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Sunday, April 19, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – I Only Want To Be With You

It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do
I want to spend each moment of the day with you
Oh, look what has happened with just one kiss
I never knew that I could be in love like this
It’s crazy but it’s true
I only want to be with you

Ella wants to kill Chun. Now.

Arron started working for Chun that week, and Ella was so happy about it. She thought that she would be able to spend more time alone with Arron, but she was wrong. She thought she and Arron would work together under Chun, but, again, she was wrong. Chun would always give her paper works, but as for Arron, he tags him along whenever he goes out for a meeting with a client. She and Joe would always stay inside the office, while the three guys would go out to meet the client (which, somehow she should be thankful for). Whenever Arron asks her out for lunch, Chun would find ways to make her stay, like give him an urgent assignment. It's like Chun is doing his best so that she won't be able to spend more time with his brother.

“Ella... want to have lunch with me?” Arron asked. Ella looked up at him and smiled. She stood up from her seat, and as they were about to leave, Chun went out of his office and called him. “Ella, where's the report I asked you to do this morning? I need it -” Ella looked at Chun and glared at him. She is hungry and tired, and the last thing she needs is this nagging from his boss. “Can I take my lunch first, Mr. Wu?” she asked, trying to control her temper. “I need the report, Ms. Ella. Can you finish it?” Chun said. “But, Mr. Wu... it's beyond my lunch time already. Can you -”
“I said I need the report, Ms. Ella.”

Ella took a deep breath, and counted to ten silently. Then, she opened her eyes, and then glared at Chun. “Mr. Wu, I hope you understand...” she said smiling sweetly at him. Then, that smile turned into a frown. “That I am also human and I am goddamn hungry, and you wouldn't really like me when and angry and hungry!” she shouted at him. Everyone at the office were surprised at the way she reacted. Chun almost lost his balance when she shouted at him. They all stopped and looked at Ella. Chun was also surprised at her, and he almost got scared of her. “Oh... OK...” he said in a bewildered tone.. He composed himself then looked at Ella. “You can take your lunch first. Go out with Arron for a while. Finish your report later.” he said to her. Ella mocked a smile at him, then turned his back and leave, pulling Arron who was as surprised as his brother. Chun looked at Joe and Wallace, who were trying their best not to laugh, as well as the other employees there who were doing the same thing. He was surely embarrassed because of what Ella did to him.. “Go back to work.” he ordered before he retreated back to his office.

“That Ella Chen...” he muttered as soon as he is inside his office. He was trying to break the two apart, but for some unknown reason, Ella was able to find a way to be able to spend sometime with Arron. For him, Ella is a distraction for Arron, and so is Arron to Ella. As long as they are together, he doubts if there would be any work that will be done. He sighed as he headed back to his seat. He really didn't need urgently the report that Ella was doing, but all the paper works he have assigned to her is just to torture her. He doesn't know why, but he liked torturing the newbie.


“Ella, can I disturb you...” Calvin said as he entered her room. He sat on her bed, and she put away her paper works to listen to Calvin. “What's wrong?” she asked. “El, how did you know that you are in love with Arron?” he asked. “Hmmm...” she said, looking up at the ceiling while scratching her chin. “I knew I was in love with Arron the first time I saw him. That moment that I laid my eyes on him, my heart was beating fast. The world seemed to stop, and he's the only person that I see. Then, I hear music in my ears...” she said dreamily. Then, she looked at Calvin. “Why do you ask?” she asked him. “So, your heart beats fast, the world turned slow mo, and you hear music, right?” he asked.. Ella nodded her head. “So, when you saw him, he never left your mind and you know that moment that you love him?” he asked. Ella nodded her head again. “Why are you asking this?” she asked. Calvin laid on her bed, and then sighed. “I met a girl...” he told her. Ella gave him a meaningful grin. “Oh, so you met a girl...” she said. Calvin glared at his best friend. “Aiyo, Ella... don't tease me, OK?”
“OK, OK, I wont tease you. So tell me about this girl...”

Calvin's lips formed into a smile as he remembered the girl. “Big brown eyes, cute smile, long curly hair... not your typical sticky note girl...” he said. Then, he looked at Ella. “Do you know someone named Joe Chen in your office?” he asked. Ella gave Calvin a surprise look. “Joe Chen, as in the receptionist at the evil brother's office?” she asked. Calvin smiled and nodded his head. “I met her when I went there a few weeks ago to discuss the marketing plans for Eon Toys with Chun Wu.” he said. “Wei... how come you didn't tell me?” she asked. “I don't want to tell you yet until everything is final. Anyway, I will specifically ask for you when it pushes through.” he said. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “So going back to Joe... wow! I can't believe that my best friend finally found the girl that will make his heart beat faster!” she said. Calvin blushed at what he said. “Is it love at first sight, huh?” she asked again. Calvin nodded his head. “I really like her, Ella...” he said. Ella smiled at him, and folded her arms. “Want me to set you up on a date with her?” she asked. Calvin gave her a surprised look. “You would do that?” he asked. Ella nodded her head. “Anything to break your vow of celibacy.”


“Hey Joe!” Ella called as she entered the office. Joe looked up at her, and fixed her eye glass. “Yes?” she asked. Ella smiled at her, and handed her a calling card. “Someone named Calvin Chen asked me to give this to the prettiest receptionist from Mr. Wu's office. As far as I know you are the only receptionist around.” he said. Joe took the calling card from her hand, and then flipped it. She smiled as she read what's at the back of the card. 'Can I ask you out for dinner later tonight?' it says. “By the way, Mr. Chen told me to have your answer now. He threatened to cancel the Eon Toys project if you won't go out with him.” Ella said. Joe looked up at her, and Ella so the worried look on her face. “He said that?” she asked. Ella let out a giggle. “Just kidding... but he will definitely kill me if you won't say yes... so please say yes... please...” she said, giving her puppy eyes. Joe laughed at Ella. “Fine. I'll go out with him. But... do you think he's interested with me?” Joe asked. “Aiyo! I know Calvin all my life, and based from experience, he doesn't date a girl unless he is really interested in her. Don't worry, just be yourself at your date tonight, OK?” she said. Joe smiled and nodded her head.

Just then, Chun opened the door, and looked at the two girls. “Ella, come inside my office.” Chun said. Ella looked at his boss, and nodded her head. She followed Chun inside his office. As she entered the office, Chun put a folder on his table. She saw that it was the files for the Eon Toys. “Work on this marketing strategy. We have a two months to work on this. Mr. Calvin Chen specifically asked for you to work on this, since he told me that you know the loops of their business.” Chun said. Ella nodded her head and then took the folder from the table. “I'll start to work on this, Mr. Wu.” she said. Then, she turned to leave. As she reached for the door, Chun called her again. “And by the way, you'll be coming with me to meet Mr. Fang regarding the Cyberlandia project tomorrow afternoon. Prepare yourself.” he said. Ella turned to Chun, and smiled at him. “Aye, aye, Captain!” she said, smiling at him. Then, she left his office.

Chun didn't know why, but when Ella smiled at him, he felt his heart began to beat faster. There was something in her when she smiles. Maybe, it's the fact that even if he tortures her with work, she always still have that perky attitude. Then, he smiled to himself. It's fun torturing this newbie after all.


Arron walked over Ella's desk, and then put her favorite juice on her table. Ella looked at it, and then looked up at Arron. She saw him smiling at her. “Oh my God... Arron stop looking and smiling at me like that... I'm melting!” she thought. “Have a break first. You've been working on that Eon Toys project since this morning.” Arron said. Ella smiled at her and then took the canned juice from her table. “Thanks for this...” she said as she took a sip. “Look at yourself... you've been working too hard...”
“I want to. I have to impress Calvin, you know.”
“You don't have to. Calvin knows what you are capable of doing that's why he specifically asked you for this project.”
“I know, but I don't want to disappoint Calvin or Uncle George that's why I'm putting all of my efforts here.” she said.

Arron smiled at his friend. “But you see, it's way past lunch time... and I've been waiting for you to get out of your seat and ask me out for lunch. You promised me you'll treat me out today.” he said. Ella looked at her watch and saw that it was almost 2 PM. “Oh my God!” she panicked. Then, she looked at Arron. “Oh my God... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to make you wait that long...” she apologized. Arron laughed at her. “Silly girl! It's OK. So, shall we go now?” he asked. Ella smiled and nodded her head. She stood up from her seat, and then held on to Arron's arm. “Prepare yourself, Ella. You made me really hungry... I think I'll order a lot today.” Arron said, grinning. Ella laughed and nodded her head. “Don't worry, you can eat as much as you want. You do know how to wash the plates, right?”


Angela waited outside the restaurant. She looked at her watch, and smiled to herself. In five more minutes, he would be here. After a while, she finally saw him. As always, he was holding a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Angela felt herself blush as he smiled at her. She bit her lips as she looked up at him. “Sorry to keep you waiting. I promise I won't do this again...” he said. Angela smiled and shook her head. “You're early. I just got here...” Angela said. “I just don't like to keep you waiting, and aside from that... I really want to see you. I missed you a lot...” he said. Angela felt giddy upon hearing what he said. “I missed you too...” she said in a low voice. She looked up at him, and saw him frowning at her. “I didn't hear that...” he said. Angela let out a faint laugh and smiled at her again. “I missed you and I love you!” she said in a louder voice. She saw his mouth curved into that sexy smile again. “That's more better.” he said. Then, she frowned at him, and he noticed the change in her expression. “I love you!” He said in a more loud voice. Angela smiled at him and hugged him tight. “That's more like it....” she said as she looked into his eyes. He smiled lovingly at her, and then reached down to her, and kissed her on the lips.


A petite figure walked inside the office. She took off her shades, and then smiled as she looked at the receptionist, who was busy talking to some client on the phone. She approached her, and smiled. Joe looked up and was surprised to see her. “Hi!” she said. “A... A... Ariel?” she stuttred. Ariel smiled and nodded her head. “How are you, Joe?” she asked. Instead of answering her, Joe shrieked and then went out of her cubicle. The two girls were shrieking, and they gave each other a hug. “Oh my God, I missed you!” Joe said. Ariel smiled and nodded her head. “I missed you too!” she said. Joe looked at her carefully at her, and saw a big change in her. “You looked more prettier! Seems like you're enjoying yourself in Switzerland, huh?” Joe said. Ariel just nodded her head. “Why didn't you tell us that you'll be coming home?” Joe asked again. “I want to surprise everyone. Anyway, I'll be here for a month or so, before I leave for the US. I got a job in the Smithsonian Institute, so I decided to have a long vacation here before starting work there.” Ariel explained.

Just then, Wallace came out. He heard some shrieks outside the office, and thought that there might be some problem. “Joe, why are you -” he paused when he saw Ariel smiling at him. He was just as surprised as Joe when he saw Ariel. “Chun would never believe this.” he muttered as his mouth formed into a smile. What he didn't know was Chun was just behind him. “Wouldn't believe what? What's the noise all about?” he asked. Wallace looked at him, and pointed outside the door. Chun made his way out, and just like Joe and Wallace, he was surprised to see his girlfriend standing right in front of him. He blinked his eyes several times to make sure he is not dreaming. “Is this true? You're really home?” he asked in disbelief. Ariel laughed at him, and nodded her head. “Yes, I am here...” she said. Chun ran towards there, and hugged her tight. He carried her and then circled her around. Ariel could only laugh at his excited boyfriend. Chun put her down, and looked lovingly at her. “I'm glad you're finally here...” he said to her. He smiled at her lovingly, and then kissed her on the lips for a ling time, despite the fact that there are people who were watching them. He doesn't care, for all he wanted is to let Ariel feel how happy she is now that she is here.


Arron and Ella came back to the office from lunch after an hour. As they opened the door, they saw Chun and Ariel together. “Oh, Ariel's here!” Ella said as she looked up at Arron. She saw Arron turn into her smile, but then she noticed the sadness in his smile. Then, she looked at the happy couple in front of them. She stared at Ariel for a long time, and looked up at Arron again. He only had his eyes on Ariel. Then it hit her – Arron was in love with his brother's fiancee all this time.

She felt a thug in her heart upon realizing that. Maybe thats the reason why despite the fact that they have been friends for years now, he did not even proposed to her. Still, she understood how he felt. She knows the feeling of secrely loving someone you could never have. She forced a smile and then squeezed his hand. “Arron...” she whispered. Arron looked at her and smiled. “Ariel's back...” he said. She nodded her head.

Then, Ariel looked at them. She saw that Arron was holding Ella's hand. A smile formed on her lips upon seeing the two together. “Arron!” she said. At that instant, Arron let go of Ella's hand and walked towards Ariel to give her a hug. Ella's smile slowly disappeared from her face. She watched Arron as he gave Ariel a kiss on the cheek. Meanwhile, Chun noticed the change of expression in Ella. He smirked as he shook his head. “This girl's obviously in love with my brother...” he thought. “And she is obviously getting jealous with Arron's future sister-in-law...”

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