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Saturday, March 14, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – True

I'm weak, it's true
I'm afraid to know the answer
Do you want me too?
Coz my heart keeps falling faster...


As soon as stepped out of the airport, Ariel's phone rang. She took it, and looked at it's screen. It was Chun that was calling her. “Oh, don't tell me you can't pick me up...” she thought. Knowing her boyfriend really well, she knows he's such a workaholic man. After all, he wouldn't be where he is right now if not for his hard work. She answered the phone. “Hello?”
“Hey princess...”
“Where are you?”
“Look behind you...”

She looked back, and saw Chun smiling at him. She smiled back at her boyfriend. He looked handsome as ever in his suit, it's as if he stepped out of men's magazine. Chun hugged her, and kissed her on the lips. “And I thought you were not coming...” she said to him. Chun shook his head. “I won't miss this for sure. You know how much I missed you...” he said to her. Then, he kissed her again on the lips. “Love you...” Ariel said. “Love you more, my princess.” he answered. Ariel smiled at him. She just love it when Chun says those words to him. “Shall we go? I want to have a quick lunch with you before I drive you home.” he suggested. Ariel nodded. He took her luggage and put it on the car that's already waiting in front of them.


Arron entered the front door of their mansion. As he was about to go up to his room, he heard someone call his name. “Arron!” he looked back and saw Ariel standing at the living room. Arron's face lightened up as she saw her. He smiled at her. He put his bag on the floor and ran towards her. “Ariel!” he said. As soon as he's already in front of her, he hugged her. She sure missed this girl. “I missed you so much, Arron!” Ariel said. “Me too...” then he let go of her. “When did you come back?”
“I just came back a few hours ago. I decided to stay here since mom and dad are on a cruise.”
“Really? That's great!”
“So you'll get to see much of me. And don't worry, I'll still annoy you to death.”

Arron just laughed at what she said. He wouldn't mind having Ariel around. They have a lot of catching up to do, and there are a lot of things that he wanted to show her. He knows that with Ariel around, Chun won't keep on picking up on him. Ariel is like his shield against Chun, since she's the only one that could calm his brother. “So, how's your school? Any girls that you're dating?” she asked. Arron shook his head. “Me and my girlfriend just broke up. I decided to be single for the mean time.” he said. “But there must be a lot of girls after you...”
“You can say that but I have no interest in them whatsoever... I want to concentrate on school, and on my art...”
“That reminds me. You promised me you'll show me your latest art works.”
Arron nodded her head. “Later after I cleaned up my room. I'll show you my latest works.” he promised. Ariel smiled at him. “I'm looking forward to that.”

Just then, Chun came. He put his arm around Ariel, and gave her a kiss on his cheek, then he looked at Arron and smiled. “Hey, you're home early.” he said, smiling at him. Arron smiled back at his brother. E was happy that Chun is in a good mood today. “Yeah, we didn't have rehearsals today.” he explained. “Rehearsals for what?” Ariel asked Arron. “I'm part of our school play, Grease. I play the lead actor. Will you watch me tomorrow?” he asked the two. Ariel looked at Chun, then turned to Arron. “Of course, me and your brother will watch your school play. I won't miss it for the world.” she said. Chun wrinkled his eyebrow as he looked at Ariel. “But, honey, it's not in my schedule and -” Ariel looked up at her boyfriend and glared at him. “Aiyo! Then fix your schedule. Besides, I know uncle Jonas and grandpa will watch him. I don't want to miss seeing Arron act on stage.” she said. She then looked at Arron and winked at him. “Fine. I'll change my schedule so I could go with you guys.” he said. “Thank you, honey!” Ariel said to Chun. She pinched his cheek, and kissed him on the lips.

Arron felt his heart twitch at that sight. He know he should get used to it by now, after all, it won't be long till Chun and Ariel's wedding, But he still felt jealous somehow. Chun was so lucky to have Ariel, his dream girl. “Uhmm... I guess I'll leave you guys for a while...” he excused himself. “I'll go change for a while. I'll meet you guys later.” then, he took his bag on the floor and went up to his room.


After changing to more comfortable clothes, Arron plopped to his bed. He stared at the ceiling, thinking about Ariel. He was happy to see her again, and he really missed her a lot. While she was away, he is contented with just thinking about her lovely, smiling face. Now, she's here for real. He looked at the side table, and saw his sketch pad. He took it, and open its pages. Most of the pages contains his sketches of Ariel. He would sketch her whenever he feels lonely and if he misses her. He softly traced his hand on her drawing, and smiled to herself. “Ariel... I wish I could tell you how I feel towards you...” he thought. To secretly love her is the only thing he could do now. He have been in bad terms with his older brother, and he knows that if he would confess his feelings towards his fiancée, things would complicate even further. He have loved her since they were kids. She have always been fond of her ever since, and though for her it's just a sisterly love, he knew what he feels is beyond that kind of love. He know that she is his true love, and though he have dated other girls, no one could compare to her. No one could compare to Ariel. He guess he could never love someone as much as he love Ariel.

His thoughts were interrupted with a soft knock on the door. “Arron...” he heard Ariel call. He immediately stood up from his bed, put the sketch pad on his drawer and locked it. “Coming.” he shouted. He opened the door, and Ariel immediately went inside his room. She scanned his room, and saw his sketches and painting all over the wall. “As time passes by, you're getting better, Arron.” she said. Then, she turned to him and smile. “Are you really sure you don't want to shift majors?” she asked Arron smiled at her and shook his head. “I promised Chun I'll help him with the company, so I guess I'm better off taking up Marketing.” he said. “But looking at your works, it seems that you are most happy when you paint. If you want, I can talk to Chun to let you off. You can still accept the scholarship that my school is offering...” Arron shook his head again. “I want to please Chun, so it's better if I follow what he says to me.” he said. “Well, if that's your decision, then I'll respect it. But if you changed your mind, you know you can always tell me.” she said. Arron smiled again and nodded his head. Then, he noticed that Ariel is all dressed up. “So, you any Chun Ge going out tonight?” he asked. Ariel nodded her head. “He insisted on a date, so might as well spend more time with him.” she said. Arron swallowed hard, feeling the green-eyed monster creeping up him again. “Well, I hope that the two of you would enjoy.” he said. Then, Ariel reached up to him, and kissed him on the cheeks before saying goodbye. Arron reached for that spot that Ariel kissed, smiled to himself. That kiss is another beautiful memory with Ariel on her vacation here in Taiwan.


That night, Chun took Ariel out for dinner, and Ariel was amused to find what her fiancee have prepared. It was in a private garden, there was a table for two in the middle, and the place is filled with her favorite flowers – red roses. At one corner, she saw a violinist playing their love song. “Wow...” she said. Chun looked at her and smiled. “I knew you would love this.” he said to her. Then, Chun gave her a kiss on the cheek. “You really know how to melt my heart, Chun Wu...” she whispered to her. They walked towards their seat, and had their dinner. They talked about each other's life while they were away from each other. After their dinner, Chun asked Ariel to dance with him.

“I missed you, I really do...” Chun whispered to her as they were slow dancing. “I missed you a lot, Chun...” Ariel answered. “I wish you could be by my side forever...” he said in a low, husky voice. Then, he paused. He reached for his pocket, and took out a red velvet box, and opened it. Ariel saw a diamond ring inside the box. Then, Chun bended on his knees as he took the ring inside the box. “Ariel, marry me. Be with me forever...” he said. Ariel smiled at her boyfriend. “You know very well that even if you don't propose to me, we'll end up getting married. After all, our parents have arranged for us...” she said. Chun shook his head. “Ariel, I can't wait any longer. Let's get married this year, don't come back to Switzerland, please?” he asked. Ariel was surprised at what he asked. She knew she should be ready for this, but somehow, she's just not ready to settle down. She love Chun, yes, but there are a lot of things that she wants to do before she become his wife. Ariel sighed, and shook her head. “I'm sorry... I can't... what you're asking is impossible...” she said. She looked at Chun and saw the smile slowly disappear from his face. He stood up, and walked away from Ariel. Ariel followed him. “Chun, I'm sorry...”
“All I want is for us to settle down now. Why can't you accept my proposal?”
“I wanted to settle down, Chun. I want to marry you. I really do... but not now.”
Chun turned around to face Ariel. “What difference will it make if we get married now or the next few years?” he asked. “A lot.” she said, smiling at him. She walked towards him, and put her arms around him. “There's a lot of things I want to do. A lot of places I want to see, a lot of things I want to experience. If I get married to you now, I won't be able to do those things for I will have to be a dutiful wife to you, and one day I will regret not being able to do things I want to do while I'm young. If you let me explore a little more, then I won't have regrets when I get old, and I can do my duty are your wife.” she explained. Chun sighed, as he resigned to her. “OK, but until when do I have to wait, Ariel?” he asked. “Give me four or five more years, then I'll be Mrs. Chun Wu.” she said. Chun can't do anything, but to give in to her request. “OK, a few more years... and I hope when I propose to you after five years, you'll accept this ring.” he said. Ariel nodded, then he kissed him on the lips and hugged him tight.


Chun drove Ariel to their home, and then he went to his favorite bar. He usually come to the bar whenever he feel stressed, or when he is disappointed. Tonight, he is really disappointed because Ariel turned down his marriage proposal. Things are not going as planned, he have expected that Ariel would say yes to him, but it didn't turned out that way. “Jerry, give me a Martini, please.” he said as he sat on the bar. The bar tender looked up at him and smiled. “Long time no see, Mr. Wu.” he said. Then, he poured him a glass of Martini. Chun took it and gulped it all down, then he ordered for a few more, until he finished up a bottle of Martini.

Meanwhile, Ella came inside the bar. She worked here as part-time waitress. “Hey, El!” she heard someone call her. She looked back, and saw her colleague, Joe, coming towards her. “Hey, Joe, what's up?” she asked. “Jerry asked you to help him at the bar. He'll go half-day tonight.” Joe explained. Ella nodded her head, and then went to the bar. “Hey, Jerry...” she said as she went inside. She heard him sigh with relief as soon as she came. “Thank God, you are here, El. I needed to go home early tonight, I think my wife's about to give birth...” Jerry explained. “No problem about that. I'll cover for you.” Ella said. Jerry nodded his head, and then handed her his apron. He was about to leave, when he noticed that Chun was already drunk. “By the way, don't let that guy drink too much. He already finished a bottle of Martini.” he said, pointing at Chun, who was pouring himself another glass. “And if you need help, you can always ask Danson, OK?” Ella nodded her head, and then waved goodbye to his colleague.

That night, they didn't have much customer, and Chun was the only person at the bar. “Give me another bottle of Martini, please...” he said, his speech already slurred due to too much alcohol intake. Ella walked up to him, and took the glass from his hand. Chun looked up at her, and gave her dagger looks. “Hey!” he shouted at her. “Sir, I think you had too much drink already...” she said. “I don't care. I know I can still take it.” he shouted at her. “But you're already drunk, sir...” she said in a calm tone. “I have a lot of money here, just give me another bottle, OK?” Chun insisted. Ella had no choice but to give in to her. She took a bottle of Martini and opened it for him. She watched him as he gulped down his drink. “I think this guy's depressed...” she thought as she watched him. Then, Chun looked up at her. “Hey why don't you join me?” he offered. Ella shook her head. “I'm sorry, sir. I can't drink at work. Besides, I'm allergic to alcohol...” she said, the last thing she said about the allergy was a lie. She looked closely at him, and she could see the sadness in his eyes. “Sir, are you OK?” she asked. Chun shook his head. “If you want to talk, then I can listen to you....” she said. Chun did not respond to her. Instead, he poured himself another glass of Martini and drank it.

Time passed by, and it was already closing time. Chun have managed to finish three bottles of Martini, and then he fell asleep on the bar. After Ella cleaned up, she approached him and woke him up. “Sir... sir...” she said, tapping him. Chun slowly woke up and looked at her. “Sir, we're already close...” she said. “I want another bottle of Martini...” he said. Ella shook her head. “I'm sorry sir, but we're already closed.” she said. Chun took his wallet and took out some cash. “Keep the change...” he said. He stood up, but he can't barely walk. As he took another step, he almost fell. “Sir!” Ella shouted. She ran to him and help him walk. Ella helped Chun until they reached for his car at the parking lot. As soon as they were in front of the car, She leaned Chun to his car, and then opened the door for him. As she reached for the door, Chun held her hand. She looked up at him. “Ariel...” he called. Then, he cupped her face, his face moved closer to hers. Ella knew what he was about to do, and was surprised at his action. She tried her best to free herself from his grip, but even though he was drunk, he's was too strong for her. “Uhhh... sir...” she nervously said. Then, it happened. Before Ella knew it, Chun was already kissing her. It was a long and passionate kiss, and not only that, it was her very first kiss. “Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she tried to shout as he kissed her. As soon as his lips released her lips, she gathered all her strength. “Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” she shouted, then he punched him on the face. In an instant, Chun fell unconsciously on the ground. She was too traumatized with what happened, her mind suddenly felt blank. She didn't know what to do, so she immediately ran back inside the bar. As soon as she's inside, she cried. She cried as she touched her lips that was kissed by a drunk stranger. “That bastard...” she thought. She lost her first kiss to someone she didn't know. She lost her first kiss to someone who have mistaken her for someone else. “And I was saving my first kiss for Arron!”

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