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Sunday, July 26, 2009
My Two Love, My True Love - Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Accidentally In Love

So I said, "I'm a snowball running"
Running down into the spring
That's coming all this love melting under
Blue skies belting out sunlight, shimmering love
Well baby I surrender to the strawberry ice cream
Never ever end of all this love
Well I didn't mean to do it
But there's no escaping your love...


“Chun Yan-Wu, do you take this woman to be your wife? To have and to hold, For richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?” the priest asked him. Chun smiled at the priest, then looked at his beautiful bride. “I do.” he said. Then, the priest turned to his bride. “Do you take Chun Yan-Wu to be your husband? To have and to hold, For richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?” the priest asked. “I do...” she said in her sweetest voice. “I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” Chun turned to his bride. He smiled to her, as he lifted up her veil. He closed his eyes as he gave her a loving kiss on the lips. After he kissed her, he slowly opened his eyes. His eyes almost popped out when he saw who his bride is. “E-Ella?” he asked in a surprised tone. Ella, in turn, gave him a playful smile.

“No!” Chun shouted as he sat up from his bed. He looked to his right side, and saw that he is alone. He sighed with relief. “And I thought I really married Ella...” he said to himself. Then, e felt someone put an arm around her. “Honey, having a bad dream?” the voice asked groggily. “Yes... you can say that...” he said. Then, he paused, thinking who could be the girl beside him. He looked to his left, and saw someone hidden under the blanket. He lifted up the blanket, only to see Ella sleeping beside her. “No!” he shouted.

Chun opened his eyes. The first thing he did was to check if there is really someone sleeping beside him. “Good, the coast is clear...” he muttered as soon as he realized that he's back to reality. He sat up, and then let out a sigh. “What a dream...” he thought. Now, it seems that our leading man is lusting over our heroine here. She even comes into his dream. “Why am I always dreaming about this Ella Chen? I dreamed of her before I met her, and now that I finally met her, these dreams won't stop...” he muttered. He shook his head to wake him up from the shock of his dream. Then, he stood up from his bed, and headed to the kitchen. A glass of cold water would help to calm him down.

As he stepped put of his room, he saw Ella sleeping on the coffee table. Beside her were her laptop, and her papers. Chun smiled to himself upon seeing her sleeping soundly. “I told you to sleep and not try to finish everything...” he said in a low voice as he walked towards her. “Wallace and Joe are in dreamland a while ago, and you're still here trying to work.” he said. He knelt down in front of her, and watched her as she sleeps. She looks pretty this way, he thought. Her face seemed calm, and at peace. There a small smile that formed on her lips, as if she was having a sweet dream. “I think you're dreaming about being with my brother. Do you miss him?” he thought. Then, he took a peek at her laptop. True enough, Ella is almost through with her presentation. This made him more impressed with her. His grandpa is right in hiring her to be on his team, for she is a very efficient employee. “Good work you got here, Ella. I think you deserve a reward, but maybe right after the presentation...” he said in a low voice. Then, he clicked on something, and then he saw a draft of her email to Arron. Curious, he began to read it.

Hi Arron!
I'm glad that you're doing well there in the States. I'm glad that you have finally adjusted yourself there. I know you're feeling a little homesick, but don't worry, after a year or so, classes there would end and you'll be able to go home. How's Ariel? I'm glad that she's taking care of you as well. As for your brother here, he's still a pain in the ass.

Chun paused, then looked sternly at the girl sleeping beside him. “I'm a pain in the ass?” he thought. Then, he began to read the rest of her email for Arron.

Anyway, we have a big presentation coming up for our newest client, Zap telecoms. We're staying here at the building's penthouse, and working day and night to finish everything. You can imagine me with my big panda eyes again! LOL! I have something to tell you that you wouldn't believe. On our first day here, I got stuck in the storage room with your brother. It's his fault by the way. I can't believe he doesn't even know how to change the lights? Geez... anyway, so we got stuck there because the door is broken. I found out that he's scared of the dark. Ha ha ha! And I thought he was a brave man, but he is scared of the dark! I was trying my best not to laugh when I found all about it, but I couldn't help it! But anyway, I find him really cute when he's all scared and all. And for the first time, I've seen your brother laugh. He looks cute when he laughs... you better tell him to smile and laugh always, will you?

Chun smiled to himself upon reading that part. “So, you think I'm cute when I smile, huh?” he thought to himself.

I hope you reply to this soon. It's been weeks since you last sent me an email... I know you're busy, and all, but please send me an email soon. I miss you...


Chun looked at Ella, and then let out a sigh. “So, you haven't heard from Arron for weeks now, huh?” he said. He reached for her head, and then stroked her hair. “I guess you really miss my brother. He's a thousand miles away from you, and I know this is the longest time that you two have been apart...” he said softly. He felt her move slightly. Scared that she will wake up, he immediately clicked a button on her email. He didn't notice that he clicked on the sent button. “Cold...” he heard her mumble. “Cold...” she mumbled again. Chun let out a faint laugh at her. He could see her shivering. He stood up and went back to his room to get blanket. He went back to the living room, and then placed the blanket on Ella's back. “Sweet dreams...” he whispered to her. He planted a kiss on her forehead before retreating back to his room.


“No peeking, OK?” Ella laughed as she held into his hand. “How can I peek, I can't even see anything in this blindfold!” she said. She heard him let out a laugh. Then, they stopped walking. “We're here.” he said. Then, she took off her blindfold. She was surprised to see herself in a garden filled with her favorite flowers. “Oh my God...” she muttered on her breath. “Ella, I love you...” she heard him say. “And I will do everything to make you happy...”

She turned around, and the first thing she saw was a solitary diamond ring inside a heart-shaped velvet box. “Ella, will you spend forever with me?” she heard him ask. She was too surprised that she wasn't able to answer immediately. “Arron, I -” she looked up, and she was even more surprised to see that the man who asked to marry her is not the man he expected. “Chun?” she asked in a surprised tone.

Ella slowly opened her eyes, it was already morning. “What a bad dream...'” she thought to herself. “Why is Mr. Wu asking me to marry him in my dream? And since when did I call him by his first name?” she thought. Then, she noticed a blanket wrapped around her. She took it, and stared at it for a long time. She was trying to remember if she went back to the room last night to get it, or not. “Maybe Joe saw me sleeping here, so she placed this on me...” she said. She took her laptop, and began typing in her presentation.

After a while, Joe came out of the room. “Good morning!” she said in a cheery tone. “Morning...” Ella said, not taking her eyes off her computer. “You're still working? Did you even slept?” Joe asked. She walked towards her, and sat beside her. “I want to finish this so that if there are any changes that needs to be done, I won't cram or something...”
“So, you did not sleep?”
“I did. I fell asleep while reviewing my work...”
Ella looked at her friend, and gave her a smile. “By the way, thanks for the blanket.” She said. Joe gave her a confused look. “Blanket? What blanket?” she asked. Ella gave Joe a wondering look. “Didn't you place the blanket on me last night?” she asked. Joe shook her head. “I was too dozed off to even stand up from my bed.” Joe said. Ella looked away from her, trying to figure out who gave her the blanket.

“Morning...” they heard Wallace said. They looked up, and saw him coming of the room. Tailing behind him is Chun. “So, did you have a good night's sleep last night?” Chun asked Ella. Ella slowly nodded her head. Chun nodded his head and smiled at her. “Good. You were shivering last night, so I placed a blanket on you. I told you to get some shut eye, you fell asleep on the coffee table.” he said. Ella was surprised at what he said. “Y-you were the one who put the blanket on me?” she asked. Chun nodded his head. He went to the fridge, and took some milk. “Weird, why would this evil boss do that?” she thought. “Anyway...” she heard Chun say. “Tomorrow's the big day. We don't have to go down today to work. We can stay here to finish everything up for the presentation, so work hard everyone.” he said. Joe and Wallace nodded their head. “Yes, boss.” they said in unison.


It was afternoon, and all of them were able to finish their presentation, after Chun have meticulously reviewed their work. “Ah! This is so great! I can slack off before the presentation...” Ella shouted. Joe and Wallace could only laugh at her. Meanwhile, Chun secretly glance at her, and smiled to himself. “But you still have to prepare yourself for tomorrow.” Chun reminded her. Ella smiled at him and nodded his head.

Ella turned her attention on her laptop, and decided to finish the email she was composing for Arron. After she signed in to her email account, she got confused as to why her draft folder became 0. “Weird...” she thought. She clicked on it's link, and saw that it's empty. She went to her inbox, and then saw an email from Arron. She immediately went to her Sent items, and there, she saw the email she was looking for, which was sent at around 4 in the morning. If she's not mistaken, she was still asleep that time. Then, she looked at Chun, who was busy typing on his computer. “Sneaky guy...” she thought. She suspect that it was Chun who sent the email to Arron.

“Mr. Wu...” she called. Chun looked up at him. “What time did you got up last night?” she asked. “Around 4 AM, I guess.” he said. Then, he turned his attention on his computer. Ella flinched upon hearing his answer. “Aha! You're the culprit! I knew it!” she said to herself. Then, she cleared her throat. “Mr. Wu... did you do something to my computer while I'm asleep?” she asked. Chun paused, and swallowed hard. He is guilty as charged. He did peek in Ella's laptop, to check on the progress of her report. He also read her email for Arron. Now, how did she found out that he checked on her computer? “Errr... no. Why would I do that?” he asked. He was trying his best to ignore Ella. “Because...” she said. “Someone sent my email draft to Arron!” she shouted at him. Chun looked up at her, then Ella lunged at him and strangled his neck. Both Wallace and Joe tried to stop the two, and break them apart before Ella could really kill their boss. As soon as Chun was released from Ella's strangle, he coughed. “I... I didn't mean to...” he said. Ella glared at him. “Didn't mean to? Didn't mean to?! You sent my email to Arron! And I think you read it!” she shouted at him. Chun turn into a smile, and nodded his head. “I did.” he said proudly. Ella felt a vein popping out of her forehead. “Why, you sneaky guy!” she shouted at him. She was about to hurl at him again, but Joe pulled her back. Chun laughed at her, amused by her reaction. “So, you think I'm cute when I laugh, huh?” he teased her. Ella took a pillow and threw it at his boss. “I'll get back to you! I swear!” she shouted at him.


“What are you thinking?” Joe asked as he approached Wallace, who was outside the penthouse. Wallace looked at Joe, and smiled at her. “Nothing...” he said. “I know you, Wallace Huo. When you say nothing, it means something.” she said. Wallace let out a faint laugh. “You really know me too well...” he said. He took a deep breath before answering Joe's question. “Chun...” he said. Joe smiled upon hearing his answer. Being Chun's best friend, she knows Wallace worries an lot about him most of the time. “What about the boss?” she asked. “Haven't you noticed something about Chun?” he asked her. Joe gave him a confused look. “What? Something changed about the boss?” she asked. Wallace nodded his head. “Bingo!”

He looked away from Joe, and stared outside. “I've never seen Chun this way. He seems much happier.” he said. Joe looekd at him. She folded her arms, and smiled. “I can see that...” she said. “We know Chun, Joe. He's not the type of person who smiles often. He only does when Ariel's around. Since Ella started working for him, he's smiling more each day. Whethere it's because he's pulling a little prank on her, or teasing her to Arron... it seems that Ella is the reason why he suddenly changed.” he said. Then, he looked at her friend. “I saw Chun last night. We all know Chun is scared of the dark, and leaves his lights on when he sleeps, right? Last night, he did turn the lights off. Then, he woke up in the middle of the night. I saw him take the blanket and put it on Ella. Then, I saw him kiss her on the cheek.” he said. Joe could not believe what she heard. “Really?” she asked, smiling. Wallace nodded his head. “I've always liked Ariel for Chun, but I think there is something missing between them. Whatever it is that's amiss in them, I'm seeing it on Ella and Chun.” he said. Joe nodded her head in agreement. “I think I saw what you saw in them when they got stuck together in the storage room. They have this spark... this chemistry...” she said. “Bingo!” Wallace exclaimed.

Joe laughed at him. “And I'm also seeing something about Arron and Ariel... I am Ariel's best friend, and I know her more than anyone else in this world. She's more happier when she's with Arron, than with Chun. I couldn't blame her, since Chun is the serious type while she and Arron are the carefree ones. Somehow, I'm wishing that Ariel would end up with Arron than with Chun...” she said. Wallace turned to her, and smiled again. “Honestly, I'm starting to like Ella for Chun. Chun needs someone like her to keep him grounded.” Wallace said. “I agree with you.” Joe said.


The next morning, at Chun's office...

Ella sneaked inside Chun's office, hoping she could get back at her boss for reading her private email. She turned his laptop on, tried to search for some information that she could use to black mail his boss. As his computer rebooted, she found something strange on his computer. She clicked on one pop-up, and upon seeing a picture on it, she let out a disgusted sigh. “Sheesh, he's such a perv...” he thought. Then, she changed her plans. She took her external hard drive, and took copied some items from his computer. Once she's through, she took out her external hard drive, and shut down his computer. “You'll thank me for this, I tell you...” she said. Then, she let out an evil smirk. She might have not done her evil deed, but she found out something, that she could use against him.


They had a final meeting that afternoon before the presentation. “Are we all ready?” Chun asked as soon as he arrived at the conference room. He took out his laptop, and turned it on. Ella watched closely at him, and then let out an evil smirk. Silently, she was counting to ten. Then, she saw the surprised expression on his boss's face. “Eureka!” she silently cheered.

Chun's computer suddenly shut down. He pressed on the power button, but it was only giving him a blank screen. “What happened?” he asked frantically. He was in the verge of panicking, as he was not able to make a backup of his presentation. “What's wrong?” Wallace asked as he walked beside him. “My computer is not working. It's not booting up!” Chun said in a panicked tone. Joe and Wallace looked at each other, and they were already panicking. “Oh my God!” Joe said. Chun tried t press some buttons on his laptop, but none of them helped. Ella sighed as he watched the frantic and panicked-stricken Chun working on his laptop.

“I got your presentation here.” Ella said, waving her hard drive. The three looked at her, confused at what he said. “I was supposed to get back at you for reading my email, but seeing your computer infected with lots of virus, I took pity on you so I decided to transfer your presentation on my hard drive.” she said. Chun stood up, and folded his arms, giving her a stern look. “Wei, Ms. Ella... who gave you the permission to access my PC?” he told her. “Wei, Chun, you should be thankful that Ella accessed your PC, or else she wouldn't have saved your presentation...” Wallace told him. Chun sighed. Well, he is right. He have no right to be mad at Ella, because he was the first one who accessed her PC without her consent. “I know exactly when a computer is about to crash. That always happens on Jiro's virus-infected PC, so I backed up your files.” Ella said. “I think you should thank Ella instead of reprimanding her, boss. After all, she still have your presentation.” Joe said. Chun looked at Joe and Wallace, then sighed again. “Fine. Thanks for saving my files.” he said. “You're welcome.” she said, smiling at him. “And by the way,” Ella said. “Next time, don't surf too much porn sites.” she said.

With what Ella said, Joe and Wallace burst out laughing. As for the leading man, he's guilty as charge, and they could all see it in his face. “So...” Joe said. “You're the one who's spreading virus in our network...” she said in between laugh. Chun felt himself turn red with embarrassment. “I am not surfing pron sites!” he said defensively. Wallace walked up to him, and tapped his shoulder. “Don't worry, I know a site were you can download all the porn you want without the virus. I'll give it to you later.” he said, then he winked at his friend. Chun glared at him. “I said I am not surfing pron sites.” he shouted.

Ella turned her back on his boss, and laughed secretly. Now, she was able to get back at him.

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