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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
The Four Seasons of Love - Winter

Part 3: Winter - Ti Amo

What he didn't see after she turned her back to leave,
Was the tears that fell from her eyes...


Aaron stared at the ring on the palm of his hand. a few seconds ago, Selina handed it to him. Then, he looked up at the emotionless eyes of the girl standing in front of him. "Selina?" he asked as he stared into her eyes. That snowy afternoon, Selina asked him to meet her by the lake. She said that she needed to tell him something very important. "We're through." Selina said. "I'm breaking up with you."

Aaron felt his heart breaking into pieces upon hearing her words. They have been together for years, and he loved her more than anything in his life. Selina is his world. She is the very reason why he wants to wake up each morning. She is the reason why he works hard each day, so that someday he could prove to her family that he's worthy of her. Right from the start, her family disapproves of their relationship, but they did everything to stay together.

"But why?" he asked. His voice was shaky. He was trying to hold back the tears from falling. "Did I do anything wrong? Was there something I didn't do or didn't say to you? Please Selina, don't do this... we can make it work out..." he pleaded. Selina turned her gaze at the other direction. "I don't love you anymore." she said. "I realized my family's right. You don't deserve me. Not a poor orphan like you." Aaron was shocked at what she said. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out of his mouth. It's true, her family, especially her father, disapprove of him simply because he's just a poor boy abandoned by his family. Selina's family is one of the wealthiest family in Taiwan, and he knows he is nothing compared to them. "I'm going to marry Alan Luo. Besides, we've been arranged to be married since we were kids. I know he could give me everything I want." she continued. "You're lying, Selina. I know you still love me. Your father's just making you do this - "
"I said I don't love you! Not anymore, Aaron Yan... you have to accept that."

Selina looked into his eyes, and Aaron finally understood that at that moment, what she said is true. "Selina..."
"Please don't make it hard for me, Aaron. Just go. Just leave. You have a music scholarship waiting for you in Vienna. Just forget me. You can't waste your life loving a girl who doesn't love you anymore..."
Aaron nodded his head as he wiped the tears on his eyes. "You're right, Selina..." he said bitterly. "Not a poor pianist like me culd deserve the rich and beautiful Selina Ren..."
"Then this is goodbye, Aaron Yan."

With that, Selina turned her back and started to walk away from the man she loves.


The snow started to fall, but Aaron remained standing as he watched the girl he loves walk away from him. He clutched the ring in his hand as the tears fell again from his eyes. "Everything I did for us seemed worthless..." he thought. "You're right, Selina. I don't deserve you, but you don't deserve my love either..." Then, he turned his back to leave. He decided to walk away from everything and move on. "One day..." he swore to himself. "I will be able to forget you... and you will regret why you broke my heart..."


Selina closed her eyes as tears began to cascade from her face. "I'm sorry, Aaron..." she said to herself. "I'm sorry... I don't want to do this but I have to..." She looked back to the spot where she left him, but he's already gone. "I don't want to hurt you but I have to do this... I have to let you go..." she whispered. "I love you Aaron... I will always love you..."


Two Years Later

Aaron Yan stepped out of the limousine and went inside the hotel. After two years of staying in Vienna, he's back in Taiwan to stage a concert. But the truth is, he never wanted to go back to Taiwan. It will only remind him of a bitter past that he was trying to forget.

Two years have passed, and he still could not forget Selina. He tried to fool around with other girls while he was away, but when they ask for a commitment from him, he would dump them. He's not yet ready for another relationship. Not after what Selina did to him. But then again, he's glad to be back. Two years ago, he was just a poor boy who have nothing. Now he is a famous pianist. He could prove to the Ren family that he is a "somebody" now.

"How does it feel to be back in Taiwan, Aaron?" his manager, Jay Chou, asked. Aaron stopped and looked at him. "Do you want me to lie, or do you want me to tell you the truth?" he snapped back. Jay didn't dare to answer him back.

As they were about to enter the elevator, he heard a familiar voice calling out his name. He looked back and he saw two of his bodyguards trying to block a girl. "I know him... please let me through!" he heard her plead. Aaron walked towards her, only to realize that it was Selina's sister, Kimi. "Let her through. Don't worry, I know her." he said to his bodyguards. His bodyguards then let Kimi go. "What is it that you want, Kimi Ren?" he asked in a sharp tone. Kimi was shocked at how cold he treated her. "Aaron..."
"Look, I have to face the press in a few hours, so please stop wasting my time."
"Aaron, I just want to talk to you about my sister -"
"I don't care about your sister anymore. By this time, I know she's happily married to Alan Luo."

Kimi shook her head as he speaks. "No, Aaron... you don't understand..."
"What is it that I don't understand? Two years ago, your sister broke my heart. I've spent the last two years trying to forget her!" Aaron shouted at Kimi. Tears began to fall from his eyes again, as he remembered Selina. He thought he was able to forget the pain, but hearing her name again made him realize that he have not yet moved on. "Your sister dumped because she realized I could never give her everything. She broke up with me that time because she realized she doesn't love me anymore. What is it that I don't understand?" he asked Kimi. Kimi looked into his eyes. "I want you to understand that it wasn't you who was hurt when Selina broke up with you." she said in a low voice. "It's about time that you know the real reason why she let you go..."


"She didn't want to break up with you... but she though it would be the best for you..."

Aaron walked as fast as he could so that he could see Selina once again. What Kimi told him a while ago still echoed on his mind. He followed Kimi though the hospital's hallway, as they find Selina's room.

"Selina knew that if you found out about her condition, you will not go to Vienna for your scholarship. That's why she lied to you..."

He should have gave up on Selina that time. Didn't he sensed that she was just lying to him when she said she doesn't love him anymore? But he chose to believe her words...

"She said she doesn't want to be a burden to you, that's why she chose to let you go..."

But she forgot that he promised her that he will always take care of her. That he will be there for her through thick and thin. Why didn't she trusted his promise?

"She's dying, Aaron...and we don't know until when she would live. Please Aaron... please see here for the last time... I know she's silently praying to see you again before she dies..."

Finally, they reached Selina's room. As Kimi opened the door, he found her parents beside her bed. Her mom cried upon seeing him, and then she hugged him. Her dad also hugged him. Aaron later found out that a week before they broke up, Selina's father finally accepted him, and gave them his blessings.

He saw Selina's weak body lying on the hospital bed. She was sleeping peacefully. Although she looked pale, for him, she still looked beautiful like an angel. Two years ago, Selina was diagnosed to have a heart disease. The doctor said that she won't live long. This was the reason why Selina chose to let him go - she didn't want to hurt Aaron when she leaves this world. She have been in a coma for a week now after her last attack. The doctor said that she might not wake up anymore, and that she might eventually die. Her family still hopes for a miracle that she would wake up for the last time.

Aaron knelt beside her bed and gently held her hand and kissed it. He caressed her cheek and combed the strands of her hair with his finger. "Selina... I am here... please wake up..." he whispered. His prayer was answered, and at that instance, Selina slowly opened her eyes. The first person she saw is Aaron. "Aaron..." she whispered. She began to cry as she saw him, and Aaron cried as well the moment she woke up. "Yes, Selina... I am here and I will never leave your side..." he said in a low voice. "I'm sorry Aaron..."
"I know you have your reasons, Selina... I have forgiven you..."
"I'm sorry... I never wanted to hurt you..."
"Ssshh... It's OK now.. I am here now and I will never let you go this time..."

Aaron kissed her in her forehead, as she fell into slumber once again.


Aaron stayed beside Selina the whole day. Although she have awaken, the doctor still said that she might die soon. Her next seizure might be fatal. He stayed beside her that night, afraid that he will lose Selina again.

It was midnight, and the first snow began to fall from the evening sky. Aaron held her hand as he fell asleep beside her. Then he felt her move, and he woke up. "Selina..." he called. Selina smiled faintly at him. "Aaron... tell me..." she said in a weak voice. "Is it snowing outside?" Aaron nodded his head. "It is. It's finally winter, Selina..."
"Did you know... winter always remind me of you..." he did not answer her. He just wanted to hear what Selina's saying. "Winter always remind me of how we met... of how we loved... of how I broke your heart..." she continued. "Selina... you should've told me about your condition... then maybe... may be I shouldn't have left..." he said. Selina shook her head. "It's the best decision I've made in my entire life. If I hadn't let you go, you won't be able to fulfill your dreams... and I would end up hurting you more..." Aaron sat beside her and help her hand tight. He could feel that Selina's running out of time, and he could only pray to God to let him have more time with her before He takes her away. He knows Selina also want to tell him what's in her heart.

"I have always loved you Aaron... there was never a time that I never think of you... you were always in my mind and in my heart..."she said. She slowly closed her eyes as she smiled at him. "All this time, I prayed and wished to see you again... for the last time... before He takes me.. not that you're here... I can - "
"No Selina... please don't leave yet... don't go..." Aaron said. His tears were flowing from his eyes again. "What matters is that you're here... God answered my prayer..."

Aaron took her hand and kissed it again. "I love you Selina... I have always loved you..." he said. "I love you too Aaron... I wish I could stay long to prove to you that I do... love... you..."

Then, Selina breathe her last breath as she fell into a long slumber. She's gone... and there's nothing that Aaron could do now. He kissed her lips for the last time, and whispered "I love you" into her ears for the last time...


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