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Sunday, March 8, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 4

Chapter 4- Getting to know each other

And we're getting to know each other a little too well
We're starting to show our feelings and people can tell
Every time your eyes meet mine
I light up like a neon sign
Coz we're getting to know each other a little too well...


“Then all you have to do is take the value of X the substitute it... from then you will be able to get the answer.” Ella explained to Arron. Ella looked up at him. She was hoping Arron would be able to understand her explanation, and that he would not be confused about it. “OK. I got it now!” Arron said, smiling at her. Ella sighed with relief upon hearing that. “Wow... you're explanation is way better that what Professor Lei told us. Maybe that's why I can't catch up with his lessons...” Ella blushed upon hearing his compliment. “Thank you...” she said shyly. “Thanks for the big help, Ella. Promise, if I pass this subject, I'll treat you out. Sky's the limit.” Arron said. Ella looked up at him, and shook her head. “Really, you don't have to do that Arron. I would be more than happy if you'll just accept me as your friend...”
“Actually... I've always wanted to befriend you. Since the first day of school when I saw you...”

Ella looked up at him again, surprised at what he said. “Y-you... you do?” she asked. Arron nodded his head. “But whenever I try to approach you, you would turn away. So, I thought you really didn't like me at all...” he said. Then, he smiled at her again. “Sorry if you think it that way... actually I've been wanting to befriend you as well, but I can't approach you since you're always with the popular kids.”
“Ahh... those guys... between you and I, sometimes I think they only hang out with me because I'm a Wu... because my family is rich. That's all. I really don't consider them as friends. I just hang out with them for the sake of hanging out.”

Then, he looked away from Ella, and stared at the stage. “I just wanted to have real friends... I feel like those people only liked me because of my family... they're with me through the good times, but they can't be there for me whenever I'm down. Sometimes I wonder, if I wasn't a Wu, would there be a chance that they would notice me? I don't think so...” he continued. Then, he looked at Ella again and smiled. “But you, I knew the first time I saw you, I know you're not like them. I've seen how you have been supportive with your friends, especially with Jiro. I've seen how much you cared for them, and how you valued them. And you know what, it would be my honor if you become my girl best friend. Not that I want to take you away from Jiro and Calvin. I know you three have been best friends since kids.” Arron said, laughing at the last thing he said. Ella, on the other hand, was just grinning from ear to ear. “Go Ella! Arron seems to like you a lot...”she said to herself. For her, this is a start of something more beautiful between her and Arron.


Meanwhile, at the other side of the auditorium, Gui Gui was watching as her ex-boyfriend and Ella. She crossed her arms, and threw dagger looks at Ella. “What a flirt!” she thought. She have observed that Ella and Arron have been getting close these past few days. It's not unknown to her that Ella have a huge crush on Arron, and seeing them close slims her chance at getting back together with him. “It seems that Arron is pretty interested with the nerd.” she heard someone say. She looked back, and saw her friends, Petty and Albee walking towards her. “I don't give damn. Arron's still mine. There's no way she'll be able to take him away from me.” Gui Gui said. Albee put her arm over Gui Gui as they watched the two talk. “Seems like he really is. Seems like he have already moved on.” Albee said. “I could feel he still loves me. Besides, he's just using Ella because he's failing some subjects.” Gui Gui snapped back. “He's still mine. Arron's still mine.”


That afternoon, after the rehearsals, Ella and Jiro were about to go out of the auditorium when Gui Gui and her friends approached the two. “Excuse me...” Ella said. They tried to get to the door, but Gui Gui blocked their way.“Hey, can you get out of the way?” Jiro asked in an irritated way. Gui Gui smirked at Jiro. “Do you mind? I want to talk to Ella.” Gui Gui said. “You could've told us that you want to talk to my best friend instead of blocking our way.” Jiro said. Gui Gui rolled her eyes at Jiro, then she looked at Ella from head to foot. “What do you want from me, Gui Gui?” Ella asked, smiling at her. This time, Gui Gui smirked at her, then rolled her eyes. “Stay away from Arron.” she said. Jiro and Ella looked at each other, confused at what Gui Gui said.

“I thought the two of you broke up already?” Jiro asked. “No, we didn't. And whatever it is that's going on between us, it's none of your business!” Gui Gui snapped at him. Then, she turned to Ella. “So, better stay away from my man, or else...”
“Or else what?” They heard someone say. They looked back, and saw Arron walking towards her. “Arron.... honey?” Gui Gui said sweetly at him. He looked sternly at Gui Gui, and when she tried to hold his arm, he pulled her away. “Why are you threatening Ella?” he asked in a hard tone. “W-well... honey, its not that.... I'm just kidding her...” Gui Gui lied. “It didn't seem to me that you're just kidding around, Gui Gui. I don't think it's any of your business to pry into my life because we already broke up. Ella is my friend, my best friend. If I see you bullying her or her friends, you'll get it from me.” he said. Gui Gui turned to Ella, and gave her dagger looks. She and Jiro just stuck out their tongues at her as they watched her and her friends leave.

“Are you OK?” Arron asked Ella as soon as his ex-girlfriend left. Ella smiled at him and nodded her head. “Hey, Arron. Would you like to hang out with us? It's Ella's treat.” Jiro said cheekily. Ella gave him dagger looks and then, she nudged him. Arron nodded his head and smiled. “It would be my pleasure to hang out with you guys.”


Arron and Ella were at the library the next day. This time, Ella was tutoring Arron in science. “Hmmm... I think we need another book for science. I'll go get one, OK?” Ella said to him. Arron nodded his head, he watched her as she stood up from her seat and headed to the book shelves. Arron began to toy with Ella's notebook. He was flipping through its pages when he saw a lyric of “My Little Princess” written on one of the pages. He began to hum the song. As Ella went back to their table, she heard him humming her favorite song. “I can't believe you know that song...” Ella said. Arron looked up to her and smiled. “It's one of my favorite DBSK songs.” he said. Ella was surprised to hear what he said. “Really? You know what, I am a big fan of DBSK...” she said. “Ditto. Love DBSK as well.” he said. Ella could not believe what he said. She could not believe that they have something in common. “No way! Get out of here!” she exclaimed. Arron laughed, and nodded his head. “Really, I am. Though I am not a member of Cassiopeia, but I really am. I even went to South Korea to watch their concert.” he said.

He flipped another page from her notebook, and this time, he saw her drawing of Detective Conan. “Are you Detective Conan fan?” he asked. Ella nodded his head. “Why do you like the things that I like?” Arron said jokingly to her, then he winked at her. “Hah! You're the one who likes what I like.” Ella snapped back. “Don't tell me you like strawberry ice cream as well...” Arron said. Ella looked at him, with a surprised look in her eye. “Well... I like strawberry ice cream...” she said. “I knew it. I like strawberry ice cream as well...” Arron said. Ella smiled. “Well, isn't it funny? We both like the same things...” she said. Arron nodded his head. “It's like we're meant to be...” he said. Ella looked up at him. “Meant to be?” Arron nodded his head. “We're meant to meet and meant to be friends. Isn't it great?” he said. Ella nodded her head. “Yeah... you're right...” she said. Actually, she was thinking that they're meant to be more than friends. Then, Arron held her hand and looked into her eyes. “I'm really glad I met you, Ella. I'm glad to meet someone who could understand me and with the same wavelength as me. I'm glad you're my friend...”

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