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Friday, July 31, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Kiss by Kiss

Kiss by kiss, and baby touch by touch
That you're wanting me so much
Baby, kiss by kiss
Is how I got you to fall in love
With me like this...


“Good afternoon, everyone. I am Ella Chen, and I will discuss to you the proposed image models for Zap Telecoms' latest advertising project.” Ella took a deep breath, and began her presentation. She walked towards her laptop, and pressed on the enter button. The picture of five Japanese boys showed up on the projector. “This is the famous Japanese boy band, Arashi. Why should we make them our endorser? Simply because they are Arashi.” she said. She went on to details about their history, their achievements, their successful endorsements, and their impant in the Asian market. She confidently answered the client's questions. As Chun looked at his clients, they seemed to be impressed by Ella. He glanced at her and smiled to himself. He felt more than satisfied with Ella's report. Then, it was Chun's turn to present. He laid out their proposed marketing strategies to their client. Everyone was silent, and seem to listen to him. Ella looked at the people around him, and they seem to agree with what Chun have said. Then, she looked at her boss. “He's really good at this...” she thought. Now, he's her idol. Her hero. One day, when she grows up, she wants to be like Chun.

“Well then...” one of the men said as soon as their presentation is over. “I guess there is nothing that I would want to change. The proposal is just perfect.” The other men beside him nodded their heads in agreement. “I guess this should start already.” another said. Ella and Joe looked at each other, and smiled happily. All those sleepless nights they have spent working for their presentation have paid off. “Well, if you will give us the go signal, then we can work on this right away.” Chun said. “Then, go. We'll sign the budget for this.” one of their clients said. They stood up from their searts, and then collected their things. “We're looking forward to working with you, Mr. Chun. We're happy to choose Wu Corporation for our project.” one of them said. Chun smiled at him, and shook his had. “Thank you for trusting us.” he said. They all watched as the clients left the room. As soon as they were gone, all of them shouted with glee. “We did it!” Wallace shouted. He gave Chun a high five. “Good work, team. Congratulations to us. You never fail me.” Chun said, smiling at them. “Of course, we are Chun Wu's best marketing team. We only proved that we are still the best.” Joe said. “And because of that, I'll treat you guys out for dinner tonight. Then, after dinner we could hang out at the bar and have a few drinks.” Chun said.

Ella gave Chun a wondering look. “Bar? Drinks? As in alcoholic drinks?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “You drink, do you?” she asked. Ella's eyes widened at what he said. “Err... can I pass the bar part?” she asked. “Aiyo, Ella. You should go. Chun always treats us to the cool and expensive wine bar. You have to go!” Joe said. “Yeah, and besides, it's only one in a blue moon that our boss treats us out, so you should go.” Wallace said. Ella swallowed hard as she threw a glance at chance. Her first and last experience with the drunk Chun is not so delightful. “I should go?” she asked. “You should!” both Joe and Wallace said. “Or else, you're fired.” Chun said, giving her a wink. Well, she have not much choice left. She have to go. But she have to make sure that Chun won't get drunk, and turn into a kissing monster again.



They raised up their glasses, and then gulped down their drinks. “Ahh... this is good...” Chun said as he finished his wine. Ella was keeping a closer eye at him. She should not let him drink too much, or else. While he was chatting with Wallace, Chun took the bottle of wine and pour himself into his glass, but before the wine could reach his glass, Ella secretly replaced her glass with his glass. As soon as it's filled with wine, she replaced it with Chun's empty glass. Then, Chun looked back, and saw his glass empty. “I poured some wine here, didn't I?” he asked. “It's either you're already drunk, or you didn't see where you poured it.” Wallace said. The counter top wasn't wet, and so is the floor. Instead of making his head hurt, wondering what happened to his wine, he began to pour it again on his glass. But he saw a old friend pass them by, giving Ella another opportunity to take his wine. When Chun looked at his glass again, it's still empty. “Weird...” he thought. He looked at Ella, and saw her still drinking. Ella looked up at her boss, and smiled at him. Chun could sense that Ella have done something silly to him, and he can't figure out what.

And so, it goes until the whole bottle is finished. At the last drop, Chun have finally caught Ella stealing his wine. “Hey!” Chun shouted at her. He tried to take her glass away, but Ella was too quick and finished it all up. “You drank my wine!” Chun shouted at her. Ella looked at her, smiling triumphantly. “I did!” she said. Then, it was followed by a hiccup. Her face was all red, indicating that she's already drunk. “And I thought you don't drink much? Why did you finished up this bottle?” Chun scolded her. “Because I don't like it when you're drunk...” she slurred. Joe and Wallace could only laugh at them. Chun sighed and then looked at her again. “Look, Ms. Ella... you're not the only person here who wants to drink. You should be considerate! That's the best wine here, and it's the last bottle!” Chun said. Ella didn't answer him. Instead, she laid on the counter and slept, hugging the wine bottle.

Joe and Wallace were supressing their laughters. They never thought Ella could be like this when shes drunk. As much as Chun wants to laugh at her, he couldn't. He was so mad at her, that he could not find her too funny. “I think Ella already know what happens when you're drunk. Maybe Arron told her about you being a maniac.” Wallace said. Chun could only glare at him. “Maybe we should bring her home so that she could get some rest. You can ask her to treat you out here next time.” Joe said. Chun sighed again, and nodded his head. “Yeah, we should take her home before she does anything stupid.” he said.

He carried Ella, and then asked Joe to get his car. Wallace, on the other hand, already said goodbye and went on his way. Chun and Ella were waiting for Joe to get his car, when Ella finally woke up. “It's so hot...” she said. She tried to unbutton her blouse, but before she could, Chun stopped her. “Hey, don't strip here! Later when you got home, you can take your clothes off!” he scolded her. Chun shook his head, a little frustrated with his assistant. He looked at her again, and saw her smiling like an idiot. “What?” he asked. “You look like that cute guy...” she slurred. Chun gave her a confused look. “Cute guy?”
“Yeah... the one who gave me my first kiss...”
Ella shook her head. “There was this cute drunk guy who got drunk and kissed me. You look like him a lot...” she slurred. “It's not me.” Chun said. “I can try and check...” she said. Then, Ella put her hand behind his neck, and then pulled him to her. She reached up to him, and pressed her lips against him. Chun's eyes widened as Ella kissed her passionately. He tried to pull away from that kiss, but he couldn't move. He felt that his body was too weak to even move, and it was all because of Ella's kiss. She kissed him more deeply, and before he knew it, he closed his eyes and he was responding to that kiss. Then, he felt her pull away from their kiss. He slowly opened his eyes, and saw Ella smiling at him. “Ella...” he called in a soft voice. Then, Ella leaned towards him, and puked on him.


Ella turned to her side, and put her arms on her pillow. “Ella...” she heard him call again. “Five minutes...” she said sleepily. Then, she felt her pillow was breathing. “A breathing pillow?” she thought. She tapped her pillow, and felt a tie on it. “A breathing pillow with a tie?” she thought again. “Ella!” she heard Jiro and Calvin shout at her. “I said five minutes, OK?” she said groggily. She could hear her friends laughing at her, and she doesn't know why. She made a mental note lock her door the next time she sleeps. “Ella, let go of me, or you're fired.” she heard a familiar voice said. Ella slowly opened her eyes, and then saw Chun lying beside her. “Boss?!” She said, finally waking up. By her door, she saw Jiro and Calvin laughing at her. “I told you, that's her reaction.” Jiro said. Calvin nodded in agreement.

She was confused with what happened, and her confusion only made her head hurt. She rubbed her forehead as she flinched in pain. “And that's what we call hangover. We get that when you drink a lot, especially when you still your boss's wine.” Chun said. Chun sat up from her bed, and then shook her arm. Ella have a heavy head, and he can believe he have endured having her head on his arm the whole night. “What are you doing in my room?” she said, glaring at her boss. Chun sighed, and rolled his eyes at her. “Obviously, you were too drunk to remember a thing. After you finished that bottle of wine, we took you home. We laid you on your bed, but you didn't let me go.” he said. Ella shook her head to ease the pain she's feeling. Then, she smelled something weird. “What's that smell?” she said as she sniffed. “You puked at me last night.” Chun said. Ella's eyes widened at what he said. “What?!” she said furiously. “You have puke on your clothes, and you have the guts to lie on my bed?! You stupid man!” she said, punching his arm. Chun flinched in pain as Ella punched her. “Ouch! Stop it! Will you?!” Chun said. Ella stopped punching him, and glared at him. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to wash these sheets? And you're here in my bed with puke all over you?!” Ella shouted at him. “Wei, you puked on my shoes. I took my shoes off, so don't worry, OK? And besides... I should be the one who should get mad here, not you.” Chun said.

He looked away from her. Ella looked up at Jiro and Calvin, and they were secretly laughing at her. “Wei! You guys want to die?” she shouted at them. Jiro and Calvin continued laughing at her. What happened to her last night is embarrassing, all right, and the more they remembered what happened, the more that they can't contain their laugher.


Calvin was awakened by a loud knock on the door. He forced himself to get up from his bed, and go downstairs to open the door. “Coming!” he shouted grumpily. He opened the door, and saw his grielfriend, Joe, (no, she's not yet his girlfriend, but that's what he wants to think. After all, they have been going out for five months now. It just so happens that Ella's best friend is to shy to admit to her that he really loves her. Now, enough of Calvin, and back to the story.) “Joe?” he said in shock. He saw the worried look in her face. “Calvin, sorry to disturb you... but Ella... she...” Calvin smiled and shook his head. “No... it's OK. Come in.” he said. He pulled Joe inside and closed the door. What he didn't know was, Chun (who was carrying Ella with him) was about to get in. As he closed the door, Chun bumped into it with his nose. “Wei!” he shouted. He reached for the door knob, but it was locked. “Wei!” he shouted as he knocked on the door. He was balancing himself between carrying Ella and knocking on the door. “Anyone? Can you open the door? Joe?” he called.

Then, someone opened the door. It was Jiro, who seemed to have been awakened at the wrong side of the bed. “What?” Jiro said grumpily. Chun sighed with relief as Jiro opened the door. “Thank God.. can you help me -” before Chun could finish his sentence, Jiro closed the door in front of him. “Aiyo, what kind of friends does this girl have?” He thought as he looked at the girl he's carrying in his arm. “They're all weird like you, do you know that?” he said to her softly. He stared into her sleeping face, and then brushed away the hair on her face. Then, he heard the door open in front of him. “Chun, boss, I'm really sorry.” Joe said. Chun looked up at him, and smiled. “Come on, I'll help you with that little piggy.” Calvin said. He tried to take Ella from Chun, but Ella latched herself on Chun's neck. “Err... it's not working I guess... can you just take me to her room so I can bring this fatty down?” Chun said. Calvin nodded his head.

Chun followed Calvin to Ella's room. He sighed with relief upon seeing her bed. “Finally...” he thought. He went to her bed, and laid her down. He thought that he could get his rest from her, finally, but he was wrong. The moment he put Ella on bed, Ella pulled him, making him fall beside her. “Err... help?” he said, eying on Joe and Calvin. He could see them laughing at him. Then, Jiro opened the door. “Did you got that big fat meanie drunk?” he asked. “She drank all the wine she could get.” he said. Jiro shook his head. “You should've stop her. I don't think you could break away from her now.” Jiro said. Just then, Ella turned to him, and then put his arm and leg on him. Now, he can't release himself from Ella's hug. “Help? Anyone?” he said, eying on Jiro and Calvin. Jiro just laughed at him. “Errr... we don't want to have a black eye tomorrow. Sorry, we can't help you.” he said. Chun could only sigh helplessly.

He looked at Ella, and saw her sleeping peacefully. “Cold...” she mumbled. Joe took her blanket, and put it on her. “Is there a chance I could get away from this girl?” Chun asked them. Jiro and Calvin shook their head. “Guess it's better if you sleep with her for tonight. For sure, she's thinking that you're Arron, that's why she's hugging you like that.” Calvin said.

[End of Flashback]

“I think I should be going.” Chun said as he stood up from her bed. “Yeah, yeah! You should go to your own house, and sleep there! Don't go sleeping on other people's house!” Ella shouted at him. Chun looked at her and rolled his eyes at her. “Oh, please. Who can sleep when you snore aloud!” he snapped at her. Ella could feel her blood rushing up to her head because of anger. “Wei!” she shouted at him. “I am not snoring! Maybe it's your own snore that's keeping you up all night!” she shouted at him. “Yeah, right. Whatever.” Chun said.


As Chun entered the mansion, he saw his grandfather by the patio, having a breakfast. “Good morning, Chun.” his grandpa said. “Good morning, grandpa.” he said. He walked up to him, and then sat beside. “Don't tell me you stayed up all night at the office. I thought your proposal for Zap Telecoms is finished?” he asked. Chun shook his head. “You're right thought, it's finished. We're about to start on it. Me and my team went out last night to celebrate.” he explained. “And you slept somewhere?” his grandpa asked. Chun nodded his head. “Ella got drunk, so I took her home. I wasn't able to come home, because...” then he paused. He remembered what happened the night before, and his real reason why he wasn't able to come home.


Chun laid on the bed with Ella on his arm. He looked at her, as she slept peacefully. When he's sure that she's in her deep slumber, he tried to take his arm away, but then Ella hugged her. “Arron...” she muttered, He looked at her again, and saw her crying. “Arron...” she called again. Seems to him that she really missed his brother. She even mistaken him for Arron. “Ella...” he called her. Ella leaned to his chest, and hugged him tight. “Arron, don't leave... please... please don't leave me again...” she said. Chun sighed. He rested his head on on her pillow. “OK, I won't leave you. I'll stay here, OK?” he said. Then, he saw her smile. She snuggle up to her. “Thank you...” she said in a soft voice. “Arron...” she called again. Chun looked at her. Then, she saw her smiling again. “I love you...”

[End of Flashback]

“Because?” he heard his grandfather ask. Chun looked up to him, and smiled. “She was crying. I think she misses Arron a lot.” he said. Grandpa nodded his head. “Since they became friends, this is the first time that they got separated. And besides, that girl really loves your brother. I could understand that.” he said. Chun nodded his head. “Yeah, she even mistaken me for Arron...” he said. Grandpa looked up at him, and gave him a meaningful look. “Seems to me that you and Ella are getting pretty close. Too close for comfort, if I must say...” he said. Chun looked away from his grandfather, and let out a nervous laugh. “O-of c-course not! W-we work together... I... I am her b-boss that's why. And don't you like it? I'm getting close to my future sister-in-law?” he said. Grandpa only let out a smirk at him. “Are you sure?” he asked. “Of course, grandpa! Besides, I'm getting married to Ariel, and she will be Arron's girlfriend.” he said. “Then why are you being defensive?”

Chun looked at him, unable to answer. Our leading man doesn't know the answer to his grandpa's question. The old man is trying to imply something, and he knows that if a wrong word comes out of his mouth, his grandpa would take it seriously. “I think you need more sleep. Go up to your room, and get some rest.” his grandpa said. Chun sighed with relief. “Yeah, I think I need to get some rest. With Ella's snoring, I can't get to sleep well. Plus, she even drooled on me!” he said. Then, he saw his grandfather giving him another meaningful look. “Really, Chun Yan-Wu... you noticed those details?” he asked. Chun stood up from his seat before their conversation could lead somewhere. “I'll go to my room now.” he said.


After taking a quick shower, Chun sat on his bed. He leaned on the headboard, and reminisced what happened the night before. He remembered Ella's kiss. He touched his lips, as he reminisced every moment of it. He remembered having her in his arms, and watching her as she sleeps peacefully. He smiled to himself, as he remembered those soft words she said in her sleep, not minding the fact that she thought he was Arron. He never felt this good before when he's with a girl, not even with Ariel. With Ella around him, he felt like a giddy little boy that easily gets too excited. He never felt this before, and he's loving what he's feeling. “What is it with that girl that made me feel this way?” he thought to himself. Ella is a smart girl, that's for sure. She never fails to impress him. He liked it when she gets irritated, especially when he does something to annoy her intentionally. He liked how she opinionated she is, how outspoken she is. She's the only person that could keep him grounded. And he liked the feeling of being secure around her. Somehow, his brother is lucky to have met a wonderful girl like her, and somehow, he felt envy at that thought.

Meanwhile, though Ella tried to go back to sleep, she couldn't She had a beautiful dream last night, and it keeps on playing on her mind. Someone kissed her in her dreams, and she could still feel the lips of that mysterious guy on her. She sat up on her bed and touched her lip. “How come it felt so real... and so familiar?” she thought to herself. Is it possible that Chun kissed her again last night?


“Wallace?” Chun asked. Wallace shook his head. “You know that Hebe's due anytime. I can't leave her alone.” he answered. Then, Chun looked at Joe, but he saw Joe shaking her head. “Sorry boss, but I'll be on leave the next day. I'm going on vacation, remember?” she said. Chun sighed, and then eyed on Ella, who was busy typing on her computer. Guess he's got no other choice but to tag Ella along. “Ella?” he called. Ella looked up at him. “You have a passport, do you?” he asked. Ella nodded his head. “Good.” he said. “Because you're going with me to the conference in Japan, next week...”

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