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Saturday, November 14, 2009
A Game of Destiny - Forewords

A Game of Destiny...


He did everything to ruin the life of the man who caused his father's death.
Her once happy life will be shattered because of what he have done.
He thought he could be happy once he's done with his mission, but he was wrong.
She have no clue that the man he loves is the one who ruined her life.
He have no clue that she is the daughter of the man he hated the most.
Will he let his hatred get in between their love,
Or will they learn to forgive and forget, and move on to their future?



She lived a life as an assassin who never fails in her missions.
He is a young politician hated by the higher echelon of the society.
He is her next mission.
And he fell for her trap.
But as she seduces him to his death, she found herself falling in love with him.
Will she follow what her heart says and spare his life,
Or will she follow what her mission dictates to her?



He is the older brother she knew.
She is the little sister he dotes on.
But as year passes, and as she grows up to be a fine young lady,
His feelings for her started to change.
Will he fight for what he truly feels for her,
Or will he keep this forbidden love to himself?



He was made believe that she's gone
That she will never come back into this world again.
But on the day of her 10th death anniversary, he saw her again.
She had that same smile, that same laughter, that same look that he fell in love before...
But she could no longer remember who he was.
She became a different person before his very eyes.
Will he be able to make her remember him,
Or will he find out the secret behind her loss?



In front of everyone, they were a happy couple,
But behind the closed doors, they were both trapped in a loveless marriage.
He was ready to leave his wife for another woman.
She was ready to leave him to pursue her own dreams.
But when they found out that their only child is dying,
The only thing left to do is pretend that they have a happy family
Will their lies save their daughter's life,
Or they are just making another mistake they are bound to regret?



He would do everything to be on top, even if it meant using her.
She loved her with all her heart, and she let him use her for his ambition
When he got the fame and fortune he aspires the most
He leaves her hanging in the air and heartbroken
When he realize that all he wanted is her love, she have already moved on.
Will it be too late for the two of them,
Or this is just the start of of the life they have dreamed of?



All his life, he lived up to everyone's expectation.
He had a good career, a loving family, a great girlfriend.
But still he felt empty and lonely inside.
Then, he met the man who will change his life forever.
Will he be true to himself for once,
Or will he let his confusion break him apart?



She is the reason why his family was torn apart
And he swore to himself that he will not stop until he hurt everyone she loves.
He seduced her, making her fall into his charms
And at the same time, he fell in love with her innocent daughter
Will he choose to stop his vengeance
Or will he choose to break her heart in the end?


This is a game of destiny.
A game where you decide on your own fate.
You don't score points.
You don't make the goal.
But there are lessons to be learned in each game.
You may not win.
You may not lose.
But once you're in this game,
You're life will be bound on it forever...


Are you ready for a game of destiny?

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