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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He is an imperfect guy.

He burps out loud. He has an apetite of an elephant, but he doesn't get that fat. He laughs at the corniest joke. He is not your typical knight in shining armor, for he would always gets you in trouble. But even if he did, he'll stick with you all through out. He is not a gentleman. In a crowded bus, he will not give up his seat for you. He will not hold your hand when you cross the street. He will not give you the best part of your favorite food if he got it first. He would always stubbornly pull you in places he wanted to go. He doesn't listen to you and your advises. He have no sense of style, and you can see it by the way he dress. He doesn't like wearing suits and candlelit dinners in a fancy restaurant. When he sings, he's always out of tune. He always says the wrong things, and sometimes he's very vulgar. He will not surprise you with flowers. He have no clue on what you really want. You have to tell him directly what you want from him.


He will always be there for you. If you cross the street and if a car would pass to hit you, he will pull you to the safe side, telling you in a worried tone how stupid you are for not seeing that car. He would tell you jokes just to make you smile, especially when you're sad. He would dare you to do the things that you haven't done before, and you'll find yourself enjoying it. He would look after you in a bus, checking if there would be a pervert who'll take advantage of you. And he will listen to you eventually. He will take your advises, and you'll be surprised that he is slowly changing for you. And when he did, you'll wish he have never changed because you liked the old him. He may not like fancy dates, but he will give you a memorable one. He will always surprise you on your dates. He may not give you a bouquet of roses, but he will find the most beautiful flower he could find, and would tell you that you're as beautiful as that flower. He will dedicate a song for you in the radio, just to tell everyone how much he loves you. He may tell you the wrong things and the things that you don't want to hear, but he has the guts to say sorry, and he only said those things to open your eyes. He may not know what you want, but he knows what you need. You'll be surprised to find that he knows you more that you know yourself. And when the night comes, he will always make sure you're tucked in comfortably in your bed, and he will watch you as you sleep...

You can point out all of his imperfection, but as they say, nobody's perfect. It's hard to find someone who's perfect. It's hard to find someone who won't make you cry. Then, why don't you find someone imperfect whom you can love perfectly, and someone who's worth all the tears...


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