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Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 9

Round 9 – And So, They Met

“Good morning...”

Ella said sleepily as she went down the stairs. It was Saturday morning, and no work for Selina and Ella. “Good morning, sleepyhead.” Selina said. Ella sat at her usual spot. As she was putting food on her plate, she noticed that Selina is reading something – an invitation. “What's that?” she asked. “Invitation for our elementary school reunion...” Selina said. “Are you going?” Ella asked. “If you're going then I'm going.” Selina said. She smiled at her cousin, and gave her the invitation. “Of course we should go! It's been a long time since we last saw the guys! And it was in the middle school reunion last year...” Ella said. “I knew you'd say that...” Selina said. Ella put down the envelope, and looked at her. “Do you think they would mind if I bring Sphinx along?” Ella asked. “Why should you bring him? He only came into our lives during middle school!” Selina said. “As my date.” Ella said. “Well, it's all up to you, Ellie dear. I'm sure the guys won't mind if you tag Sphinx along.” Selina said.

Ella nodded her head, and then she began to eat. “Oh, and one more thing, Ellie...” Selina said. Ella paused, and looked at her, waiting for her to speak. “Danson said that if we know someone who didn't get an invitation, we have to tell them about the reunion. I don't think Chun got an invitation, since none of us really knew where the hell he is these past few years. So, I think you should tell him about this.” Selina said. Ella's eyes widened with shock with what Selina said. “Why me? Why not you? You know exactly what happens when we see each other!” Ella said. Selina sighed, and rolled her eyes at her cousin. “Come on, Ellie! All you have to do is give the invitation to Chun. That's all.” Selina said. “You're the one who is in good terms with him!” Ella said. “I don't want to see that stupid friend of his...” Selina said as she leaned on the table. Ella gave her a confused look. “It's not about the girl we saw the other day, right?” she asked. “Whatever. Just do what I told you, OK?” she said. Then, she stood up and left Ella alone at the dining table.

Ella looked at the invitation on the table, and sighed. “Well, I guess I have no other choice but to face that stupid chicken face again...” she thought. Then, she took the invitation and headed upstairs.


Bianca came out of the kitchen of the shop, with Chun following behind her. “Are you sure you're gonna be OK? Don't you want me to drop you off at your hotel?” Chun asked. Bianca turned to face him, and smiled. “Aiyo! You really don't have to do that, Chunnie. You're spoiling me too much already. I can go back to my hotel by my own.” Bianca said. “Don't you want to tag Ethan along with you?” Chun asked again. Bianca let out a laugh, and shook his head. “No. You are worrying a lot, Chunnie. I'm gonna be fine, I swear. I was able to get back to my hotel safe and sound last night. Don't worry about me, all right?” she said.

She put her hand on his cheek, and the caressed it. “I'll come back later, all right? I just need to get something, so be sure to wait for me.” she said. Chun smiled, and nodded his head. Then, Bianca reached up to him, and kissed him on the cheek. “See you later.” she said sweetly to him. Chun froze again. He could only watch as his ladylove leaves his shop. “See... yah...” he muttered dreamily.

Ethan stood beside him, and looked at him closely. He let out a laugh, seeing that reaction from his best friend. “Aiyo, Chun! Why do you always have to be in a daze whenever Bianca is around you?” he said. Chun ignored him, and kept on staring at the door, with that dreamy expression on his face. “Hey...” Ethan said, nudging him. Chun glared at him. “What?!” he said in an annoyed tone. “You're actually daydreaming, Mr. Chef. I can see trail of saliva on your chin.” Ethan teased. Chun wiped his chin, but found it dry. Then, he glared at Ethan. “Why, you... you're ruining my perfect moment!” he hissed at him. Ethan couldn't help but laugh at him.

Then, they heard the door open. “Welcome to -” Chun said. As he turned around, he saw Ella coming inside their shop. Chun sighed, and rolled his eyes. “Oh great! My perfect day is already ruined!” he said. Ella smirked at him, and folded her arms. “Look, chicken face... I have no other choice but to ruin my day just too your ugly chicken face.” she said. “Oh, please... who are you kidding? I bet you want to see my handsome face that's why you're here!”
“The last thing I want to see is your ugly face.”
“Then why are you here, Ms. Piggy?”

Ella took out the invitation from her bag, and shoved it in his chest. “Invitation for our elementary reunion. I thought maybe you would want to come and ruin my night. But if not, then it'll be great for me.” she said. Chun opened the invitation, and read it. After reading it, he looked at Ella, and smirked at him. “Why, I wouldn't miss a chance to ruin your night, Ms. Piggy. So, count me in.” he said. “Then you better call your good friend, Danson. He's the one organizing this event.” Ella said. “Of course, I will call Danson, and I will tell him my plans of torturing Ms. Piggy during the reunion.” Chun snapped at her. “Well, see if he will side with you again, chicken face.” she snapped. “I know Danson will, so better get ready for my revenge, Ms. Piggy.” Chun said. Ella just folded her arms, and smirked at him. “Well then, hope not to bump into you at the reunion, chicken face.” she said. Chun growled with anger, and stepped back inside his lair. “Arrrgghhh that friend of yours really knows how to piss me off!” Ella shouted. Ethan couldn't help but laugh at her. “Wei, can't the two of you have a truce for once?” Ethan asked. “No way!” Ella shouted at him.

Ethan let out another laugh. Then, he put out a paper bag, and gave it to her. “Here, to make your day...” he said. Ella took the paper bag, and peeked inside it. Inside was her favorite pastries. Ella looked at Ethan, and smiled at him. “Thanks.” she said. She took some money from her bag, and gave it to him. “And as always, don't tell that chicken face I am buying here, all right?” Ella said to him. Ethan nodded his head. “Don't worry, Ellie... your secret is safe with me.” he said. She took the bag, and said goodbye to Ethan. Then, she left the shop.


“Then, just ready the contract for me to sign them.” Mr. Wang said to Sphinx. They were having a meeting at a hotel nearby the radio station regarding the renewal of contract of their advertiser. “We will ready it, and will let you sign it by next week.” Sphinx said. Mr. Wang smiled and nodded his head. “I know I can always count on you. Don't worry, as long as 'The Love Corner' is airing, I will definitely be one of your advertisers. I'm a big fan.” Mr. Wang said. Sphinx smiled at the elder man. “Thanks, Mr. Wang.” he said. “And yeah, tell Ella to keep up the good work. You know that she is the reason why my marriage is saved... and tell her I hope to see her one of these days.” Mr. Wang said. The two stood up from their seat, and then shook hands. “I'll see you later Mr. Wang.” Sphinx said.

The two went on separate ways. As Sphinx was about to head out of the hotel, he passed by the hotel's bake shop. He saw a strawberry shortcake, which was Ella's favorite. “Ella would love this...” he thought as he looked at it. Without any hesitation, Sphinx went inside the shop, and bought Ella her favorite cake. He knew Ella would be happy if he sees his gift for her. As he got out of the shop, he bumped into a girl, who seems to be in a hurry. Her things fell on the floor, and being a gentleman, he helped the girl gather her things. “I'm really sorry... I'm not looking my way...” the girl said. “It's OK...” Sphinx said.

He looked up, and saw the girl smiling shyly at him. At that moment, he was mesmerized by her. It was love at first sight for him. “Here you go...” he said as he gave her her things, not taking off his eyes on her. The girl smiled at him again. “Thanks...” she said. The two of them stood up, and just like him, the girl couldn't take her eyes off him. “I... I think I should go... really sorry...” she said shyly. “No... no... it's OK, really...” Sphinx said. The girl nodded her head, then went on her way. Sphinx could only watch her as she leaves. “Oh man, here I go again...” he thought. As he looked down on the floor, he saw a small diary lying on it. He took it, and opened it. “I think this is the girl's diary...” he thought.

Curious, he opened the diary, and saw her name written on it. “Bianca Bai...” he muttered. Then, he saw a phone number written on it. He immediately took his phone and took her number, then he followed Bianca. “Bianca!” he shouted. Bianca paused, and looked back at him. “You forgot this...” he said, giving her her diary. Bianca smiled upon seeing her diary. “Oh, thanks...” she said. “Sorry, I peeked on it to know your name...”
“It's OK. Although it's unfair, for you know my name and I still don't...”
“Sphinx. Sphinx Ting.”

Sphinx extended his hand to her, and Bianca took it. “Bianca Bai... though you already know it by now...” she teased. Sphinx felt himself blush as she laughed at him. “Thanks again, Sphinx...” Bianca said. Sphinx smiled, and nodded his head. “Would it be OK if I call you some time?” Sphinx asked. Bianca smiled and nodded her head. Then, she opened her diary and took out a pen. She wrote her number on the paper, and gave it to him. “I'm on vacation here in Taipei for a few months, actually, and staying here in the hotel for a few more days. Here's my mobile phone number.” she said. Sphinx took the paper, from her hand, and he had the chance to hold her hand. He gazed at her, and smiled. “Thanks...” he said. He gazed at her for a long time, and so did Bianca. “Uhmmm... my hand...” Bianca said shyly. With that, Sphinx let go of her hand, and blushed. “Sorry, really sorry...” he said. Bianca let out a giggle as she took her hands off. “I have to go now, but I'm really looking forward to see you again...” he said. Bianca nodded her head, and left. Sphinx let out a sigh as he watched her. “Oh man, I think I'm in love...” he thought.


“Ellie!” Sphinx called as soon as he got inside the office. Ella's head popped out of her cubicle, and saw her best friend coming up to him. He seems happier today that the previous days. “Maybe he was able to convince the advertiser to renew...” she thought. Sphinx put down the box he was holding,and gave Ella a hug. “You seemed happier that usual...” Ella said as Sphinx let go of her. “Well, it just so happens that the advertiser, Mr. Wang, renewed his contract with us, that's why.” he explained. Ella folded her arms, and gave him a suspicious look. “Is that it?” she asked. Sphinx laughed, and nodded his head. “That's it.” he assured her. “OK. If that's what you say.” she said. She opened the box, and was surprised to see her favorite cake inside it. “Wow, Sphinx... is this for me?” she asked. Sphinx smiled, and nodded her head. “Of course. Its for my lady luck. I know you love that, so I bought it for you.” he said. Ella looked up at him, and smiled, and then gave him a hug. “You're the best, Sphinx!” she said. Sphinx just laughed as he hugged her back. “You know I would do everything to make you happy... because you make me happy as well.” he said.

Ella let him go, and then looked at him. There was something different about Sphinx today. It's like he's so happy, but he doesn't want to tell her the reason why he is happy. “Sphinx, what's with you?” she asked. Sphinx gave her a confused look. “What do you mean what's with me?” he asked. “There's something in you that I couldn't tell... something else happened aside from the contract signing.” she said. Sphinx let out another laugh, and shook his head. Ella could really read him well, and it's his fault for he could not contain his excitement and happiness. “Nothing, really.” he said. As much as he wanted to tell Ella about the girl he just met, he doesn't want to spoil her mood. And besides, that girl might not like him the way he liked her. “Are you sure, Sphinx. I can tell when something quite exciting happens to you.” she said. Sphinx let out a sigh, and then he put his arm around her. “I admit, there is, but I'll tell you about it once I'm sure.” he said. Ella pouted at her best friend as she folded her arms. “Why can't you tell me now?” she said. “I will tell you soon, don't be impatient.” he said. “Is it about work? Are you going to be promoted as Marketing Manager?” she asked, smiling at him. Sphinx simply smile at him. “I'll tell you what is it once I'm sure.” he said. Then, he let her go, and walked away from her. “Sphinx! Tell me now!” Ella shouted. Sphinx just smiled to himself, and raised his hand at her, not looking back at her. “Later, Ella. Go back to work.” he said.


Reunion day. Or night.

Ella, Sphinx and Selina stepped out of the apartment at the very moment Chun got out of his house. “Oh, hey Chun. Are you going to the reunion as well?” Selina asked. Chun smiled at her, and nodded his head. “Of course. I've been missing it these past few years, I won't miss this for sure.” Chun said. Upoin hearing that, Ella folded her arms, and rolled her eyes at her. “I wish you just miss this reunion, chicken face.” she muttered loud enough for everyone to hear. Sphinx nudged her, and as she looked at Selina, she saw her cousin glaring at her.

Selina turned to Chun again, and smiled. “By the way, if you want, you can ride with us.” she suggested. “Thanks, but I'm OK. I'm going to bring my car with me.” he said. Ella rolled her eyes at him again. “Yeah, you better not ride with us, for you will only start to ruin my night.” she said. Sphinx looked at her, as if warning her. “Ellie, be nice to Chun for once. Besides, he's your classmate back in elementary.” he said. Ella looked at Chun from head to toe, and then let out a smirk. “Yeah, a classmate who makes everyday a living hell for me.” she commented. Chun pursed his lips, trying his best not to burst out at Ella's remarks. “Why you, Ms. Piggy...” he said, clenching his fist. Before the two could fight again, Selina stepped between them. “Guys, guys, calm down... let's not start this night by fighting, OK?” she said calmly. “It's your cousin that started it!” Chun shouted. Ella just smirked at him again, and rolled her eyes.

Selina turned to her cousin and glared at her. “Ellie, stop being too childish, all right? Don't provoke Chun.” she said. Ella turn to face her. “Look, Sel... have you forgotten that almost 20 years ago, he was the one provoking me? He was the one bullying me, and I'm just defending myself!” Ella said. “Ellie, stop this, OK? Let's not ruin your night, Sel's night or even Chun's night. Let's all be friends here.” Sphinx said. The three gave him a confused look. “What's with you?” they asked in unison. Sphinx let out a nervous laugh as they question him. “I'm just a peace-loving citizen, you know... like you guy's don't know me...” he said.

Chun folded his arms, and smirked at him. “Peace-loving citizen, my ass! I remember that you almost wanted to kick my butt because of this Ms. Piggy!” he said, pointing Ella. “Why you stupid chicken face! Don't talk to my best friend that way!”
“Well that's the truth, he wanted to kick my butt the first time we met.”
“Well, if he did that, it's because he wants to avenge what you did to me almost twelve years ago!”
“Aha! So, you're telling him lies to provoke him and be mad at me, huh!”
“I only told me that since kindergarten, you were the one bullying me!”
“That's because you're bullying me as well!”
“You started it!”
“No, you started it!”
“Who was the stupid chicken face who wants to kick me out of my chair during kindergarten?”
“And who was that Ms. Piggy who always starts a fight with me and cries when the teacher arrives, making them believe that I was the one bullying you!”
“Who was the one who keeps on calling me names?”
“Who was the one who always punches me on the face for no apparent reason?”
“Who was the one who always pulls a prank on me?”
“Who was the one who always shames me in front of the class?”

Selina and Sphinx covered their ears as the two bickers again. “Stop it!” Selina finally shouted at the two. She couldn't stand their bickering. At that instant, the two stopped. “Can the two of you save that reminiscing for later? We are so gonna be late at the reunion!” Selina shouted again. “I did not start it!” the two of them said in unison. “I don't care who started this damn fight! I just want to go to the reunion, so stop fighting! Arrrgggh!” Selina shouted. Then, she stomped as she got away from the two. “Stop it already.” Sphinx said as she followed Selina to his car. Ella looked at Chun, and gave him a death glare. “Stay out of my way, you chicken face...” she hissed at him. Chun only let out a smirk at him. “As long as you stay out of my way, Ms. Piggy.” he said. Ella growled at him, and then went to follow Sphinx and Selina. Chun just laughed at he watched Ella leave him, mad at what he did. “Let's see later, Ms. Piggy. Let's see later.” he said. Then, he headed to his own car.


The hotel room was beautifully decorated, and the songs from their elementary days can be heard all over the place. Ella, Selina and Sphinx walked in with awe as the room transformed into their old school. “Wow, this reunion is really cool!” Ella said. Selina clapped her hands as she looked around the place. “So cute!” she said. Just then, someone bumped into Ella, and went on his way. As he looked up, she saw that it was her sworn enemy, Chun. “Why you chicken face!” she shouted angrily at him. Chun paused, and looked back at her, giving her a smirk. “Ooops, sorry Ms. Piggy. You were blocking the way.” Chun said. She was about to attack him, when Sphinx held her to stop her. “Please, don't fight here, Ellie...” he said worriedly. “He started it!” Ella said. Selina folded her arms, and rolled her eyes at her cousin. “Oh please, Ella. Act your age. You're 24, not 4, all right? Stop being so childish.” she said. “But that chicken face started it!” she protested. “Whatever. Be mature for once, OK?” she said.

Meanwhile, Chun was looking around the party, when he saw Danson, his old friend, at one corner. “Wu Ji Chun!” he heard him call him. Chun smiled at him, and waved his hand at Danson. “Danson Tang!” he said. The two shook hands. “Hey it's been a long time, Chun. Good thing you were able to come here at the reunion. I thought you'll be in Australia as long as you live?” Danson said. Chun laughed, and shook his head. “Nah, I missed Taipei. I've been here for almost a year now. I got a job here as a chef at one of the hotels here, and now I have my own bake shop to run.” he explained. “That's great!”
“How about you, Danson... what do you do?”
“I run an events planning business together with my fiancee. We were the one who organized this party.”
“Cool. I say you did a good job, Danson.”

The two paused, and they eyes on Ella ans Sphinx, who was talking to some of their classmates. “That guy that's with Ella, seems like some of our classmates are familiar with him...” Chun commented. Danson nodded his head. “Yeah, Sphinx. He sure is popular in middle school. He's the friendliest guy in school, that's why everyone knows him.” Danson said. “So, he transferred to our school during middle school?” he asked. Danson nodded his head. “He somehow replaced you when you left. Well, at least not with the role as Ella's nemesis. Have you seen her already?” he asked. Chun nodded her head. “Everyday of my life. Ella is my next-door neighboor. You can say my life is hell, much worse than way back in elementary.” Chun said. With that, Danson let out a laugh. “You know what, until know I can't understand why you two hate each other so much.” he said. “We just do.” Chun said. “Well, you see, when we reached middle school, I got closer with Ella, and she's not as bad as we thought she would be. I must admit, I had a crush on her back in high school. I planned to court her, but she always rejects guys...” Danson said. Chun looked at him with disbelief. He can't believe that his buddy, the one who always helps him get back at Ella and bully her, would eventually have a crush on her. “Seriously? Why? What's so special about her?” he asked. “Ella is gentle and kindhearted. Plus, she is really pretty, more prettier that Selina. She even became the prom queen back in high school. Every guys was trying to win her hear, unfortunately, no one could ever have her love.” Danson said, sighing.

Chun looked at him, and then looked at Ella again. “Maybe because she is a lesbian....” he commented. Danson chuckled, and shook his head. “Look at her and Sphinx carefully.” Danson said. Chun looked at Ella, and he saw her smiling sweetly at Sphinx. She held onto his arms, and she rested her head on his chest. Sphinx wrapped his arm around her protectively, making sure she's comfortable. He saw her look up at him, and he could almost see her eyes sparkle as she looked at him. “It's so obvious. Ella is in love with her best friend, that's why he rejects those who courts her. I guess nothing could really compare to Sphinx. I can't blame her, Sphinx is a perfect guy – straight A student, athletic, sweet, a real gentleman. Actually, when he first came, she could sense Ella's hatred with guys, so he really made an effort to befriend her, until the two of them got really close. Maybe because of what Sphinx have done before is what made Ella fall in love with him. He was always there for her. He was like her own protector, her own bodyguard. The likes.” Danson explained. Chun watched her sadly as the she laughed with Sphinx. Danson is right, Ella really is in love with her best friend. “Oh...” he muttered. “Sadly, Sphinx is the one who is clueless about how she really feels. We all thought the two of them would end up together, but they haven't announced yet that they are a couple. Sometimes, I feel bad for Ella, for she have been secretly in love with her all this time. But it seems that Sphinx only sees her as his sister.” Danson said.

“Maybe Sphinx knew his life would be hell if he made Ella his girlfriend.” Chun commented. Danson shook his head. “No way. Just look at how she treats Sphinx. I bet she would treat her even better if she became his girlfriend. I don't even know why Sphinx is still not making his move. One day, he might realize how Ella means to her, but Ella is already in love with someone else.” he said. Then, he looked at Chun. “By the way, you promised me one thing, Chun.” he said. Chun gave him a confused look. “What?” he asked. “You promised you will tell me who your crush is when we meet. So, can you tell, who among these lovely ladies was your elementary crush?” Danson asked. Chun just let out a laugh, and then eyes again at Ella. “I don't think she's here...” he said. “We're complete, Chun. There's now way you can get away this time. You have to tell me who that girl is.” Danson insisted. “Come on, it's been like, what? 12 years! I've forgotten all about her!” Chun said. Danson shook his head. “I don't think so, Chun. Come on, tell me who she is? Who was that lucky girl whom you always gives your cookies to? Is it Selina? Or Angela? Or Charlene?” Danson asked. Chun looked down, and shook his head. “It's better for you not to know...” he said. “Chun, don't break your promise. Remember during graduation? We gave you a dare to kiss your crush or kiss Ella. You chose to kiss Ella. What is it with this girl that you didn't want us to know who she is? Or, are we even sure that it's a girl?” Danson said. Chun laughed again, and shook his head. “Of course, it's a girl. I'm not gay!” he said. “So who is it? Can you give me a clue who she is?” Danson asked.

Chun looked at Ella's direction, and smiled to himself. “All I can say is that she is someone you don't expect me to like...” he said.

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