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Sunday, April 25, 2010
The Man-Hater - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Brokenhearted


She called him, but he continued to walk to the door. By the couch, she could see her mother crying in anguish. She knew that tonight, their father would leave them to be with the woman that can fulfill all his dreams and wants. “Daddy!” she shouted. She ran down the stairs, and held his hand to stop him. “Daddy... please don't leave us... please...” she said as she cried. The mad just looked at her blankly, and pulled away his hand from her. He opened the door, and stepped outside of their home. “Daddy! Daddy don't leave!” she shouted.

Just then, she heard a glass breaking. She looked back, and saw the frame which contains their family picture on the floor, and the broken glasses all over it. Then, she looked back outside the house, and saw the man she first love walking out on them. “Daddy...” she whispered.


“I am Ella Chen. I am Robert Chen's daughter...” she told the woman in front of her. The woman just gave her a smirk. “Excuse me? I don't think my boss have a daughter.” she said. “But it's true... I am his daughter!” she said. “Look, kid. My boss just got married. How can she and Mrs. Chen have a child already. Get out of here, or I'll call security.” the woman told her. She hang her head low as she walked away from that woman.

Just then, she heard the door open. She looked back, and saw her father walking out of the door. Her face lightened up upon seeing him. “Daddy!” she said happily. She smiled at him, and then hugged him tight. Her father just gave her a blank look. “Excuse me? Whose child is this?” he asked around. Ella looked at him with confusion. “Daddy... it's me, Ella...” she said. He tired his best to get away from Ella's hug. “I... I don't know you.” he said. Ella was brokenhearted by what he said, but she have to forget what she feels for her mother's sake. “Daddy... daddy... it's me. Daddy, mommy needs you. She is sick and she's at the hospital...” she said. “I really don't know who you are. Can you get out of here?” he said firmly.

Ella looked at him with hurt, then she let him go. “But, daddy...” she said. “If you're only business here is to get money from me, I suggest that you leave now, or I ask the guards to carry you away.” he said. He straightened up his suit before going back inside his office. Ella could only watch as he walked out on her once again. And as she turned her back to leave, the tears couldn't help but fall from her eyes.


Ella ran through the hospital's lobby, and as she opened the door, she saw the doctors covering her mother with a blanket. The doctor looked at her sadly. “I'm so sorry, Ella... we did the best that we could for your mom...” he said. With that, the tears began to fall from her eyes. She walked up to her mother's bed. She fell on her knees as she held onto her mother's cold hands. “Mommy...” she cried. She kissed her hand for the last time, as she bowed her head to cry.


Rainie pulled the blanket over Ella's shivering body. After hours of crying, she fell asleep. “I knew from the start that it's a bad idea for her to go out with that Wu Ji Chun!” Rainie said as she gritted her teeth. Hebe sighed as she folded her arms. “Cheng Lin, nobody knew that Robert Chen will be there, all right?”
“Chun should know! He knew everyone from the higher society. Definitely, he knew who Robert Chen is!”
“But Chun doesn't know who he is in Ella's life. Only you, me, and Ah Ru knew about Jia Hua's past, all right?”

Hebe looked at Ella, who is now sleeping peacefully. “We are her friends. The thing that we can do is protect her from the pain. But we could not protect her all the time. We can't always be there to make her avoid the pain. One day, she have to face it alone, Rainie. And when that day comes, I wish Ella would have enough courage to face her past.” she said. Rainie looked at her, and smiled. “I really hope so...” she said.


“I'm sorry, but Ms. Chen is not around...” Chun heard Ella's secretary said. “Is she in a meeting?” he asked. “No, Mr. Wu. She called in sick today.” Angela said. Chun let out a sigh, and said goodbye over the phone.

He leaned on his chair, his mind wondering what might have happened to Ella. Knowing her, she never missed work. He thinks that she is the kind of girl that does not get sick easily. What bothers him the most is her reaction upon seeing Robert Chen at the part. He swiveled his chair, and then dialed Show's number.

“Any news yet?” he asked. “I only got the usual information about Robert Chen. Why are you suddenly interested in him?” Show asked. “Nothing. Anyway, thanks, Show.” he said. He put the phone down, and then swiveled his chair to face the glass window. “There must be a reason why she acted that way that night...” he thought. He shook his head, and let out another sigh. “Who can tell me who Robert Chen is in Ella's life? I can't ask Rainie... for sure she won't say a thing.” he thought.

He let out a groan as his head hurt thinking too much about Ella. He have to find away to know what her relationship is to that men.


As Chun entered his pad, he heard his phone ringing. He rushed up to it, and answered it. “Hello?” he said. “Hi, is this Wu Ji Chun?”
“Yes, speaking. Who is this?”
“This is Calvin Chen.”

Chun was surprised to find out that Ella's ex called him. “Oh, hey... what's up?” he asked. “Do you have time? I want to talk to you... about Ella.” Calvin said. Chun was confused about what he is saying. “About Ella?”
“Things that could help you melt her heart of stone. There are a lot of things you have to know, if you are really willing to win Ella's heart” Calvin said. “What is it?” Chun asked. Calvin paused for a while, before finally speaking. “Ella... had her heart broken by her very first love...”

Chun got even more confused with what Calvin is saying. “But... but you are her first love...” he said. “I am. But before me, there is a man whom Ella loved so much. A man who is responsible for her existence. It's her dad.” Calvin said. “Her dad?” Chun asked again. “Yes. If you know Robert Chen...”
“I know him, all right.”
“Robert Chen is her father.”
Chun was surprised at what Calvin revealed to him. “Robert Chen? But... but I thought he only had one daughter? How did she became Ella's father?”
“Because his wife is powerful enough that all the information regarding his past have been successfully deleted. Yes, Robert Chen is Ella's father. He walked out on them when Ella was 10, because he wanted to fulfill his dreams of becoming a powerful and influential businessman. And in exchange for that dream, he have to forget his own family and be with the woman who will fulfill his dreams. Ella hated her father, because not only did he purposely forgot them, he was the reason why her mother died. Her mother sunk into depression after their divorce, it caused her to have a weak heart, which eventually led to her death. Since her death, she swore to herself that one day, she will get back at her father for all the things he have done to them.” Calvin explained. Chun was surprised at what Calvin said. He never thought that Ella have gone through a lot of pain before. “What happened to Ella after her mother died?” he asked. “Her aunt took her in, but not for so long. She had to go abroad to follow her family when she was in college, and so, Ella fended for herself. Since she was young, she worked hard on her own to support herself. She is working hard right now to prove to her father that he was wrong when he walked out on them. And that hatred towards her father have caused Ella not to trust most of men...”
“But she trusts you...”
“Yes, she does... but believe me. It took me a long time to gain her trust.”

Chun fell silent. Now, he knew where her hatred and angst is coming from. If only he met Ella much earlier, he would have been there to protect her. “Chun, it's all up to you. You are the new guy in her life now. If you really love Ella, you will not hurt her or leave her the way that her father did to her years ago. Promise me that you will give her the love that she never had from her father. I trust that you will do those things, Chun. You have to promise me.” Calvin said. Chun nodded his head. “I will. I promise you that.” he said. “Then, good. I wish you and Ella all the luck.” Calvin said.


The loud ring on her mobile phone have caused Ella to wake up. She grudgingly got up from her bed, and took that call. “Hello?” she said. “Ella, it's me Chun...” Ella sat up as she heard Chun's voice on the other line. “Chun...”
“Are you all right? I've been trying to call you at your office, but your secretary said that you're sick...”
“Y-yeah... I j-just had a slight fever...”
“Then, can I come over? I'm scared that if I come there unannounced, Rainie will kill me...”
“Chun, I... I don't think that's a good idea. I'm not in a good state, all right?”
“But I still want to come and see you... Please?”
“Chun... you can't...”
“Ella... please. And we have a lot of things to talk about.”
“About what?”
“You'll know when I come over.”

Ella let out a sigh, and gave in to him. “All right, if you insist...” she said. Then, she ended the call and went back to bed.


Chun opened the door, and saw Ella lying on her bed. “Ella...” he called. Ella opened her eyes, and saw him walking up to him. She sat up on her bed as he approached her. “Hey...” she said weekly. “How are you?” he asked as he sat on her bed. “I'm OK, I guess...” she said. “You got sick after the party?” he asked worriedly. Ella nodded her head. “Don't worry, it has nothing to do with your ex.” she said.

Chun gazed into her eyes, and then held her hand. “I know, Ella...” he said sadly. “So, you don't have to worry about scolding Joanne -”
“I know this is not all about Joanne. I know this is all about your father.”
Ella was surprised at what he said. Nobody knew about him, or her secret past. She doesn't know how Chun got the information about her. “What? Your sources told you about my past?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “I'm sorry Ella... I just want to find out...” he said. Ella pulled her hand away from him. “You have no right to intrude into my life!” she shouted at him. “You have no right, Chun... why do you have to investigate me? Can't you wait until the day I could tell you about it?”
“I'm worried about you, Ella.”

Chun looked up at her. “I know all that happened to you in the past. I know that Robert Chen is your father. And I know how your father left you, just to be where he is right now...” he said. “And you pity me, don't you?” Ella asked. Chun nodded his head. “I don't need anyone's pity.” she said firmly. “I don't need anyone to feel sorry for me. Because if there's anyone who should be sorry, it should be him. He left us. He just let my mom died. When I was begging him for help, he turned a deaf ear on me. I hate him, do you understand that? I despise everything that he is...” Ella said. He could see the tears forming at the corner of her eyes. “It's not hatred that I saw in your eyes when you saw Robert Chen at the party. It seems like you want to walk up to him, and hug him, but you're scared that he will turn you down. Despite it all... do you still love your father?” he asked. Ella paused, and stared at him. After a while, she slowly nodded her head. “I still do... though I hate him... inside my heart, I wish he... he would acknowledge me as... as his daughter... that's why I worked hard... to be on the top... but even if I am on the top, he doesn't want to acknowledge me... for him, I am nothing but a stranger...” she said.

She was trying her best not to breakdown in front of Chun, but the tears voluntarily fell from her eyes. She didn't want anyone to see her cry, but Chun was there to see how weak she is. Chun could only pull Ella close to him, and let him cry on his shoulder as he consoled her. He wished he could do something to make all the pain in her heart disappear.


Chun and Ella entered the restaurant, and the first person they saw is Robert Chen. Ella fell, pale upon seeing her father once again. At that moment, she wanted to step back, and run away. But as she made a step, Chun stopped her. “I think it's about time that you face him.” he said. “How could I? I'm just a stranger to him.” she said. Chun let out a smile. “How about if I introduce you to him. Don't worry, just go with the flow, all right?” he said. He winked at her, then he held her by the arm as they walked up to her father.

Robert looked up, and saw Chun walking up to him. “Mr. Wu, glad to see you here.” Robert said. Chun walked up to him to shake his hand. “Fancy meeting you here, Mr. Chen.” Chun said. Then, he looked at Ella, and smiled. “By the way, this is my fiancee, Ella Chen.” he said. Ella looked at her eyes with her eyes bulging out. “What?!” she hissed at him. Chun maintained his smile as he looked at her. “Just follow my lead.” he whispered to her. “I never thought that you are getting married, Chun.” Robert said. Then, he looked at Ella. “You're a lucky girl.” he said to her. Ella let out a faint smile at her father, then she nodded her head. “Thank you...” she said. “By the way, Ella here owns Polygon Designs. You must have heard it as the rising architectural firm here in Taipei. She's the brains behind it.” Chun said proudly. He put his arms around her, and smiled at the elder man. “That's good. You must be proud of her.” Robert said. Chun nodded his head. “Very proud of my girl.” he said.

Ella stared at his father for a long time. She could feel the tears forming from the corner of her eyes. It's been a long time since she have stood face to face with her father, and as much as she wanted to walk up to him and hug him, she just couldn't. She couldn't afford another rejection from him. She let out a faint smile at him. “It... it was nice... to meet you, Mr. Chen.” she managed to say. She extended her hand to him, and the elder man took it. She wished she could hold his father's hand forever, but then, she have to let go eventually. “Nice meeting you too, Ella. What a coincidence... we have the same family name. I guess Chen really is the most common family name in Taiwan.” he said, letting out a laugh. “But... you are my family...” she whispered, not loud enough for him to hear. She slowly lowered her head. Her hand reached for the Chun's right hand, which is embracing her. Chun looked down at her, and he could see how things are becoming difficult for the girl he loves.

“So, have you two met before?” Chun asked Robert, hinting about Ella being his daughter. Robert looked at Ella and examined her face closely. “I don't think we met before. I could swear this is the first time I met your fiancee, Mr. Wu.” he said. Chun let out a nervous laugh. “Oh, yes... silly me. You see, I thought you resembled someone close to my girl... someone like her father...” he said, stressing on the last word he said. Ella looked up at him, and then to Robert. “I told you, hon... my father is dead.” she said firmly. She looked at Robert, and there was no hint of emotion from his face. “My father died when I was 10...” she added. Chun gave her a confused look. “He... died?” he asked. Ella nodded her head, not taking her eyes off Robert. “My father is dead. And the man before me is a total stranger. I just met him now.” she said.

Ella looked up at Chun, and he could see her eyes pleading him to get her out of this place. “I... I'm not feeling well...” she whispered. Chun nodded his head. Then, he turned to Robert, and let out a smile. “I'm sorry to take much of your time, Robert. My girl here seems to be sick. I'll catch you some other time, all right?” he said. “OK then. Take care.” Robert said.

The two got out of the restaurant, and as Ella walked faster away from that place, Chun tailed behind her. “Ella!” he called. Ella paused, and all the tears began to fall from her eyes once again. She just stood in her place, crying her heart out. “Ella, I'm sorry... I shouldn't have made you face him. But you know why I did this? I did this to prove to him that he was wrong in abandoning you. But that asshole is as numb as a stone.” Chun said. Chun slowly walked up to her. As he put his hand on her shoulder, Ella turned to him. She leaned on his shoulder, and cried.

“Why? Why is it that until now, he can't remember me as her daughter? Did he really forget me because of his dreams? Why do the people I love always leave me? Am I not enough for them to be loved?” she asked in between cries. Chun could only embrace her back, his fingers running through her short hair. “Sssshhhh... hush now, Ella...” he whispered to her. “I've been working my ass of just for him to notice me... but why can't he even acknowledge me as his daughter? Why can't he remember that I am his first born? Why can't my father love me, the way that I do love him?” she asked him. Chun held Ella, and face her to him. His fingers wiped the tears from her eyes. “Ella... you will always be more than enough for someone else. It is your father's lost that he never acknowledged you. You are a wonderful woman, Ella, and it's his loss that he never get to know you. If he could not love you, you don't have to worry a thing because someone else will love you for what you are, and is willing to accept what you can give. Always remember that.” he said. Ella just stared at him, letting the tears fall from her eyes. “Are you willing to accept me? Are you willing to love me, no matter what my past it?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “I have always loved you, and I don't care whatever it is that happened to you in the past. If you just give me the chance, I can help you mend your broken heart and your broken soul...” he said to her.

She bit her lips as she listened to him. Part of her wanted to believe him, but a bigger part of her is doubting his words. Here is Taiwan's most famous playboy, telling her that he loves her, promising something that she doubt he could do. “Please don't promise me something that you can't do... promises are always made to be broken, Chun... I know that now...” she said. “I know you've been through a lot of pain, Ella. Your father disappointed you. Calvin broke his promise to you. Just believe that with me, this time it's for keeps... Ella, I love you, and you just have to believe what I say.” he said to her. He held her hand, as he gazed into her eyes. “I love you. I really do, Ella. If I have to make a fool of myself right here, right now... just to prove my point, I will. You know I will. All I'm asking is for you to believe. I never felt this way with anyone before... just with you...” he said.

Ella lowered her head and bit her lips. “Just for tonight, I want to feel what it's like to be human... I want to feel what it's like to love, and be loved...” she said softly. As she looked up at him, she caressed her cheeks, and gazed into her eyes. “I'm going to take this risk with you, Chun. Just this once. If... if you can't love me enough... you just have to be honest with me...” she told him. Chun let out a smile as he held her hand that's caressing his cheek. “I have more than enough love for the two of us, Ella...” he said.

Then, he leaned down on her, and gave her a long and loving kiss on her lips.

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