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Sunday, May 23, 2010
The Man-Hater - Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – And When She Finds Out...

Of course. This should have been a happy ending. Ending theme should have been cued right here. The man-hater and the playboy lives happily ever after...

Not! For now.

It would have been a boring story if there's no conflict, right? Imagine, if Romeo and Juliet's parents approved their relationship, then maybe Juliet would have not been a stupid girl who acted as if she's a suicidal, lovelorn girl. And Romeo would have not fell for it and drank up to poison whom he thought have killed his precious Juliet. And imagine, if Cinderella's stepmother is not that evil, then maybe the prince would have found her easily. But it would bore the hell out of us, right?

So, as we thought that things are oh-so-going-well with Chun and Ella, someone have totally forgot his promise of keeping the bet to themselves. And someone is out to use that to ruin their not-so-perfect relationship. And yes, get ready to kill George now.

If only he didn't went to Joanne's Sunday afternoon party, and drove in his newly-acquired Lamborghini Gallardo, then maybe secret will still be a secret. But George let the cat out of the bag. Joanne forced to let the cat out of the bag.


It was a boring party. Of course, for Joanne, it is a boring party, because the love of her life is not coming. Ever since the news about Chun confirming that he is seriously dating one of the most-sought-after architect of Taiwan, it was hard on her part to talk to him and invite him to her party. Alone.

“Joanne, dear...” Charlene said as she joined her at the bar. “Don't feel bad about that bastard...” she added. Joanne glared at her friend. “I so hate him and that bitch!” she said. “You know, the old Chun just didn't take you seriously, as well as the other girls he dated back then. Why don't you just move on, and find someone much better than him?” Charlene said. “He's the only one I want, Charlene.” she said. She grabbed her wine, and drank it up. “Chun is the only one I want and need...” she muttered. Charlene could only shake her head in dismay. “Joanne, there are a lot of guys lining up for you. Don't waste your time with him.” she said. Joanne glared at her again. “If you won't say anything nice... shut up!” she hissed at her.

The two became quiet for a while. Just then, they heard a commotion at the party. “Cool car, George!” they heard someone said. Charlene and Joanne looked back, and saw people surrounding George. They walked to him, and made their way through George. They saw him standing beside Chun's Lamborghini Gallardo. “Where's Chun?” Joanne asked him. “He's not here.” George said. “But... his car is here.” she said. George let out a smile at her. “Not anymore. I am the new owner of this Lamborghini Gallardo.” he said. Joanne rolled her eyes at him. “Oh, shut up!”
“But it's true! I am the new owner of this car.”
“Chun loves that car more than he loves his life. How could he sell it to you? I don't think he is going bankrupt...”
“He did not sell it to me... he gave it to me.”

Joanne and Charlene gave each other a confused look, then turned to George again. “You are lying.” Charlene said. “I am not! He gave it to me!” George argued. “Why would he give it you, unless he is desperate...” Joanne said. George smirked at the two girls. “Oh, he's desperate, all right.” he said. “What do you mean?” she asked. He shrugged his shoulders again. “I'm not telling.”

Joanne knew that something fishy is going on. She knows Chun. He loved his Lamborghini Gallardo more than he loved all of his girlfriend (if he really did love them). So, why would he just give it to George? Unless he did something really bad, and bribed George so that he won't say anything. “So... what did Chun do this time that got him into trouble?” Joanne asked. “Chun is not in trouble, alright?”
“I know he is. He did something stupid so he bribed you. I think this time, he really messed up big time.”
“No. You're just being paranoid, Joanne.”

Joane smirked at him as she folded her arms. “I think you're covering up for him.” she said. “I am not!” George said defensively. “I know you, George. You and your friends tends to cover up for Chun each and every time he is in trouble. So.. what did he do this time?”
“Chun didn't do anything, all right?”
“If you won't tell me, I'll tell your girlfriend all the things that happened in Hawaii last year.”
She let out a smile at him as she walked up to him. “If Kimi finds out your little affair last year, I am so sure that the wedding will be off in no time.” she said. George's eyes widened with shock. He swore to himself that he will keep his affair in Hawaii a secret, since he is about to get married to Kimi Ren. And if she found out about it, he knew he is doomed for his death.

He let out a sigh, and decided to tell Joanne the truth. “All right... all right... I'll tell you. Just keep my affair and this one a secret, all right? Kimi and Chun will kill me...” George said. “You know that I keep secrets well...” she said with a smile. “All right... Chun gave me the car, because he conceded to me in a dare...” he began to tell.


Chun stopped his car in front of an empty lot. He got out of the car, and soon after, Ella came out of the car as well. “So, is this part of your plan for our date? Taking me to some empty lot... for what?” she asked as she folded her arms. Chun looked at her, and smiled. She walked up to him, and as she got near him, he put his arm around her. “I just want to show you this newly acquired property I got.” he said. She folded her arms, and smirked at her. “So, why are you flaunting this piece of land to me?” she asked. “I am planning to build a house here. Since you're an architect, maybe you can help me decide on the design of the house.” he said.

Ella gave him a confused look. “Why do you want to build a house all of a sudden?” she asked. “Because my condo unit is getting smaller for me, that's why. So tell me, what design do you have in mind? What's your dream house?” he asked. Ella looked away from him and stared at the empty lot before her. She let out a smile as she sighed. “Well, you can make it a three storey house. There would be three to four bed rooms on it, and a terrace of course. The house should not occupy the whole land, but there should be a lot of space for the garden. You can also put a swimming pool on it, since this is big lot. There should also be a lot of windows, so that the lights will get inside the house during the day. And, the color should be white.” she said. Then, she turned to him. “Wait... why are you asking me about my dream house. You are the one going to build the house here. What kind of house do you like anyway?” she asked. Chun smiled at her, and then looked at the lot. “Anything... as long as you're inside that house... it's my dream home.” he said.

Ella felt herself blush at what he said. She bit her lips as she looked up at him. “Wu Chun... that's the sweetest pick up line I've heard since I met you. You're improving, huh?” she teased him. Chun just laughed at him. “And I'm glad you fell for that this time.” he said. “You're not proposing marriage to me right now, right?” she asked. Chun shook his head. “Why? I don't think this is a very special day to propose to you. Plus, the moment we have now is not too dramatic. I want it to be very very special, so special, that you will end up crying when I pop that question to you.” he said. “Well, I'm looking forward to that day, Wu Chun. No rush. You still have more time to think things through... if you really want to get tied down to me...” she said. “Oh... no rush needed. I've made up my mind about you... about use... that I want to be with you forever... and I knew that since the very first night that I met you.” he said. Ella smiled at him again, then she rested her head on his shoulder.


“I'll see you later tonight, all right? Bye. Love you.” Chun said over the phone. He called Ella that afternoon to remind her of their date that night. A smile was plastered on his face as he ended the call. Tonight is a special day for them. It's their 100th day anniversary, and he really prepared for their date tonight. He reserved the whole Bon Apetite, her favorite restaurant, for the night. He instructed the chef to cook all of her favorites. He ordered her favorite lavender roses to decorate the whole place, and he hired a group of musicians to serenade her tonight with all of her favorite songs.

He leaned back on his chair, and then opened the drawer. From inside, he took a red velvety box. He opened it, and stared at the solitary diamond ring inside it. “Ella Chen... tonight is the night... I will finally ask you the question. I hope that you will say yes to me...” he said to himself. He smiled to himself as he took the ring out of the box. “I will prove to you tonight that what I'm saying is true. And tonight, I will definitely keep my promise. I sure will, Ella...” he said. He threw the ring up in the air, and then catch it with his hand.

And as he practiced how to ask her to marry him, he felt excited about this very special night.


“Why don't you try this dress on?” Hebe said to Ella as he gave her a blue, haltered dress. Ella took it from her, and looked at the dress for a long time. “Not my type.” she said. Hebe let out a sigh, and took another dress from the rack. “This?” she asked. Ella shook her head again. This time, Ella took a white tube dress from the rack, and showed it to Hebe. “This one?” she asked. Hebe looked at it for a while, and gave her a thumbs up sign. “Perfect!” she said. Just as Ella was about to head to the fitting room, she bumped into Joanne and Charlene.

“Look who we have here. One of Chun's flings.” Joanne said in a mocked tone. Ella let out a sigh at her. “I'm not hearing anything...” she thought. She chose to ignore her, but as she walked away, Joanne held her by the arm. Ella glared at her. “Excuse me, but you see, I am in a hurry. I have a date with your ex-boyfriend tonight.” she said. Joanne smirked at her. “Oh, so now you are admitting that you are dating Chun, huh? What happened to that part where you said that you two are just friends, and you don't need someone like him in your life?” she said. Ella rolled her eyes at her. “Well... can't two friends go out on a date?” she snapped at her. “You tend to eat up all your words, Ella Chen. First, you told me that you don't like him, but you are already dating him. You're such a liar...”
“Well, first... it wasn't my fault that your ex-boyfriend fell for my charms. It just so happened to be a very charming girl. At least I am not as clingy and obsessed like you are.”
“So, you're saying that you did seduce my Chun?”
“Your Chun? Excuse me, but I didn't see any tag on him saying that you own him. And so, finders keepers, losers weepers.”

Joanne folded her arms as she circled her. “Let's see who gets to weep in the end.” she hissed at her. She let out an evil smile as she faced her. “Aren't you even wondering why the guy have been chasing you? Because, you know, honestly, you're not as pretty or as prim and proper as the girls he used to date.” Joanne said. “Well... does these girls you're talking about includes you? Because if yes, I could understand why.” she said. “Did he make you believe that it was love at first sight for him when he met you that night?”
“He flirted with me.”
“He does that to every girls he meets at the club, dearie... what makes you think you're different?”
“Because he chased me even after that night...”

Joanne let out a sigh. “Oh, you're so naïve...” she said. Ella gave her a confused look. “I know what happened the night you two first met. And he told me that he was pissed off by you, because of what you did... you know... pouring that drink on him and punching him in front of his friends.” Joanne said. “W-what are you talking about?” Ella asked in a confused tone. It seems like this conversation is not turning up the way she was expecting it to be. “You pissed him off that night... you know... when you tried to get back at him for dumping your poor little best friend. He wanted to get back at you for what you did to him. So, he made a deal with his friends. If he gets you to fall in love with him, and he lures you to his bed within three months, then he wins George's villa. If not, he loses his precious car.”

Ella was shocked at what she just heard. She felt as if someone struck her at her heart. She can't believe that Chun made her fall for him just to get back at what she did that night. And worst of all, she was the subject of a bet between him and his friends. “Of course, Chun wouldn't want to lose. So, he did everything he could to make you fall for him, and he won. By now, I bet Chun is enjoying himself in his newly acquired villa in Kaoshiung...” Joanne continued. Ella glared at her. “Stop it. That's not true!” she said. “Chun is a liar, Ella. You should have known that, especially since he lied to your best friend, telling her that he loves her so that he could have her in his bed. The things he showed you, it means nothing to him. You mean nothing to him, Ella... just like all the girls that came into his life.” Joanne leaned over the still shocked Ella. “You lose.” she whispered to her. Then, she left Ella alone.

At that very moment, Ella felt the rage burning in her heart. Chun lied to her. Chun pretended that he does love her in order to win the bet. She was hurt all right, and she will do everything tonight to make Chun feel how hurt she is.


Chun sat in the restaurant, and looked at his watch. 9 PM. He let out a sigh as he leaned on his chair. Somehow, he is getting worried about his girlfriend. Ella is never late, and even if she is, she would tell her beforehand. “What happened to her?” he thought. He reached for his mobile phone, and dialed her number. As he heard it ring, he looked up and saw Ella walking up from the door. A smile escaped Chun's lips. He stood up from his seat, and walked up to her. “Ella! You worried me... anything that came up at the office?” he asked. Ella looked at him angrily, and that mad expression on her face made him confused. “It's just a long day at work...” she lied. Chun nodded his head. “Come on, let's have dinner. I prepared your favor-”
“I'm not in the mood for dinner, Chun.”

Chun let out a sigh. “OK... it seems you are a litle tired...” he said. Ella looked around the restaurant, and let out a laugh. “You really went through a lot of preparations for tonight, huh?” she said. Chun is getting even more confused with the way Ella is acting. “Yes... it's our 100th day anniversary, remember?” he said. Ella folded her arms, and glared at him. “Yes... I forgot... we know each other for more than 3 months now, right?” she said. Chun nodded his head. Ella let out a wicked smile at him. “So... in those 3 months... you sure did everything you could to woo me... and make me fall for you...” she said. Chun nodded his head. “I told you... I love you ever since that night we met...” he said. Ella gave him a skeptical look. “You do?” she asked sarcastically. “Weren't you mad at me for pouring a drink on you, and punching you? I must have given you a black eye...” she said. “I... was... a little mad... yes...” he answered slowly. “If I were in your position... I would plan to get back at me... you know... like making that girl fall in love with me...” she said.

Chun felt his heart beating fast. He sensed that Ella knew something about the bet. “Ella...” he said softly. She looked at the table, and noticed a box lying on top if it. She took the box, and opened it. “Oh, a diamond ring...” she said. She took the ring out, and placed it on her finger. “You sure do know that diamonds are girls' best friend, huh? So, tell me... how many girls received a diamond ring from you?” she asked sarcastically. “Ella... what is going on?” Chun asked. “I ask you... what is going on, Chun? Why are you playing this game with me?”
“Playing games? What game? I am not playing games?”
“Are you sure?”
“I am.”

Ella glared at him again. She took a deep breath as she faced him. “George's villa, just make me fall in love with you for three months. If you lose, George will get to keep your Lamborghini Gallardo. Tell me, what kind of a game is that? I think I know what it is... it's called a 'betting on the man hater' game!” Ella shouted angrily at him. Chun was shocked to know that Ella found out all about the dare. “Ella... let me explain...” he said as he held her hand. Ella pushed him away. “No! I'm not going to hear your lies anymore, Chun! It's obvious that you played with my heart. All the things you did... it's all nothing. You pretended that you did love me, when obviously you're not! I am not a toy, all right? I am not someone whom you can make fall for you so helplessly, and dump the next second. I have too much pride in myself to fall those kind of games. If you think that I am like those naïve girls you used to play with, them let me tell you something. I am not that kind of girl.” she said. “I know you are not that kind of girl. I know you will not fall that instantly with me... that's why I worked hard to gain your attention...”
“For what, Chun? To win that bet with your friends? I thought you have changed. I thought that the playboy Chun I used to know is gone the moment I gave him the chance to love me. But I was wrong. What you're showing to me right now... it's just a facade... a disguise. And I'm so stupid to fall for you. I was stupid to break my walls and let you into my life. But I can't be stupid anymore.”

She turned her back on him, but before she could make the step to walk away, Chun held her arm to stop her. “Listen to me, Ella...” he pleaded. Ella paused, and looked at him. “Listen? Are you going to lie to me?” she asked. “I stopped it. I stopped it before I could break your heart. With what happened to you... with all the things you've gone through, I knew that the last thing you needed is another heartache. So I ended the bet. I conceded to George. I am willing to lose just for your sake. That's how much I love you, Ella.” he explained. Ella stared at her for a long time. Then, she slapped his face. “It doesn't change anything. You took the dare. I am still the bet. You broke my heart because you pretended to love me. I gave you my trust, but you abused it. I let you into my life, but you just ruined everything for us.” she said.

A tear fell down from her eyes as she closed it. “If there's one thing that I am regretting for the rest of my life, that would be meeting you. I wish our paths never crossed again after that night.” she said. Then, she took the ring from her finger, and threw at him. As the ring rolled on the floor, Ella left Chun.

And Chun could only stare at the ring with tears on his eyes, wishing that he could turn back time. Because if he could, he will never ever do that stupid dare. Because of that dare, he met the woman he loves, only to lose her after finding out about it.

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