." she though. She let out a sigh, then decided to leave the library.

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