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Sunday, January 10, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 21

Round 21 – The One Who Loves You

“Hiro... you said he is Bianca's ex-boyfriend?” Ella asked as soon as they settled at the park. Chun let out a sigh, and shook his head. “And my rival.” he added. “Ah, so that's why you were angry while talking to him...” she said. Chun nodded his head again. “We've been competing with each other since we started at the Culinary School. It has always been him against me. In the end, I always lose to him. I can barely count in my fingers the times that I have won against Hiro. And not only in school... I lose to him even when it comes to Bianca...” Chun said sadly. “So, it seems that you're always losing Bianca to jerks, huh?” Ella said. Chun paused, and gave her a confused look. “Seems like that Hiro guy is a jerk. All he cares about is winning. Maybe he stole Bianca from you before to spite you. What did that guy do to Bianca, and why did they broke up?” Ella asked. “Bianca caught him in bed with another girl, and Hiro dumped her.” Chun said. Ella nodded her head. “See, I think he did that to spite you. Maybe Hiro knows you have a thing for Bianca. And since you are his considered rival that time, he did that to purposely hurt you... you should not lose to him, Chun...” Ella said.

Chun looked at Ella and then let out a faint laugh as he shook his head. “How can I lose to him? I don't think we are going to compete anytime soon...” he said. “But if you have the chance to compete with him, then do your best not to lose to him. I know you are way better than him. Guys like him envies guys like you, who seem to be more humble with their achievements.” Ella said. Chun look at her with disbelief. “I never thought you would tell that to me... I thought you hate me?” he said. “I thought we're friends already. And besides, I'm your 'girlfriend', right? So, I have every right to brag about my 'boyfriend'.” Ella said. Chun let out another laugh. If there's anyone that's making him happy during a long and stressful day, it would be Ella. Sometimes, it just amazes him how she would make things lighter for him. And somehow, it amazes him that whenever he is around him, he is always smiling than usual. “You think I'm way better than Hiro?” he asked. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “Of course you are.” she said. “And you're not saying this just because I'm making dinner for you and your grandpa tomorrow...” he said. Ella laughed, and shook her head. “Well... let's just say it's partly that. To boost your morale, and so that you can make me a delicious dinner tomorrow.” she said. Chun laughed at her, then then he pinched her nose. “Aiyo... you really know how to flatter me, huh? Since when did you learn that?” he asked. “I learned that from you.” she said.

Chun paused, and then he looked away from her. “You know what, meeting Hiro again, it's making me a little scared...” he said in a serious tone. “Why should you be scared? You scared of that puny guy?” she asked. “I don't know, when he's around, he tend to take away everything from me...” he said. Then, he looked at Ella. “I'm scared he will take you away from me...” he muttered under his breath. With what he said, Ella looked at him, confused. “Why would he take me away from you?” she asked. Chun looked away from her, not answering her question. “Do you think Hiro likes me?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “Seems like he is interested in you. Good thing I told him that you are my girlfriend. I do hope he will not chase after you...” he said. “Why? Do you think I would like a guy like him?” Ella asked. Chun gave her a confused look. “I don't like arrogant guys, remember? That's why I used to hate you back then. You think so highly of yourself. And besides, he is not my type...” Ella said.

Chun looked away from her, and smiled to himself. He was gald to know that Ella doesn't like Hiro. “I know. You like guys like Sphinx...” Chun said. “Do I have to like guys like him all the time? Can't I like guys like you?” Ella said. Chun paused again. He could feel his heart beating fast because of what she said. “Y-you mean to say... you... you might... like me?” he asked. “It's just a rhetorical question. Don't take it to heart. Rule number 1, remember?” Ella said. Chun smiled sadly at her, and nodded his head. “Yeah, I forgot... rule number one...” he said. Then, Chun looked away from her again. “Why did I ever made that stupid rule...” he thought. Ella looked at Chun, and she could see the sadness in his face. “Chun, are you hurt?” she asked. “Hurt about what?” he asked. “Hurt that I might not be able to like you?”

Chun looked at Ella again, and this time, he let out a smile. “I think you're thinking too much, Ellie. Don't take it to heart.” he said. Then, he held her hand. “Just promise me, after this charade is through, we'll still remain friends, all right?” he said. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “We are. Although I miss bickering with you sometimes...” she said. Chun let out another laugh. “Friends that bicker... I like that. We can bicker sometimes. When you feel like the world is against you, you can always come to me and make me your punching bag. When you're sad, I can always be your pillow to cry on. When you're happy, I can be your teddy bear that you can hug. I can also be the mic that you can use to when you want to shout to the world...” he said. “And what about you? I mean, we bicker, but you are all those kind of things to me. It's only fair that I become like that to you as well...” Ella said. “You? I just want you to hold my hand whenever I'm feeling down, or if I'm feeling happy. That's all.” he said. Ella smiled at him, and nodded her head.


“Hey, Calvin... someone is looking for you!” Jiro shouted. Calvin stood up from her seat, and saw Cassie coming up to him. “Cassie!” he said. Cassie smiled at him, and then gave him a hug. “Hey, Callie!” she said. “What brought you here? Are you here to talk to me and Ella?” he asked. Cassie smiled, and nodded her head. “Yes. I also came here to give you the invitations. I know Ella already have one through Chun, but I still want to give her her own invitation, just to be safe...” she said. Cassie handed Calvin his invitation. He looked at the white parchment invitation with Cassie and Danson's name on it. “She really is marrying him...” he thought sadly.

“Calvin, where's Ella?” Cassie asked. Calvin looked at her, and forced a smile on his face. “She's still on air, I guess. After her show, it's gonna be me.” he said. “That's too bad, I want to invite you guys out for coffee. My treat.” she said. “If you have time to wait for us, maybe we can go out for a coffee. Or better yet, wait for Ella to finish your show. I'll catch you girls up later.” he said. Then, she saw Cassie giggling at him. “Or better yet... not... I know you seem to be really busy with the wedding... I could understand that you don't have all the time in the world. Of course, you don't... you must be doing some things for your wedding...” he said. Cassie smiled at him, which made Calvin even more confused. “You still have that old habit of yours that you keep on talking when you're a little anxious, right?” she said. Calvin let out a nervous laugh. “You still remembered...” he said. Cassie just nodded her head. “Of course, I still remember.” she said.

She looked at her watch, and then looked up at Calvin again. “I guess I have to go for now. I'll try to catch you guys later. I forgot to meet my wedding planner...” she said. Calvin smiled, and nodded his head. “No problem. I'll give this invitation to Ella, and I'll tell her you passed by.” he said. Cassie nodded her head, and then, she reached up to him and kissed him on the cheek. “Bye, Cal.” she said. Then, she turned her back and left him alone. Calvin could only watch at her sadly as she leaves their office. “Bye, Cassie...” he said sadly. He looked at the invitation on his hand sadly once again. “Goodbye...” he whispered.


That night, Chun was at Ella's apartment, making dinner for her and her grandpa. He was busy slicing potatoes when Ella barged in the kitchen. “Hey, Chun... can I bother you for a while?” she asked. Chun looked at her, and smile. “Sure. Be my guest. This is you kitchen, remember?” he said. Ella smiled at him, and walked up to him. “Your making roast beef, right?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “Is that for the mashed potatoes?” she asked again. Chun nodded his head. Then, he put his sliced potatoes on a bowl of water. “Why do you have to soak them?” Ella asked. “So that it won't get dark.” he said. Ella nodded her head. “Am I bothering you with too much question?” she asked. Chun paused, and then smirked at her. “Although I hate it when someone talks to me while I'm working, I guess it couldn't be helped.” he said. Ella folded her arms as she glared at him. “So, are you trying to say that I should leave you alone?” she asked. Chun laughed, and shook his head. “No. What I'm trying to say is that for someone as curious as you, you can always ask me questions.” he said. Then, he placed an onion in front of her. “And while you're at it, help me slice that onion, all right?” he said.

Ella groaned as she took the onion. “Why do I have to slice this one? This one makes me cry!” she complained. “If you want to learn to cook, then start with slicing that one.” he said. Ella pouted at him. “You're one hell of a teacher... can't you give your 'girlfriend' some slack?” she asked. Chun just laughed again and shook his head. “No.” he said firmly. Ella had no choice but to slice the onion. But she was not slicing it as Chun expected that she would. As Chun glanced at Ella, he saw that she sliced the onion thickly. “Wei, it's not like that.” he said. He put down his knife. Then, he walked up to Ella. He stood behind her, and then he held on to her hands. “You should do it like this...” he said. He guided her hand into slicing the onion.

As Chun helped her, she looked at him. Ella could feel her heart beating fast as Chun stood close to her. “What is this? Why is my heart like this?” she thought. Then, Chun paused, and stared into her eyes. His face moved closer to hers. As the tips of their noses touched, and as he was about to kiss her again, they heard someone walked inside the kitchen – it was Selina. “Do you have any snacks or anything?”she asked. Chun and Ella looked away from each other, as if they just woke up from a dream. Selina just gave the two a confused look. “J-just slice the onions like that. T-then, slice this tomato in the same way.” Chun said, placing the tomato in front of Ella. “O-of course. No problem.” she said. “What's wrong with the two of you? Anyway, are there any snacks here? Anthony is here already.” she said. She walked up to the fridge to look for something to eat. “I... I think there's some chips at the cupboard. You can give that to Anthony for a while...” Ella said. Selina reached for the cupboard, and then took a bag of chips, and got out of the kitchen.

“That was close... what the hell am I thinking?” Chun thought. He looked at Ella, and she was trying to slice the tomato. He knew that with Ella around, he will not be able to concentrate on his cookie. “Eh, Ella... if you want you can leave that with me. I... I'll finish this one up. You don't need to help me.” he said. Ella looked up at him. “A-are you sure?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “Entertain grandma and groovy grandpa for a while.” he said. Ella nodded her head. “Y-y-yeah... I guess it's better that way.” she said. There was an awkward silence between the two. “I... I'll go out now...” Ella said.

As Ella leaves the kitchen, Chun watched her. Then, he smiled to himself. He bit his lips as he remembered their almost kiss. “Maybe one day, I'll get to kiss her again...” he thought. He shook his head, and then continued with what he's doing.


“That is a really wonderful dinner. I'm so full!” Groovy grandpa said. “Me too. My grandson really cooks well. He takes after me.” Fang Fang said. Chun just nodded his head. “Thanks, grandpa, grandma.” he said. “With you around, I don't think I can worry a lot about my granddaughter. Ella is really lucky to have you as her boyfriend.” Groovy grandpa said. “But I'm more luckier to have her...” Chun said. He leaned on his chair, and then put his arm around her shoulder. Grandma and Groovy grandpa just smiled at the two as they become sweet with each other. “Wow, smooth move, Chun...” Ella thought. “But of course, I am not Chun the great if I won't make such a smooth move.” he answered in his thoughts.

“You know what, Chun, you remind me of Ah Ming here when he is young...” grandma said. “That reminds me... what's the story between the two of you?” Chun asked. Fang Fang looked at Bao Ming, and smiled. “Did the two of you had to separate because great-grandpa wants you to marry another guy, grandma?” Chun asked.

[Ella's imagination]
(Note: young groovy grandpa – Chun and young grandma is Ella.)

Sometime in the late 1940's.

“Ah Ming!” Fang Fang shouted as she ran towards Bao Ming. It was afternoon, and Ah Ming received a message from Fang Fang to meet her at their usual spot at the hill. As Ah Ming turned around, he smiled upon seeing his lady love. “Fang Fang!” he shouted. As she reached him, she hugged him tight. “I'm glad that I was able to see you again, Fang Fang... I missed you so much...” Ah Ming said. Fang Fang turned away from him, and he could hear her soft sobs. “Fang Fang... what's wrong?” Ah Ming asked. “We should break up, Ah Ming...” she said. Ah Ming was shocked at what Fang Fang said. “Break up? B-but... but why? Was there something that I have done?” he asked. Fang Fang looked at him, and shook his head. “No... no... it's just that...” She was not able to continue what she was about to say. She turned away from him, and began to cry again. “My love, tell me... what is it?” Ah Ming asked. Fang Fang looked at him again. She took a deep breath to gain confidence to tell him what she was about to say. “I have to marry someone else. It is my father's wish... I'm sorry Ah Ming...” she said. With that, Fang Fang ran away from him, leaving the devastated Ah Ming behind. Ah Ming looked at the horizon, and let a tear fall down from his eyes. “Noooo....”

[End of Ella's imagination]

Fang Fang just smiled at the two as she shook her head. Ella and Chun gave each other a confused look. “So, it's not because you are supposed to marry another guy... or was it because my grandpa found another girl to love, so he dumped you?” Ella asked.

[Chun's imagination]

Sometime in the late 1940's. At the hill again.

“Fang Fang...”
Fang Fang looked back, and saw Ah Ming walking up to him. She smiled upon seeing him. “Ah Ming!” she called. She ran up to him, and hugged him, but Ah Ming remained unmoved. She looked up at Ah Ming with confusion. She could see his cold eyes looking back at her. “Ah Ming... is there anything wrong?” she asked. “Fang Fang, I'm sorry... but let's break up...” he said. Fang Fang was shocked at what he said. “What?! But... but why?” she asked. She could feel the tears in her eyes that was about to fall. Ah Ming could only look at her coldly. “I don't love you anymore, Fang Fang. I am with love with someone else. I'm sorry.” he said. And with that, Ah Ming started to walk away from Fang Fang. Fang Fang could only watch as Ah Ming leaves her. The tears are now cascading from her cheeks as she watches him. “No...” she whispered as she slowly fell on the ground.

[End of Chun's imagination]

Groovy grandpa laughed and shook his head. “It's not that...” he said. “So, grandma was not dumped. And she did not broke up with you... then why did the two of had to go separate ways?” Chun asked. “Did grandpa got dumped?” Ella asked. Fang Fang laughed, and shook her head. “Actually, this is the real reason why we broke up...” Fang Fang said.

(Xiao Rou – Bianca; Xiao Tian - Sphinx)
Somewhere in the late 1940's. At the ferry boat station.

“Fang Fang, thank you for helping me...” Xiao Rou said nervously as they walked inside the ferry station. Fang Fang looked at her friend, and smiled at her. “Of course, I will help you. You're my best friend... and your boyfriend is the best friend of my best friend.” she said. “You know, it wouldn't end up like this if only papa could accept Xiao Tian. Even if he is poor, I love him. I know that he's not after our wealth... and this is the only way I know that we can prove our love to papa.” Xiao Rou said. Fang Fang nodded her head. “I understand, Xiao Rou. You don't have to explain a thing...” she said. “How about you? If papa finds out that you helped me and Xiao Tian to run away, papa might do something to you and Ah Ming...” she asked. “We already planned everything, Xiao Rou. After we make sure that you and Xiao Tian gets on that ferry boat going to Shanghai, Ah Ming and I will go to Pintung. At least we have an alibi when your father questions us.” Fang Fang said, smiling at her. Xiao Rou smiled at her, and nodded her head.

Meanwhile, outside the boat station, Ah Ming was helping Xiao Tian to buy tickets for him and Xiao Rou. “Ah Ming, thank you so much for helping me and Xiao Rou...” Xiao Tian said. “Don't mention it, Xiao Tian. If you had any problems there in Shanghai, you know where you can reach me and Fang Fang, all right?” Ah Ming said. Xiao Tian smiled at him, and nodded his head. As they turned to meet the girls, they saw the goons of Xiao Rou's father. Xiao Tian knew that they are looking for them. “Ah Ming! It's Mr. Li's men! I think they are looking for us...” Xiao Tian said. Ah Ming looked back and saw the goons coming their way. “Uh-oh... I think we should go get Xiao Rou...” he said. The two of them ran inside to look for Fang Fang and Xiao Rou.

“Fang Fang, would it be OK if I leave you for a while? I need to buy something over there...” Xiao Rou said, pointing at a small store just outside the station. Fang Fang looked at the direction where Xiao Rou is pointing. Then, she nodded her head. “All right. Let me take your bag. I'll wait for you here.” she said. Fang Fang took the bag Xiao Rou is holding, and then watched her friend as she went to the store. She looked around the station and waited for Xiao Tian and Ah Ming to come back. As she looked back, she saw Xiao Tian running up to him. “Let's go!” he said, pulling her. Fang Fang was surprised at what he did. “But... Xiao Tian!” she said. “We have no time they are here!” he said. Fang Fang was left with no choice but to be dragged by Xiao Tian. She knew Xiao Tian have mistaken her for Xiao Rou, for she was carrying her bag. Not only that, both of them have the same curly hair and the same colored dress. “Xiao Tian, I am not Xiao -” she shouted. “Let's go, there's no time!” Xiao Tian said as she dragged Fang Fang inside the ferry.

Meanwhile, Xiao Rou is about to go back to the station, when she felt someone pull her. “Let's go!” She looked at the one holding her, and saw Ah Ming. She was surprised at what he did. “Ah Ming! Where's Xiao Tian?” she asked. Ah Ming did not dare to look back at her as they ran outside the station. “Xiao Rou's dad sent his men to find them. They should be at the ferry by now.” Ah Ming explained as they ran outside the station. Xiao Rou was surprised at what he said. “Where is Xiao Tian? Let's go back, Ah Ming! I need to find Xiao Tian!” Xiao Rou shouted. “We can't go back! What if Mr. Li's men found us, we're gonna be dead, Fang Fang!” he shouted. “But I am not Fang Fang!” Xiao Rou shouted. Ah Ming paused, and looked back. He was surprised to see that it was not Fang Fang that she was holding, but Xiao Rou.

“Xiao Tian, let go of me! We have to find Xiao Rou!” Fang Fang shouted as she was dragged by Xiao Tian inside the ferry. He pulled Fang Fang inside a small corner to hide. He peeked outside, then he sighed with relief to find that no one is following them. Just then, the ferry's whistle blew, and they could feel it moving. “We lost them, Xiao Rou...” he said with relief. Then, he looked at the girl in front of him, and was surprised to see that it was not Xiao Rou. “Fang Fang?” he asked in disbelief.

Ah Ming and Xiao Rou dashed inside the ferry station, but they were too late. The ferry is already far from them. “Oh my God... my girlfriend is inside that boat!” Ah Ming said in frustration. Then, he looked at Xiao Rou. “And my boyfriend is inside that boat. With your girlfriend!” Xiao Rou shouted at him. They both looked back, and saw the men that were looking for them. Ah Ming have no other choice but to pull Xiao Rou and run away from those men

[End of Flashback]

“I have no choice but to bring Ella's grandmother to Pintung. We stayed there for a week, until her father found us. And because of that, we were forced to be married. Since I came from a prominent family, her father liked me, so I became his favorite son-in-law.” groovy grandpa explained. Fang Fang nodded her head. “Xiao Tian, Chun's grandfather, began to work in Shanghai, so I have no choice but to stay with him. We both fell in love with each other, and then eventually got married. When he became very successful, we came back in Taiwan. When we met Ah Ming and Xiao Rou when we came back, all of us were surprised with what happened, nevertheless, happy. And since that day we met, we promised that we will betroth our grandchildren so that we could be one big happy family.” Fang Fang said.

Ella and Chun looked at each other, and began to laugh. “That's the funniest story I've heard in my entire life!” Chun said as he laughed. “How... how could you not now... that... that you're dragging another person?” Ella asked as she laughed. Groovy grandpa grandma just looked sternly at the two. “It was an accident.” Fang Fang said sternly. “I don't see anything funny with that story.” Groovy grandpa said. Ella and Chun stopped laughing as soon as they saw the stern look on their faces. “I think I'll go and get the dessert.” he said. He stood up from his seat, and went inside the kitchen. “I think I'll go help Chun.” Ella said as she followed Chun inside the kitchen.


Ella went inside the office, and saw Calvin on his cube. “Hey, Bbox... have you heard the new demo CD?” she asked. But there was no response from Calvin. Curious, Ella peeked on his cube, and saw him staring at a wedding invitation. “Is that Cassie's wedding invitation?” she asked. Calvin looked at him and smiled. “Yeah. She went here to give this to us...” he said, handing Ella her invitation. “Thanks, Cal. Anyway, as I was saying...” she said. She paused, and saw him spacing out again. Lately, Calvin is not with his self. He maybe energetic on air, but off air, he seems to be spacing out. “Cal, is there any problem? You want to talk about it?” she asked. Calvin shook his head. “Thanks for the offer, Ella. As much as I need some advice right now, I think I can handle this by myself...” he said.

Ella pulled a chair, and sat beside him. “Calvin, tell me the truth... are you still in love with Cassie?” she asked. Calvin paused, and looked at her. “Even if I am, I guess I have no right to be in love her... she's getting married to a man 100 times more better than I am.” he said sadly. “You can say that. Danson is a really perfect guy. He is faithful, sweet, gentleman, plus he is very successful.” Ella said. Calvin flinched as he looked at her. “Ouch... thank you for adding insult to my injury!” he said. Ella just laughed at him. “Seriously now... Cal... you're sad because your ex-girlfriend is getting married?” she asked. Calvin could only sigh as his answer. “I know I was a bad boyfriend. I was a playboy. I always hurt Cassie when we were together... that's why she chose to gave up on me. But you know, Ella... Cassie is my greatest love. She have always been there for me. She gave me the love that I've always wanted. But then... I took her for granted. Instead of changing my old ways, I unintentionally hurt her by being with other girls... since we broke up, I never dared to date other girls because of her. I tried to change because of her... and now, she walked into my life again, announcing to me that she is getting married to Danson....” Calvin said sadly.

Ella reached for Calvin, and comforted him. “Calvin... I can't say that I know how you feel... but I could understand you. You love Cassie, but now it's too late for you to be with her. Does Cassie really loves Danson?” she asked. Calvin nodded his head. “I can see how much Cassie loves him. And I can see how much Danson loves her as well. When we broke up, Danson was there for her. They were like the best of friends, you know... I know Danson have always been in love with Cassie, even if we were together, but he only took the chance to be with her when she broke up with me...” he said. “Calvin... I know how hard this is for you... but before Cassie could get married, maybe you should fight for what you feel...” Ella said. Calvin gave her a confused look. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Tell Cassie that you love her. Tell her how you feel. Who knows, maybe Cassie also feels the same way for you. Don't give up on your love for her. But if she still chose Danson in the end... then admit your defeat...” she said. “I'm scared that she might call off her wedding to Danson because of me...” he said hesitatingly. “Then, if she did that, it means she never loved Danson enough to marry him. Lets just say, this is the test for them. And you'll be the one giving them this test...” she said. Calvin looked away from Ella and began to consider her suggestion. “You know what, Ella...” he said as he looked at her. Then, he turned to smile. “I guess you're right. I should let Cassie knows how I feel, even if it's for the last time.”


“Chun, I need your help...” Danson said as he Chun came out of his kitchen to meet him. Chun gave his friend a confused look. “What's wrong, Danosn?” he asked. “I... I have this gut feel... someone is trying to steal Cassie away from me...” he said. “Steal your wife-to-be?” Chun asked. Danson nodded his head. “It seems that my fiancee is getting closer to her ex...” Danson said. He bit his lips, trying his best not to cry in front of Chun. “Chun... I... I can't lose Cassie to Calvin again... I love her so much...” he said.

Chun watched his friend as he tries to hold back his tears. He could understand exactly how his friend feels. He knew Danson loves his fiancee so much. “I know I've been neglecting Cassie lately... I've been working hard for the two of us... but... but I don't think she could understand that... I don't know, but lately, she's getting close to her ex-boyfriend again. We... we had a fight a while ago, and the person she called to meet her up is Calvin...” Danson said. He looked up at Chun. This time, he let the tear fall from his eyes. “Dude, help me... I can't lose Cassie... please...” he said. Chun let out a sigh, and nodded her head. “Don't worry, Danson. I'll help you.” he said.


Calvin heard his phone ring as he walked outside the office. He took it from his pocket, and saw Cassie's name flashing on the screen. “Hello, Cassie?” he said, answering the phone. He could here Cassie's sobs on the other line, which made him worried about her. “Calvin...” she managed to say in between sobs. “Cassie? Why are you crying?” he asked. “Calvin... I... I don't think Danson loves me anymore...” Cassie said. Then, he began to listen to her as she cries.

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