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Wednesday, December 2, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – We Belong

Hoping that someday
For that hello, just a simple hello
And maybe tomorrow
I'm the reason you smile
And you make my day...


Ella carefully took the things on her desk, and then put it on a box. “Are you sure nothing can change your mind from resigning?” Joe said sadly as she watched her. Ella looked at her, and let out a faint smile. “Nothing can change my mind, Joe...” she said. “It's just sad that you have to leave us. Tell me, did the other company offer you a much better pay than what the boss gives you?” she asked. Ella just laughed at her. “Of course not, Joe. It's not another job... it's just that I get tired of the work and I need a really long vacation.”
“You can ask boss for an extended vacation if you want...”
“I can't ask him that, Joe...”
“Yes, you can. You're his protegee. He always says that.”
“Even if I can ask him that, I'd rather not. Besides, I haven't seen my family in a while. I want to be with them for a really long time.”

Joe smiled sadly at her. Then, she held her hand. “Promise me you'll keep in contact with me.” she said. Ella nodded her head. “Of course, I will. And hey, you are my best friend's girlfriend. You'll hear from me always, I assure you that.” she said. “And if not?” Joe asked, giving her a dubious look. “Then, go and kill Calvin.” she said. The two girls laughed for a while, then they paused. Teary-eyed, the two of them hugged each other. “I'll miss working with you, El... take care of yourself always, OK?” Joe said. “You too, Joe. Don't overwork yourself...” Ella whispered. Joe let go of her, and smiled at her.

Ella took her box. As she was about to go, Chun got out of his office. “Ms. Ella, please come inside my office for a while.” he asked. Ella looked at him, and she could see the sadness in his eyes. “Yes, Mr. Wu.” she said. She followed Chun inside the office, and as she closed the door behind her, the two of them became silent. “I guess we really can't stop you from leaving, huh?” Chun finally said. “I... I have to do this, Mr. Wu.” she said. Chun nodded his head. Then, he walked to his desk, and then took a beige envelope from his desk. He turned around, and handed it to Ella. It was an invitation for his engagement party. “Everyone in this office gets this invitation for my engagement party. I still consider you part of my team even if you have already resigned. I hope to see you there, Ella.” he said. Ella stared at the envelope in his hand, and then she took it. “Thank you for the invitation, Mr. Wu... but I don't think this is a good idea...” she said. “I want you there, Ella. I want to see you there...” he said. Ella looked up at him, her pain reflecting in her eyes. “Do you really want to hurt me, Chun? Even if I was the one who decided to break it off with you, it's not easy for me to see you with Ariel...” she said in a soft voice. Chun paused, and looked at her. “And do you think it's easy for me to see you with my brother?” he asked.

Ella looked away from him. If there's something she hates about being all alone with Chun right now, it would this endless confrontation about their feelings. “We already agreed on this, but even if it's a mutual decision, I still couldn't help but feel hurt, Ella. I still love you... but you pushed me away. And I feel jealous because Arron had been doing his best to gain your love back. I'm scared that you will fall for him again...” he said. He walked closer to her, and held her shoulders. He looked into her eyes, as he was trying his best not to break down in front of her. “I know that even if I marry Ariel, it will always be you whom I love. She may have me but my heart will always be yours. And it will always be yours for the rest of our lives...” he whispered. “Stop this, Chun. We both this is all over. Whatever feelings you have left for me, you should give it to Ariel... because she's going to be your wife.” she said. Chun just stared at her. Ella took a deep breath, and then turned her back on him. “I'll be there on your engagement party, Mr. Wu. Congratulations.” She reached for the door. As she turned the knob, She closed her eyes, fighting the tears that's forming at the corner of her eye.


Arron sat on the couch. They were at Genie's shop, as he was accompanying Ariel to try out her wedding dress. He was hesitant to go with Ariel, but he just couldn't resist her. She badgered him until he gave in, telling him that he wants to get his opinion first before letting Chun see how he looks like in her wedding dress. “What's taking Ariel so long to put on her wedding gown?” he thought as he looked at his watch. He took out his phone, and saw a text message from Ella, reminding him of their date that afternoon. He smiled to himself as he read her message. He was glad that somehow, Ella is giving him that chance to mend her heart. If Ella is determined to forget Chun, then he is also determined to make her his girl, and the more that he is determined to forget his feelings for Ariel.

“Arron...” he heard Ariel call him. “Yes, Ariel?” he asked. He stood up, and wen to the fitting room, where Ariel is. “I'm not so sure about this wedding gown...” she said with hesitation. “Why? Your arms looks flabby?” he joked, letting out a small laugh. “Yeah, right... I think I look fat in this gown...” Ariel answered sadly. Arron smiled to himself, and shook his head. “Any gown you wear would look good on you, Ariel. And besides, isn't that your dream wedding gown?” he asked again. “I'm not really sure, Arron... I look awful...” she said. Arron folded his arms, and sighed. “Come out, Ariel, let me see.” he said. Ariel peeked from the curtain of the fitting room, and pouted at him. “Promise me you won't laugh at me...” she said. Arron raised his right hand, and gave him an assuring smile. “Cross my heart, hope to die.”

Ariel slowly opened the curtain of the fitting room, and revealed herself to Arron. She was wearing a long white tube gown with small flowery design at the skirt. On top of her long curly hair, she wore her veil. She looked shyly at Arron, her cheeks blushing pink. She bit her lips as she looked at him. “What do you think?” she asked. Arron could not answer immediately. The way she looked made him speechless. She was not beautiful. She is the most beautiful woman he have seen in his entire life. There was this glow around her that could almost make his eyes blind. As she smiled at him shyly, he felt his heart melting as he gazed at her. He was stunned by her. He was mesmerized by her. And her beauty just made the words get stuck in his throat.

“I knew it! I don't look good in this gown...” she said after not hearing a word from him. She reached for her head to take off her veil, but Arron stopped her by holding her hand. Before he knew it, he was standing too close to her. He was too close that their lips almost met in a kiss. He gazed into hers, and he felt being lost in it. As Ariel blink, he noticed how her long eyelashes flutter like a butterfly. He stared down her face, and then gazed into her lips. There was this urge in him to kiss those cherry lips, but he have to stop himself from doing so. Meanwhile, Ariel also found herself staring into Arron's face. He was too close to her, that she could feel his heart beating faster. “You... you're beautiful...” he whispered to her. His face moved closer to her, and then she closed her eyes. She could feel Arron's sweet breath as he moved closer. And then, their lips touch. She waited for his kiss. She was waiting for him to kiss her lovingly.

Before their lips could finally meet for the kiss, there heard a loud ring from the phone. They both turned away from each other, as if waking up from a dream. Arron felt his heart racing inside his chest upon realizing what he was about to do. “What the hell am I thinking?” he thought to himself. He took a deep breath as he brushed his hair with his fingers. Then, he looked away from her. Ariel looked away from him as well. “I... I'm sorry...” Arron said. Both of them looked at each other at the same time. “I'm sorry too, Arron...” Ariel said. Both of them became silent again, waiting for each other to say something. “I think I'll go change...” Ariel said. Arron nodded his head. “O-ok.. I'll wait for you outside.” Arron said. As soon as Arron have gone out of the fitting room, Ariel closed the curtain behind her. She looked at herself on the mirror, and let out a sigh of frustration. “What the hell am I thinking? I almost kissed Arron?” she scolded herself silently. She shook her head, and then she began to take off her veil.


“You're awfully quiet, Arron.” Ella said as they were taking a stroll at the park. Arron put his hands on his pockets, then smiled at her. “Sorry. Guess, you're getting bored with our date, right?” he asked. Ella shook her head. “I guess you're a little tired, helping Ariel out with the wedding...” she said. They walked to the nearest bench, and sat on it. “I guess I am... I really didn't want to help then out, but I can't let Ariel sense that there is something wrong between me and Chun...” he said. Ella looked at him, and then sighed. “You're still mad at your brother, huh?” she asked. Arron nodded his head. “I can't believe he's such a jerk...”
“Arron, you have to forgive your brother. Don't be mad at him just because of what happened... and besides, I'm also to blame for what happened.”
“It's different, Ella. Chun broke your heart, and at the same he is breaking Ariel's heart...”
“So it means you can't forgive Chun for cheating on Ariel?”

Arron fell silent at her question. “Arron, Chun and I are to blame. We betrayed Ariel while she's gone...” she said. “You made things right when you ended your relationship with him. And besides, it's not entirely your fault. Chun is still to blame....” Arron said. “You're blaming your brother because despite everything that happened, he still chose to marry Ariel, am I right?” Ella asked. Again, Arron fell silent, and could not answer her question. “You're still mad at your brother, not because he broke my heart, but because I asked him to marry Ariel, and he agreed with me. You're mad because you still love Ariel, and you can't stand seeing her with your brother... am I right?” she asked again. “Ariel has nothing to do with this...” Arron said as he looked away from her. “She does. Because you still love her. And she is the reason why you can't forgive your brother...” Ella said.

She reached for his hand, and held it. “When we fall in love, we become selfish. Too selfish that we forget where we really stand in the life of the person we love. I let your brother go, because I have to realize where I stand in his life... that I am just his last fling before he marries Ariel. He and Ariel are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Arron, you should also realize where you stand in Ariel's life. I don't want to say this, but I think Ariel only sees you as the little brother she never had. Because eventually, you will be her little brother. Whatever it is that you feel for her, no matter how much love you have for her in your heart, you have to let go of it... because it will break you apart, Arron. I can see it's already breaking you apart, and I can't bear seeing you being full of hatred just because of it.” she told her. Arron looked at her, and then he took a deep breath. “What should I do? I love her, Ella... ever since we were young, I have been in love with Ariel...” he said sadly. He looked away from her again, and at the other side of the park, he saw two kids happily playing at the sandbox. “I have always loved Ariel. I was always with her, playing with her, helping her to stand up when she fall, making her smile when she cries... When grandpa said one of us will marry Ariel in the future, I thought, hey, this is my chance. I love Ariel, and I'll do everything to prove to her that I am worthy of her love. But Chun got in my way. Before I could confess my love to Ariel, he took her away from me. I can't do anything because I could see she loves my brother very much. I have always kept my love for her in silence, but it always hurts me to see her with my brother. Her smile could have been mine... her kiss could have been mine... those sweet words she whispers in his ears could have been mine... her embrace could have been mine... but Chun took away everything from me. She took her away from me...”

As Arron speaks, Ella could see the tears forming at the corner of his eyes. She could feel the pain Arron is feeling as he speaks. “I have always wished Ariel could see me in the same way he sees my brother, but what hurts the most is that she only regards me as her friend, as her brother, and nothing more. Everyday of my life, I wish I could be in my brother's shoes so that she could love me too... but I am not Chun. I am not as perfect as he is. I guess my love for her will remain to be in silence for the rest of my life. And I have to face the fact that I could never ever have her...” he said. Arron looked back at Ella, and smiled sadly at her. “Now, you know why I hate my brother. I hate him not only because of his being strict on me before. I hate him not only because of what he have done to you. I hate him because he had the one thing I've always wanted in this life, and that is the love of the girl I've been in love with since God knows when.”

Ella couldn't help but feel sorry for him. All this time, Arron have been suffering silently because of his love for Ariel, and yet he can't do anything about it. “I understand now, Arron...” she whispered to him. She squeezed his hand, and as Arron looked at her, she smiled. “But have to learn to forgive your brother someday. Chun doesn't have the slightest clue about how you feel for Ariel. And what he have done to you before, controlling your life... I know he did it for your sake. Even if he's like that, he cares for you a lot. He loves you, Arron, and he's always after your happiness...” she said. “How can he be after my happiness if he took away my happiness, Ella?” he asked. “He let you go, remember? He let you go to pursue your own dreams, even if it's against his will. He did that because he realized he's hurting you...” Ella said. Arron just nodded his head. “You're right... and my brother didn't have a clue how I really feel for his girlfriend...” he said in a low voice. “Promise me, Arron...” Ella told him. “Promise me you'll forgive your brother. Promise me you won't be mad at him anymore. It wasn't entirely his fault, Arron... please promise me that...” she asked. Arron smiled and nodded his head. “One of these days, Chun and I will talk about things...” he said.

Ella let out a sigh of relief upon hearing his answer. “I'm glad, Arron. At least it wouldn't me worry much, especially after I've gone to Canada.” she said. With that, Arron gave her a confused look. “What do you mean, El?” he asked. Ella let out a sad smile at her best friend. “I already resigned, Arron. And I'm leaving for Canada in a few months' time. And maybe it's for good.”


It is the night of the engagement party. A month before Chun and Ariel's wedding.

Ella and Arron stood before the Wu Mansion's doors. They watched as the people from the high society entered the mansion for this grand celebration. “I never thought this party could be this lavish...” Ella said. “Of course. It's the engagement party of Ariel Lin, the daughter of the richest man in Taiwan, and Chun Yan-Wu, the most youngest CEO in Taipei. What do we expect?” Arron said. Ella looked up at him, and then he smiled at her. “Kidding aside, knowing my brother, he doesn't want a party as lavish as this one. But it's a tradition, you know...” he said. Ella nodded her head in agreement. “And I can't believe they'll be getting married in a month's time...” she said sadly. The happy smile on Arron's face became a sad one at what Ella said. “Yes, you're right... Ariel will be Chun's wife in a month's time...” he said sadly.

Arron took Ella's hand, and held it tight. He looked at her, and forced a smile on his face. “Come on, let's smile tonight even both of us feel hurt. Let's be happy for Chun and Ariel.” he said. Ella smiled back at him, and nodded her head. “That's the spirit.” she whispered. Both of them let out a laugh, and then headed at the mansion's garden, where the party is. On their way, they bumped into Grandpa Wu, Arron's dad, and Chun himself. “Ella, dear! I'm so glad you were able to come!” Grandpa said. Ella smiled at the old man, and then she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I missed you grandpa.” she told him. “I missed having you around, Ella. Tell me, are you too busy with work that's why you can't visit your old man?” the old man asked in a hurt tone. Ella simply shook her head. “No, grandpa... it's just that there are a lot of things that I have to work on before I leave for Canada...” she said. All of them were surprised at what she said. “You're leaving for Canada?” Uncle Jonas asked. Ella smiled at him, and nodded her head. “My parents wants me to stay there... so I'm going to try my luck out there.” she said.

As she looked at Chun, she noticed his face became pale after her announcement. He looked away from her, still shocked at what she just said. “So, that's the reason why you resigned. Anyway, I wish you luck, Ella. If you decide to come back here in Taiwan, you're always welcome her in the Wu household, OK?” grandpa said. Ella nodded her head. “Thanks, grandpa.” she said, giving him a hug. “I think I'll go and see how Ariel is doing upstairs...” Chun said. Without waiting for their answer, Chun walked away from them, and went upstairs to see his fiancee.


Meanwhile, Ariel was inside one of the guest room of the Wu Mansion. She was sitting in front of the vanity mirror, staring at her reflection again. “Is this really the right thing to do? Is marrying Chun the right thing to do?” she asked herself. There is a hesitation inside her heart. She doesn't love Chun, not anymore. Not with the same love she is feeling towards Arron, but she can't get out of this engagement. Everything have been planned for the two of them, even before they were born. They were engaged by their parents even before they got out of this word, and she know if she broke off their engagement, it will enrage her family, as well as Chun's family.

Her grandfather and Chun's grandfather have been best friends since they were young. So does her father and Chun's father. This marriage will bind their families together, making them more powerful, not only in Taiwan, but in the whole of Asia. She have to marry him against her wishes, she just have to. She did love Chun. She loved him so much before. Even when they were still kids, she had a huge crush on him despite their age gap. When her parents told her that she will marry one of the Yan-Wu boys when she grows up, she decided it will be Chun that she will marry.

And Chun chose her to be his bride. When Chun asked her to be his girlfriend, she did not have any second thoughts in accepting him. She is the happiest and the luckiest girl whenever she is with him. Even if there are a lot of girls vying for his attention, he never looked at those girls. Instead, he only had his eyes on her. He have always made her feel beautiful, in spite of all her insecurities, and that's what he loves about her. Distance may have separated the two of them, but their love for each other still grows stronger.

That is, until she left abroad with Arron.

There are a lot of things in Arron that she loved, something that she couldn't see in Chun. Chun did care for her, but Arron never left her side until he's sure that she's all right. Chun never took his eyes off her, but Arron looked at her as if his world revolved around her. Chun may have made her feel special, but it will always be Arron that made her feel beautiful inside and out. Arron was there when she was sick, taking care of her. He was there when she was drunk dead, carried her on his back till they reached home. He always make her favorite dish. Arron would do anything and everything to make her happy. She wanted so much to be with him, but she already made her choice to be with Chun. Nothing hurts her the most than that day Arron told her he decided to go home and ask Ella to be his girl. And so, she also decided that it's about time for her to marry Chun. She made that decision because she was hurt of Arron's decision.

“Ariel, are you ready?” she heard Chun said. She looked by the door, and saw him walking inside the room. She smiled at him sweetly, and nodded her head. “I am now.” she said. Chun smiled at her, and walked towards her seat. “You're really beautiful tonight...” he said, looking at her through her reflection on the mirror. “Thanks...” she said shyly. Then, Chun took something out from his pocket – a diamond necklace. “This would make you even more beautiful, Ariel...” he said. He put the necklace on her neck, and then he looked at her reflection, satisfied at how she looked that night. “See? You looked more beautiful with that necklace.” Chun said,smiling at him. Ariel touched the diamond pendant on her neck, and smiled shyly at him. “Chun...” she called. She looked up at him. Chun waited for her to speak. “There's something I want to tell you...”

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