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Saturday, January 16, 2010
Me And The Boy Next Door - Round 22

Round 22 – Girl, I'm falling for you

Calvin stopped his car in front of a park bench. As he got out of the car, he looked at the girl sitting on the bench, with her head hanging low. “Cassie?” he called. Cassie looked up at him. He could see the dried tears on her cheeks. The glow he always sees in her whenever she passes by his place was gone, and instead, it was replaced by a sad eyes. “Calvin...” she called weakly. Calvin walked up to her. Cassie stood up, and ran to him. She hugged him tight, and then began to cry again. He let the girl cry on his shoulder. As he listened to her soft sob, he hugged her, and stroked her hair. “H-he doesn't love me anymore, Calvin... he... he doesn't love me anymore...” Cassie managed to say in between sobs. “Ssshhh... it's going to be all right...” he whispered to her.

Meanwhile, another parked stopped in front of them. It was Danson. As he looked outside the window, he saw his fiancee in the arms of her ex-boyfriend. At the sight of them embracing each other, he could feel his heart breaking into a million pieces. It was hurting him so much that he felt like he couldn't breath. “W-why... why do you have to run to him?” he thought as he looked away from him. He admits, he is taking her for granted. He spends more time with his work, that with her. But he is only doing that for their future. He never knew that what he is doing is breaking them apart together. And now, she found comfort in the arms of the man who used to love her. As he looked away from them, Danson started the engine of his car. He drove away, for he could not bear seeing them together, and he could bear facing that he is losing to Calvin.

After a while, Cassie have finished crying, and they were sitting on the bench. Cassie have been silent, and Calvin could only glance at her. He is afraid that anytime soon, Cassie will break down again. “Am I wrong?” she asked him. “What do you mean?” he asked. Cassie let out a faint smile. “I know we'll be having a lifetime together... that we'll be having a lot of time together once we get married... but... is it wrong to ask just a little bit of his time?” she asked. Then, she looked up at Calvin, and he could still see the hurt in her eyes. “We fought a while ago. I wanted him to help me with the wedding. I asked him if he could accompany me to the church to check if everything is set. He said he can't because he have some work to do. You know, he always makes his work as an excuse for taking me for granted... I... I told him that he should go with me so that he could see if he would like it, and I said that he should help me out because I can't do this by myself. But he got mad, and told me I should be the one doing it, since I'm the one who wanted it, and not him. Cal, when he said that, it made me feel that he is not really into this whole thing... that we're only getting married because he got pressure with me giving me hints that I want us to be married. And because of that... I... I told him that maybe we should not get married at all, and you know what he said? He said that maybe we really shouldn't get married at all.” Cassie said.

She sobbed for a while, and then began to speak again. We've been together for five years now, and we both know we'll end up getting married, right? But why do I feel that after all this years, he have fallen out of love with me?” she said. Calvin looked at her, and the he put his arm around her to comfort her. “Cassie, I still think that Danson loves you. Like you've said, you to have have been together for five years now. All through this time, he was always by your side. When we broke up, he was there to comfort you... maybe he is being pressured from his work that's why he got mad at you. You, of all people, should be able to understand him...” Calvin said. “I've always tried to understand him, Cal... but I get tired too, Calvin... it felt as if I'm the one who's trying to work things out for the two of us. I wish he could do something to make this relationship work too...” she said.

Calvin let out a sigh, and then shook her head. “You know what, Cassie, I'm not really a love expert. You should be talking to Ella instead regarding this thing...” he said. Cassie smiled at him again, and shook her head. “All that matters is that you're listening to me. You're putting up with my paranoia.” she said. Calvin just laughed. “Yes, you are being paranoid... I guess all of those getting married tends to get paranoid...” he said. “Aren't you glad that you're not the one marrying this paranoid girl?” she asked. Calvin paused, and looked at her. “No, because if I were in Danson's shoes, even if I am very busy, I would find time to help you out with our wedding...” he said. Cassie gave him a surprised look. Calvin realized what he said, then he turned away from her, embarrassed with what he said. “Do... do you still wonder what would it be like if... if we never broke up?” she asked. Calvin slowly nodded his head. “Danson is a lucky guy. He is marrying you. He should really take care of you.” he said. Then, he looked at her, and smiled. “He never knew how lucky he is to have the girl I have loved for a long time...” he added in his thoughts.


Chun just got out of the kitchen when he heard the door of his shop open. “Welcome to 'Something Sweet'” he said. As he turned around, he saw a defeated-looking Danson walking up to him. “Danson?” he asked in a confused tone. “Chun, I need your help...” Danson said in a low voice. Chun gave his friend a confused look. “What's wrong, Danosn?” he asked. “I... I have this gut feel... someone is trying to steal Cassie away from me...” he said. “Steal your wife-to-be?” Chun asked. Danson nodded his head. “It seems that my fiancee is getting closer to her ex...” Danson said. He bit his lips, trying his best not to cry in front of Chun. “Chun... I... I can't lose Cassie to Calvin again... I love her so much...” he said.

It was to much information for Chun, and it's making him ever more confused. “Wait, what's wrong? Anyway, your wife-to-be came here a few days ago for the wedding cake, and she seemed so excited with your upcoming wedding. How can someone steal her away from you?” Chun asked. “We... we fought... a while ago. She wanted me to go with her to the church to see if everything is set, but... but I can't go. I... I need to meet up with a client for a new business venture... I tried to explain that to her, but she just wouldn't listen. She complained that she couldn't handle it alone. Then, I told her that she's the one who wanted it, and she took it the wrong way. She got mad at me, and told me that maybe we shouldn't get married, and out of anger, I told her that we should not get married at all...” he said. Danson lowered his head to hide the tears forming in his eyes. “So, you told her that you want out?” he asked. “I guess she interpreted it as that. Before she left, she threw her engagement ring at me.” Danson said.

Danson looked up at him, and Chun could see how he is struggling to fight back the tears in his eyes. At that moment, he understood how much his friend love his girlfriend. He understood how much Cassie means to her. “I know I've been neglecting Cassie lately... I've been working hard for the two of us... but... but I don't think she could understand that... I don't know, but lately, she's getting close to her ex-boyfriend again. We... we had a fight a while ago, and the person she called to meet her up is Calvin...” Danson said. He looked up at Chun. This time, he let the tear fall from his eyes. “Dude, help me... I can't lose Cassie... please...” he said. It was breaking his own heart to see his friend like this. Chun let out a sigh, and nodded her head. “Don't worry, Danson. I'll help you.” he said.


“Ella... please...” Calvin begged as he tailed Ella around the office. “Aish, Cal! I don't want to get involved! And besides, don't you think this is a good way for you to be close to Cassie again?” Ella said. She went on her work station, and took the letters on her desk, totally ignoring Calvin who have been pleading her the whole afternoon. “Ella, you are the love expert here. Please, talk to Cassie, will you?” he sad. Ella let out a sigh, then she swiveled her chair to face Calvin. “What should I tell her?”
“Just give her some love advise. You're good at it...”
“Why don't you give her an advice?”
“Because I suck at it.”
“Then, why don't you just tell her that she deserves something more, and then tell her to break up with Danson.”
“Aiyo! I want to fix things between them, not break them apart!”

Ella fell silent. She paused, and gave Calvin a confused look. “Wait...” she said as she stood up. She walked around Calvin as she looked at him from head to toe. “Am I hearing this right? You don't want to break them apart? Didn't I just heard you telling me a few days ago that you want to be with Cassie?” she asked. Calvin just let out a sigh. “You wouldn't understand me, don't you...” he said in frustration. “Of course, I wouldn't. You say one thing one day, and another on the next day. What should I believe in?” she asked. “You know my stand, right? Cassie is in love with Danson. They are getting married in a few days. And when I saw her... I could feel how much she loves Danson...” he said sadly. Calvin lowered his head sadly, and Ella could only watch him. “You're giving up?” she asked. “She was never mine in the first place...” he said. “But you still have the chance to tell her how you feel.” Ella said. Calvin looked up at her, and shook his head. “How can I tell her how I feel? I don't want too expect to much from her. I knew that if I tell Cassie how I feel, I will expect that she will accept my love. And the more that I expect, the more that I will fight for what I feel. I'm scared that one day, I will force her to be with me, and I don't want that to happen. Cassie made her decision a long time ago to be with Danson. I know it's him that makes her happy. I don't want to take that happiness away from her... I don't want to take her away from him...”

Ella let out a smile at him. Finally, Calvin knew what he is supposed to do. “I'm glad you finally realized what you have to do...” she sad. Calvin could only give her a confused look. “When you're in love, you tend to be selfish. Too selfish, that you don't consider how the party would be feeling... if she would be happy or not. It always happens. Love is never selfish, Calvin. It's not about holding on for so long. It's about giving up when you know that you should. It's about moving on, when you know you should have. I know it's hard for your part to move on, but past is past, and I can say that you are slowly moving on...” she said. Now, it's Calvin's turn to be confused. “I don't get it...” he said. Ella let out a laugh as she folded her arms. “What I'm trying to say is that what you're doing is just the right thing to do. And what I'm trying to say is I'm willing to meet up with Cassie to talk to her, all right?” she said. Calvin's face lightened up upon hearing what she said. “Really?” he asked, smiling at her. “Yes.” Ella said, winking at him.


“Do you think she will be here?” Chun asked Danson as he parked his car. They went to Cassie's favorite cafe to look for her. “I know she will be here.” Danson said. As they got out of the car, they looked inside the window, and saw Cassie sitting alone. He turned to Chun with a smile. “I knew she would be here.” he said. Chun handed him the bouquet of roses, and Danson took a deep breath. “I really hope she will forgive me. I hope after this, she would still marry me...” he said nervously. “Aiyo, who could resist Danson Tang's charm? Of course she will still marry you. Things like these little misunderstandings always happen to ordinary couples like you.” Chun said. Danson looked at him, and smiled. “Thanks, Chun...” he said. As they were about to walk, they saw Calvin walked up to Cassie. Danson saw her smile at him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. That scene made him lose all the confidence he had that moment. After all the pep talk Chun did to him, seeing Cassie smile at Calvin made him weak. “Or not...” he muttered.

Danson lowered his head. Once again, he felt the pain in his heart. Chun could see how all his confidence got lost upon seeing Cassie with Calvin again. “Danson, don't be like this... I think this is a good opportunity for you to confront them!” he said. Danson let out a faint smile at him, and shook his head. “I think... I think this is not a good opportunity, Chun. Let... let them be together for now...” he said. Chun could not believe what he said. “You're give her to him?!” he asked. “I don't know...” Danson said. He looked at the window again. From there, he could see Cassie and Calvin chatting happily. He could see Cassie smiling happily at him. It was her smile that made him fall for her in the first place, and now, she's giving that smile to another guy. When was the last time Cassie smiled at him like that? Since he started his business, he hadn't had any time with Cassie, and they were fighting most of the time. He doesn't even remembered Cassie's reaction when he proposed to her, or did he even proposed to her? He knew that since they've been together for a long time, they will end up getting married. All he did was talk to her about their plans to get married. Then, he made that plan happened. Nothing special happened when he asked her to marry him.

“I guess I am giving her up...” he said sadly. “I could never compare to Calvin in the first place...” Chun looked at his friend, and he is somewhat disappointed at him. “That's it? You're not going to tell that guy to back off? Man, Cassie is still your girl! And you are getting married in three days' time!” Chun said. Danson just nodded his head. “That's what I know... we are getting married in three days. But... will she ever appear at the church on our wedding day?” he asked. He turned to Chun, and handed him the bouquet of roses. “You better give that to Ella instead.” he said. Then, he turned his back, and walk away from him. Chun let out a sigh, and shook his head. “Well, if you cant do it, I'll do it for you!” Chun shouted at him.

As he turned around, he saw Ella going inside the cafe. “What is she doing here?” he thought. Curious, he followed Ella inside the cafe. He hid himself at one corner, and then watched her carefully. “Does she have a date that I didn't know?” he asked. Then, he took out his phone. Ella paused as she heard his phone ringing. She took it from her pocket, and answered it. “Hello?” she said. “Oh, hey, Ellie! Where are you?” she heard Chun asked. Ella was confused as to why Chun is asking where she is. “Out, grabbing some coffee with some friends...” Ella said. “Oh, all right. I just checked on you. Gotta go. Bye!” Chun said. Ella ended the call, and then she looked at her phone with a confused expression on her face. “What's wrong with that guy?” she thought. She sighed, and then shook her head as she put back the phone on her pocket. Chun peeked out from where he is, and she saw Ella walking up to a tall guy. “Hey, Calvin!” she said.

Chun could feel the vein in his head popping out as he saw Ella give Calvin a kiss on the cheek. “Why that moron... he's taking Danson's girl, and now he's playing with my girl!” he thought angrily. He watched as Calvin helped Ella to her seat. “Damn, Ella! He's with another girl a while ago! And why are you cheating on me? Wait... we're just pretending to be together... but we're still together, so it means you're still cheating on me!” he thought. Chun threw one last glance at Ella, and then he stormed out of the cafe. He will have to confront Ella later, and he knows it's not going to be a good confrontation.

“Thanks for helping me, Ella.” Calvin said. Ella just smiled at his colleague. “I promised you, right? Where is Cassie?” Ella asked. “She just went to the washroom.” Calvin said. Just then, Cassie came, and then she sat beside Calvin. She saw Ella, and she was happy to see her. “Hey, Ella! Long time no see...” she greeted. “Hey, Cassie. Excited for your big day?” Ella asked. With that, Cassie's smile slowly disappeared from her face. “Is there going to be one?” she said sadly. Ella looked at Calvin, and the latter just shrugged his shoulder. “Is there something wrong, Cassie?” Ella asked. “Danson and I had a fight a few days ago, and until now, he's not calling me to apologize.” Cassie said. “What did the two of you fought about?” Ella asked.

Then, Cassie began to tell the story to Ella. Ella just listened to every word that Cassie said. As Cassie tells her story, she was crying, and Calvin was comforting her. “I guess, in the end he really didn't want to marry me... but I do wish that he would just tell me now that he doesn't really want to marry me so that I won't expect so much from him... maybe after all these time, he never really loved me...” Cassie said. Ella glanced at Calvin, and he just looked back at Ella. Then, she turned to Cassie. “Maybe he was just tired from work when he said that. Maybe what you said also provoked him to say that you two should not get married. Cassie, you have to understand... Danson is just starting up his business. He is working hard for the two of you, for your future. He's doing that so that you can be proud of him...” Ella said. Ella leaned forward, and held Cassie's hand. “When the two of you get married, you will have a lot of fights and misunderstanding. It could be much worse than what the two of you are going through at this moment. When that happens, you have to be more patient, and be more understanding. And besides, I believe a man will not ask a woman to marry him if he doesn't really love her. Men by nature are polygamous, and to be tied down to only one woman is a risk for him.” she said. Then, she eyed on Calvin. “Right, Calvin?” she said. Calvin nodded his head. “Yeah, Ella is right. You should listen to her.” Calvin said.

Cassie let out a sigh, and lowered her head. “I'm still scared...” she said. “What if he means it this time? What if it's really over? I love Danson so much...i don't think I could bear it if... if he leaves me for good...” Cassie asked sadly. “If Danson really loves you, he will keep his promise to you...” Ella said. Then, at what she said, she paused, and looked at Cassie. “He will... keep his promise...” she added. With that, she suddenly remembered Sphinx. Her mind drifted back to the time Sphinx promised her that he will marry her when she turns 25. And now, she is 25, but Sphinx left her to be with another girl. “He... he never loved me...” she muttered.

Calvin and Cassie looked at her with confusion on their face. “Ella, are you all right?” Calvin asked. It's as if she was awaken from her sleep. She looked up at the two, and let out a smile. “Y-yeah... I am. I am all right.” she stuttered. She grabbed a glass of water beside her, and finished it all up. “Yeah, I'm all right.” she said, letting out a nervous laugh. “As... as I was saying... If... If Danson loves you, he will keep his promise to you. If he does love you, he will wait for you at the altar. And if not, then he doesn't deserve you at all. I guess it's a cliché for me... I always say that. But that's the rule, I guess.” Ella said. Ella leaned towards the girl in front of her and smiled at her. “I know you love Danson. And I know that Danson loves you... in every relationship, you need to trust your partner. So, do you trust Danson?” she asked. Cassie slowly nodded her head. “Then if you do, you should believe in his love for you. I guess you and Danson needs to talk.” she said. Cassie looked at her, and smiled. “I guess you're right. I... I'll talk to Danson as soon as I can.” she said. Ella looked at Calvin. She saw him mouthing thanks to her, and she just winked at her friend. At least she was able to solve Calvin's problem, somehow.


Chun stood by the door, waiting for Ella to come home that night. He looked at his watch for the nth time, and let out another sigh of frustration. “Why is that girl not home yet? Is she enjoying the company of that moron?” he thought angrily. Just then, he saw Ella walking up to her apartment. Ella noticed that he have been standing by his door. “Hey, Chun.” she greeted. She smiled at him, and then walked up to her door, ignoring him completely. This made him even more madder. “'Hey, Chun?' Is that all you've got to say?” he asked angrily. Ella paused, and looked at him in confusion. “Good evening?” she asked. Chun closed his eyes, and let out a sigh. “Damn it, Ella! Damn it!” he hissed. “What the hell is wrong with you?” she asked. Chun clenched his fist as he opened his eyes. Ella is still confused with his reaction. “I called you a while ago.”
“Yes, you did.”
“You said you're grabbing coffee with a friend!”
“I am.”
“Damn it, Ella! I saw you, all right?! I followed you! You went on a date with some lanky bean!”

Ella was surprised at his reaction, and most of all, with what he said. “Date? Lanky bean? Chun, I only went out to have coffee with Calvin and -”
“Damn it! You went out with that guy!”
Ella let out a sigh of frustration, and shook her head. “What's wrong with you? Can't I have a coffee with my colleague?” she snapped at him. “Just a colleague?! You kissed him on the cheek!” Chun shouted at him. “Can't I kiss my friends in the cheek?” she asked again. His reaction is confusing her even more. She doesn't know why Chun is acting this way. “Is he jealous of Calvin?” she thought. “And do you have any idea that that moron you 'dated' this afternoon was with another girl?! And that girl is our classmate's fiancee?” Chun asked again. “I know, all right! That's why I met them at the coffee shop! Calvin and Cassie needed my help -”

Chun's eyes widened in bewilderment. So, Ella is not dating Calvin, but she is helping Calvin and Cassie to be together. “Damn! I really can't believe you, Ella!” he shouted. Ella flinched at him. “Excuse me?!” she exclaimed. “Did you know that there is already a trouble between Danson and Cassie, and yet you chose to help Cassie and that lanky bean to be together!” Chun shouted at her. “Excuse me, I am not helping -”
“And you know what else, huh? Danson is already thinking of not marrying Cassie because of what you're doing! Damn it, Ella! How can you hurt your friend like this?! How could you encourage some random guy to take his girl away?! Do you know how broken hearted Danson is right now? If Cassie did not show on their wedding day, it's all your falut!” Chun shouted angrily. Ella took a deep breath, and then she looked at Chun sternly. “I am not doing anything wrong!” she shouted at him. “Damn it, Chun... can you listen for me even for just a second?!” she continued. Chun shook his head angrily. “I don't want to listen to your lies, all right?!”

Ella just looked at Chun. He could tell by her face that she is tired of this fight. “You don't trust me, don't you?” she asked. Chun was taken aback by what she said. “You always say that we're friends now, but you don't trust me. Why would I lie to you, Chun? Did I ever lied to you?” she asked again. Chun could not answer her question. He was trying to figure out what to say, but his mind is too rambled to find the right words to say to her. He trusts her, all right. He trusts her so much. It's just that seeing Ella with Calvin a while ago made him angry with jealousy. He couldn't bear seeing Ella with another guy. “If you don't trust me, then I don't think we could ever be friends. If you won't listen to me, then we can't be friends.” she said calmly this time. She shook her head, and then turned her back and left him all alone.

Chun smacked himself in the head because of what he did. He should have not accused Ella of doing those kind of things. But then, everything have already been said and done, he just wished Ella could still forgive him after what he said tonight.


“I'm glad you came...”

Calvin turned around, and saw Danson walking up to him. It's the night before the wedding, and Calvin was surprised to receive a call from Danson, asking him to meet him at the park that night. “Why did you want to meet me, Danson?” Calvin asked. “You should know why I asked you to meet me here. We have to talk about Cassie...” Danson said.

Calvin paused, and looked away from the man in front of him. “I've got one question for you, Calvin. Do you love Cassie?” Danson asked. Calvin looked at him, and stared at him for a long time. Danson held his breath as he anticipated his answer. “I do.” Calvin said. Danson could feel a tug on his heart upon hearing his answer. “But she doesn't love me. I know that.” Calvin added. “Don't tell me things just to make me feel all right, Cal. We both knew it was you that she first loved.”
“But it's you that she chose to spend forever with.”
“Cassie can always change her mind about me, you know that.”
“She is marrying you.”
“She is marrying me, but that doesn't mean that she loves me.”

Calvin glared at him. He grabbed Danson by his collar, and he lifted his balled fist in the air. “Damn you, Danson! Damn you! Are you blind? Don't you know how lucky you are that you have Cassie?!” he shouted at him. Danson just looked away, and did not utter a word. Calvin let him go by pushing him away. Calvin shook his head, and let out a laugh. “I think I know what this is. You saw me with Cassie, right? You thought that after your fight, she would come back to me? Damn, Danson! Are you stupid? Do you have any idea how much she cried when the two of you fought? She was being paranoid. She was thinking that you don't love her anymore because you want to call off the wedding. All she wanted is for you to have more time with her, that's all!” Calvin shouted at him.

Then, he took a deep breath to calm himself down. “Look, Danson. Don't ever think of standing up on her tomorrow. She will marry you tomorrow, I assure you that. Can you give me an assurance that you will be there to keep your promise to her?” Calvin asked again. Still, Danson remained unmoved and did not answer him, which made Calvin even more frustrated. “Fine! Let me tell you this... if you won't appear tomorrow, don't ever come back into her life. I won't let you do the same mistakes I did five years ago. I won't let you hurt her the way I did five years ago.” Calvin said. Then, he turned his back and left Danson alone.

As Danson watched Calvin leave, a sudden realization came to him. He knew in his heart that he love Cassie, and he can't let Calvin have her.


Wedding day.

Cassie sat in front of the mirror. She was trying to calm herself down, for she was feeling a mixed emotion inside her. She was anxious about her wedding, for there is no assurance that Danson will come. Danson still have not talked to her, and she's starting to think that he is serious about him calling off the wedding. But she still trusts that he will come, and today, they will open a new chapter of their lives together as husband and wife.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. “Come in...” she said. As the door behind her opened, she looked at the mirror and saw Danson walking up to him. He was ever so dashing in the tuxedo that he is wearing today. “Hey...” he called, smiling at him. Upon seeing Danson, she could feel the tears falling for her eyes. “Why are you crying? Don't cry... it will ruin your beautiful face...” he said. Cassie wiped the tears from her face, and then looked up at him. “I'm sorry... I... I thought you will not come. I thought you will leave me...” she said. Danson knelt before her, and then cupped her cheek. “I have a confession to make. I wasn't supposed to come here. The truth is, I was scared you will stood me me up... and that in the end, you will choose Calvin over me. I'm jealous of him because you've been getting close to him lately. I... I was scared that your feelings for him will come back, and since I'm taking you for granted, you will break up with me...” he said. Cassie just laughed at what he said, then she shook her head. “Whatever Calvin and I had, it's all in the past now. You are my present, and my future...” she said. Danson smiled at her. Then, he took out her engagement ring from his side pocket, and then placed it on her hand. “This is the assurance that I will wait for you later at the altar. Please don't keep me waiting, all right?” he asked. Cassie smiled, and nodded her head.

“Finally, all's well that ends well...” they heard someone say. The two of them looked up, and saw Calvin by the door. “Anyway, everyone is wondering if the two of you are ready to get married? The guests are getting cranky, you know.” Calvin said. The couple just laughed at what he said. Then, Danson looked up at Cassie. “I've been ready for this day all my life...” he said. Cassie blushed at what he said, and then she let out a smile at him. “Aiyo, don't make me feel so jealous. Hey groom, you better get to your place. And you, bride, fix your make up, all right?” Calvin said. Danson stood up, and then planted a kiss on Cassie's forehead. “I'll see you later, my love.” he said. Then, he walked up to Calvin. “Thanks, man. Thank you for making me realize what I would have been missing if I gave her up to you.” he said. Calvin just smiled, and nodded his head. “Anything for the two of you.” he said. Danson looked back at Cassie, who was busy fixing herself. “I am sure more than ever that I love her. I'm giving you a chance to tell her how you feel. It wouldn't hurt, I guess...” Danson said. He tapped his shoulder, then went out of the waiting room.

Calvin took a deep breath as he approached Cassie. “Ready?” he asked. Cassie looked up at him, and nodded her head. She stood up, and Calvin escorted her. “Is there something that you want to tell me, Cal?” Cassie asked. Calvin paused, and then he smiled at her. “I... I wish you happiness, Cassie.” he said.


The wedding ceremony have ended, and the party have already started. Ella have already finished her hosting stint, and all the guests were dancing on the floor with the band playing. As she walked down the stage, she saw Chun approaching her. “Ella, can we talk?” Chun asked as soon as he saw her. Ella glared at him, and just ignored him. Chun held her arm, and turned her to face him. “Talk to me, all right? Don't give me the silent treatment.” he said. “If all the words I say would only be lies for you, then I'd rather not talk to you.” she snapped at him. “Look, I'm sorry that I overreacted, OK?” he said. Ella rolled her eyes at him again, and left him alone.

Chun just sighed, and watched Ella as she leaves. “Awww... seems like you pissed her off...” he heard someone said. He looked beside him, and saw Calvin standing beside him. Chun could only glare at him, and Calvin laughed upon seeing his reaction. “Relax, man... I'm on your side. What did you do to Ella? Are you wishing for your death that's why you pissed her off?” Calvin asked. “None of your business.” Chun snapped at him. Calvin just smiled as he shook his head. “You know, Ella is really good at giving advices. If it wasn't for her, this wedding wouldn't be possible. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't realize the right thing to do.” Calvin said. Chun glanced at him, curious at what he said. “If I didn't listen to Ella, I would have kidnapped the bride a long time ago. You would have seen Danson crying today... but because of Ella, she enlightened me and Cassie. She told me that I should not be selfish, and that I should learn to let go of Cassie. She also talked to Cassie about going through this, convincing her that she should trust Danson more. With her words, she made me realize that there are a lot of ways I can show someone how much I love them. I don't have to say it aloud. I just have to show them through my actions.” he said. Chun gave him a surprised look. “She did that?” he asked. Calvin nodded his head. “She is such an amazing girl. She got out of her way to fix things between us... and it worked. Look at the newly weds. They are very happy.” he said. Calvin pointed at Danson and Cassie, who were dancing to their song.

“She... she fixed the trouble between Danson and Cassie?” Chun asked. “Yep. You heard that right.” Calvin said. “So, I guess I'm wrong...” Chun said sadly. “If you did something wrong, all you have to do is say sorry... in a sincere way.” Calvin said. “I... I just hope she would accept my apology...” Chun said. “Actually, I can't blame you if you acted that way. You're only protecting your friend. And besides, Ella and I only have this professional relationship, nothing personal, really... so you don't have to be jealous of me.” Calvin said. Chun gave him a shocked look. “Why would I be jealous of you?!” he asked. “Aren't you Ella's boyfriend? Danson told me that a while ago.” Calvin said. Chun looked away from him, but then his eyes caught Ella from the other side of the room. “So, you are the reason why Ella is not cranky as usual, huh? You are the reason why she have this glow on her face. You're one hell of a lucky guy, man. Don't ever let Ella slip away. A girl like her is really hard to find.” Calvin said. Chun just stared at Ella, who was happily chatting with the other female guests. “Yeah, someone like her is really hard to find...” he said. “So, if I were you, I'll walk up to her and ask her to dance, then the two of you should work things out. You can do it.” Calvin gave him a nudge, and winked at him, and then he left Chun alone.

“Hey, Ella... enjoying the party?” Danson asked as he approached her. Ella turned around, and smiled at him. “Yes, I am.” she said. “Seems like you and your boyfriend isn't talking. Are you guys OK?” Danson asked. Ella gave him a confused look. “Boyfriend? Which boyfriend?” she asked. Danson let out a laugh, and then he shook his head. “Aiyo, don't play dumb on me. I already know. Chun told me that the two of you are together now.” he said. Ella's eyes widened with surprise with what he said. “What?! He said that?!” she exclaimed. “You don't have to keep it from everyone, Ella. From what I see, Chun really loves you...” he said. Then, he smirked as he folded his arms. Ella is still trying to digest everything Danson have told him. “And let me tell you something, Ella... I think I know who Chun's first love is...” he said. Ella gave him another confused look. “Who?” she asked. “I'm not telling. All I know is that until now, Chun is still in love with her. It's still up to you to find out. If you found out who she is, then I tell you, you will be able to get back at him for all the things he have done to you in the past.” he said. He winked at her, and walked away from her. She was still thinking all the things that Danson told her, that she did not noticed that Chun approached him.

“Ellie, please talk to me... please...” he begged. Upon seeing him, she folded his arm, and walked away from him. Chun is still persistent to get her forgiveness, and followed her. “I am really sorry. I'm sorry I accused you for ruining Danson's life. I'm sorry that I did not listen to you. I'm sorry if you think that I don't trust you. I know everything now... if it wasn't for you, then there wouldn't have been a wedding today.” Chun said. Ella just shrugged him off as she walked away from him. “Please, Ellie... forgive me...” he said. Ella just let out a sigh, and still walked away from him. They were already in the middle of the dance floor. Chun stopped her by walking up in front of her. “Please, Ella... I'm really really sorry...” he said. She looked up into his face, and she could see that he really means it this time. “You're saying sorry to those things? What about the time you told Danson that I am your girlfriend?” she asked him. “But you are!” Chun said. “We had a deal, remember? Rule number 3, we should act only in front of grandma and grandpa. I believe that includes not telling everyone that we are together.” she said. Chun was surprised at what he said, then he figured out that Danson could have told Ella what he told him before. “I'm sorry. I'm sorry I told Danson that you are my girlfriend. It slipped on my tongue. And besides, do you think we should let other people know that we are actually dating so that grandma and grandpa won't suspect a thing?” he asked.

Ella wanted to protest, but then she realized the he is right. “Then... then don't tell all the people we know that we are dating. Can you be a little discreet?” she asked. “I told Hiro you are my girlfriend, what difference would it make?”
“Danson is our classmate! What would our other classmates think when they found out that we're together?”
“Does it really matter? We are getting married anyway.”
“No, we're not! Who said that we are?”
Chun paused, and looked at her. “Grandma and groovy grandpa did...” he said. “I thought you said we will find a way not to get married. What about you and Bianca?” she asked. “Do we really have to take Bianca and Sphinx into consideration when it comes to our relationship?”
“You like her. And I didn't mention Sphinx.”
“But I know you are going too, anyway!”
“Why are you getting mad? I just mentioned Bianca...”
“Well, I want you to stop mentioning their names as long as we're 'together'. I don't want any of them to get into our 'relationship'.”
Ella could only give him a confused look. “Why are you acting that way. Are you jealous?”
“Rule number 2.”
“What does rule number 2 got to do with my question?”
“Exactly! Why should I be jealous?”

I don't know how,
I don't know why
But girl it seems
You've touched my heart
You're in my dreams,
You're in my heart
I'm not myself
When we're apart...

Chun shook his head, and let out a sigh. “Can we not fight today?” he asked. “You started it!” Ella said. “I already said I'm sorry...” Chun said wearily. Ella folded her arms, and then her expression softened upon seeing the weary look on his face. “Fine, you're forgiven...” she said. With that, Chun let out a smile. “Come to think of it... since Kindergarten, this is the first time you sincerely said you're sorry... I guess I have no reason no to forgive you at all...” she said. Chun smiled, and nodded his head. “And if I'm forgiven, will you do the honor of dancing with me?” he asked. He held out her hand to her. He looked at her hopefully, wishing that she would not turn down his offer. Ella let out a smile, and took her hand. “I'd love to...” she said.

Something strange has come over me
A raging wind across my seas
And girl you know that your eyes are to blame
And what am I supposed to do
If I can't get over you
I come to find that you don't feel the same

Danson and Cassie looked at Ella and Chun as they danced. “Look at how in love those two are...” Danson said. Cassie nodded her head. “They were like us when we started, right?” Cassie said. Dansonn looked at his wife, and nodded his head. “Yeah, exactly, like us... I bet they will also have the ending that we have now...” he said. Cassie smiled, and nodded her head. “I still can't believe it... what you told me... that Ella is Chun's first love? I thought they hated each other...”
“Come to think of it... looking back, there are some hints that Chun have a huge crush on Ella. It's that I chose to ignore it. But seeing them together, now I know it's him.”
“But you said that you caught Chun one time leaving a bag of cookies on her desk?”
“You're right. I thought it was a prank or something, but it wasn't. He did that I think when they had a huge major fight back in fourth grade. And you know what, when we dared him to kiss his crush on graduation day, he said that he would steal Ella's first kiss instead. I'm guessing he did that because he doesn't want us to find that Ella really is his crush...”

Cassie looked at the two, and she saw how they gazed into each other's eyes. “Well, with that said, I guess they will really end up together...” she said. “Well, enough of them, Mrs. Tang... there's something I want to ask you.” Danson said. Cassie looked at him. He let out that boyish smile that she fell in love with. “Will you marry me once a day for the rest of our lives?” he asked. Cassie couldn't help but giggle at him. “I would love too...” she answered. With that, Danson leaned down on her, and kissed her lovingly on the lips.

Will you stay or will you go
Heaven, heaven knows what my future holds
Questions, questions linger on my mind
Day break from day break to dark of night
I'm fallin' I don't know what's come over me
Can't you see that...

As Chun and Ella danced, he gazed into her eyes. He felt like being lost into her eyes. He felt that in the crowd, it was only him and her. “God, I'm so in love with this girl...” he thought. Nobody had this effect on him, than Ella. Since then, he have loved her, and he knew bullying her and picking on her is a bad idea to keep what he feels inside. He thought that if his friends would find out that he likes her, they would tease them, and he knew that it would hurt Ella's feelings, and so, he decided to act as if he hates her, even though he is in love with her. He have fallen in love with her since the first day he saw her in kindergarten, but since he was young then, and doesn't know what to do with the situation, he would always start a fight with her. There are times that he would want to be friends with her, but he knew Ella hates her so much. And that fact hurts him the most. “Ever since we were kids, I have loved you... and now that we're pretending to be together, it makes me so happy. God, I've waited for this moment to come... I really hope we could stop pretending and be together for real...” he thought.

Ella gazed into his eyes, and smiled to herself. “Why didn't I noticed how handsome Chun really is? Why didn't I noticed how gentle he is?” she thought. She admits to herself, as days passes by and as she gets close to Chun, she found herself falling in love with her. Chun have always been there for her during the lowest period of her life. She didn't noticed him right away, because of the hatred she felt for him for a long time. But since they made that truce, she slowly sees the good side of Chun, and it was making her fall for him even more. With them pretending to be together, it didn't help much, as when Chun acts sweet towards her, she tends to forget that they are only pretending. Sometimes, she's scared that he would find out that she is starting to like him. She's scared that if he found out, he would tease her, or hate her, or laugh at her. They are starting to be in good terms, and she's scared that if Chun found out about how she feels, everything would end abruptly. Slowly, she realized the Chun is taking Sphinx's space in her heart, and she have no regret with that.

Chun held Ella close to him as they danced. “Ella... I'm so in love with you... but I know that you love Sphinx... I... I do hope one day I could find a space in your heart, and you will give me a chance to prove that I am better than him. Actually, you already did... I... I really hope you'll fall for me too...” he thought. “Chun, I know you are still in love with Bianca and with your first love, but can I pray for you to chose me instead of them?” she thought. Suddenly, the two of them felt awkward because they have been to engrossed with each other for a long time. “Why, do you find me handsome today that you can't take your eyes off me, Ms. Chen?” he asked. Ella just laughed at him. “Why, do you find me really pretty today that you kept on staring at me, Mr. Wu.” she asked. Chun just laughed at what she said. Then, she reached up to him, and kissed him on the cheek, much to his surprise. “Don't take it to heart, Mr. Wu. It's just a friendly kiss. A thank you kiss for dancing with me.” she said. “Honestly, I have no plan of letting you dance with other guys tonight.” he said. Then, Ella put her arms around her and they began to slow dance once again.

I'm fallin', fallin'
Girl I'm fallin' for you
And I pray your fallin' too
I've been fallin' fallin'
Ever since the moment I laid eyes on you

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