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Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 19

Round 19 - You And Me In This Mess Together

Chun, Ella and Hebe slowly sat on the couch. All of them are still in a daze. “Is this really happening?” Chun asked. Ella slowly nodded her head. “Yes it is...” Ella answered. Selina handed the three a glass of water, and they gulped it down at once. “Guys, relax... maybe it's not as bad as it is. I mean, at least Chun's grandma now approves of Ella because she is the girl Chun is supposed to marry... and Ellie, at least you don't have to marry some psycho.” Selina said. Ella looked at her cousin. “Then, tell me how I will ever get out of this mess? I'm stuck with Chun for the rest of my life!” she said. Chun looked at Ella with disbelief. “Excuse me, but I'm also in this stupid mess. Now, my grandma will bug me to get married soon because of you!” he said. “If I only knew this would happen, I should have asked someone else to pretend to be my boyfriend...” Ella said as she shook her head. “No way, I won't let that happen.” Chun said. Both Ella and Selina looked at him with confusion. “What?” they asked in unison. Chun looked at the two girls, and realized what he just said, that almost gave way to his secret. “I mean, I won't let you ask someone pretend to be your boyfriend because you know, that's lying.” Chun said. “Then, why did you agree to pretend to be my boyfriend?” she asked. “Because I never thought things would get more complicated, all right?” Chun said in defense.

Ella let out a sigh of dismay. She doesn't know how she will get out of this situation. “Aiyo! What should I do?” she asked aloud. “Well, I guess we have no choice but to go with this...” Chun said. Ella gave him a confused look. “What do you mean?” she asked. Chun let out a sigh before answering her. “You said your grandpa will be here for six months, right?” he said. Ella nodded her head. “Grandma will not be here forever. I guess the only thing we should do is endure this for the next six months. Once your grandpa goes back to America, and grandma goes back to Kaoshiung, then we'll think of a way to break up.” Chun said. Ella's eyes widened with surprise with what he suggested. “What?! You'll be my boyfriend for the next six month?! Can't we break up, like right now?” Ella said. Chun shook his head. “Negative. We can't do that at the moment.” he said.

Selina could only laugh at the two. “You know what, if I hadn't know that you two are sworn enemies before, I would think that Chun is taking advantage of the situation...” she said. Chun looked aghast at what she said. “But of course, I know Chun wouldn't do that. I know Ella isn't your type of girl, right?” she said. “And he isn't my type as well.” Ella said. Chun just nodded his head. “So, are you with me, Ella? This isn't going to be easy, but we have to do this...” he said. Ella have no other choice but to agree with him. “Six months of being with you... it's like really having a boyfriend...” she said. “Then, be happy because Chun the great is your very first boyfriend.” Chun boasted. He smirked at he put his arm around her shoulder. Ella glared at him, and then she nudged Chun hard on his chest, making him flinch in pain.

Then, the three turned their attention to Hebe, who is still in a daze the whole time. “What's wrong with this weird friend of yours?” Chun asked Ella. Ella could only shrug her shoulder. “I don't know. Seems like she have been like that since she came in.” Ella said. She waved her hand at Hebe., but she remained unmoved. “Gee, it seems like Hebe is in a state of shock!” Selina said. Ella gave her cousin a confused look. “State of shock? How could that be? Did Hebe saw something really shocking?” Ella asked. They all looked at Hebe, still wondering what happened to her.


“I really hope you forgive me for saying those things about Ella. You see, I only said those things out of anger. I never thought that Ella is your granddaughter...” Fang Fang said to Bao Ming as the went out of Chun's house. Bao Ming smiled at her, and shook her head. “I forgive you, Fang Fang. I know you only said that because you are shocked. And besides, you already apologized to my granddaughter...” he said. “Oh, but still, I'm worried. What if your Ella breaks up with my Chun because of that?” she asked. “Don't worry about a thing, Fang Fang. After the two found out that about their betrothal, I don't think Ella would want to break up with her boyfriend. Besides, I can see your Chun loves my Ella so much, and that he won't ever let her go.” he said.

Then, Ella and Chun came out of Ella's apartment. “Speaking of the love birds...” Bao Ming said. “So, grandpa... did you have a nice talk with grandma?” Ella asked. Bao Ming smiled at his granddaughter, and nodded his head. “I sure did. I'm so glad that I was able to see Fang Fang again after a long time.” he said, smiling at Fang Fang. Chun looked at his grandmother, and could see her blushing like a teenage girl. They seem to be flirting. His grandma is flirting with Ella's grandpa. And he felt like throwing up at that.

Ella looked at Chun and could see the disgusted look in his face. She nudged at him, and as Chun looked at her, she glared at him. “Ah, yes... are you two going out on a date?” groovy grandpa asked. Chun smiled at him, then he held Ella's hand. “Actually, I asked Ella out for a walk in the park. Would it be OK with you, grandpa? Don't worry, I'll bring her home before her curfew.” he said. Groovy grandpa let out a laugh as he tapped his back. “Of course! Of course! It's very OK with me, lah! You two really love each that much... you've been together the whole day and you still want to date tonight. But it's OK with me. While you two are still young, love each other like there's tomorrow. When you get old, somehow the passion dies down.” he said. Then, he let out another laugh. Ella and Chun just gave groovy grandpa a confused look. Upon seeing that emotionless expression on their face, groovy grandpa stopped laughing. “But of course, that is a case to case basis. I know that you love my granddaughter very much, right Chun?” groovy grandpa said. Chun let out a smile. “Of course, I do love Ella.” he said. Then he turned to Ella and smiled. Ella smiled back at him as she held on to his arms.

“Oh, and tell me, Chun... you've been inside the house with my granddaughter the whole day... have the two of you done 'that'?” he asked. Ella was shocked at his question. “Groovy grandpa! Why do you have to ask my boyfriend that stupid question?!” she exclaimed. Both Fang Fang and Bao Ming just laughed at Ella's reaction. Chun kept his cool. “No, grandpa. I respect Ella so much.” he answered. With that, Ella looked up at Chun and was surprised at what he said. Meanwhile, Groovy grandpa was contented with his answer. “You are really raised well, Chun.” he said. “But of course! I raised that kid well. I raised him to be a real gentleman.” Fang Fang said. Groovy grandpa nodded his head in agreement. “But if in case you want to do 'that' with Ella...” Before groovy grandpa could finish his sentence, Ella butted in. “Ah, grandpa, Chun an I have to go now, all right?” she said. Then, Ella dragged Chun away from their grandparents. Groovy grandpa could only laugh as he watched the two leave. “I sure can wait to see the day those two will get married.” he said. “Me too. And I hope it's really soon.” Fang Fang said.


“What is it that we have to talk here, that you can't say a while ago?” Ella said as she sat on the bench. “I figured out that since we are going to pretend for a long time, we should come up with rules.” he said. Ella could only raise an eyebrow at him. “Rules? What rules?” she asked. “Look, we're not really together. You're not really my girlfriend, and I'm not your boyfriend. If I should know, till now, you're lusting over your best friend. So we need some rules so that things will work out smoothly, especially after we end all these pretensions.” he said. Ella just nodded her in agreement. “All right. I agree with you.” she said.

Chun smiled at her. Then, he took out his PDA, and started to write down the rules. “Rule number one, do not take this fake relationship seriously.” he said. Ella raised her eyebrow at him again. “As if I will take this seriously!” she said. “Of course, I know that. Who knows, maybe while we are pretending, you might find yourself falling for me. Of course, I can't let that happen. And you know very well that you are not my type.” Chun said. Ella let out a sigh as she rolled her eyes at him. “Oh please, I will not, and will never fall in love with you.” she said. Chun smiled and nodded his head. “Good, because that is rule number two.” he said as he wrote it down. “Rule number three, we should only act in front of your grandma and my grandpa. On other occasions, we should act normally.” Ella said. Chun nodded his head in agreement. “Got it.” he said as he wrote it down. “Rule number four, since we are in a “relationship”, we are not allowed to date other people.” Ella said. Chun wrote what she said down. “Got it too.” he said. “And rule number five, this will soon be over as soon as your grandpa leaves. Then, we'll find a way so that we can break up and we won't get married.” Chun said. “Then, we should start to think of a way so that we'll break up.” Ella said. “Of course, we will... but not now.” he said.

Chun finished writing the rule. “OK, I guess as long as we follow these rules, we won't have any problems.” he said. Ella nodded her head. “And one more thing... I think we should practice being a little too sweet with each other. Because they might suspect that we are faking it.” he added. “Are you kidding me, Chun? Why should I be sweet to you?” Ella said. “We have to do that, or both of us are dead, all right?” he said. “Since we are going to break up soon, we should start fighting again.” Ella said. Chun shook his head. “No. Do yo want them to find out that this is all a lie? And knowing my grandma, if she found out that we're not really together, she will force us. And you know what that means? It means bye bye Sphinx for you and bye bye Bianca for me.” he said. Ella wrinkled her brow as she looked up at him. “So, you mean to say, she will find a way for us to get married?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “She will. At least now that she found out, I know she won't pressure us from doing such things.” he said. “And, since we have to be sweet, it means that I have to embrace you in front of them, do sweet talks with you, call you pet name, kiss you...” he added.

Then, he paused and looked at Ella. “But unfortunately, you are such a lousy kisser.” he said. Ella's eyes widened with what she said. “What?! What are you saying?! How can I be such a lousy kisser?!” she exclaimed. Chun sighed, and shook his head. “Of course, you are a lousy kisser. When I kissed you in elementary, you are a lousy kisser. When you kissed me in front of Sphinx, I expected an improvement, but you still are a lousy kisser. I can't date someone who is a lousy kisser, or even pretend to be in a relationship with a lousy kisser.” he said. Ella folded her arms, and glared at him. “I am not a lousy kisser.” she said in defense. “You are. Well, what do you expect from someone who is still a virgin till now, and who haven't had a boyfriend since birth...” Chun said. “Why do you always have to insult me?”
“I'm only telling the truth.”
“You are hurting my feelings!”
“Friends tell each other the truth. Even if it would hurt the other.”
“Well, some kind of a friend you are!”

Ella folded her arms, and turned away from him. “I admit, I am not a good kisser. The first and only kiss I had was stolen by you! And I wasn't even ready for it...” she said. “And I pity Sphinx. Imagine, if he ended up with you, he will get stuck with a lousy kisser girlfriend.” Chun said. He let out a sigh, and then he pulled Ella to face her. “Let me give you something.” he said. Ella gave him a confused look. “What is it?” she asked. Chun smiled at her. “Your first kiss back.” he said. Ella's eyes widened again with what he said. “What?!” she shouted again. Chun flinched in pain as she shouted. “Really, Ella... I am going to be deaf with all your shrieking.” he said as massaged his ear. “Look, listen to me. I am going to give your first kiss back so that you'll know what it is really like to kiss. Just take it as your kissing lessons from the great Wu Ji Chun.” he said proudly. Ella could only give him a dubious look. “Am I really that lousy that I have to take lessons from you?”
“Yes, you are.”
“You are not taking advantage of me, right?”
“I am doing this because I care for you as a friend. Imagine what your future boyfriend would react if he found out you are a lousy kisser.”

Ella bit her lips as she looked at Chun hesitatingly. “All right... you won... teach me how.” she said. Chun smiled at her. Then, he cupped her cheeks, and looked into her eye. “Close your eyes...” he said. She pouted at him. “Do I really have to?” she asked. “Nobody kisses with their eyes open.” he said. Ella let out a sigh, and then she closed her eyes. She felt Chun move closer to her. As he moved closer to her, she could feel her own heart beating faster and faster. He was too close to her, that she could almost feel his heavy breathing. Then, their lips touched. It was a long kiss. She doesn't know why, but suddenly, she felt dizzy, as if she was being whirled around. At that moment, she felt that the time stopped, and it was just her and Chun alone in this world. She could hear music in her ears, and she could see different colors around her even though her eyes are closed. She felt she is drowning into his kiss, and she doesn't want to be saved. She loved that feeling, and wishes that she doesn't have to stop.

But Chun broke their kiss apart. “OK, that's it.” he said. Ella opened her eyes, and gave him a confused look. “That's it?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “Why, you wanted more?” he joked. Ella glared at him, and hit his arm so hard. “Yeah, right!” she said. Chun could only flinch in pain as Ella hit her. Chun turned away from her and smiled secretly. Then, he stood up, and took Ella's hand. “Come on, let's go home. It's getting late, and your grandpa might be waiting for you.” he said. Ella nodded her head, and stood up. As Chun turned his gaze away from her, he smiled to himself again.


Ethan looked outside the window, and saw a tall man by the door of Ella and Selina's apartment. After a while, Selina opened the door, and upon seeing the man, she smiled sweetly at him. She took the bouquet of flowers on his hand, and led him inside the house. Ethan wrinkled his brow, and folded his arm. “That girl... she really knows how to get into my nerves!” he thought angrily. “Hey, Ethan...” he heard Nicholas call him. “Have you seen Chun?” he asked. Ethan shook his head. Nicholas wondered what's wrong with him. He stood beside him, and looked outside the window. He saw him staring at Selina from the window. And he saw Selina talking and laughing with another guy. “Oh, that must be Selina's new boyfriend.” Nicholas said. Ethan looked at him, and glared at him. Nicholas was confused by his reaction. “What?” he asked. Ethan didn't answer him. Instead, he turned his attention to Selina again. “I bet she's going to introduce that guy to her grandpa...” Nicholas said. “Negative. I think Groovy grandpa is asleep by now.” Ethan said. “Or maybe not. Remember, he came home only to meet Selina and Ella's boyfriend, right?”
“He came home to meet Ella's boyfriend.”
“He came home to meet Selina's boyfriend as well.”
“No. Just Ella's. Remember, she was supposed to marry another guy if she was not able to introduce a boyfriend to her groovy grandpa. And besides, what is there to worry about Selina? She can get all the guys that she wants!”

Nicholas looked at Ethan, and he could see the jealousy written all over his face. He smiled at him meaningfully, much to Ethan's irritation. “What?!” he asked in an annoyed tone. “You're serious this time, aren't you?” he asked. Ethan gave him a confused look. “Serious?” he asked. Nicholas nodded his head. “I know you, Ethan. You're such a playboy. You date a lot of girls, but you don't take them seriously. In the end, you always break their hearts. When you met Selina, it's like you stopped playing the field. Too bad, you met your match, and it's Selina's turn not to take you seriously...” Nicholas said. “I am not taking her seriously.” Ethan said in defense. “Oh, really now?” Nicholas said. Ethan could only glare at him. “Why should I take her seriously. She's just like other girls whom I date. They are only after my body.” Ethan said. Nicholas burst out laughing at him.

“Seriously, if you are really jealous about that guy, you should do something about it.” Nicholas said. “Who said I'm jealous?” Ethan asked. “You are watching Selina all this time.” Nicholas said. “I am not watching her. I'm waiting for Chun to come home.” he said. Then, he turned away from him and went up to his room. Nicholas just watched him, and shook his head. “Oh really, you're not jealous huh?” he said. Then, he smiled and shook his head.


Hebe let out a sigh as she leaned on the table. Ella and Selina could only watch her as she sighed again. They are wondering why their friend is acting like that. “Hebe, care to tell us your problem?” Ella finally asked. Hebe let out another sigh before answering Ella. “I don't know if you guys would be able to help me out...” she said hesitatingly. “Then, why don't you try us? You know, Hebe... you know that if you have a very impossible problem, you should always come and seek us.” Selina said. Hebe looked at her friends, contemplating whether to tell them her problem or not. “All right... I guess you can try and help me...” Hebe said. “Right... so what's bothering you?” Ella asked. “It's about a guy I like...” Hebe said.

Ella and Selina looked at each other, and then they smiled at Hebe. “So, someone finally caught the interest of our little Hebe, huh?” Selina teased. Hebe nodded her head. “I like this guy, but I'm not sure if he's a guy or not. I think he is... gay...” Hebe said. Ella and Selina's eyes widened with surprise at what she said. “What?! You're in love with a gay?!” they exclaimed in unison. “I haven't confirmed yet if he is gay... but I think he is gay.” Hebe said. “What made you think he is gay?” Ella asked. “It's just that I followed him one time, and I saw him kiss this guy on the cheeks...” Hebe said. “Aiyo, Hebe! Did you know that in some countries, kissing is a way of greeting each other?” Selina said. Ella nodded in agreement. “Yeah... I know that. But if he have a girly dress...” Hebe said. “Have you seen him wearing the dress?” Ella asked. “I think I have... but I'm not sure if it's really him.” Hebe said.

“So, you saw this guy kiss another guy, and you saw him with a dress. That still doesn't mean that he is gay.” Selina said. “I really don't know... but I do have this gut feel that he might be gay... I don't want to believe it... but the signs I'm getting is telling me that he is gay.” Hebe said. “Maybe he is just gentle and effeminate, that's all.” Ella said. Hebe just shrugged her shoulder. “OK, I know. How about if you test him?” Selina suggested. Hebe and Ella could only give her a confused look. “Test him? How?” Hebe asked. “Simple. First, you have to check on the way he looks at his nails. If he does it like this...” Selina closed her fist, and her finger nails facing her. “Then he is a man. But, if he does it like this...” She opened her hands, and spread her hand, the back of her hand facing her sight. “Then, it means he is gay.” Selina said. Hebe nodded her head as she explained everything. “OK, I got it. What else?” Hebe asked. Selina stood up from her seat. “Next, tell him that he stepped on something. If he looked at his feet like this...” Selina raised her leg and crossed it on her other leg. “Then, it means he is a guy. But, if he did it like this...” Selina put her legs down, then she raised her feet from the back. “Then, you know what it means.” she said. Hebe nodded her head, and took note of it. “And, if he screams more at scary things than you do, he is gay.” she added.

Ella gave her cousin a confused look. “Hey, how come you knew that? Did you date a closet gay before?” she asked. “I had a thing for Jae Joong when they first came here. So, I tested him with that. And, it proved to me that he likes guys more that he likes girls.” Selina explained. Both Ella and Hebe just nodded their heads. “OK, I think I now know what to do... I just need to find a way to corner him and do those tests that Selina told me.” she said. “But Hebe, remember this... no matter what he is, you still have to accept him for who he is. Don't judge him just because he is gay. Who knows, in the end the two of you may become the best of friends.” Ella said. “Yeah. He can give you some fashion tips.” Selina said. Hebe smiled at the two and nodded her head. “Well, I really hope he fails this gay test...” Hebe said nervously.


Nicholas took a deep breath before he entered his stepbrother's lair. He saw Chun busily making a cake. “Chun, is it OK if I disturb you for a while?” he asked. Chun looked at him, and smiled. “Sure. What is it all about?” Chun asked. “Did you remember when I helped you and Joe about his surprise for Ariel?” he asked. Chun nodded his head. “And do you remember when you said that you will return the favor to me?” he asked again. Chun nodded his head again. “Well, I'm wondering if you can return the favor for me now?” he asked. Chun smiled at him. “Sure! What is it all about?” he asked. Nicholas walked up to him, and whispered his favor in his ears. After he saying what he have to say, Chun looked at his stepbrother and smiled. “Don't worry, I got it. Just tell me when and where, all right?” he said. Nicholas smiled at him happily. “Thanks, Chun!” he said.

Chun watched as his brother left his kitchen with a smile on his face. He let out a sigh of relief. “Finally...” he said. Then, he went back and started to make another batch of pastries.

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