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Saturday, March 13, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 32

Round 32 – My Only You

“Look, I don't understand our situation. Why can't we tell them about us?”
“Because, what?”
“I'm not ready.”
“Oh come on! You're not ready? And when will you be ready?”
“I don't think I'll ever be.”


“You're not ready to commit yourself to me?”

No answer.

“You're not ready to settle down with me?”


“You don't want to be with me?”
“I just don't think you're the right one.”
“If I am not the right one, then make a mistake with me!”

A sigh.

“This conversation is going nowhere. Why can't we enjoy a no-string attached relationship just like before?”
“Because I want to take this relationship into another level.”
“And I'm telling you, I'm not ready.”

A groan.

“You just don't want to be with me.”


“Because you think I can't give you everything you want? Unlike those other guys?”
“Don't compare yourself to them.”
“Then tell me why? Why can't you be with me? Why can't we be together like a normal couple?”


“Can you say a goddamn word than keeping quiet?”
“If you can''t play by my rules, then it's over.”

A sigh.

“Was there ever something that begin with at the first place?”

She stood up and let out a sigh. “I'm done here. Don't insist on something I can't give you.” she said. She walked out the door, leaving him all behind. After she left, he took the box lying on his side table. He opened it, and stared at the engagement ring he bought for her. “Well, I guess we are done for. Damn you, Selina Ren!” He took the ring from the box, and threw it at the far corner of his room.


Ella looked outside the window, and saw a girl coming inside Chun's apartment. Suddenly, she became suspicious of the girl. “Who the heck is that girl? What is she doing at their apartment?” she thought. She folded her arms as she continued to spy at them. From their window, she saw the girl hugging Ethan. Seeing that, made her sigh with relief. “And I thought she is after Chun...” she said to herself. Just then, Selina came down the stairs, and saw Ella peeking outside the window. “What's wrong, Ellie? Is your fake boyfriend cheating on you?” she asked. Ella laughed, and shook her head. “Oh please! Why would I do that? The hell I care if he have someone he likes!” she said. Selina smirked. She walked up to him, and joined Ella by the window. Her eyes caught Ethan kissing another girl.

At that sight, she could feel her blood boiling in anger. “How dare he...” she thought. Ella looked at Selina and saw how angry she is. “Anything wrong?” she asked. “Who the heck is that girl?” Selina asked her. Ella shrugged her shoulder. “Maybe it's Ethan's new girlfriend.” she said. She looked at her cousin, and noticed that she turned red because of anger. “New girlfriend? New girlfriend?! That stupid guy! Arrrggghhh! I'm so pissed off at him.” she shouted. Before Ella could react, Selina stormed back to her room. Ella was left wondering what the hell was wrong with her cousin. “Weird... why is she like that?” she thought.


“Who is she?”


“I'm asking you... who is she?!”
“Does it matter to you?”
“Damn it, just answer me! Who is she?! I saw her with you. You were kissing her. Is she my replacement in your life?”


“Answer me!”
“I don't think I should answer that. I don't think you should know anyway.”
“I have the right to know!”
“What right? We're not even together. You don't have the right to know.

She bit her lips, trying to suppress her tears from falling. She can't break down in front of him. It's enough that she is overreacting this way.

“I guess you're right. I don't have the right to know. After all, you are just one of those men I played with.”

A glare.

“So... that's who I am in your life. I was never someone you loved, right? I can never be someone special in your life. Just someone you're playing with.”

He stood up, and let out a sigh. He walked towards her, and then paused as he reached her. “You're right. This is never going to work out. I guess it's about time we stop seeing each other...” he said. He turned away from him, and left her alone. As the door closed behind her, she looked back only to find him gone.


“I find something really weird lately...” Ella said. It was afternoon, and Chun picked her up from the radio station of a late lunch. Chun stopped eating, and gave her a confused look. “Weird? What's weird?” he asked. “I don't know... don't you see anything wrong between Selina and Ethan recently? I mean those guys were close before, but now... there seems to be some awkwardness between them. And you know what's weird, when Selina saw his new girlfriend visiting him, she was so angry...” she said.

Chun let out a sigh, and leaned back on his chair. “I don't know about them. Why bother with them?” he asked. “Because Selina is my cousin, and her weirdness is kinda freaking me out.” she said. “Whatever it is, let them handle things for themselves. They are adults, they can handle it. Don't worry about it.” he said. Ella sighed, and shook his head. “You know what, I'm starting to suspect something is going on between them...” she said. Chun looked up at her and gave her another confused look. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Maybe they are dating behind our back or something...”
“Why would they do that? Date and not tell us?”
“I suspect it has something to do with our situation before...”
“I think if that's the reason they are keeping it a secret, then it's a lousy and stupid excuse.”

Ella let out another sigh. “Well... I think your right. I don't want to think about their situation, unless they asked for my help...” she said. “See? Look, you can't help everyone with their love problems. How can you do that, when you can't even help yourself with your own love problems...” Chun said. Ella gave him a confused look. “Is this something to do with a guy in Australia?” she asked. Chun didn't answer her. Instead, he just ate his food.


Ella came home that evening. As she went to her room, she heard Selina crying in her room. She peeked at her room, and saw her cousin lying on the bed while crying. “Sel?” she asked. Selina looked up to her, and then glared at her. “Go away!” she shouted at her. “What's wrong?”
“Just go away, will you!”
“How can I leave you in that state?”

Selina looked away from her cousin, and continued to cry. Ella walked inside her room, and sat beside her. “Sel... you have to trust me. I can't help you if you will shoo me away...” she said. “You... you can't help me, Ellie... it's... it's me... it's my fault...” Selina said in between sobs. Selina sat up from her bed, and turned to Ella. “Remember how you used to warn me... about playing around? Remember how you told me... that one day, I might meet someone who... who is my match? Ellie... I... I met him long ago. And I...”

Before Selina could finish her sentence, she broke down. Ella pulled her, and embraced her to console her. “Ella... I didn't want to admit it... but I... I fell in love with him... I... I denied what I... I feel for him... and now... now it's too late for the two of us... I... I can't be with him. Not anymore...” she said. Ella brushed her hair as she let her cousin cry on her shoulder. “Maybe it's not yet too late. What is it that you've done to push him away anyway?” she asked.

Selina looked up at her, and then began to tell her story. “He was also a player, Ellie. He dates a lot of girls, just like how I date a lot of guys. We... had this no-strings attached kind of relationship. It's purely lust... if I may say, but each time that I am with him, I... I couldn't help but fall in love with him...” she said. She sniffed, as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “I... I was ready to turn back on my old ways to be with him, you know. I'm... I'm ready to take him seriously, but one night, I saw him in the arms of another girl. I saw him... kissing that girl... I was heartbroken, Ellie. I was so hurt... that I... I told him when I saw him that... we can never be together... that I'm just playing around with him. I... showed him that I am not serious with him by dating different guys. I want to hurt him, but in the end, I was the one bruised here. Ellie... I love him so much... I don't want to lose him, but I know it's too late...”

Ella felt pity on her cousin. Selina have been a playgirl before, and she thought she will never know how to fall in love again, but this time, seeing her like this, she is convinced that she loved the man she is talking about. She never cried over the other guys she dated, only with this guy. “Sel... I... I don't know what to say... what if you try to talk to him again? Tell him how you really feel. You can't hide your love for him forever...” she said. Selina shook her head. “I know it's just over between us, Ella.”
“You'll never know until you give it a try.”
“He's with another woman now...”
“Are you sure you want to give him up without a fight?”

Selina sat up again, and looked at her. “You love him. That's a fact. You made a fool of yourself before when you deliberately hurt him. You made a fool of yourself because you are in love with him. If you want him back, you will fight for what you feel for him.” Ella said. Selina lowered her head, and shook it. “He... he asked me if I want to be with him, but I turned him down. He... told me that he wanted to be with me, but I did not believe him. I... I blew my chance with him, Ellie... I don't think he can give me anymore chances...”


As Ethan walked inside his room, he saw the ring lying at the corner. He walked up to him, and then took it. He could clearly remember the day he threw it away – it was the day that he finally gave up on Selina.

He admits, when he first met Selina, he have no plans of being serious with her. But as he get to know her, the more that he have fallen in love with her. He was about to tell her how he feels that night, but then one of his ex-girlfriends came to that bar, was drunk, and kissed him the moment Selina walked on him. No matter how much he explains the situation to her, she just wouldn't listen. She have believed that Ethan is just toying with her feelings, and that whatever they had could never be serious. Though he tried his best to convince her that his intentions are real, Selina just wouldn't believe him.

He stared at the ring for a long time. When he bought it, he only had Selina on his mind. The ring is perfect for her, and he never dare to give it to any other girl. But he's tired of trying to convince her that it's for real this time. But then again, he couldn't live without her.

He let out a sigh as he clutched the ring on his hand. “One last try...” he thought. “If she doesn't to be with me... then it's over.” He stood up and headed out of his room to see Selina.


Selina opened the door, and the person she saw standing before her is Ethan. “We have to talk...” he said seriously. Selina got out of the door to face him. “I guess we really have to, Ethan...” she said. “I'm going to ask you this once. Will you be with me? Selina... do you love me?” he asked. Selina turned away from him. She knows the answer in her hear, but she doesn't know how she would tell him that she feels the same way. “Do you love me? Because I know for myself that I do. You are the only girl that tamed me. You are the only girl that made me change. Sel... you are the only girl I want to take seriously and want to be with forever. So I'm asking you... do you feel the same way? Because if not, then I don't want to waste my time on you. You won't hear from me again, or even see me again. I'll be out of your life just like that.” he said.

Selina looked at him, and she could tell how sincere Ethan is. “I don't want to play games anymore, all right? I'm tired of all of this. All I want to do is settle down. With you. If you just tell me that you love me -”
“Yes, I do love you, Ethan.”
Ethan was surprised at what she said. “Yes, I love you too. Yes, I want to be with you...” she continued. A smile was formed on Ethan's face. “But... what is my assurance that I will be the last girl in your life? What is my assurance that you will turn your old ways... that it will be just me in your life? You know why I can''t tell them about us? It's not about Chun or Ella, or their grudge about each other. It's because I am not sure if you feel the same way about me. It's because I'm scared that if I admit to the whole world that I am in love with the biggest player in the whole world, I will only make a fool out of myself. I'm scared that you will hurt me more...”

Ethan stared at her for a long time. Finally, he understood all the fears that she had in her. And those fears were keeping her from showing her love for him. He let out a smile as he took the ring from his pocket. “Marry me.”


“Something weird is really going on.” Chun commented after Ethan and Selina announced their engagement. The happy couple just let out a laugh at their still confused friend. “I should have listened to Ella when she said that you guys are doing something behind our back.” Chun said. “Well, at least you guys now know. And I'm happy.” he said. He eyed on the girl beside her, and kissed her on the lips. Chun felt a pang of jealousy as he watched the two. He wished he could tell the whole world how much she loved Ella. He wished he could really show her how much he loves her, without her thinking that it's all part of their acting. He let out a sigh, and shook his head.

“Things won't be as complicated as what they seem to be if you only tell Ella how you feel. Tell her about it, and it will be a happy ending for the two of you.” Nicholas said to him as soon as they were alone at their apartment. “I wish it's easy. Look, Ella is in love with Sphinx...”
“Why are you making yourself believe that she is still in love with Sphinx? Feelings change...”
“Ella is in love with him forever.”
“But those feelings that have been inside one's heart for a long time can be changed by just one moment.”

Chun let out another sigh as he leaned on the couch. “You are the only one who complicates this whole thing, Chun. Forget about her loving Sphinx, and confess your feelings for her. You two have been circling around for a long time. Look at Ethan. He told the truth to Selina, and now they are engaged. Look at me. I am happy with Hebe now. Chun, do something that will make you happy for once. Stop thinking of the complications, and just be happy with Ella.” Nicholas said. He looked at his brother, still unsure if he will agree with him or not. “I just can't force her to love me...” he said. “Who said you're forcing yourself to her? All I'm saying is just let it all out. Didn't you realize that there are times that you are giving away to what you really feel when you pretend in front of your grandparents? It's hard for me to distinguish if you are pretending, and if you are really in love with her.” he said.

“Just do what Ethan did. Lay all the cards on the table. Ask her if she feels the same way. If she does, then you two will live happily ever after. If not, then try again. From what I'm seeing, Ella have also fallen in love with you. Tell her now, Chun. Now is the perfect time, while you two are still pretending.” Nicholas said. Chun looked at his brother for a long time, and then he nodded his head. “I guess you're right...” he said.


“What are we doing here?” Ella asked Chun as they walked to the park that night. “What is it that you want to tell me?” she asked. Chun stopped walking, and then turned to face her. “Ella... I want to tell you something. But... I want you to promise me that whatever it is that you hear tonight, however you take it... nothing will change between us...” he said seriously. Ella gave her a confused look, and then nodded her head. “OK...” she said. Chun took a deep breath, and then began to speak. “Ella... I -”


Chun and Ella looked back, and was surprised to see Sphinx walking up to them. As he looked at Ella, he could see her face lighting up as he gets near them. “Sphinx?” she said. He felt his heart breaking into pieces as Ella ran up to him, and give him a hug.

How can he tell her how he feels to her, now that Sphinx is back?

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