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Friday, December 4, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Epilogue


A year later...

I paced back and forth by the altar. I am getting nervous, and jittery. I wanted to go out for a while, but I can't. I'm scared that any moment, she'll be here.

“Chun?” I heard Arron call me. I looked back, and saw him walking up to me. He gave me a confused look. “Why are you like that? Relax, will you?” he said. I let out a nervous smile at my brother. “I cant relax, I'm sorry...” I said. He smiled at me, and then put his arms around me. “I know you are so excited, ge. Just relax. You've waited a year for this day to come... and I'm scared you'll pass out because of your excitement.” he said. I let out a nervous laugh, and shook his head.

Today is our wedding today. After two years of being together, finally, Ella and I are finally getting married. If I had the will, I would have married her the moment I proposed to her in this very church where I found her a year ago. But, Ella being the stubborn girl I know, she insists on a year, saying she wants to “test” me. And aside from that, she wanted everyone we love dearly to be here on our wedding day. After I proposed to Ella, Arron and Ariel decided to go back to the States so that the two of them can continue where they left of in school. Arron and Ariel just came back, and finally, my brother has graduated. He'll be working for me, not as a Market Specialist or as my assistant, but as the head Art Director. Yep, that's my ever talented brother. I'm so proud he is my little brother. Aside from Arron and Ariel leaving for the States, Jiro and Angela got married a few months after I proposed to her. As for Calvin and Joe, well I heard they had plans. They were supposed to get married first, but I begged Calvin to let me marry first, because if they get married first, then I would wait for another year to marry Ella, just like what happened when Jiro and Angela got married.

“You've got the rings, right?” I asked Arron, my best man. He nodded his head. “Everything is set. Don't worry...” he said. Just then, Ariel came up to us. She's one of our bridesmaid today. “Chun ge...” she said. Then, she handed me a paper. I felt my heart beating fast when I looked at that paper. “She ran away?” I asked. Ariel laughed, and shook her head. “Silly! Will you sign this one? It's for the band.” she said. I let out a sigh of relief. I took the paper and signed it in haste, then handed it back to Ariel. After awhile, Calvin came. “Chun, Ella wants to give this to you...” he said. He handed me a paper. Now, I felt more scared. “Please don't tell me she doesn't want to get married to me. Please don't tell me she ran away?” I pleaded. Calvin rolled his eyes, and sighed. “Oh please, how can she run with that bulky gown of hers. You know how clumsy your wife is. Just read it, and give us a sign when you're ready to be married.” he said. Calvin winked at me, then he and Arron left me alone at the altar.

I sat on the bench, and began to open her letter. It is a love letter. And I found myself smiling as I read Ella's letter to me.

Dear Chun,

If you got this letter, then it means I'm sitting at the car outside the church, waiting for the time that you will say you are ready to spend forever with me. Just like you, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with the one I truly love, and that is you.

Remember how we first met? I could never forget that one. You came into the bar, asked for a bottle of Martini. You got yourself really drunk, that you can't walk a straight line anymore. I helped you to your car, and what did you do in return for my act of kindness? You stole my first kiss! I swore to myself that if I ever meet you again, I'll beat you up till you're black and blue, but fate played a trick on me again. It turned out that you're the elder brother of the guy I have a huge crush on. Since I found that out, I tried my best to avoid you, but then fate interfered again – it turned out Arron gave my resume to you. You accepted me as your assistant, and I have no other choice but to work for you.

Most of the time, you annoy me. You have this habit of bossing me around, especially when Arron is around. I hate the fact that you are strict on your brother, and you look down on him. But as we get closer and I get to know you, I realized that there's more to you than that serious facade you are showing everyone. You had the most handsome smile I've ever seen. You have a scared shriek that could make my eardrums burst. When you sing, it's as if I could hear the thunder and could see the lightning. You take video games too seriously, and always hates to lose. You're the most perverted guy I've ever met in my entire life, not to mention, you outdo the Hardy boys when you snoop around my things. When you're jealous, you can be a pain in the ass sometimes. And you always makes that prank that annoys me to hell.

But despite of it all, you always make me laugh and smile. The days seems so much brighter when I'm around you. You loved me like no one could ever love me this way but you, and I love that feeling. You cared for me, and you make me want to take care of myself because of you. I don't think I can last a day without you, and I don't think I can survive this life if I had never met you.

I guess what I really want to tell is that I'm glad that you are mine, and I am yours. I'm glad that in this lifetime, I met you, my true love. There's nothing else I would want more that to be with you forever and ever. They said that once you found your true love, you should never let it go. I won't ever let you go, Chun. Even if you ask me to stay away from you, I won't ever do that, because I know I would regret it more if I did. I made a mistake before when I had to give you up, and now I know better. This time, it's for keeps.

I love you, Chun... and I'm grateful that out of a billion girls in this world, I was the one you chose to love, and to be with for the rest of your life. I'm ready to marry you now, and I hope you are too.

Meet me at the altar. And I do hope you will keep your promise, and you'll answer “I do”.

You one and only angel,

Ella (the future Mrs. Chun Yan-Wu)

I smiled to myself. I swear I almost had tears of joy while reading that letter. With every word written on it, I could feel Ella's love for me. And I'm so lucky to be loved by her.

“Chun...” I looked up, and saw Angela walking up to me. “Ella wants to know if you're ready?” she asked. I smiled, and nodded her head. “I'm ready for her. I've been ready for this all my life...” I answered. She smiled at me, and retreated back outside the church. In a while, our wedding will be starting, and she and I will become one.


I clutched on the bouquet of roses on my hand. I readied myself for in a while, it will be my turn to walk down the aisle. And finally, our song played, and it's my queue to walk.

I made careful steps as I made my way through him. I could see him smiling lovingly at me. I felt my tears falling down my cheek as I looked at him. As I made my step, I remember all the things that happened in the past before we could have this happiness. I don't regret a thing that I did before, for it made our relationship much stronger, and those things that happened in the past only proved how much Chun loves me.

Before I knew it, I was already at the altar. He took out his hand at me, but before I could take it, I looked at his best man. I gave Arron a smile. “Thanks you...” I said. Arron is the reason why we are here. It was through him that I met Arron, and it was because of him that I got much closer to Chun, which eventually made me fall in love with him. Arron turned to smile at me, and nodded his head. “Anything for you.” he said. Then, I took Chun's hand, and together, we faced the priest.

The ceremony went on smoothly. When the priest asked me if I would take Chun as my husband forever, I turn to him and smiled before I said “I do.” I could swear I saw a tear in his eyes when he heard my answer. When it was Chun's turn, and the priest asked him if he take me to be his wife for the rest of life, he smiled at me, and nodded his head. “I do.” he said. “I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” the priest said. I turned to Chun, and he lifted my veil. His loving kiss sealed everything. His kiss let everyone know that today, I am Mrs. Chun Yan-Wu, that I am his forever, and that today is the beginning of the new chapter of our lives...


I watched as my brother and my new sister walked out of the church. They looked back at us, smiling happily. Before Chun carried Ella in his arms, Ella threw the bouquet in her hand. It landed on the girl standing beside me – Ariel. “Wow, so I'm going to be married next?” she asked me. I just shrugged my shoulder. She just smiled at me, and buried her nose on the bouquet.

The truth is, she isn't wrong. It's just that I'm scared to pop that question to her. I know she had a lot more exploring to do. I can't stop Ariel from doing the things she loves the most. “I wonder if I will get married next...” she said. “I think it will be Joe and Calvin's turn.” I answered. She looked at me, and pouted. “Aiyo... I wish I could get married soon. I'm not getting any younger...” she said. I could only give my girlfriend a confused look. “So, does that mean that you want to settle down, and become a dutiful wife to the great Arron Yan-Wu?” I asked. She nodded her head. “But I guess the great Arron Yan-Wu is not yet ready to settle down. I guess I'll wait a little longer until he is ready.” she said, smiling at me.

Somehow, it amazes me how understanding Ariel is. And it amazes me more that this very understanding and patient girl is my girlfriend. That's when I decided to do what I have to do. I took a ring from my pocket, then I showed it to her. She looked at it, and I could see confusion written all over her face. “Marry me... please?” I asked.. She looked up at me, and smiled. She gave her hand to me, and I slipped the ring on her finger.

Finally, like Chun and Ella, Ariel and I will have our happily ever after...

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