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Sunday, March 14, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 34

Round 34 – Happiness Is... (Not yet an ending)

Chun stood outside as he watched the elder man went back inside the apartment. “Groovy grandpa knew that we were pretending...” he thought. Not only did he knew that he is Ella's fake boyfriend, he also knew that Chun have fallen in love with Ella. He is at his wit's end now. Part of him wanted to let Ella go, and part him wanted to hold on. He knew he could never compare to Sphinx. He knew he could never be the one that Ella will love. If he fight for her, he knew he will only lose in the end. If he did not, he knew he will regret it for the rest of his life. If he continued with this, it will only complicate things more. He's scared that if he forced himself to Ella, he will eventually hurt her, and that's the last thing he wanted to do.

He was in his deep thoughts, and did not realize that Ella came out of her apartment. “Chun...” she called. He looked up, and saw her worriedly looking at him. “Are you OK? You seem... so sad lately...” she said. Chun let out a smile, and shook his head. “I'm OK. Maybe I'm a little... tired...” he said. Ella let out a smile as he walked towards him. “I don't know what's going on with you. I don't know what made you say those things during dinner... but I want you to know that I'm always here. If you have any problems, you can always talk to me.” she said. “I'm going to be fine, Ella. Maybe I just can't believe that in a few days, this will all be over.” he said sadly. Ella let out a sad smile at what he said. “Me too...” she said softly.

Chun gazed into her eyes for a long time. He held her hand, and then pulled her into a hug. He wanted to feel her for the very last time. He closed his eyes to stop the tears from falling. “ If one day, you tell me that you want to be happy, then I'll do the right thing for you...” he thought. He held Ella tight, as if he would never let go. If he had the will, he will never ever let go of this girl. But then, one day, he knew he had to. Because he is not that selfish person to keep someone like her, and force her to stay in his life.


“And we've come to another end of 'The Love Corner'. Before I leave, I want to share to you a wonderful quote. It's hard when you know you shouldn't hold on, and yet you're too in love to let go. That's it for today. Please join me again, same time, same dial.”

Ella pressed on the play button, and as the happy love song filled the air, she took her headset down. She looked up, and by the glass window, she saw Sphinx waving at her. She took her bag, and wen tout of the DJ's booth. “I see the best friend is back, huh? I hope things won't be complicated between you and Chun now that Sphinx is back.” she heard Calvin said as he went out. Ella paused, and gave him a confused look. “What do you mean?” she asked him. “Oh, come on. Didn't you remember? You were so in love with Sphinx back then. Then, shortly after he left, you found yourself a boyfriend.” Calvin said. Ella fell silent at what he said. Things are complicated right from the start. Just to get away from the arranged marriage her grandpa had for her, she asked Chun to act as her boyfriend. And as days passes by, she fell in love with him. Now that Sphinx is back, she became unsure of how she feels.

“I don't think things will be complicated as they are...” she lied. Calvin just shrugged his shoulder. “I don't know about that Ella. Have you told Sphinx about you and Chun?” he asked. Ella looked away from him. “He knew.” she said. Of course, Sphinx knew. She remembered very well the night Sphinx told her that he's leaving for Australia on her birthday. She was so mad at him, that she used Plan Z. “Sphinx knew...” she said again. “I know you are the love advisor here, Ella... but let me give you some unsolicited advise. Judging by the way you look at the moment, you seem to be unsure of what you feel. Take some time alone to analyze what you really feel. Chun is a great guy to be broken hearted by you, just because you can't decide who to love.” Calvin said. With that, Calvin let Ella to think. She clutched on her bag as she saw Sphinx walking up to her. “Shall we go? I've reserved a table for us at your favorite restaurant.” he said. Ella smiled at him, and nodded his head.


“Ethan Ruan! I told you we ran out of caster sugar. Why haven't you ordered until now?!” Chun shouted as he got out of his lair. Upon hearing his angry shout, Ethan could only sigh. “I called the supplier a while ago to follow it up. They'll be delivering it in two hours.” he said. “You should have done it sooner!” Chun said as he put his hands on his waist. Ethan sighed again. “Chun, you're throwing your temper at me again. What the heck is wrong?” he asked worriedly. Chun didn't answer him, instead, he went back to his lair.

As soon as he went back to the kitchen, Nicholas and Hebe came in. “Hey, engaged guy. Where's my brother?” he asked. Ethan pointed the kitchen door. “Maybe you can talk some sense into him. He seems a little... frustrated if I may say.” Ethan said. Nicholas gave him a confused look. “Frustrated?” he asked. “He's throwing those tantrums again. Maybe you can go and talk to him.” Ethan said. Nicholas looked at Hebe, and smiled at him. “Baobei, wait for me here, all right?” he said. Hebe smiled at him, and nodded her head. “OK. Go talk to your brother.” she said.

Nicholas went inside the kitchen, and saw that Chun is murdering an innocent dough by kneading it hard. “Err... Chun ge... that dough did something wrong?” he asked. Chun stopped what he was doing, and glared at his brother. “What do you want?” he asked in an annoyed tone. “Seems you have some problems. Love problems.” Nicholas said. He folded his arms, and walked up to him. “Want to talk about it?” Nicholas asked. “Thanks. I'm all right.” Chun said. Nicholas gave him a skeptical look. “Sure?”

Chun let out a groan, and looked at his brother. “Look. I don't know what to do, all right? I feel so threatened with Sphinx. He told me that he'll take Ella away from me. I can't let that happen. She took her away from me before, then she took Bianca, and now she wants Ella back? That bastard kept that girl's hope high, only to leave her hanging in the air! I can't let him play with her feelings anymore! I wanted to be with Ella, but I knew that she can't love me. And I don't want to be the selfish guy here. I want Ella to be happy, but what will I do if that happiness doesn't involve me? What if, after grandpa leaves and this fake relationship ends, she will come running into his arms? As much as I don't want that to happen? It's so inevitable!” he blurted out. Nicholas looked at his brother, then began to laugh, much to Chun's annoyance. “Will you just get out if you will just laugh at me?!” Chun shouted at him.

“All right, I'll stop now.” Nicholas said as he stopped laughing. “You know what, you have a bad case of being in love. You're simply torn between letting Ella go, and making your relationship with her for real. Plus, things are more exciting with the entrance of your love rival,” Nicholas said. “I know I have a bad case of being in love. Don't rub it in my face.” Chun said. “What have I been telling you all this time? I told you to tell her how you feel before it's too late... but being the sissy that you are... you never did. Come on, what's so hard about saying those three words to her? Tell her I love you. If she feels the same way, she'll say I love you too. End of story. You two will live happily ever after.” Nicholas said. “But what if she doesn't feel the same way?” Chun asked. “At least you tried. At least there's no regret on your part.” Nicholas answered. “What if I'm too late?”
“You're not yet too late, Chun. A little, maybe, but as long as she and Sphinx haven't announced that they are together, you still have a chance.”
“But what if -”
“You know what, the problem with you is that you have a lot of hesitation in your body. Take the risk for once, all right?”

Chun looked away from him, and took a deep breath. His brother is right. He should not hesitate this time, or he will lose Ella to Sphinx. “But... what if...” As he looked at Nicholas, he saw him holding a knife. “One more what-if question, and I will murder you.” he said in an annoyed tone.


Sphinx leaned on the table, and smiled at Ella, who was wiping her mouth with the napkin. They have just finished lunch at her favorite restaurant. “I'm glad you enjoyed our lunch.” he said. Ella smiled at him, and nodded her head. “Thank you for the treat, Sphinx.” she said. “So... I've been telling you about what happened to me for the last six months. How about you? What's keeping you busy?” Sphinx asked. “You've told me all? There's one thing you have been missing, Sphinx.” Ella said. Sphinx gave her a confused look. “Bianca. How are you and Bianca?” she asked. With that, Sphinx fell silent. “We... broke up...” Sphinx said sadly. Ella was surprised at what he said. “Oh...” she muttered. He let out a smile to let her know that he's OK. “I'm fine, really.”
“But, when did the two of you broke up?”
“A month after. She met up with her ex-boyfriend, and she realized that she is still in love with her.”
Ella let out a sad smile at him. “I'm sorry to hear that, Sphinx...” she said. Sphinx shook his head. “You don't have to feel sorry for me. I have moved on, really. I put all my efforts on my study to help me forget about her.” he said. “So, is that the reason why you came back?” Ella asked again. Sphinx smiled, and shook his head. Then, he held her hand. He looked up to her, and stared into her eyes. “The reason why I came back, is because of a promise I broke to a best friend...” he said. Ella was once again surprised at what he said. She never expected Sphinx's reason why he returned. “I promised my best friend, Ella Chen, that I will take care of her forever. I also promised her that when she turns 25, I will marry her. But... being the jerk that I am, I broke that promise. Ella... will you give me the chance to make things right?” he said.

Ella looked away from him, and took her hand away. “Sphinx... you don't have to do that. I mean... I knew from the start that you only see me as a friend...” she said. Sphinx shook his head. “Maybe I did before... but when Bianca and I broke up... I reflected on myself. I asked myself, why does all of my relationship fail? Why does all the girl leaves me? Then you know what I realized? I realized that there is one girl who never left my side ever since, and it's you. You were always there for me. You always helped me out, even though I'm hurting you. You maybe my best friend, but there are times that I take you for granted and that you become the second best in my life. You can't always be the second best. Not you, who was always there for me. And then I thought, hey, those girls I dated before, they are nothing compared to you. Partly, it was my fault why the relationship failed, because I look for you in those girls. I demand them to be like you. They can never be like you. You are the only one, Ella... the only one...”

Sphinx took her hand again, and held it tight. “I know you lied about you and Chun. Ella, if you give me the chance, I will love you in the way you wanted to be love. Leave Chun, and be with me...” he said. Ella looked up at him, and stared at him for a long time. She have always waited for this moment, but how that this has come, it seems like she's not excited anymore. Sphinx have hurt her several times in the past, that she grew tired of waiting for this day. “I'm sorry...” she said. Sphinx gave her a confused look. “I... I can't be with you, Sphinx. I'm sorry.” She stood up from her seat, and then left Sphinx.


Groovy grandpa opened the door, and saw Chun outside the apartment. “Oh, Chun. What are you doing here?” he asked. “I'm wondering if Ella is home? I called the station, and they said she left hours ago.” he said. Groovy grandpa smiled at him, and shook his head. “She's not yet home. Maybe she and Sphinx are still out.” he said. Chun was surprised at what he said. “She's with Sphinx?” he asked. Groovy grandpa nodded his head. Chun looked away from him. He is being paranoid again, as his thoughts were filled with what could have been happening between them. “Maybe they are on a date. And you know what always happens after a date.” Groovy grandpa said. As Chun looked at him, he gave him a wink. Then, he closed the door.

“All right, I am too late. Really late!” Chun thought as he walked back to his apartment. Just then, he saw Ella walking his way. She seems to be in her deep thought as she walked home. “Ella?” he called. Ella stopped, and looked at him. Then, she smiled at him. “Chun?” she said. Chun looked sternly at her as he folded her arms. “How come you didn't tell me that you went out on a date with Sphinx?” he said. Ella gave her a confused look. “You could have told me, all right? I've gone crazy looking for you! And besides, what would grandpa think? That you are cheating with me?” he scolded her. “What's wrong with you?” she asked. “What's wrong with me? Ask that yourself! You really can't wait to be with Sphinx, huh?” he said.

Ella suddenly felt angry at what he said. “What is THAT supposed to mean?” she asked him. “I called the station a while ago, and they said you left. I looked for you at your apartment, and grandpa told me you went out on a date with Sphinx. So, what now? You can't wait until this charade is over?”
“I did went out with Sphinx. For lunch. And it's not what you think!”
“Oh really now?”
“Yes! But he did say something to me...”
Chun fell silent at what he said. Without her saying it, he knew what it's all about. “So, I assume he told you that he and Bianca broke up...” he said calmly. Ella nodded her head. “And he made a speech about how a fool he is, that he only realized now that he loves you.” he said. Ella gave her a confused look. “How did you know?” she asked. “It doesn't matter. I know that he came back because of you. So what else happened? Ah, yeah, you were so happy that you finally said yes to him. You and Sphinx are together now. Am I right?” he said. Ella smiled, and shook his head. This made Chun confused. “What? I thought you waited for this moment?” he said. “So what?” she said. “Why didn't you accept his proposal?” Chun asked. “I can't be with him. It's as simple as that.”

Ella folded her arms, and walked up to him. “If I were the same Ella Chen six months ago, I would have jumped into his arms and accept him. But things have changed, Chun. I may have forgiven him for breaking his promise... but my feelings for him have changed.” she said. Chun gave her another confused look. “For once, I wanted to be happy. I am happy, that I know. And I also know that I can't be happy with him. He's my best friend, the one that I've been in love with forever... but there's this person I met, the old person I've recently discovered. We kind of had this love-hate relationship, if you may call that...” she said. “Wait, wait, wait... I don't think I'm following you...” Chun said. “Will you shut up, and listen to me for once?” Ella said. With that, Chun shut up. “So I was saying, there's this person I met. The same person I hated. I hate him, but then I realized that I love him. I want him out of my life, but then I want him to stay forever. My life can never be the same without him.” she continued.

She took a deep breath and continued with what she is saying. “Sphinx proposed to me. But... he never said those three words I want to hear. I could never be with someone who couldn't even tell me that he loves me, even if he's just pretending to be loving me. So I left him. I went to this park think things through. It was the same park I used to go with this guy. While I was reflecting on what's going on, I came into conclusion, that he is the reason why I can't be with Sphinx. I've fallen -”
“Wait. Stop right there.”
Ella gave Chun confused look. Chun knew what Ella was about to say. He let out a smile after he interrupted her. “I think I know where this is leading to. I think I know what you're about to say. I may be assuming things, but before you say anything, listen to me first.” he said. He took a deep breath, and then began with his confession. “I love you, Ella Chen.” he said. Ella's mouth fell open at what he said. “C-can you repeat that?” she asked. “I love you. Damn, I've been in love with you since we were kids. It's just that, I seem to mess up everything between us, that you ended up hating me more. I just want you to notice me, that's why I kept on bullying you. And when you're pissed off, I always give you those cookies you love.” he said. Too much information for Ella. She couldn't believe what she is hearing from Chun. She felt her hear beating fast with each secret he is revealing to her. “You are my cookie guy?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “And that kiss... it was a dare for me to kiss my crush.”
“So... you kissed me?”
Chun nodded his head.

Ella let out a laugh, after hearing what he said. “Can I continue now, chicken face?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “As I was saying, I think I've fallen in love with the guy pretending to be my boyfriend...” she said. Chun folded his arms, and looked at her sternly. “You think?” he asked. Ella let out a laugh as she shook her head. “Let me rephrase that. I know I am in love with you, chicken face.” she said. Chun walked up to her with a huge smile on his face. “And I love you too, Ms. Piggy...” he said. He lifted up her chin, and then gazed into her eyes. “I'm hopelessly, and madly in love with you...” he whispered to her. And with that he sealed her lips with a kiss.

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