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Friday, December 11, 2009
Star - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Under his wings

It was nearly dawn when they arrived at Yi Quan's secret place. It's a small cabin hidden beneath the woods. "We're here..." he said to Kelsi. Both of them got out of the car, and Kelsi was amazed how beautiful that place is. It was filled with a lot of flowers. "This is beautiful..." she said in a low voice."This is my secret sanctuary." Yi Quan explained. "Whenever I feel burnt out, I would run away and go here..." Then, he looked at her, and he reached for her hand. "Come, I'll show you something..." he said. Kelsi smiled at him, and took his hand.

They went at the back of his cabin. And to her surprise, she found a garden full of roses. She was astonished. "Wow..." she said in a low voice. For sure, she have dreamt of this place. She dreamt before that she's in this place, and she's with Yi Quan, but now it's not a dream anymore. It's a reality. She turned around, and she saw Yi Quan holding a long stemmed rose for her. "For you, my lovely princess..." he said. She smiled at him as she took the rose. "Thank you, my handsome prince." Then, he leaned forward her, and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Is there something bothering you, Yi Quan?" Kelsi asked. It was late in the morning, and they were on a bech at the cabin's terrace, s. Yi Quan looked at his girlfriend. Although he was trying to cover up his problem, he knew Kelsi could see through him. "Nothing..." he said, shaking his head. "It's just that I'm getting tired of all this..." Kelsi looked at him, then slowly put her head on his shoulder. "How about you, Kelsi... are you getting tired of this circus?" he asked. "No... if this is what it takes to be with you, then I'm willing to endure everything..." He put his arm around her shoulder and embraced her.

He's scared of what's going to happen next. What the consequence of his actions are. He wanted to protect Kelsi away from the prying eyes of the public, but he know his unjust action would ruin him. He didn't want to follow Ah Ken's order to break up with her. He didn't want to follow his order to deny her in the public. But what he is to do? He is a superstar, and for everyone, he is a public figure. His private life would still be of interest. He just wanted to keep her relationship with Kelsi a private thing, but he knows it would be impossible.

"Don't worry too much, Quan..." he heard Kelsi say. He looked down at her and smiled. "We're here to have some peace, right? Don't think too much..." then he heard her softly yawn. Before he knew it, she was sleeping peacefully in his arms. He smiled to himself. He realized how pretty kelsi looks like when she sleeps. He knew she's tired, since she came from her shift in the hospital before they came to this place. He planted a kiss on her forehead, and leaned on her head, and closed his eyes. He began to sleep peacefully... with the girl he loves beside her.


"I think it's about time that we head home..." Kelsi said to Yi Quan that late afternoon, while hiking at the woods. Yi Quan looked at her. "We can't always runaway like this, Quan... somehow, we have to face our problems..." she continued. Yi Quan looked down, as he toyed the stick he's holding to the ground. "The problem is... I can't..." he thought. He wanted the day to be longer. He wanted to be with her much longer. He wanted to stay in this place, his sanctuary, just a little bit longer... because he knows when the next day comes, everything would be a chaos. He will have to heed Ah Ken's order. He will have to break her heart eventually, for she will not be his choice anymore, but his option.

Kelsi walked towards him, and hugged him. "I know something's bothering you, Quan..." she said in a low voice. "But I assure you everything's going to be all right... Everything will be all right..." Yi Quan let out a faint smile. "Yes, everything will be all right..." he said. Whatever will happen the next day, he know he have to face it, and he could face it as long as Kelsi's beside her.


"Our deal..." Ah Ken reminded Yi Quan as they walked towards the the studio for his interview. Yi Quan stopped walking, and faced Ah Ken. "Ah Ken, you know -"
"Listen to me for once, Zuo Yi Quan." Ah Ken said. "Do as I say. You know the consequences if you won't do it. It will ruin you, it will ruin everything we have worked hard for. Just do it." Yi Quan watched as Ah Ken headed for the studio. He clenched his fist as he watched him. At that moment, he wanted to walk out, but he knows if he do, rumors would start spreading again. He is here to clarify it - no, the right term would be too deny everything. As much as he didn't want to follow Ah Ken, there's nothing he can do. Guess, it was inevitable...

He closed his eyes, and he remembered Kelsi. There's nothing he could do now... he promised her everything will be all right, but he knows after his interview, everything will change between them. He knows she will be mad, she will be heartbroken, but he have no coice but to do this, to break her heart.

"Deny her." Ah Ken said in a stern voice. He was like his father, telling him what exactly to do in his life. "No." he answered. She was the best thing that happened in her life. Why does he have to do that? He just wanted to shout to the world that she is the very reason why he wakes up each morning, why he is alive and want to continue living. Everything that he is right now, it was all because of Kelsi. Why can't Ah Ken even understand that?"
"Deny her or else..."
"Or else what?"

Ah Ken looked at him in his eyes. "Or else I will do every means to take her away from you." Yi Quan shook his head, then stood up from his seat. "I mean it, Yi Quan..." Ah Ken said. He began to walk away from him. "You don't know what I can do." Ah Ken said. Still, he didn't listen to her. "I could even take away all that you have right now... everything Yi Quan... I made you. I can destroy you."
[End of flashback]


Kelsi and Jian Hua were having their lunch at the nearby restaurant that noon. Suddenly, one of the waitresses turned the TV on. "Zuo yi Quan will be interviewed today!" they heard her say. They watched as the waitresses gathered in front of the TV to watch him. "Hey, I heard he'll be answering some issues... do you think he will admit that he's dating you?" Jian Hua asked her. Kelsi just gave him a smile. "I don't know... knowing his line of work, he might tell everyone that we're just friends. You know how showbusiness goes..." she said.

They listened as the host interviewed Zuo Yi Quan. True enough, Yi Quan answered the issues regarding the rumors about him and Ah Sa, and about the reporter he punched the other night. Kelsi just ate her food as she listened to his interview. Just then, the big question was asked by the host. "Yi Quan, there were rumors that you were dating a Filipina doctor. How true is that?"


Yi Quan smiled at the host then looked at Ah Ken. He paused for a moment before he answered. "No. That's not true..."
"Then who was the girl you're with when the issue about the paparazzi came out?"
Yi Quan took a deep breath before he answered.


"She was just a fan."

Kelsi dropped her chopsticks upon hearing that. Then she looked at the TV. "We just met at the hotel that night, and she was about to get a cab when the paparazzis came... They hounded us, and I got just while the paparazzis were taking pictures of me. That's what really happened..."

Then she looked back at Jian Hua, who was more than surprised than her. "Just a fan?" he said. If only he could get inside the TV, he would beat the hell out of him. "I would totally understand if he admits that you're just a friend but a fan?" Kelsi lowered her head. She can't exactly tell what she feels at that moment, she was mad, and in pain. She wanted to cry but she wanted to look stronger in front of Jian Hua. She knew right from the start that there's a chance that Yi Quan would deny her, she have anticipated it, but she never thought it would hurt like this. "Jian Hua... stop... let's just give him the benefit of the doubt..." She said in a low voice, she tried to conceal her pain, but Jian Hua knows better. Jian Hua could sense in her voice that she's about to cry, so he took her away from that place.


Denying his relationship with Kelsi is one of the worst feeling in the world. He felt guilty. Kelsi doesn't deserve this. Not after all the things she've done for him. Right after the interview, he lingered in his car. He took his phone and dialled Kelsi's number. After three rings, Kelsi answered it. "Hello..." she said in a sad voice. He could tell in her tone that she was able to watch his interview, and it made him feel like the worst boyfriend in the whole world. "Kelsi..."
"Yi Quan... I saw your interview..."

Yi Quan took a deep sigh before he speaks to her again. He doesn't know where he would start explaining things to Kelsi. "Kelsi... I-"
"You don't have to explain a thing, Yi Quan.... I understand... I perfectly do..."He became silent. "I understand this is part of your work... and I'm willing to take everything, Yi Quan. I knew right from the start that this would happen. You don't have to worry about me...'" she continued. "You don't understand, Kelsi... it was against my will.."
"But you have to do it, right? Yi Quan... I accept everything about you because I love you... and if it means that you have to deny me in public, I would still accept that. What matters is I'm confident of what you feel for me..."
Yi Quan smiled as she listened to her. He is indeed very lucky to have an understading girlfriend like her. "Let me make it up to you... how about dinner tonight. My treat." he said. He heard Kelsi laughed at the other line. "Sounds like a plan."


"Ah Ken, I have to go." Yi Quan said as soon as the their recording finished. He watched as Ya Se, Xiu Yi and Xiao Yu began to pack up to leave the recording studio. "You can't go yet, Quan..." Ah Ken said. His three friends looked at their handler with confusion. "The producer would be coming in a while with your new leading lady..." he explained. "Can we do that some other time? I have to meet Kelsi..."
"But this is important, Quan. This is all about your new movie. Just give it a few minutes ok?"

Yi Quan sighed as he resigned to what Ah Ken wants. It wasn't long before when the producer, Dennis Fang. "I'm sorry I am late. I hope I did not keep you all waiting." Dennis said as soon as he approached Yi Quan and Ah Ken. "Hey, Ah Ken... we'll go ahead, OK?" he heard Xiu Yi said. Before he knew it, his friends left him with Ah Ken and the producer. "It was nice meeting you again, Zuo Yi Quan." Dennis said to him. Yi Quan smiled at him then shook his hand. "Before we go to the restaurant, shall we wait for your leading lady first?" Dennis asked. Yi Quan smiled then shook his head. "I'm sorry, Mr. Fang, but I have something to do tonight..."
"Oh, Yi Quan, we talked about this already right?" Ah Ken said. "Mr. Fang here is proposing a new movie for you. Let's just wait for your new leading lady then we'll go ahead. After we signed the deal, you can do whatever you like." he continued. Then, he saw Mr. Fang looking at the studio's entrance. "There she is!" he said. He looked at the other direction, and to her surprise, he saw the least person he wanted to be with.

"Hello Quan... Long time no see..." she said. He just kept on staring at her. He can't believe that the girl who broke his heart, who almost caused his death, is right in front of him now. "Ah Sa..."

"Aren't you going home yet?" Ren Jie asked Kelsi that night. She was standing outside the hospital, waiting for Yi Quan. Kelsi smiled at her and shook her head. "He's gonna pick me up tonight..." she said. Then she sad goodbye to her colleagues.

One hour...
Two hours...
Three hours have past.

Kelsi still stood outside the hospital waiting for Yi Quan. She tried to call him, but he's not answering his phone. "What could've happened to him?" she thought. "He's not coming..." she heard a voice said. She turned around, and saw Jian Hua walking towards her. "He just denied you today, of course he would make sure he is not seen with you tonight. Come on, I'll send you home..." he continued. Kelsi just lowered her head. "I trust he'll come..." she said in a low voice. She was starting to lose hope, but she know Yi Quan will come for her. He have never broken a promise to her. Jian Hua shook his head in dismay. "Wait all you want... but I'm telling you he is not coming." Then he left her.

A few minutes later, Yi Quan's car came. Kelsi stood up from where she's sitting, and smiled as he approached her. She opened the door of the car, and to her disappointment, she saw Mei Ru. "I'm sorry, Angel..." he said. "YI Quan had some important matters to attend... come on, I'll send you home." There was nothing else that she could do, but to accept the fact that he is not coming. Their date is cancelled. He have broken his promise. She got into his car, and Mei Ru drove her to her apartment. But along the way, tears can't help falling from her eyes...

She could feel something is going wrong...
Something not good is coming their way...

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