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Sunday, April 4, 2010
Love Me Again - Forewords

They say first love never dies.
I guess I want to believe it.
At first, I didn't believe in such things, because I know,
One day, you will find someone who can make you forget that very first person you loved.
Someone who is much better than him.

You see, twelve years ago, I fell in love with a guy...
A really really great guy...
He was like a prince charming that stepped out of fairy tale books...
He have this lovely smile that could melt your knees
A pair of big brown eyes that could make you lost in space
And a voice that's like an angel's lullaby...
He is my first love.
My first kiss.
My first boyfriend.
But just like how all puppy love goes, it didn't quite worked for the two of us.

So, does first love ever dies?
Well, if it does then I want to meet the one who killed it.
Because I'll be needing him to kill this feeling I have upon seeing him again...


12 Years ago...

“You're a great girl, Genie... but It just wouldn't work out for the two of us...”

I looked up at him, my eyes widened with surprise. “Wait... what are you saying?” I asked. He looked into my eyes for a long time before he spoke again. “Let's breakup.” he said.

My jaw dropped, literally. Did I hear it right? He wants to break up with me?

“D-danson... is there something wrong I've done? You know, I could change...” I said. I wanted to cry in front of him. I saw him shook his head. “I just don't think we're compatible, Genie. You're too clingy, and childish, and demanding and...” He shook his head, and let out a groan. “You're just don't have the qualities that I am looking for in a girl right now. I hope you understand...”

He turned his back on me and left. I was still in the state of shock. “Break... up...” I mumbled. I felt the tears almost falling from the corner of my eye.

Danson, my first love, broke up with me.

And as I looked up at him to watch him leave, I saw him smiling at another girl, and put his arms around her.

WeepingAngel Presents...

Love Me Again


Danson Tang – 28 years old. He owns the most popular club in Taipei, and manages some of his aunt's restaurants all over the city. He is a playboy, and changes girlfriend every now and then. Genie used to be his girlfriend back in high school. He met Genie again after 10 years, when his favorite aunt got engaged with his father. He came from a broken family, and have lived with his aunt ever since. And because of this, he never believed in love. But that is until he met Genie again. He will do everything to get her back.

Genie Zhou – 28 years old, and a successful children's book writer and a columnist in one of the popular parenting magazines in Manila. She is in a relationship with Calvin for three years now, and although Calvin have already proposed marriage to her, she is hesitating because she felt there is something amiss in her. Danson is her first love, but they broke up because he couldn't commit himself to her totally. She was about to accept Calvin's proposal when he came in to the picture, making her confused about how she really feels.

Calvin Chen – 30 years old, and a corporate lawyer. He is Genie's boyfriend. He asked Genie's hand in marriage, but she couldn't give him an answer before her dad's wedding. Although he is a perfect boyfriend, his only flaw is that he is a workaholic guy.

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