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Saturday, December 12, 2009
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 2

Round 2 – Of Unrequited Love and Silent Feelings

“How about this one?” Sphinx asked, pointing at ring with a heart-shaped diamond encrusted on it. Ella leaned down, and as she looked at Sphinx, she nodded her head. “That looks good on me – I mean on Larissa.” she said. Sphinx looked at Ella, and let out a laugh. “What?” she asked. “Why don't you get yourself a boyfriend, Ellie?” he asked. Ella stood up, and folded her arms. She shook her head, and sighed as she turned her back on him, walking to another display counter. “We're not having this talk again, Sphinx...” she said in annoyance. Sphinx followed her. “Why not? Look, Ellie, I had, what, five girlfriends since college, and you had zero.”
“I don't want to have a boyfriend.”
“Why? Because you think all guys are like that childhood enemy of yours? Come on, not all guys are jerks like that guy!”
“I just don't want to have a boyfriend, and it's not about that chicken face.”
“Then, why don't you give some of your suitors a chance?”

Ella turned to face him. She opened her mouth to speak, but she realized she was about to say something that you eventually give way to what she truly feels. “I don't want any guy. I want you to be my boyfriend!” she thought. “Well?” Sphinx asked, folding his arms. “Well what?”
“I'm asking you, why don't you give some of your suitors a chance?”
“Because it's not easy to give some random guy a chance, OK?”
Sphinx let out another sigh. “Ellie, the problem with you is that you're too picky. What is it that you're looking for in a guy?” he asked. Ella looked at her. “You...” she thought. “Ellie, you're not answering my question...” he said. “Well, it just so happened that I'm just being careful, all right? I want my first boyfriend to be my last... and as for the things I'm looking for a guy, all I need is someone who could love me and accept me for what I am... he won't try to change me for his own pleasure. I want someone who can always be there whenever I need him. Someone who could always make me smile. You know, the kind of qualities other girls look for Mr. Right. And besides, you always say you want the best for me, so stop badgering me about having a boyfriend, OK?” she said.

Sphinx nodded her head. “Of course, I want the best for you. Because you deserve only the best.” he said. Just then, the sales lady came up to him, and showed him the ring he was looking at a while ago. “What do you think?” Sphinx asked, showing the ring to Ella. Ella took the ring from the box, and put it on her finger. “It looks good on me.” she said, adoring the ring on her finger. Then, Sphinx held her hand, and took the ring out of her finger. “Then buy your own ring, will you?” he said.


As Chun put the pan inside the oven, he heard his mobile phone ring. He took it from his pocket, and answered it. “Chun here.” he said. “Hey Chunnie!” he heard a familiar voice say. He smiled to himself upon realizing who just called – it's Bianca. “Hey, Bianca! What's up?” he asked. “Oh, nothing... can't I call to check on my junior?”
“Of course you can call me anytime you want, even if I'm asleep.”
“Ha! Good to know that. How are you doing there? How's your little shop, and how's Ethan? Is he being a pain in the ass as usual?”

Chun let out a grunt, and he heard Bianca laugh on the other line. “I'm doing great, the shop is doing great, and yes, Ethan is being a pain in the ass as usual. He always flirts with our lady customers, but hey, I can't stop the guy for it's the reason why they keep coming back here.” he answered. He heard Bianca let out another laugh. “He never did change... I do hope he could find someone who could make him really fall in love...” Bianca said. “That would be like wishing for pigs to fly. Ethan will be, and forever will be, a playboy.” Chun said. Bianca let out another laugh, and hearing her laughing could only make Chun smile. “How about you, Chunnie? Have you found someone special back there in Taiwan?” she asked. Chun paused, and smiled. “I found her a long time ago, but she's in Australia right now...”
“Really? How come I don't know anything about it? Who is she? Do I know her?”
“Yeah, you know her very well.”
“Hmmm... can you give me a hint?”
“Her name is Bianca Bai.”

He heard her giggle on the other line. “Oh, Chunnie, don't be such a sweet talker! You know I would fall for that.” she said. Chun just smiled at himself. “Then, why don't you fall for me?” he wanted to say. “Anyway, I have to go, Chun. I called just to check on you. I still have a date with Matthew tonight. Take care of yourself.” Bianca said. Chun smiled sadly, and let out a sigh. “Thanks for calling, Bianca. Take care of yourself too... and enjoy your date.” he said. As he ended the call, he heard a lonely song playing on the radio

You can call me selfish
Bu all I want is your love
You can call me hopeless
'Cause I'm hopelessly in love
You can call me unperfect
But who's perfect?
Tell me what do I have to do
To prove that I'm the only one for you
So what's wrong with being selfish...


It was afternoon, and Ella was walking home after her voice-over job. She is feeling quite low, because of Sphinx. “Why can't he like me? What is it that I don't have that his monster girlfriend have?” she thought. She let out a sigh, and then kicked a pebble in front of her. She was wishing that one day, Sphinx would realize her worth. She was wishing Sphinx would realize that being with Larissa is hell. She doesn't understand how her best friend could even stand being with him. She'sm a bitch, for all she cares. She always boss Sphinx around, always jealous of his relationship with her. If Sphinx does something that she didn't like, she would start a fight with him. She makes a big deal out of little things. And most of all, she cheated on Sphinx once, and she could never forgive her for hurting her best friend before. But then, Sphinx loved her so much, that he forgave her.

“I guess I totally lost my chance on him now... stupid Ella... you should've told Sphinx how you felt, and now it's too late...” she scolded herself. Just then, she passed by a small bake shop near their house. “'Something Sweet'?” she thought. She remembered, it was the shop where Selina bought that delicious cake the other day. She then decided to go inside the shop, and looked around.

As she entered the cake, she was amazed to see all of the beautiful cakes on the display. Her eyes widened as she looked around the shop. “Wow, these cakes are beautifully designed... and looks good to eat too!” she thought. She bit her lips as she looked at one of the display counter. She let her eyes be full as she looked at the cakes on the display.

“Good afternoon, welcome to 'Something Sweet'. How may I help you?” she heard a man say. She looked up, and saw a tall, handsome guy smiling at him. “Oh, I'm just looking around.” she said, giving a shy smile. “Oh, but you could get hungry by just looking at the cakes.” he said. Ella laughed at what he said. “I know. I'll look around for a while, so I can decided which cake to buy, all right?” she asked. The man nodded his head. “Please take your time.” Ella looked at the display counter, and then decided to buy the black forest cake. “I would like to buy this one.” she said, pointing at the cake. The man smiled at her, and nodded his head. “One black forest cake coming up!” he said. He took the cake from the display, and placed it inside the box. Then, he handed the box to Ella. “Thanks...” she said. Then she looked at his name tag. “Ethan. Thanks, Ethan.” she said. Ethan smiled at her. “No problem. Hope you'll come back soon.” he said. Ella nodded her head. “I sure will.”

As she took the box, Ethan realized that Ella's voice was very familiar. “Wait, do I know you?” he asked. Ella couldn't help but laugh at him. “Are you hitting on me?” she asked. Ethan shook his head. “No, I mean, your voice seems so familiar...” he said. “Oh, I don't think there's something about my voice...”
“But there is! It really sounds familiar. Are you a singer, or a DJ?”
“I am a DJ by profession.”

Ethan's eyes lightened up by what she said. “That's it!” he said, as if he discovered an ancient civilization. “You're DJ Angel? From 97.8? The one who hosts the morning show, 'The Love Corner'?” he asked. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “Yes, I'm that DJ.” she said. Ethan's eyes widened with surprised. “Oh my God, it's you!” he said. Then, he took her hand, and shook it. “I always listen to you show! Everyday! I love listening to you and your advises. I'm your biggest fan!” he said. Ella nodded her head. “Thank you.” she said. Then, Ethan took a pen and paper, and handed it to her. “Can yo give me an autograph? Pretty please?” he asked. Ella couldn't help but laugh at her fan, but nevertheless, she took the pen and paper, and left a message for Ethan. “Here you go...” she said. “Thanks, DJ Angel. I hope to see you again here in our shop. I would love to have you here.” Ethan said. “Don't worry, I will.” she said. She said goodbye to Ethan, and left the bake shop.

Shortly after Ella left, Chun got out of the kitchen. “Ethan...” he called. As always, Ethan didn't seem to notice his best friend. And it's because he was so happy to see his favorite DJ in person. “Ethan Ruan!” Chun shouted. Ethan looked at him. “You don't need to shout, Wu Ji Chun!” he said in an annoyed tone. “How can I not shout at you when you don't heed my call. What's wrong this time?” he asked. “Sorry, Chun. It's just that DJ Angel from my favorite radio show came by and bought a cake.” Chun said. With that, Chun immediately went by the door and looked for any sign of DJ Angel. “Where is she?” he asked. “She left already!” Ethan said.

Chun faced him, and gave him a glare. “Why didn't you call me?” he asked. Ethan gave him a confused look. “I didn't know you like her as well...” he said. “Of course I do! I always listen to her show!” he said. Ethan just laughed at him. “Don't worry, for sure it won't be the last time she'll pass by. I'll call you as she came in again to buy your famous cakes.” Ethan said.


“It's 9:00 AM, and welcome to 'The Love Corner'. This is DJ Angel, and today, I'll be reading a letter from one of our listeners. Let's all listen to the love story of Marianne.”

Ella took the letter on the table, and then she began to read it's contents. “Dear DJ Angel. Please call me Marianne. I'm an avid listener of your program, and I've been deciding against writing my story and ask for your advise. My story is like any other love story. Maybe you have heard this story a thousand times before...” Ella began. She paused, and then took a deep breath. “DJ Angel, I am secretly in love with someone. I can't let him know how I feel because if he found out I'm in love with him the whole time, he would avoid me. Angel, I am in love with my best friend, Toby.” The smile on Ella's face fainted as she read the letter. She could totally relate to the story of her letter-sender. Everything that Marianne felt toward her best friend, it's the exact same feeling she felt for Sphinx.

“I don't know what I should do, Angel. Each time that I see him with his girlfriend, I feel jealous. But I know where I stand in his life, and I know I have no right to be jealous. I want Toby by myself, but I am unsure if he could love me the way I do love him. I want to tell him how I feel for him, but I'm scared he will end our friendship like that. Angel, please tell me what I should do. Thank you, and more power to your show. Love, Marianne.”

Chun increased the volume of his car stereo, as he waited for what DJ Angel would about to advise the letter-sender. “Marianne, I know it's hard for you to stay friends with someone you have fallen in love with...” he heard DJ Angel said. “It's not easy to be in love with your best friend, and hide how you really feel for him. How can you stay friends with him, when every time you see him, all you want is to be more than friends? How can you stay friends with Toby when each time you are with him, you love him even more? But that's the sad truth. The saddest thing that could happen between two friends is when one wanted something more, and the other is just contented with being friends.” DJ Angel said. Chun nodded his head in agreement. “Right...” he said. “Marianne, if you really love Toby, if you want him to understand how you feel for him, then it's about time to tell him that you love him. I know, it's easier said than done. It wasn't easy to just let the person you love know what's inside your heart, but you have to take the risk. But you have to ready yourself to whatever Toby decides...” DJ Angel said. “Let the guy know? That's stupid! It will only break her heart!” Chun said to himself. “You have to ready yourself for a heart break, Marianne. That's the risk that you will take. If Toby does not accept you, then it's his loss, for her let go of a girl who have loved him unconditionally.” the DJ said again. Chun smiled again, and nodded his head. “Yep. You're right DJ Angel. That guy is a sore loser if he lets go of his best friend.” he thought.

“Thank you for you letter, Marianne. And to ease the pain you're feeling right now, here's your song, “Crazier” by Taylor Swift.” DJ Angel said. Chun smiled to himself as he listened to the song, and to DJ Angel. Lately, it's been a habit of him to listen to her morning show. He doesn't know why, but he's been drawn to the DJ. Maybe because she gives the best advises. Maybe because of her angelic voice. And maybe because she seems to say the right things at the right time. Whatever pain he is feeling for secretly being in love with Bianca seems the soothed away by this DJ. He felt like she could understand anyone's dilemma with love. He felt like she could understand how he is feeling right now.

He parked his car in front of the bake shop, and as usual, he saw Ethan busily cleaning the shop. “Hey, Chun!” Ethan greeted. “Hey.” he said, smiling at him. Ethan paused, and gave him a meaningful look, which made him confused look. “What?” he asked. “Since you started listening to DJ Angel, you're not a grumpy as usual.” Ethan said. Chun let out a laugh, and shook his head. “You're just thinking too much, Ethan.” he said. Then, he headed inside the kitchen. He leaned over the counter, and then smiled to himself. Ethan's right. Since he started listening to DJ Angel, he seems to be always in the mood. He felt much lighter. “Wow, can't believe a DJ could make me feel this way...” he said to himself. He shook his head, then, he started to work.


Ella walked out of the DJ booth, and she saw Sphinx walking with his head hanging low. “Sphinx?” she called. Sphinx paused, and looked up at her. Ella could clearly see his sadness. “Sphinx, what's wrong?” she asked as she walked up to him. Sphinx just shook his head. “It's nothing...” he said. “Nothing? Look, Sphinx, I've known you all my life and when you have that sad look on your face, it means something is wrong!” she said. Sphinx just looked at her, then, he hugged her tight, much to Ella's surprise. “Sphinx? Tell me what's wrong...” she said. “Larissa broke up with me...” he said with his cracked voice. Upon hearing that, Ella's lips curve into a smile. “Yes!” she thought happily.


Ethan heard the chimes ringing, and as he looked up, he saw Ella dashing inside the shop. “Hey Ethan!” she greeted happily. “Oh her, Angel. Any cakes here for your fancy?” he asked. Ella smiled, and nodded her head. “Give me that whole Strawberry and Chocolate Cake, and eight Chocolate Eclairs.” she said. “Whoa! You've got some big appetite, huh? OK, I'll go get your order.” Ethan said. He took the cake from the display, and then he put it on the box. Then, he took out the tray of eclairs, and placed it on another smaller box. Then, he handed it to Ella, and Ella handed him his payment. “Thanks, Ethan!” she said. As she turned to leave, she heard Ethan call her again. “Wait, DJ Angel!” he said. Ella turned to face him again. “Yes?” she asked. “My friend wants to see you... he's also your fan, and he's the one whipping up those delicious cakes.” he said. Ella smiled at him, and shook his head. “I'm sorry, Ethan. I'm in a hurry right. Promise, next time I pass by, I'll meet with your friend and chat with you longer.” she said.

She did not wait for Ethan to say anything further, and dashed out of the shop. “Wait!” Ethan shouted. But it's too late, for Ella have already left. “Chun will kill me for this...” he thought as he shook his head. Then, he heard the kitchen door open. “I heard her!” Chun said as he went out. “I heard DJ Angel. Where is she?” he asked Ethan looked up at him, and could see the excited look on his face. He know Chun is looking forward to see DJ Angel in person. “She already left...” Ethan said. Chun put his hands on his waist, and glared at him. The smile on his face was instantly replaced by an annoyed look. “Ethan Ruan, you promised me!” he said. “But she's in a hurry!” Ethan explained. “But you should have called me first...” Chun said. Ethan smiled at him, and put his arm around his neck. “Don't worry, Mr. I-have-a-huge-love-problem. She promised next time she pass by she'll stay a little longer to chat with us.” Ethan said. “Next time, you bake the cakes while I stand here outside to wait for her.” Chun said. Then, he retreated back to his lair – the kitchen.


Ella opened the door of Sphinx's pad, and from the living room, she could see Sphinx lying on the couch. He was holding a remote control on his had, and she could hear the switching of the channel on the TV. She knows when Sphinx is like that, he is sad and in pain. His breakup with Larissa affected him the most, that she know. While she is rejoicing, for finally, his bitch of a girlfriend ended their relationship, she could feel her heart breaking just seeing her best friend like this – broken and hurt. She wished she could take away all the pain he is feeling right now. She wished she would the one who could have his suffering. She would do everything to make him feel all right, and to see that smile on his face again.

“Sphinx!” she called. Sphinx stood up, and saw Ella enter his pad. “Oh, her Ellie...” he said sadly. Ella sat beside her, and put the box of sweets on the coffee table in front of them. “I bought something that could make you smile today.” she said. Sphinx let out a faint smile at her. He opened one of the boxes, and saw some eclairs on it. “Wow, this looks delicious.” he said. Ella nodded her head. She watched him as he took a piece of the eclair, and ate it. “It really is good, Ella. Where did you buy these stuff?” he asked. “Oh, I bought at the new bake shop near our place.” he said. She watched him as he ate up the remaining eclair on his hand. She knows Sphinx too well. If he is upset, he tends to eat a lot, especially sweets. And knowing how upset her best friend is right now, she bought those sweets for him.

“I feel a little better now, Ellie...” he said as he finished another piece of chocolate eclair. “Are you sure?” she asked. Sphinx nodded his head. “As long as you're here, I know one day I can forget all about Larissa.” he said as he looked at her. Ella smiled at her. The more that Sphinx looks at her, the more that she felt like melting. She wanted to put her arms around him, and comfort him. For once, she wanted to embrace him, at least that way she could let him know how much she loves him. She wanted to tell him that Larissa is no good for him, that he should open his eyes, and give her a chance. She wanted to tell him that she won't hurt him the way Larissa did. But then, those things would remain unsaid and undone. For Sphinx, she will always be his best friend – nothing more, nothing less.

“I still can't understand why... why she have to breakup with me...” Sphinx said sadly. He lowered his head, trying to hide the tears in his eyes. “I did everything to please her. I did everything she wanted me to do. And what happened in the end? She chose to break my heart... it hurts, Ella... it does...” he said. Then, he looked up at her. “Am I not enough, Ella? Is there something that's missing in me? Why can't she love me again?” he asked. Ella looked at him, and held his hand. “You are more than enough, Sphinx. You're a perfect guy. Anyone could easily fall for you... it's just that Larissa does not realize your true worth...” she said. He put his head on her shoulder, and let out another sad smile. “Good thing you're always here with me, Ellie. You're always here to listen to my woes... you accept me for who I am, and you always encourage me, even if I make a mistake. Why can't Larissa be like you?” he asked. Ella looked sadly at her best friend. She wondered why he wanted Larissa to be like her. “Why can't you love me?” she thought sadly. She put his arms around him, and comforted him.


“All right! That's the last of it!” Ethan said as he slumped on the floor. Chun looked at him, and smiled. They have been packing the whole day, for they will be moving in to their new house the next day. “Have you called the movers to confirm?” Chun asked as he packed his last box. Ethan nodded his head. “Called them twice today. Don't worry, they'll be here tomorrow at 8 AM.” he said. “And have you e-mailed Nic the new address?” Chun asked again. “Sent him the new address. And reminded him about it several times.” Ethan said. Chun carried the box, and put it at the table. “Well, I guess that's it. We're all settled then.” Chun said. Ethan stood up from the floor. “God, can't wait to move out of this cramped place! And can't wait to see our hot lady neighbors!” Ethan said as he rubbed his hands. Chun put his hands on his waist, and glared at him. “Wei, Ethan Ruan Jing Tian, I'm warning you. No flirting with the lady neighbors!” he scolded him. Ethan rolled his eyes at him. “Oh, please, Chun... don't be like that. Come on, I just want to have fun!” he said.

Ethan walked up to him, and put is arm around him. “Tell me, Chun, do we have pretty neighbors?” he asked. “There's a spinster who lives next to us, then there's this group of gay friends, a lesbian couple, a young couple, an older couple with teenaged children, and yeah, there's this two busy ladies who lives right in front of us. And I don't think you will get to see a glimpse of them, because as our landlady said, their always busy.” Chun said. “And this landlady?” he asked. “Don't think about it, Ethan. I don't think you're her type.” Chun said. He put Ethan's arm away from him, and then checked on their packed things. Ethan smiled at him, and shook his head. No matter what Chun says, it seems that their new neighborhood is full of excitement.

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