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Thursday, April 2, 2009
Paper Planes - Forewords

The rain poured heavily today...

I watched as they lowered his casket on the ground. I stepped forward, feeling the tear on my eye. I whispered his name, hoping he would hear it for the last time. The people beside me threw white roses onto his casket. I closed my eyes, hoping when I wake up, I would realize this is all just a dream. But when I opened it, I still see the same scene...

There are a lot of regrets in my heart. If only I wasn't selfish, then maybe thing's wouldn't turn out this way. He would've still be alive... but he's already gone... I will never see my best friend ever again. He was the one who have always sacrificed for me, and while I enjoy the best things in the world, he suffered silently. He may say he's happy, but I know, deep inside his heart, he is not.

I threw the white rose into his casket. I closed my eyes again, and prayed... maybe one day, I will forgive myself for his loss...


The day after his funeral, I came to our favorite spot. I looked up at the tall acacia tree, and smiled to myself. This tree have seen us grow together. This is were we made our pact when we were still kids. The tree have been our witness to the promises we've made, to the dreams we speak of, to the love we have never spoken, to the tears, and through our laughters...

I looked down and saw a rock. It is our marker to the treasure we buried here twenty years ago. I took off the rock, and with my bare hand, dug the ground. After a while, I saw our little treasure - it was a rusty old can. I sat on the tree, and carefully took the lid of the can. Inside it was the paper planes we made when we were seven years old. I took one plane, and threw it as far as I could. I smiled as I watch it glide in the wind... and that smile slowly disappeared when I remembered him again... The times we had was gone in an instant. He died, saving me. He gave me his life... and I will be forever thankful for that...


"Wherever you are, I assure you... I will fulfill your dreams..."


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