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Friday, December 11, 2009
Star - Epilogue


They say love is lovelier the second time around, but will she give him another chance to love her again?


I'd love to make you mine
'Cause it's the only place where I could hold you
In my wild imagination
Still don't know how
To grab a chance and spend some time in just
A simple conversation....


The lonely song played on the cab as she rushed to the airport. It was too sudden that Jian Hua decided to visit her in Manila. It has been almost a year, and since Angel's death, she decided not to go back to Taiwan... she needed the time to heal her broken heart. It's been a year, and she have moved on already, she thinks. She have been working for a while as an ER doctor in one of the top hospitals in the Metro.

Although Kelsi decided to stay in Manila for a while, she have kept in touch with Jian Hua. He was like her big brother when she was staying in Taiwan, She knew that when she was in pain, Jian Hua could feel her pain as well. She felt guilty that she was not able to say goodbye to him when she suddenly left for home. Now that he's here, she will make it up to her Ge Ge.

She reached the airport, and patiently waited for Jian Hua's call, She looked at her watch... it was almost 2 PM, and Jian Hua should've arrived almost an hour ago.


Just give it a try
Though I'm like chasing rainbows in the sky
I want to hold you in my dreams
And make believe that it's true


It's been almost an hour since he arrived. Yi Quan wore his usual disguise of shades and cap. It was a good feeling to comeback to Manila after their concert was held here two years ago. People who passed by him stares at him, perhaps, people would still remember him – the Taiwanese superstar who once captured the hearts of the Filipinos.

Everything felt new to him. There were no screaming crowds following him, there were no banners of welcome for him. There were no cameras, no press people, no media. Somehow, it felt so good that for once he was not treated as a star, but as an ordinary person.


Although I know, I know that it's impossible to do
'Cause you're a star, people loved you as you are
You're a million miles away from me...


Suddenly, her phone rang, It was Jian Hua. She immediately answered his call. “Kelsi, listen to me...” she heard him say as soon as she answered the call. “I know it been hard for you for the past year... I understand the heartache and pain that you've been through... I'm doing this because I want you to be happy once again...” This made Kelsi very confused. 'What are you saying, Jian Hua?” she asked. “Just wait there from where you are... you will finally find your happiness...”


Suddenly, his phone rang. He reached for his phone on his pocket, to find Jian Hua calling him. “I've done my part.” he heard him say. “It's all up to you to have her once again...” Yi Quan smiled to himself “Thanks, Jian Hua...”
“Just promise me you won't hurt her again.”
“I promise Jian Hua..”
“Good. Now, go and get her.”


Wish that you were here
'Cause it's illusions every time you're close to me
And sing my love songs


Amidst the crowd, he fought his way out. He want to find her so badly. He badly want to hold him in his arms and tell her how sorry he is for breaking his heart. He wanted to tell her how much he loves her, and that he felt empty and lonely after she was gone.

He had everything a man could want – fame, power, fortune... but all of these are meaningless without her. He is nothing without her by his side. Everything that he is right now, it's all because of her. But, he failed to notice her worth... No one was ever made him fell whole, except for him. With her, he felt the love he have always longed for. He only hoped it's not yet too late between them.

He closed his eyes, and he saw her innocent face. A silent tear fell from his eye. If there's a chance he could stay beside her forever, he's willing to give up everything for that one chance. Maybe she's just an ordinary girl who could only look up to a shining star like him, but he's just one of the million stars in the universe that could shine and adore an ordinary girl like her. If everything he have now would fade away, he would be contented as long as he have her by his side. If his love for her is insane, then he'd rather be crazy for the rest of his life.

He opened his eyes, and at one corner, he finally saw her. He saw her turn to leave, he immediately followed her, fighting the busy crowd. Then, he opened his mouth to call out her name...


'Cause it's the only way
I could tell the world I love you
Although you're a million miles away


She knew at that moment, Jian Hua will never come. She turned to leave, deciding to go home. But as she took a few steps, it's as if her heart was telling her to turn around and go back. She followed her instinct, and as she turned, she saw Yi Quan walking towards her.

She felt all kinds of emotions upon seeing him again. She felt happy, she felt scared, she felt shocked. She felt not ready to see this man walking towards her. It's as if all the walls she have put up around suddenly crumbled at his sight. Her heart beats faster the moment he comes closer to her. Suddenly, she became vulnerable again because of his presence.

Not knowing what to do, she decided to turn around again and leave, but she felt him following her. “Kelsi... stop, please...” he shouted. Kelsi stopped walking. She could already feel the tears in her eyes. She slowly turned around to face him again. “I'm sorry...” he began. “I'm sorry for hurting you...”
“You should not be here... you should not be standing in front of me...”
He walked towards her and held her her hands. “But I am here... I am in front of you...” he said in a low voice. Kelsi struggled to let go from him. “You have already made your choice, Quan. I understand that I am not your choice... just let me go...” she answered. He put a finger on her lips, and stared into her eyes. “You are my choice, Kelsi. You just didn't gave me the chance to say it, but it was you... it has always been you...” he began. “No one has ever made me feel this way but you... I love you.. I love everything that I feel, everything that I am, everything that I become when I'm with you... please Kelsi... please come back to me...I'm not strong enough to let you go this time.”

He held her hand again, and kissed it. “You just have to believe me...” he continued. This time, his eyes were already filled with tears. “I'm begging you, Kelsi... please take me back...” he pleaded her. Kelsi looked up to him, and cupped his cheek. “I thought I have moved on. I thought I have learned to give you up. I thought I'm OK even without you... that I'm contented with just our memories and could live with that for the rest of my life... but you just proved to me that I'm still weak. Because the moment you walked from that crowd... I knew I'm still in love you. I know I'm not strong enough not to love you again...”

Happiness finally filled Yi Quan's heart upon hearing what she said. He love her, and now that he know that she loves him as well, everything just seemed so right. Their eyes met, both of them smiling at each other. He could stare into her big brown eyes for the rest of his life, not minding being lost in it. Without saying a word, he pulled her towards him. He embraced her tight, and kissed her lips for the longest time. She could tell in his kiss that everything he said is true, and that she have found the love that she have always wanted. No words could explain how mucn they feel for each other...

As their lips parted, she smiled at him and tears of joy fell from her eyes. Finally, the star she was adoring at the night sky is within her reach, and he will continue to shine on her for the rest f his life...


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