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Saturday, July 25, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Stick Around

Whenever you're sad,
Whenever you're crying,
I'll be the one who wipes away your tears
Whenever you call,
Whenever you need me,
I'll be the one who runs to you,
Giving my love
Well you know how much I love you
So you better not let me down
I'm not asking for too much, baby
Just stick around...


And the fate will now run it's course to these two people...


3 months later...

Chun took a deep breath, and then looked at Joe, Wallace and Ella. “So, what can you say, guys? Can we make it in a week?” he asked them. Wallace smiled at him, and nodded his head. Joe winked at him, and gave him a thumbs up sign. As Chun looked at Ella, he saw her giving him a skeptical look. “A week?” she asked. Joe turned to Ella, and frown. “Wei, Ella. Don't be such a pessimist. We can make it right before the proposed date.” she said to her proudly. Ella sighed, and shook his head. Why do they all think that they can make the presentation to a new client in a week? And to think that this new client have a lot of demands. “We're definitely dead...” she thought. “Ella, we can do it. We made it with the other clients, why can't we do it for this one.” Wallace said. “Yeah, this is a real challenge for us.” Ella said. Chun turned to give them their folders. Each folder contains that tasks and research that they have to do. “We need to work hard for this. Let's prove to them that they didn't make a mistake in choosing us for their marketing strategies.” Chun said.

Ella sighed again, and smiled at her boss. She have never seen him more determined like this. It was just last week that Chun was able to agree Zap Telecoms, the largest telephone company in Asia, to sign a deal with them. And with that deal, Chun agreed to their demand to see their proposal for their newest project. “I guess, Mr. Wu said it all...” Ella said. “We can do it!” she said. “That's the spirit!” Wallace told her. “So I guess, it's settled then. For the next few days, all of us will stay at the pent house for our work. We need to rush this one. I don't want to disappoint Zap Telecoms. Do you understand?” Chun said. Wallace and Joe nodded their head. Meanwhile, Ella gave her boss a confused look. “Pent house? What do you mean?” she asked. “Each time we are working on an important project that needs to be rushed, like this one, we all stay at the building's pent house, so that we can finish the work in time.” Wallace explained. “So, you mean for the next few days, we won't be going home?” she asked. Wallace and Joe nodded their head. With that answer, Ella gave Chun a bewildered look. “There's no way I'm staying in the same roof with this pervert!” she thought. Chun looked at Ella, and raised an eyebrow at her. “There's no way I'm staying in the same roof with this weirdo, but do I have a choice?” he thought. “OK...” he said. “I'll see you guys tomorrow.” Wallace and Joe nodded their boss. “Yes boss!” they said in unison.


Ella stepped inside the pent house, her eyes were popping out because she could not believe how big it is. It is almost like their apartment. “Wow...” she said as her eyes roamed around the place. “This house is really big...” she said. “I know this house is big, but the entrance is not. Will you get out of the way?” she heard Chun said. She stepped aside, and let her boss get through. Chun settled his bag on the floor, and then he turned to face his staff. “So, Wallace and Joe, welcome back to the pent house. As for you, Ms. Ella, welcome to the penthouse.” Chun said. “We're really going to stay here until the day of the presentation?” Ella asked. “How many times do I have to answer that question?” Chun said. Ella folded her arms, and then pouted at him. “I think Chun ge is hungry, Ella, that's why he's not in the mood.” Wallace said.

Just then, the pent house's caretaker came in. “Young master...” he called Chun. Chun looked at him, and smiled. “Yes, Ah Ke?” he said. Ah Ke smiled at him, as well as to his staff. “Enjoy your stay here at the penthouse. If you need anything, I'll be at the room at the back.” he said. Then, he handed the keys to Chun. “By the way, young master, the storage room's door is broken. So be careful, because once it closes, it would take a long time to open it up.” Ah Ke said. “We'll bear that in mind. Thanks for the reminder, Ah Ke.” he said. Ah Ke nodded, and then excused himself. “Well...” Wallace said as he walked towards Joe's side. “Since we have to settle down here, Joe and I need to run to the grocery to buy food. Right, Joe?” he said. Joe looked at him, and smiled, nodding her head. “Wait... can I come with you guys?” Ella asked. Joe and Wallace shook his head. “It's better if you stay here with Chun. If he needs anything, you can tun errands for him.” Wallace said. Ella bit her lower lip in annoyance. Just the mere thought of being left alone with the evil brother makes her head hurt. “Oh my God, why do I have to be left alone with this evil creature?” she thought. Chun looked at Ella, and noticed the annoyed and scared expression on her face. “Wei, you're not the only one feeling that way. I don't want to get stuck with a weirdo!” he said. Ella looked at him, pouting. Then, she stuck her tongue at her. “Don't you think you're being to childish?” he asked. “And don't you think you're being way too serious?” she snapped at him. “Err, I think we should get going.” Wallace said. He could sense another word war coming in between his boss and his assistant. “I really think we should.” Joe said in agreement. The two rushed outside the penthouse before anyone of them could protest. “Hey!” Ella said, trying to follow the two. Before she knew it, Wallace and Joe are gone. “Great, I'm stuck with the evil brother...” she thought. She looked back at Chun, and saw him giving her his signature evil smirk. Well, it will be a long day with the evil boss.


Ella settled on her (and Joe's) room, trying to compose an email reply for Arron. She was in her deep thoughts, when she heard someone knock on the door. She immediately stood up from her head, and then she saw Chun standing before her. “Come with me.” he ordered. Then, he turned his back on her. Ella was left with no choice but to follow Chun. He led her to the guys room, and then she saw him looking up the ceiling. “What evil plan does this evil guy have in his perverted mind?” she thought. Then, Chun looked back at her. “The light's not working. Can you replace it?” he asked. Ella looked at his boss with disbelief. He is a guy for Christ's sake, and he doesn't even know how to replace the lights in the room. “Wait, you want me to fix the light for you?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. “Look like it's busted. Can you do it? I sent Ah Ke on an errand, and I can't work without lights on. So, can you do it?” he asked. “Wei! It's a clear day! Why do you need to turn the lights on? It's just a waste of electricity!” she snapped at him. Chun folded his arm, and gave her a smirk. “Because that's how I become productive. Now, will you replace the lights?” he asked. Ella folded her arms, and glared at her boss. “I am a Marketing Specialist, not an electrician!” she said. “I know you could do this. Why are you turning down my order?”
“Do I have to follow all of your orders?”
“Of course, because I am your boss.”
“And if I didn't follow you, you will sack me, right?”
“I can sack you right at this instant.”

It was Ella's turn to smirk. “Then sack me now. I'll tell grandpa that I got terminated from work because I refused to replace the busted light on his dearest grandson's penthouse.” she said. She turned to leave the room. Chun realized that she could be serious at what she said. Not wanting to be pinched hard on his ear again by his grandfather (like the last time, when Ella resigned), he immediately blocked Ella's way. “Wait! You got me wrong. I won't fire you because of this.” he said. Ella laughed upon seeing the worried look on his face. “Mr. Wu, you don't have to order me all the time. Haven't you realized that I could do anything you want me to do if you just say the magic word?” she said. Chun sighed, finally giving in to his assistant. “Ella, can you replace the lights in my room... please?” he said, stressing on the last word. Ella smiled and nodded her head. “See? It's not that hard. Now, where are the spare bulbs?” she asked. “Storage room.” Chun said.

Ella immediately went to the storage room, which is located beside the kitchen. She entered it, leaving the door open. “Where's the spare light bulbs?” she thought as she looked around. Then, she looked up at the shelf. She smiled to herself upon seeing the box which says “Light bulbs”. “Bingo!” she thought. She tried to reach for it, but it was too high for her. Even if she jumped, she couldn't reach for the box. “What's taking you so long? Can't you see what you're looking for?” Chun asked. Ella looked at him, and pointed up at the shelf. “It's too far for my reach.” she said.. Chun sighed in annoyance. He went inside the storage room, and then reached for the light bulb with ease. Then, he handed it to Ella, giving her a glare. They didn't notice the strong wind that came, which closed the door behind them. “Now, can you please replace the lights?” Chun asked. Ella nodded his head. The two headed for the door. Chun reached for the knob to open it, but he couldn't even turn it. “What's wrong?” he muttered under his breath. “Wei, don't tell me you can't even open the door?” Ella said. Chun looked back at her, and glared at her. Ella walked towards the door, and tried to turn the knob. But like Chun, she couldn't. It's as if it was stuck, or locked. “OK... what's wrong?” she said, trying her best not to panic. She was trying her best to open the door, but to no avail. Chun reached for the door knob, and slammed his body to the door to force it to open, but he wasn't too successful. Then, it hit them. Ah Ke reminded them a while ago that the storage's room door is broken. And once it's closed, it would be difficult to open it again.

The two looked at each other, both with a bewildered expression on their face. “Oh, no! I'm stuck with the pervert!” Ella thought. “Oh, no! I'm stuck with the weirdo!” Chun said. “Waaaahhh!!!” the two of them shouted in unison. They tried to bang the door, hoping someone could hear them. But then, they realized that Wallace and Joe is not yet around, and Ah Ke is somewhere. “Help!” the tow of them shouted. “Anyone! Help! We're stuck!” Ella said, banging the door. “Wallace! Joe! Ah Ke! Anyone!” Chun shouted. Then, Chun looked at Ella, quite dismayed that of all the people, he's stuck with this girl. “Oh my God, why am I so unlucky today?” he muttered as he sat on the floor. “Wei, don't you have your mobile phone with you?” Ella asked. Chun shook his head. “I left it at my room. How about yours?” he asked. “Left it at the room as well.” she said. Then, she slumped at the floor, right beside Chun. “Why am I always unlucky when I'm with you?” she said. “Wei, I should be the one who should be asking that question. Why do I always get myself in weird situations when I'm with you.” he snapped back at her. “Now, how are we going to get out of this room! What if we never got out? What if Wallace, Joe and Ah Ke never comes back? What if we ran out of air, and die?” Ella said worriedly. Chun looked at her sharply. “Wei, don't scare me, OK? And those three should come back. They still have work to do.” he said. Ella is hinting something in Chun's voice. She moved closer to him, then she gave him an evil smile. “What?” he asked in a confused look. “You're scared, aren't you?” she asked. Chun looked away from her. He knew he was being to obvious. If there's one thing he hates in his entire life, that is to get stuck in a closed area. He's a claustrophobic, you know.

“Are you claustrophobic, Mr. Wu?” Ella teased again. “Cut it out!” he said in annoyance. Ella just let out a loud laugh. Chun could only give her a glare. “Mr. Wu's a claustrophobic!” she said. Then, she moved closer to him, giving him another evil smirk. “And are you scared of the dark, Mr. Wu?” she asked. “Why, aren't you?” he snapped at her. Ella smiled and shook his head. “Nothing can happen in the dark.” she said. Chun found himself smiling at her. He could not believe how brave this girl is. If Ariel's here right now, stuck with him at the storage room, she would definitely freak out, because like him, she's also scared of the dark. “You're not scared of the dark?” he asked. “Why should I? I don't have a third eye, so I don't see dead people.” she said, trying to scare her boss again. “Stop scaring me!” Chun shouted at him. Ella couldn't help but laugh at his annoyance. Somehow, she finds him cute when he's all annoyed and scared at the same time. “Why are you scared of the dark? Did you got trap in an enclosed and dark place when you were young?”
“It's none of your business.”
“Did someone bullied you before, and they pushed you inside a dark room?”
“It's none of your business.”
“Or, are you one of those kids back then who was scared by their parents that the monsters under your bed will eat you if you don't sleep early?”
“And I was a fool to believe my dad for telling me those lies!”

Ella laughed at his reaction. “So, Uncle Jonas used to scare you, huh?” she asked. “Me an Arron...” he confessed. “That's why if I can't sleep, I would rush to my brother's room and sleep there.” he said. With what he said, Ella laughed again. “Scaredy cat!” she teased him. “So, one night, you were brave enough to stay up late, and look under your bed?” she asked again. “I didn't do that. I was too scared to even think of doing that.” Chun said. “Does that mean that you sleep with the lights turned on?” she asked again. “I couldn't sleep without any lights on.” he confirmed. “Aiyo, you're a grown up man, and you're scared of the dark...” she commented. Ella sighed, and then leaned back on the door. “You know what, I think you're not scared of the dark. You're scared of what's in it. You're scared to see things in the dark that are just a figment of your wild imagination. Truth is, it's nice to stay in the dark once in a while. There are times that you get to see what you don't always got to see in the dark, and I'm not talking about ghosts or monsters here. I think darkness is like silence, there would come a time that you'll need it.” she said. Chun looked at her, and smiled. “Why do you always say the right things all the time?” he mumbled. Ella didn't quite hear what he said, so she gave him a confused look. “What's that?” she asked. Chun shook his head. “Nothing.”

Chun suddenly felt uncomfortable. He was still wearing a coat and a tie, and it was somehow getting warmer inside the storage room. He began to take off his coat, then loosen up his tie. Ella saw what he did, and could only get scared of what he is doing. “Oh my God... he's planning something immoral to me!” she thought. Chun looked at Ella, and saw that scared look at her face. He find himself being amused by her. “I know what you're thinking, Ms. Ella. Don't you think that it's getting warmer inside this room?” he said. Ella realized why he was taking off his coat and loosening his tie. “Of course, it's hot in here! Stupid me!” she said, laughing nervously. “And besides, you're not even my type, so don't think that I will rape you or something.” he said, laughing at her. Ella began to laugh with him as well. She looked closely at him. For all her stay, working for him, this is the first time that he saw him laughing. “He looks more handsome when he laughs...” she thought. “What?” he asked. He noticed that Ella kept on staring and smiling at him. “Don't tell me you're falling in love with me?” he said. Then, he laughed at her again. Ella raised an eyebrow at him. “Wei, I will never fall in love with you. And besides, I still like Arron...” she said. “I know you still do. Anyway, aren't you feeling a little hot? Why don't you take your blazer off?” he asked. Ella raised an eyebrow at him again. “Hey, I told you, you're not my type. I can see you're getting uncomfortable with your cloth, so better take the blazer off.” he said. “Is that an order?” she asked. Chun let out a faint laugh, and shook his head. “Whatever.” he said.

Ella took her blazer off, and while she did, Chun was watching her. He felt his heart racing as she saw her on her tank top, revealing her bare smooth arm. He watched her as she looked up, and wiped the sweat off her neck. He swallowed hard as he stared at her. “What am I thinking? She's going to be my little brother's girlfriend, and I'm lusting over her...” he thought. He shook his head to erase that thought off. “What's wrong?” he heard Ella ask. He looked at her, and she was giving him her a confused look. “I... ah... I...” he stuttered. “You what?” she asked. “I... It's so hot in here, right? So I'm shaking my head to cool myself off.” he lied. Ella gave out a faint laugh, then, she leaned over him, and blew on his face. He must admit, the warmth of her breath gives him shivers in his spine. It's like a totally new sensation to him. “Err...” he asked, getting speechless of what she did. “Don't worry, my breath doesn't stink, and besides, it's better for me to blow on your face that watch you shake your head till your dizzy.” she said. Chun laughed at her again, and then smiled at her. “Thank you...” he said. “See? You look more handsome when you smile. You're too serious, you even have wrinkles on your forehead.” she said. “I do?” he asked in a curious tone. Ella just smiled at him. “Just kidding.” she said.

Then, Ella felt something moving by her legs. She looked at it, and saw a rat running around them. “Mickey mouse!” she shouted as she stood up. Chun was startled, and he immediately got up from the floor. “What? Where?” he asked, trying to look for the rat. “There! Ahh! I hate rats! Get it away from me!” she shouted. Then, she jumped on Chun's back. Because of what she did, Chun lost his balance, making him fall over the door. Then, the door opened. He felt his body ache because of his fall. “Aww... you're so heavy...” he said. Then, he looked up and saw Wallace and Joe giving the two of them a confused look. “What's going on?” Wallace asked. Chun and Ella looked at each other, and then Ella realized that Chun was on top of her. Joe looked away from the two, trying her best not to laugh at them. “It's not what you think!” Chun said defensively as he got off Ella. “Really. Its not what you think. We got stuck inside the storage room, then there was this rat...” Ella tried to explain as she stood up. Wallace and Joe exchanged meaningful looks, and then began to laugh. “Fine, it's not what we think...” Joe teased them.

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